What is the Design Aspect of a Degree in Packaging?

Pick up a package. Turn it over in your hands. Inspect it. If you’re more scientific or technical-minded, you may wonder “How did this get here?” or “How does this work?” But the purely practical considerations of making a package, protecting a product, or shipping products to their destination is only part of the packaging […]

What is the Science side of Packaging Programs?

It’s the 21st century, and every single object around you came in some sort of package. That package may have been intended to protect it during shipping, to make it look attractive on a store shelf, to keep it from being shoplifted, to prevent it from spoiling, and any number of other purposes. For most […]

Are Online MBA Degrees a Good Value?

What’s the true value of an online MBA? And does it provide a good return on your investment? Well, if you earn that degree at a school accredited by the AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, chances are you’ll be treated by future employers just like any on-campus student earning an […]

What’s the Score Mr. President? Exploring the New Federal College Scorecard

What is the College Scorecard? College Scorecard is a new online college comparison system administrated by the Department of Higher Education, making public their research on average income of graduates, graduation rates, and real cost after financial aid is factored in. The information on College Scorecard is backed up by two years (and counting) of […]

Methodology: How We Get Our Numbers

The mission of Value College is providing prospective students with a practical, thorough guide to the most financially sound investments in higher education degrees. Our rankings, FAQs, and Cheap Lists are designed to inform students of the real costs and benefits of a college education, and direct them to the colleges and universities that will […]

Do SAT scores really matter?

Every year, all across the US, high school students and their parents spend millions of dollars, thousands of hours of study time, and a whole lot of worry and sweat, to take the SAT exam. Once known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the re-branded SAT measures student performance on standard academic knowledge in literacy and […]

Is a STEM degree a good investment?

A proud moment for the parents of any college student might be when he or she declares a major in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field. Maybe more relief than pride, as most of us now know STEM majors will find the job market much easier than their Liberal Arts counterparts. It’s hard out […]

How do I save money on textbooks?

There are a lot of costs students don’t typically think about when they’re heading to college: meal plans, parking, laundry, and copies, for instance. But the one that really gets us all that first semester is books. College textbooks are expensive. Everybody knows it, everybody complains about it, and there’s not much anybody can do […]

What is the College Level Examination Program?

Every college credit costs; the more you can get out of the way for free or cheap, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

How do I avoid the freshman 15?

Those heading to college often worry about the possibility of weight gain in their first year. We’ve all heard the alarming phrase, the “Freshman 15” – everybody gains 15 pounds in their first year of college. Well, first of all, it’s actually more like the freshman three. Not quite as scary right? A 2011 Social […]