Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s of Information Technology Programs for 2017

For some years now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been warning of a major shortfall in the computer science job market, with some half a million jobs left unstaffed because of a gap in qualified workers. That unfortunate gap appears even more distressing when we consider that the field is growing by as much […]

Top 25 University Coding Boot Camps

The coding boot camp is currently one of the most exciting innovations in tech education. Starting with Dev Bootcamp in 2012, the market for short-term, intensive programming workshops has exploded, with new startups emerging by the dozen; in only four years, nearly 100 boot camps have opened their doors (literally and virtually) in the US. […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Florida

With an ever-increasing pressure to juggle family, part or full time work, and other commitments, more and more students from all walks of life, of all ages, are turning to online learning. Thankfully distance learning is now considered a viable and respected avenue for obtaining degrees from associates to doctorates, and major colleges and universities […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Colorado

Obtaining a degree or certificate while working full or part time, or while balancing family and other commitments, as more and more students are today, seeking a degree or certificate online is becoming a real, viable option for advantageous students around the globe. Today colleges and universities across the¬†country offer¬†many, if not all, programs fully […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Arizona

As schedules become busier for society as a whole, obtaining a degree or certificate while working full or part time, or while juggling family or other commitments, more and more students are seeking degrees online. Because of this shift, colleges and universities across the nation are now offering many, if not all, programs fully or […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in North Carolina

Online education is becoming a respected and viable option for students from all walks of life across the globe, and the universities and colleges in North Carolina are leaders in distance learning nationwide when it comes to offering fully online degree and certificate programs. Whether you are interested in obtaining an associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in California

Home of the University of California and California State University systems – two of the nation’s most prestigious public university systems – as well as some of the most elite private universities in the world, such as Stanford, USC, and the University of San Francisco, California’s higher education is an embarrassment of riches. California’s competitive […]

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in New York

It’s a familiar complaint – nothing in New York is affordable. That’s not true of a college degree though; plenty of top-tier colleges in the SUNY and CUNY systems have low tuitions and strong reputations for excellence, while other private universities offer strong financial aid packages and incredible ROIs that make their tuition a great […]

Top 50 Best Value Online Undergraduate Computer Science Programs for 2017

Just like the party guest in The Graduate who provided the unwanted career advice, “Plastics,” a well-meaning relative or friend of the family might seriously suggest to a young student, “Computers, that’s the future.” They’d be wrong, though – computers are the present, and there’s not a single aspect of life today that doesn’t involve […]

Top 30 Best Value Online Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management for 2017

As the American economy has moved from traditional manufacturing and agricultural industries to technology and professional careers, the service industry has been one of the fastest-growing and most open sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees the job growth in hospitality management areas, such as Lodging Management and Food Service Management, growing steadily and without […]