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Top 50 Best Value Online Big Data Programs of 2016Now is the time to pursue a career in Big Data. Whatever you call it – data analytics, business analytics, and business intelligence are just a few of the names – Big Data is the next wave of technology. More information is being recorded today than ever in history, between business, government, health care, and education, and while computers do the heavy lifting, it still takes highly skilled, rigorously trained human beings to program those computers, run the numbers, analyze outputs, and visualize and communicate the information. And there are not nearly enough people to do that work, meaning a major labor shortage and a prime opportunity to get into an in-demand profession.

Recommended Online Business Analytics Programs

As a relatively new profession, higher education is still catching up with Big Data. Nearly 100 colleges and universities in the US offer online degrees with some sort of emphasis in Big Data, and they are pretty scattered – most are housed in business schools, with many in computer science departments, but others are in mathematics, social science, and other disciplines. With such a new field, in some cases there is a scarcity of ranking information such as U.S. News & World Report or Payscale, so it’s hard for students to feel secure in knowing that they are making the best choice for their education.

That’s why Value Colleges is here. Considering that most people who would be interested in Big Data are at least pretty computer-savvy, an online degree seems like a logical choice. But not all online degrees are the same; if you’re investing your hard-earned money, or taking out student loans that you will have to pay back later, you want to know that your degree is worth the sacrifice and investment. Value Colleges considers only regionally-accredited, reputable colleges and universities with a proven track record of job market value and effective skills training. We rank degree programs by three metrics:

  • Payscale entry level salary (if applicable)
  • U.S. News & World Report ranking
  • Actual tuition (as reported by institution)

Be aware that all of the following programs offer fully online coursework, but some may require campus visits for things like orientations, workshops, or thesis defense/presentation. Some online programs, particularly from public universities, are only available in the institution’s home state, or have limited national availability; examine programs closely before committing.

Recommended Online Business Analytics Programs


Carnegie Mellon University

image source

Founded by the merger of two technical institutes, Carnegie Mellon University brought top-quality education to working-class Pittsburgh, PA, and in the years since Carnegie Mellon has remained a model of technology, engineering, and business education and research. Though Carnegie Mellon regularly appears in the highest ranks of national universities, consistently making U.S. News & World Report’s top 25, they still keep their globally-respected education accessible through low tuition (only $650 per credit for graduate degrees) and by offering strong online programs, such as the Master of Science in Information Technology degree. The MSIT can be earned online with a specialization in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, so working adults can earn a degree that will jumpstart their career in Big Data with the reputation and job-market pull of Carnegie Mellon.

Coincidentally, they can also be found in the number 1 spot on our Residential Best Value Graduate Big Data Programs of 2016!


Missouri University of Science & Technology

image source

Originally founded as a mining school, the Missouri University of Science & Technology has a long history of bringing education to the working-class of Missouri, growing over the years into one of the most respected STEM-focused public universities in the Midwest. Known for engineering, Missouri S&T also has respected business programs, and they have combined their areas of expertise for an online graduate certification in Business Analytics and Data Science. It’s a convenient, low-cost way for adults working in data or technology professions to add a credential and make their way in big data, and the certification can be applied to a full master’s degree. Missouri S&T brings education to those who want it, along with their reputation for excellence.


Oklahoma State University

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The mission of a state university is to make accessible, affordable education available to the people, and in the modern age, online education is one of the main ways schools can accomplish that mission. The Oklahoma State University has been one of the most aggressive in recent years, building up an online education program that is extremely low in cost – only $301 per credit – and high in OSU reputation. The Spears School of Business, and the Watson Graduate School of Management, together one of the best business educations in the nation, offer an all-online Master of Business Analytics, a 33-credit program designed for working professionals. Students can also further specialize with graduate certifications in Business Data Mining or in Marketing Analytics, either alone or alongside the master’s degree.

Recommended Online Business Analytics Programs


California State University - Fullerton

image source

California has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to public higher education, with both the University of California system and the California State University system serving millions of students. Cal State Fullerton is regularly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best regional colleges in the west, and CSUF plays a significant role in Orange County as a Hispanic-serving institution. Fullerton has a wealth of online degree programs, such as the Master of Science in Information Science, and the Master of Science in Statistics, either of which can be excellent roads into a career in big data. Fullerton also offers an accelerated online graduate certification in Data Science, a short, 5-course program that will allow working adults to get the qualifications they need in the big data field quickly.


Regis University

image source

As a private, Catholic institution, Regis University is carrying the Jesuit values of educational excellence and ethical responsibility into the 21st century. Consistently ranked as a top tier university, and one of the best regional universities in the west by U.S. News & World Report, in recent years Regis has made its name known more widely with its first-rate online programs, garnering acclaim from numerous ranking agencies. The College of Computer and Information Sciences offers an online Master of Science in Data Science, a 36-credit graduate degree that brings together technical skills with the Jesuit commitment to social impact, challenging students to consider the implications of big data on business and society. Regis’ $710 per credit tuition rate is low for a private university, on par with many public institutions, and catapults Regis into the top 5 Best Values.


Fairfield University

image source

An elite, private Catholic institution, Fairfield University is regularly ranked as one of the best colleges in New England, a region pretty well known for top colleges. Fairfield also has one of the highest rates of ROI for graduates, and some of the highest average salaries among graduates. Simply put, despite a higher tuition rate than most public universities, Fairfield is a solid investment for what graduates get in return. Fairfield also has an impressive, well-designed online program, including a 30-credit Master of Science in Business Analytics. With the Fairfield reputation, graduates will find a significant impact on the big data job market.


Boston University

image source

A private research university in Boston, MA, Boston University is regularly ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world, with pace-setting programs in business, law, and medicine. BU also offers Boston University’s Metropolitan College Online, a high-quality distance education system that provides degree programs for working adults, like the Master of Science in Computer Information systems, a program recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 3 of its kind. The MSCI focuses on data mining, analysis, and visualization, preparing students for the big data field and arming them on the job market with the Boston University name, a major value in itself.


University of Alabama in Huntsville

image source

When there was a need for someone to educate engineers for the military operations in Huntsville, Alabama, the University of Alabama responded by opening a branch of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the engineers and scientists educated there helped human beings set foot on the moon. The University of Alabama of Huntsville is the center for technology and research in Alabama, and one of the top universities in the Deep South. Their commitment to making education accessible has led UAH to develop exceptional online degree programs, such as the Master of Science in Management Science with a specialization in Business Analytics. The MSMS-BA, with UAH’s low tuition, is a solid investment.


University of Oklahoma

image source

The Oklahoma State University’s nearest rival, the University of Oklahoma has a long claim to significance as a public research university, with a history pre-dating Oklahoma’s statehood and a major impact on education for Native Americans. UO was an early adopter of digital technology for education, so it is not surprising to find a strong set of online degree programs coming from every field, including the Master of Science degree in Data Science and Analytics. The online Data Science master’s is an intensive 14-month program offered by the School of Computer Science and the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. At OU’s low $351 per credit tuition rate, graduates can expect a strong return.


Villanova University

image source

Villanova University, a private, Catholic institution, has been ranked as U.S. News & World Report’s #1 regional master’s university, a major distinction that underlines Villanova’s reputation. That reputation, with the job market pull, high salaries, and strong ROI that go with it, secure Villanova a spot in the top ten Best Values, as graduates can expect a major return on their investment with an online degree from Villanova. Students can earn a Master of Science in Analytics degree in less than two years from a 33-credit program offered by the respected Villanova School of Business. As a private university, tuition is on the higher end, but the payoff is even higher.


University of Wisconsin system

image source

Online education is a big deal in the Midwest, where states are large, populations are spread out and rural, and not everyone can make it to campus. It creates a challenge for public universities, which have a responsibility to provide education for anyone who wants it, and that’s why the University of Wisconsin system has developed an unusual collaborative approach to online education. All of the UW system institutions contribute their expertise and faculty to the UW Master of Science in Data Science online degree program, ensuring that Wisconsin students get the very best education in big data collection and analysis, with a recognized brand for the job market. Innovative thinking like this makes the University of Wisconsin system a smart investment in Wisconsin or anywhere else – tuition is the same for all students, in-state or out!


Pennsylvania State University - World Campus

image source

One of the most recognizable names in online education, the Penn State World Campus has been setting the public university standard for online education since 1998, when other universities were trying to set up their email service. Penn State offers an online Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics, an interdisciplinary program that draws on four colleges and departments for the best, broadest, and most thorough education in big data mining, analysis, and communication possible. Penn State’s online tuition is slightly higher than other public universities, but other colleges don’t have the Penn State World Campus advantage.


Quinnipiac University

image source

A small, private liberal arts university in Connecticut, Quinnipiac University has raised its national profile immensely in recent years by going full-force into online education. Already a U.S. News & World Report top-ranked regional institution, the introduction of Quinnipiac University Online has taken Quinnipiac to another level of excellence and accessibility. Quinnipiac offers an online Master of Science in Business Analytics that is sure to bring graduates ahead on the job market, or up the ladder in their tech career.


University of California - Berkeley

image source

One of the original Public Ivies (a public university with the reputation of the Ivy League), UC Berkeley is the flagship of the world-renowned University of California system, one of the top public university systems in the world. UC Berkeley has long been a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and game-changing research, and Berkeley’s online programs take part in that reputation. The School of Information – one of the most influential of its kind – offers an online Master of Information and Data Science program that brings together many disciplines to provide working professionals and traditional students alike with an online degree that carries the legendary Berkeley name.


City University of New York - School of Professional Studies

image source

Offering 10 bachelor’s degrees, 8 master’s degrees, undergraduate and advanced certificates, and professional non-degree programs, the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) presents opportunity for personal growth and job mobility. They provide online and on campus programs that meet the needs of adults who are looking for a seamless way to finish or transition into a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or certificate in a specialized field, advance in the workplace, or change careers.

The online Master of Science in Data Analytics is a highly ranked program that students can expect to result in significant career advantages.


Iowa State University

image source

The first land-grant university, built on the values of affordable and accessible practical education for all citizens, Iowa State University maintains these values today in their online degree programs. Recognized as the leading research university in Iowa, Iowa State is known for its engineering and business programs, and the online Master of Business Analytics degree brings together Iowa State’s excellence in both areas. In keeping with their mission, Iowa State keeps their online tuition at a low $560 per credit, a major value for an online graduate degree.


Northwestern University

image source

A U.S. News & World Report top 20 national university, Northwestern University, in suburban Chicago, IL, is one of the largest and most productive research universities in the world, with an endowment topping $10 billion and a reputation that puts many Ivy Leaguers to shame. Northwestern also offers an online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics, one of the first online Big Data degree programs ever (established in 2011). They’ve had time to get it right, so Northwestern’s quality degree and high job market reputation translates into a best possible investment.


Auburn University

image source

One of the most respected public research universities in the Deep South, and a top 50 public institution nationwide, Auburn University is well known for its design, engineering, and business programs, strengths that the Harbert College of Business brings together in the online Master of Science in Information Systems degree. A business degree heavy on IT, the MS-IS is a 30-credit program that can be completed in two or three years, perfectly developed for working professionals. With a low public university tuition cost, Auburn graduates will be big returns from a career in big data.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

image source

Nebraska’s flagship university, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln is a public, land-grant institution that has built on the frontier spirit of hard work, fairness, and openness throughout its existence as a major research university. It’s in that spirit that UNL has designed its online programs, to provide accessible education across Nebraska and the Midwest. One such program, ranked as one of the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, is the Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Business Analytics. It’s a low-cost degree at $531 per credit, and in the spirit of fairness, that tuition rate is available to state residents and non-residents alike.


Brandeis University

image source

Founded as a rebuke and safe haven against anti-semitism in higher education, Brandeis University has made its commitment to acceptance and public good into a world-wide reputation. Ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, Brandeis is also recognized as one of the most liberal, one of the most socially engaged, and one of the most rigorous universities in America. Brandeis’s unparalleled reputation is behind their online degree programs as well, such as the Master of Science in Strategic Analysis, a degree that prepares professionals for decision-making positions in big data. Though this private university isn’t cheap, its high ROI and average income for graduates is a testament to its value on the job market.


Illinois Institute of Technology

image source

Illinois Tech has some stiff competition, with the University of Chicago and Northwestern University (#16) practically next door, but it is still one of the foremost polytechnic institutes in the Midwest. Recognizing the demand for quality online big data degrees, Illinois Tech offers the Master of Data Science, a graduate degree that can be completed in as little as 16 months full-time, and 2 years part-time. Illinois Tech’s Data Science program focuses on applying scientific methodology to data to eliminate the misleading and skewed analysis that often hampers data processing, and prepares data professionals for responsible, ethical design-making regarding data collection and use.


DePaul University

image source

Another Chicago institution, DePaul University is a private, Catholic university founded by the Vincentian order and dedicated to outreach to lower-income and minority students, making a large impact in the Chicago and greater Illinois area and gaining recognition from the Princeton Review as the most diverse college in America. DePaul extends its reach with world-class online programs, such as the Master of Science in Predictive Analytics, a big data degree offered by the College of Computing and Digital Media. The MSPA is also affiliated with DePaul’s Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Center, a dedicated research center producing research in applied data.


Saint Joseph's University

image source

Like Villanova (#9) and DePaul, Saint Joseph’s University, a private, Catholic university in Philadelphia, PA, has recognized the nation-wide demand for convenient online education with a Catholic foundation, and works to meet that demand with well developed Internet-based programs. One of these, offered by the highly respected Haub School of Business, is the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics Program, an all-online course of study that includes an SAS certification and Saint Joseph’s sterling reputation on the job market.


West Virginia University

image source

West Virginia University is a large, public institution in Morgantown, WV. As a land-grant university, WVU’s mission is to provide useful research and practical education for the people of West Virginia, and in keeping with that mission, WVU has developed a number of online programs to help reach the population. WVU’s College of Business and Economics offers a Master of Science in Business Data Analytics, a big data degree that can be completed in only 12 months. Prospective students should be aware that there are two short, 3-day visits required at the beginning and end of the program, but with West Virginia’s low tuition and quick, convenient program, that’s a small responsibility.


Saint Louis University

image source

Joining fellow private Catholic universities Villanova, DePaul, and Saint Joseph’s on the Best Value ranking, Saint Louis University has the distinction of being the oldest university west of the Mississippi River and a top-100 U.S. News & World Report national institution. SLU offers an excellent Master of Science in Applied Analytics that can be completed fully online. Designed specifically for working professionals, the online MSAA is set up in accelerated 8-week courses, allowing full-time students to finish more quickly and part-time students to work more flexibly. It’s a top-tier, model program for big data education.


Colorado Technical University

image source

Colorado Technical University is a rarity among for-profit universities: many of its programs are highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report, and recognition by government agencies such as the NSA and Homeland Security demonstrate how respected CTU is. CTU’s educational excellence is evident in its many online degree programs, which are well-established and reputable. CTU offers a rare online Doctor of Computer Science with a specialization in Big Data Analytics, a 96-credit program designed for student who wish to pursue leadership positions and work as research scientists in university or private institutions.


University of Arkansas

image source

If the University of Arkansas’s Walton College of Business rings a bell, that’s because the Walton is Sam Walton, founder of mega-retailer Wal-Mart. The Walton family has been extremely generous supporters of the College of Business and of the university’s Campaign for the 21st Century, a massive fundraising and improvement campaign that has vaulted the University of Arkansas into national recognition in recent years. That support has made the Walton College of Business one of the most respected and innovative business schools in the nation, and online students can benefit from that reputation with an online graduate certification in Business Analytics, or a Professional Master of Information Systems degree, taught by teams of faculty and industry experts for full, real-world knowledge.


Indiana University - Bloomington

image source

Regularly ranked among the best universities in the nation, Indiana University is a large, public research institution in Bloomington, IN. As the flagship of the Indiana University system, IU Bloomington is the home of the IU system’s professional and research-oriented programs, including a host of high-quality online degrees such as the Master of Science in Data Science. This 30-credit program prepares students for working with data collection, analysis, and use, and students can choose either the Technical Path or the Decision-Maker Path, depending on whether their primary interest is in computing and statistics, or in management and leadership. Online students who want a quicker path to the big data field can choose the 12-credit graduate certification in Data Science.


University of North Carolina - Greensboro

College Avenue by Chris English

A mid-sized, regional, public research university, the University of North Carolina – Greensboro does not get the national attention of UNC flagship in Chapel Hill, but this humble institution in the Triad region of North Carolina has been quietly raising their profile with online degrees and certification programs that meet the needs of a growing tech and professional job market. UNCG offers an online MSIT with a concentration in Business Analytics as well as an online post-bachelor’s certificate in Business Analytics that has been developed in partnership with SAS, a national leader in analytics software and research. That educational quality, and the skills it brings, will not go unnoticed by employers.


Arizona State University

image source

A combination of bold innovation and fearless entrepreneurship has brought Arizona State University, once a simple regional institution, to become the largest university in the nation and a model of the New American University. ASU has especially excelled in online education, establishing one of the most recognized brands in the field, including degrees from the nationally-respected Carey School of Business. One such program is the Master of Science in Business Analytics, a STEM-designated degree that can be completed in only 16 months part-time, with convenient 5-week classes. ASU’s combination of affordable tuition and job market reputation make it a top value for big data professionals.


Central Connecticut State University

image source

Like other smaller or mid-sized regional publics, Central Connecticut State University has found that the way to meet students’ needs and progress in the 21st century is through online education. CCSU is slowly making its name known with forward-thinking online programs such as the Master of Science in Data Mining, a program that says it all with its name. While all coursework is fully online, prospective students should be aware that they will have to visit campus to present their thesis project. But with a low tuition cost, especially for New England, CCSU provides a lot of opportunity for future analysts.


University of Maryland University College

image source

The University of Maryland University College is a unique institution, an independent, public university affiliated with the UM system and founded specifically to meet the educational needs to working adults and non-traditional students. Because of its unusually specific mission, UMUC has invested greatly in online and distance education, making its excellent education available to military personnel, working professionals, and others who cannot conveniently attend a conventional university. As such, UMUC is one of the largest and most respected online educators, with degrees including an online master’s degree or graduate certification in Data Analytics.


Southern New Hampshire University

image source

Southern New Hampshire University is a private research university that runs in the company of Arizona State and UMUC as a pace-setter in online education. Recognized as one of the most innovative institutions in the nation, SNHU has become nearly a household name, with some of the most reputable online programs in a multitude of fields, especially business. SNHU offers an online Master of Science in Data Analytics, a program designed as a Professional Science Master’s for employment in scientific and technology-oriented industries. It’s a degree for today and for the future from a reputed and respected institution.


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

image source

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is a public, urban institution and part of the University of Tennessee system. As a public research University, UTC’s mission is to provide education to the people of Tennessee and engage in practical, applied research, and an important part of meeting those goals is their online degree options. UTC is best known for their business programs, and the College of Business offers an online Professional MBA degree with a concentration in Business Analytics, preparing students for all the needs of data collection and analysis with a grounding in business. UTC’s reasonable tuition makes it a solid choice for getting into an in-demand profession.


Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College Main Gate by Clarkmaxwell

A small, private liberal arts college, Elmhurst College has been ranked in the top 10 Midwestern colleges by U.S. News & World Report, but its strongest selling point is location: a short ride from downtown Chicago, Elmhurst provides students with access to that major business and tech industry, and a name with a strong reputation in the region. Elmhurst offers a Master of Science in Data Science dedicated to preparing students for the demands of Big Data. Online students can finish in two years, and hit the job market with confidence.


Bellevue University

Bellevue University was created to offer top-tier adult education to Nebraska's professionals, and they continue to do that job with some of the strongest online programs in the nation.
image source

A mid-sized, private university, Bellevue University was founded with the specialized purpose of providing education for non-traditional and working adult students, a population not well served by traditional colleges back in 1966. Today, to keep accomplishing that mission, Bellevue has expanded their offering with many online degrees, earning distinctions as one of the highest quality online educators in the nation. Bellevue offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics that prepares students for work in big data, as well as the knowledge needed to earn specialized industry certifications like those offered by SAS.


Lewis University

image source

A small, private Catholic liberal arts university, Lewis University has a strong name recognition and ranks as a solid regional institution in the Midwest, according to U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review. Schools in Lewis University’s class realize that to compete in the modern world, they have to develop a compelling online presence, and Lewis has built strong online degrees such as the Master of Science in Data Science, which prepares students for all of the technical and analytical demands of big data. This 36-credit program is reasonably priced for a private Catholic education, making it a clear value.


Thomas Edison State University

One of the nation’s first adult-education-specific colleges, Thomas Edison State University is built for motivated working professionals.
image source

Thomas Edison State University is a public university specifically developed to address the needs of working adults and nontraditional students. TESU’s unique mission, to provide flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities to self-directed adults, encourages working professionals, military personnel and individuals who cannot attend traditional institutions to pursue their education goals. The University’s Master of Science in Information Technology, for one, is designed for part-time students to complete entirely online, usually within 2 years. TESU is a national leader in the assessment of adult learning and a pioneer in the use of educational technology.


Dakota State University

image source

Possibly the foremost public research university in the Dakotas, Dakota State University is well-known for its focus on technology and technical education, having been one of the first colleges to provide all students with computers and require programming classes. With a large area to provide an education for, and spread-out populations, Dakota State has found great success with their online degree programs, including an online Master of Science in Analytics that includes possible specialization in Healthcare Analytics or Information Systems. It’s a respected degree from a school that knows technology.


Slippery Rock University

image source

Like many regional, public universities, Slippery Rock University began its life as a normal school, a college for educating teachers. While its dedication to teaching has never changed, Slippery Rock has expanded its focus to many acclaimed business and tech programs, as well as well-developed online degrees such as the Master of Science in Data Analytics. Offered by the Mathematics Department, the MS-DA is a 33-credit program that can be completed full-time in as little as 10 months, and graduates earn a certification from SAS Institute to further increase their credentials. Few online programs can offer so much at a low, public university tuition.


Southern Methodist University

image source

One of the top universities in the US, with an endowment of over $1 billion, Southern Methodist University is a major private research university in the metropolis of Dallas, TX, a key to its success. In addition to one of the most respected business schools in the nation, SMU has an  exceptional slate of online degrees, including the Master of Science in Data Science, an interdisciplinary program offered collaboratively by the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, the Lyle School of Engineering and the Meadows School of the Arts. With one of the largest, booming job markets in the county at its doorstep, SMU gives graduates a major lift.


Saint Mary's College

image source

A small, Catholic women’s liberal arts college, and neighbor to the more famous University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College is known for its excellence and rigor. Saint Mary’s quality is attested by its extraordinarily high retention and graduation rate, generous financial aid, and strong career potential for graduates. Saint Mary’s offers an online Master of Science in Data Science degree that has been said to compare to MIT, designed for students with strong mathematical backgrounds and interests. Saint Mary’s tuition compares favorably to many public universities as well, for a surprising value.


Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is one of Florida's leading business and technical educators.
image source

Unlike most colleges, Nova Southeastern University was founded as a graduate school, rather than an undergraduate college, with programs in the social sciences and sciences. Today NSU is well-known for their technology programs and online degrees, and enjoys a reputation as one of the most diverse campuses in the US, as well as awarding a high number of graduate degrees to minority students. NSU offers an online Master of Science in Information Technology, a 36-credit graduate degree focused on the systems and software of big data.


City University of Seattle

image source

A small, private university in Seattle, WA, the City University of Seattle has received much acclaim in recent years for the quality of their online degree programs, from U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review, among others. Of course, CUS’s biggest advantage is its location, with ample expertise and connections in the tech industry to draw from, and a major job market to send graduates into. Online students can benefit from CUS’s advantages too, with a 45-credit Master of Science in Computer Science degree, which offers Data Management/Big Data.


Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University is a public university, part of the University of Georgia system and is located in Statesboro, Georgia.
image source

Georgia Southern University, a public research university in Statesboro, GA, and part of the University System of Georgia, has been steadily rising in the rankings and establishing a national reputation, even moving from regional to national status in U.S. News & World Report. GSU has long been a Kiplinger’s best value school, and a significant institution for awarding degrees to African-American students. To meet the needs of South Georgia students, GSU offers an online Master of Science in Computer Science degrees, complete with optional specializations in Data Mining or Data Warehousing, for a low tuition rate of $410 per credit, making GSU a smart investment.


Capella University

image source

Like Colorado Technical University (#25), Capella University is a private, for-profit university that has earned the respect of its peers and a regional accreditation, the hallmark of a reputable institution. Capella is unique as the first university to receive U.S. Department of Education approval for an innovative competency-based curriculum model, in which students demonstrate accomplishment in skills areas rather than working through a traditional credit-hour system. Capella offers an online MBA degree with a specialization in Business Intelligence, a program which also allows students to earn extra graduate certifications in Business Intelligence and/or Business Management at the same time.


Wittenberg University

image source

Named for the legendary Wittenberg University in Germany, the model for the university as we know it, Wittenberg University is a small, liberal arts institution in Springfield, Ohio. Wittenberg has been most recognized for its excellent classroom environment, award-winning faculty, and inviting campus, but in recent years Wittenberg has been developing their online offerings to broaden their impact on education. One such online degree program is the Master of Science in Analytics, a graduate degree built around a cohort form that can be completed in only 12 months. Students will work together on projects to develop the skills they need to take on big data.


Hawaii Pacific University

image source

A small, private liberal arts institution in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University is known for its diverse student body and faculty. Not surprisingly, HPU is also noted for its military friendliness, with educational outreach to the many US military bases in Hawaii, and for its well-developed, accessible online degree programs. Graduate students may find the Master of Science in Information Systems attractive; while not strictly a Big Data program, it will provide the foundations for a career in the field, and paired with an online certification, can be a convenient way to break into a data analytics career.


Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

image source

Harrisburg University is a small, private institution focusing on STEM education, especially with practical, real-world applications. Known for its diverse student body and strong internship program, Harrisburg is also recognized as a best value for tuition rates that compare favorably to public universities in the northeast. HU’s online Master of Science in Analytics degree program was designed with advisement from tech industry executives, so students can be assured that they are learning the skills and knowledge to compete and excel in the world of big data.


American University

image source

American University, in Washington, DC, contains its ethos in its name – it is a university known for its political activity, public service, patriotism, and commitment to traditional American values. A U.S. News & World Report top 100 national university, American University’s Kogod School of Business is further recognized as one of the top business schools in the nation by the Wall Street Journal, the Princeton Review, and more. From that respected institution, working professionals can earn a Master of Science in Analytics designed for students from all academic backgrounds. As a proven value on the job market, American University offers students a better than average shot at making the future of business now.

Recommended Online Business Analytics Programs