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Arizona is “The Copper State,” and that’s a big reason it’s a state at all – the desert land taken by the US in the Mexican-American War was not worth much for agriculture, but it was rich in minerals, and mining was the dominant industry for decades. At the beginning of the 20th century, when President Theodore Roosevelt fell in love with Arizona’s untamed wilderness, the state developed a second way of life: tourism. Arizona’s wide array of landscapes, from desert to snowy mountains, evergreen forests to the Grand Canyon, has made Arizona a destination for adventure-seekers, artists, and eccentrics for more than a century. And Arizona’s diverse people, including Mexican-Americans, Native Americans, and Anglo settlers, has given the state a wide base for growth in the 21st century, as technology and healthcare have come to define the modern Arizona.

With technology and healthcare industries at the forefront, the demand for highly skilled employees impacts the educational opportunities in Arizona. 

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The modern Arizona is led by the state’s amazing colleges and universities, and no university has made the impact of Arizona State University. Long named one of the most innovative institutions in the world, ASU, has made its reputation by reaching out, through open admissions, ever-expanding degree options, and an online network second to none. A strong slate of public research and regional universities has been working for generations to build Arizona’s specialized professional and technical workforce, and that effort has resulted in a diverse and successful culture and society. Plus, Arizona’s wide-ranging and sparse population has made the state a pioneer and leader in online education, making Arizona one of the best states for finding a real college value.

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