Ultimate Guide to Project Management

Have you ever wondered, what is a project manager? What does one do all day? At its most basic level, project managers are valuable to today’s modern companies because they make sure projects big and small are executed according to company objectives, as well as on-time and on-budget. What is a project manager? They have myriad responsibilities that involve both day-to-day operations as well as big-picture company objectives. Effective project managers are able to balance important as well as urgent tasks and never miss a deadline. They’re driven, self-disciplined, and always moving forward efficiently. Every top company that wants to stay innovating and competitive needs to hire and retain excellent project managers, so choosing this career path is wise. There’s plenty of opportunities for advancement, and there are plenty of ways to enhance one’s skills to become that much more attractive in today’s intense, ever-changing workforce. 

Project Manager Vs. Project Coordinator

Wondering about the difference between a project coordinator vs. project manager? What is a project coordinator? A project manager may supervise a project coordinator. The coordinator handles administrative tasks for a specific project so that it can be achieved more efficiently. When considering project coordinator vs. project manager responsibilities, the manager is more in charge of the project overall, and the coordinator handles smaller aspects of it. An individual may start in a company as a project coordinator and advance to a project manager role in time. Applying to be a project coordinator vs. a project manager is a good way for promising candidates to get their foot in the door and perhaps advance to project manager positions. It doesn’t really matter whether one starts as a project coordinator vs. project manager. Anyone willing to learn and implement skills learned in school will do well. 

Is a Master’s in Project Management Worth it?

Many people have found that upon graduation, they discover that yes, a master’s in project management is worth it. The field of project management is complex and always changing. Is a masters degree in project management worth it? Naturally, it requires an investment of time, energy, and financial resources, but yes is almost always the answer to the question, “is a masters degree in project management worth it?” It’s a great way to gain necessary skills to advance your career and show potential employers that you’ve got what it takes to excel in fast-paced professional environments.

Master’s in Project Management vs. MBA

Consdiering a masters in project management vs. MBA? There are plenty of advantages to both programs. The MBA is recognized worldwide as an excellent degree, but a masters in project management degree will be more specific and industry-specialized. Students who are sure which industry they want a career in would be more suited to pursue a masters in project management degree (3).


Looking for the best masters in project management schools? The good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from, though it can be hard to discern which ones would help you achieve your career goals best. Make sure any program you’re considering has PMI accreditation. PMI accreditation ensure that you’ll be well-prepared to pass the PMI exam upon graduation. More good news – finding the best online masters programs in project management is easier than ever. Thanks to the pandemic, just about every one of the top project management schools has converted entirely to virtual learning.

The best online master’s programs in project management are taught by the same high-quality instructors as traditional in-person classes. The best online project management master degree is not easy to complete – but it is easier now that it can be completed within the comfort of one’s own home. Getting the best online project management master degree doesn’t involve commuting to campus anymore, but it’s still time-well spent that will propel your career to new heights. Once you have one of the best online project management master’s degree diplomas in-hand and on your resume, you’ll be able to apply to jobs you never even thought possible before. Go ahead – apply to one of the best online project management master’s degree programs today. Your future self will be so glad you did!

Master’s Degrees in Project Management

Now that so many of us are staying home, trying to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it’s the perfect time to enhance your project management skills by pursuing an online masters’ in project management. There are plenty of online masters in project management programs available. Completing project management graduate programs involves rigorous hard work, but the career benefits make all the effort totally worth it. There’s no need to deal with any of the hassles of commuting and finding endless babysitters in order to complete your online masters in project management. Invest in yourself and enhance your career by applying to a top school listed in the project management masters degree rankings today. All of the best project management programs are virtual these days, so this is the perfect time to begin a masters in project management online program. 

Online masters in project management – no GMAT required

Taking the GMAT is not always required to begin a masters in project management program. Check with the school’s website to determine their enrollment requirements before applying to make sure you meet the criteria. But not having a GMAT score doesn’t have to stop you from beginning a degree program.

Project Management Certificates and Professional Certifications

Now is the perfect time to apply to one of the best online management certificate programs. Just about every certificate program has gone virtual because of Covid-19, so there are plenty of great options. Deciding which of the best project management certificate programs online to apply to isn’t hard once you narrow down which criteria are most important to you – cost, graduation rates, caliber of the professors, networking possibilities, etc. 

There are 2 main types of project manager certifications that professionals in the project management industry would be wise to pursue. Wondering about the benefits of your efforts to obtain project manager certification? It demonstrates in a concrete way to employers that you have what it takes to be an effective project manager. In other words, what is project manager certification? It is your ticket to a better, higher-paying job. 


CAPM standard for Certified Associate in Project Management. CAPM certification requires lots of hard work and dedication, but it is achievable. Upon completion of a project management degree from an accredited program, students can apply to take the exam to achieve CAPM certification. CAPM certification can now be accomplished virtually. Getting your CAPM certification is not easy, but anyone who works hard and prepares well will be able to list it on their resume soon, and feel a competitive edge with other project management professionals. 


PMP certification is another important credential that benefits all kinds of project management professionals. Having PMP certification on your resume tangibly demonstrates to potential employers that you have the skills necessary to complete complex projects in-time, within budget, and according to scope. The PMP certification cost for members of PMI is $405. The PMP certification cost for nonmembers is $555. PMP certification doesn’t cost a lot, and provides plenty of tangible benefits for job-seeking project management professionals. Now is the perfect time to sign up to take the exam for PMP certification and propel your project management career to new heights.

Insider Tip >> Study Hard if You Want to Pass

There are plenty of PMP exam questions that students should be aware of so they can prepare well to pass. PMP exam questions are easily accessed online, and the PMP exam is only available to take virtually these days because of the Covid-19 pandemic. PMP certification still carries the same professional weight and importance as it always did, so it’s a smart career move to sign up to take the exam. The good news is that PMI published an exam guide that contains a treasure trove of pertinent information about what kind of material is on the exam. Review the PMP exam questions on this PDF so you can feel prepared to pass it with flying colors. 

A natural question many folks ask before taking it is, “is the PMP exam hard?” Like anything else, it depends on who you ask! Students who prepare well, who take the time to review practice questions, and who have completed a course of study from a reputable school don’t usually have much trouble passing the PMP exam. “Is the PMP exam hard?” – well, it depends on who you ask!

Before taking the CAPM or PMP exams, it’s wise (and required!) to complete a course of study. Now is the perfect time to invest in your future and take your career to new heights by applying to some of the best project management training programs, the vast majority of which are available virtually. 

Why Get a Project Management Certification?

This is an important and natural question to ask before applying to some of the best project management training programs. It’s normal to wonder whether it will be worth the investment of time, money, and energy. Why get a project management certification at all? Plenty of students find that it is well worth it. With a certification on your resume, you’ll be able to tangibly demonstrate to employers that you have what it takes to handle all kinds of complex projects well. 

Careers in Project Management 

Wondering what some masters in project management jobs will be available upon graduation? What job can I get with a masters in project management? It’s natural to wonder what masters in project management jobs graduates will qualify for.

Master’s in Project Management Jobs

Master in project management jobs can include Project Manager / SCRUM master, Salesforce Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, Salesforce Project Manager, and more. Master of Project Management jobs are abundant to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s modern marketplace. Other masters in project management jobs include Agile Project Manager, PMP Instructor, and Digital Project Manager. Masters in project management jobs are abundant and with the right credentials and network, can be yours upon graduation.

What job can I get with a master’s in project management? There will be plenty of master’s in project management jobs available to you. Do a quick google search of “masters degree in project management jobs” and you’ll see a bunch of great positions open in your area. Searching online for “master’s degree in project management jobs” yields some helpful results that people can use to research salaries they can expect upon completion of their degrees. 

What Jobs Can I get With a Project Management Certification or Certificate? 

Project management certification jobs that are available to people who finish their certification include Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and Advisor Project Management. What jobs can I get with a project management certification? What jobs can you get with a project management certificate? Other potential project management certification jobs include Program Manager, Project Management Lecturer, and Cyber Security Project Manager. Upon completion of an accredited program and passing the CAPM or PMP exam, an abundance of project management certificate jobs will be available to you. Certificate in project management jobs aren’t hard to find when people have solid credentials and a fantastic professional network. Project management certification job opportunities are simple and easy to find and secure for well-qualified individuals. 

Jobs with a Project Management Certification

Before applying to a project management certification program, it’s wise to consider what jobs with project management certification are available now, and how the job market is expected to change in the coming years. Jobs for project management certification include Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and many others. Project management certification job opportunities are expected to increase over the years as companies strive to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. Jobs for project management certification include those in the healthcare, information technology, energy, finance, and construction industries. Certificate in project management jobs earn excellent salaries and hourly rates. Jobs for project management certification are abundant throughout the US, particularly in major cities like Boston and Chicago. Upon completion of your certification, you’ll be well-qualified for various jobs with project management certification. 

Project Management Salary Expectations 

Wondering what project management salary to expect upon graduation? The answer, as it often is, is “it depends” – it depends on the location of each job, the industry, and a whole host of other factors. But ballpark, a project management salary is usually between 46k-100K per year according to GlassDoor.com. The average base pay is $66,137 per year, with an IT project manager making an average salary of 88K annually. GlassDoor.com reports that a senior project manager salary is about 85K. There’s no doubt that a senior project manager salary is a livable wage that’s very respectable in 2020. Predicting a specific masters in project management salary can be difficult based on market factors and other variables, but plenty of people have found yes, a masters in project management worth it.

Should I Bother Getting a Master’s Degree in Project Management ?

Before investing in the time, money, and energy to complete a masters degree, it’s smart to ask and find the answer to this question, “is a masters degree in project management worth it?” Plenty of people have found that yes, it dramatically enhances their earning power and opportunities for advancement.

Average Starting Salary: Project Manager 

A project coordinator is an entry-level project management position that doesn’t often require having a master’s. How much does a project coordinator make? A project manager starting salary, according to the GlassDoor site referenced above, is about 49K for a project coordinator. An Asssistant Project Manager starting salary earns an average of 53K. So an average starting salary project manager is about 50K, which is a comfortable amount but not stellar. A project manager starting salary is great for those with a project management certificate, but to really unlock one’s earning potential in this industry, a master’s degree is essential. How much does a project coordinator make? Enough, but not nearly as much as a senior project manager. The masters degree in project mangement salary is much higher.

For example, a master’s in project management salary, for instance for an IT Project Manager position is a whopping 88K on average. So investing in a master’s degree may bump up your master’s in project management salary considerably. Project management salary parameters vary widely depending on education level. Investing in project manager education, whether that’s a certificate, BA, or master’s degree, often proves worth it in this industry. Listing project manager education specifics from accredited programs can easily take one’s resume to the top of the pile. A masters degree in project management salary equals, on average, about 30K more per year. So yes, a masters in project management worth it. 

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