Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Florida

With an ever-increasing pressure to juggle family, part or full time work, and other commitments, more and more students from all walks of life, of all ages, are turning to online learning. Thankfully distance learning is now considered a viable and respected avenue for obtaining degrees from associates to doctorates, and major colleges and universities across the nation are offering degree programs fully or partially online to accommodate our ever-changing society.


All of the colleges and universities on this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list are located in the state of Florida and offer degrees that students can obtain 100% online. The list also includes options for associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or continuing education degrees. Additionally, the tuition costs for each school is under $1000 per credit hour. Each institution meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation.


Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University online was founded over fifty years ago as one of the first distance learning institutions nationwide which offered some of the latest most advanced video-taping technology available at the time, and the school proudly continues that tradition today by offering courses and classes online using only the best and most innovative technologies available. Formats include live video-streaming of classes, online conferencing tools and additional flexible options for students to attend classes online, gather and complete coursework, and receive online assistance and advisement.

All course are taught by highly acclaimed Florida Atlantic University faculty that bring with them years of experience and best teaching strategies. Students can additionally access online tutorial services if needed. The university offers over twenty total online degree and certificate programs and is also listed as one of Value Colleges Top 50 Best Value Undergraduate Business Schools for 2017. The school is highly regarded for being one of the most diverse universities in the nation and produces a high number of Hispanic graduates annually.

  • 9 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $105 per credit hour ($493 out-of-state tuition fee)
  • 8 Online Master’s programs
    • $303 ($623 out-of-state tuition fee)

Indian River State College

Indian River State College has been recognized statewide and nationally as a college with a steady and consistent reputation for excellence and is additionally continually committed to responding to community needs by advancing the cultural, educational and economic development of its local and regional communities. Indian River State College has additionally been named the 3rd Most Affordable College in the country by the U.S. Department of Education.

IRSC has attained national recognition as a two-time National Top Ten Finalist for the Aspen Prize for Excellence. Indian River State College virtual campus has a number of fully online bachelor and associate degree offerings including their acclaimed Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Grades Mathematics Education and the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

  • 10 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $117 per credit hour ($536 out-of-state)

University of Florida

For over 160 years, University of Florida has been a self-proclaimed leader in educating honor students with a 2015 average GPA of 4.3 and average SAT score of 1918. The University is additionally a leading research facility state and nationwide and has been recognized by the Association of American Universities (AAU) as one of the top sixty-two public and private research universities committed to using their research and top-notch education to change our world for the better.

Offering nearly twenty fully online bachelor degree programs, such as a B.S. in Sport Management, B.S. in Environmental Management, and a B.A. in Psychology, University of Florida online uniquely appeals to homeschooled students. The university has an online homeschool center which is set up specifically to aid homeschooled high school students through the transition process from high school to college.


University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is Florida’s largest university; the institution prides itself as being a leader in diversity and inclusive learning and currently enrolls students from all fifty states and 148 countries. Plus the university has one of the best study abroad programs in the nation with opportunities for online or on-campus students to study or conduct research with over ninety institutions in thirty-six countries worldwide. The University of Central Florida leads as a research institution in areas such as optics, engineering and computer science, education, business administration, hospitality management, digital media, modeling and simulation and the sciences including biomedical sciences.

The University of Central Florida online offers similar and equal opportunities online with over twenty years of technological innovation. Distance learning students are able to obtain the degree or certificate of their choice on their own timeline and while having the flexibility needed to juggle part or full time work, family, and other out of school obligations. The University of Central Florida’s fully online offerings include bachelor degreesgraduate degreesgraduate certificates, and undergraduate minors and certificates.

  • 19 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $179 per credit hour (out-of-state $383)
  • 24 Online Master’s programs
    • $327 per credit hour (out-of-state $1151)
  • 3 Online Doctorate programs
    • $327 per credit hour (out-of-state $1151)

Florida International University


Florida International University is Miami’s first and only public research institution and offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and has been designated as a top-tier research university. Thus, the university emphasizes research as a top priority and major component of learning both on campus and in the online distance education program. Additionally, the school prides itself in being a leader nationally in research innovation and both the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and the School of Computing and Information Sciences‘ Discovery Lab are top-notch examples of the university’s ability to set high standards and lead the state in new research initiatives.

Florida International University online offers twenty-one fully online bachelor degree programs including their Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing, the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Additionally the online component of Florida University is designed to enhance students marketability in today’s competitive workforce, as well as provides the same quality education students receive traditionally on campus.


University of West Florida

The University of West Florida proudly offers over five hundred online course sections each semester including undergraduate and graduate degrees plus credit earning certificate programs. As a unique benefit, students who are admitted to one of the universities 50+ degree or certificate programs online are then able to apply for an out-of-state tuition waiver, allowing the student the opportunity to reduce their tuition costs to those of a Florida resident.

The University of West Florida additionally prides itself in serving Vets through education by making college affordable for not only military personnel but also their families. Via out-of-state tuition waivers and lower veteran colleges costs, the University of West Florida online is a viable option for vets and military personnel with busy lives and commanding obligations interested in obtaining a degree or advanced certificate. Additionally, the university has been listed as one of Value Colleges Top 50 Universities with the Lowest Student Debt.

  • 7 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $218 per credit hour (out-of-state $648)
    • With the waiver: 100% $239; 75% $341; Alabama Resident $323
  • 18 Online Master’s and Doctorate programs
    • $384 per credit hour (out-of-state $1044)
    • With the waiver: 100% $416; 90% $478; Alabama Resident $489

Southeastern University

Southeastern University is located in Lakeland, Florida and is a private, Christian, Christ-centered institution. The university is a leader in offering Christian based learning to degree and certificate seeking students from across the nation. It is also one of the fastest growing liberal arts universities in the nation.

Southeastern University online offers a number of online degrees and certificates in Business, Design & Communications, Ministry, Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences, and Criminal Justice. In addition to the bachelor and master degrees offered, the school offers one Doctorate degree, a Doctor of Education. Their online distance learning programs offer flexibility and ease of learning to students who must juggle school with family, full or part time work, and other demanding commitments.


Saint Leo University

Founded in 1889, Saint Leo University is a Catholic institution and enrolls up to 16,000 students across their traditional campus in St. Leo, Florida. In addition the university has more than forty other educational centers and office locations, plus a strong list of online degree programs. As a military friendly institution, St. Leo offers discounted credit rates for active military and veterans.

Saint Leo University online offers a variety of fully online and combined online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate degrees plus one Doctorate program, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. The university is also listed as one of Value Colleges Top 50 Best Value Online Graduate Schools of 2017 and as a Top 10 Most Affordable Online Catholic Colleges of 2017.


Florida Tech Online

The Florida Institute of Technology was founded in 1958 in Melbourne, Florida. Today often referred to as Florida Tech, the university offers one of the nations best technology based educations available. Programs both on campus and online are nationally accredited and serve as innovative examples across disciplines such as psychology, cybersecurity, information technology, business, and aviation management to name a few.

The Florida Tech Online offers the same innovative education as students obtain on campus with the flexibility and convenience of completing a degree of their choosing at their own pace and while managing other commitments, like family or work, outside of school. Florida Tech Online is also listed as one of Value Colleges Top 50 Best Value Online Colleges of 2017.

  • 17 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $519 per credit hour
  • 18 Online Master’s programs
    • $777 per credit hour

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is a private, research institution located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was established in 1964. Nova Southeastern University prides itself in traditionally and always being an innovator in remaining a traditional institution while promoting bold and forward thinking. The university was originally called the Nova University of Advanced Technology and has always been a leader in the physical and social sciences.

Nova Southeastern University online offers more than 150 online bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, many of which are fully online degree programs. Additionally the distance learning online school offers more than fifty majors and fifty minors in the arts and sciences, education, nursing, and business. Nova Southeastern University is one of Value Colleges Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Information Systems Assurance and Security.

  • Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $933 per credit hour
  • Online Master’s programs
    • $777 per credit hour