Top 10 Best Online Colleges in North Carolina

Online education is becoming a respected and viable option for students from all walks of life across the globe, and the universities and colleges in North Carolina are leaders in distance learning nationwide when it comes to offering fully online degree and certificate programs. Whether you are interested in obtaining an associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or professional certificate, there are options that meet most students needs from value to cost to flexibility to program offerings.

All of the North Carolina institutions on this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list offer degrees that students can obtain 100% online in addition to the completion or blended degree programs. The cost of every program here is under $700 per credit hour for qualifying students and they all have solid ROIs and institutional accreditation.



Winston Salem State University

Winston-Salem State University has long prided itself as being a leader in offering a diverse academic community where students from all walks of life can thrive and advance their analytical problem-solving and creative thinking skills while obtaining a degree of their choice. Their motto, “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve” furthers the university’s commitment to producing employable and desirable workforce candidates across fields of study. U.S. News and World Report named the university one of the Top Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the country.

Winston-Salem State University online additionally offers the same dedication to learning via a flexibility not found on campus in traditional learning environments. Graduate and undergraduate degrees are offered online including their top-notch Birth to Kindergarten Education (BKE) Degree Program  and nationally recognized Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling program.

  • 5 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $109 per credit hour ($449 out-of-state)
  • 2 Online Master’s programs
    • $184 per credit hour ($652 out-of-state)

North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University online offers the same intensive research programs as the traditional campus, boasting a diverse student body and faculty and a worldwide public service focus in learning. The online learning sector of North Carolina A&T University offers graduate programs such as Master of Science degrees in Agricultural Education and Information Technology plus two Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Leadership Studies and Technology Management. Additionally the university has eleven fully online Bachelor degree offerings.

The university’s distance education programs include technology-enhanced learning experiences for all students enrolled online, and the programs themselves are tailored to reach the diverse and changing needs of students who are learning at a distance. Primarily and traditionally an African-American college, A&T University prides itself in producing more African-American engineers and accountants than any other historically black colleges or universities in America and the majority of the universities engineering students have a job lined up in their area of study before completing their studies!

  • 11 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $117 per credit hour ($548 out-of-state)
  • 8 Online Master’s programs
    • $223 per credit hour ($831 out-of-state)
  • 2 Online Doctorate programs
    • $223 per credit hour ($831 out-of-state)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte online (UNCC) is part of the North Carolina University system and prides itself in being a leader in higher education not only state, but nationwide. The distance and online education programs at UNCC include bachelor completion programs, masters degrees, graduate certificates and teacher licensure programs. Additionally, the same staff that teach courses on campus at UNCC teach the university’s online courses as well, ensuring that students whether on- or offline get the same, quality education. The classes, on- or offline, require the same coursework and offer the same objectives.

The flexibility of the online course offerings allows students with other obligations such as family, full or part time work, or additional responsibilities, the ability to complete their classes and degree programs at their own pacing and schedule. This flexibility combined by the consist quality education offered on campus makes UNCC online a leader in online learning in North Carolina. Bachelor’s and Master’s programs include degrees in Education, Engineering, Health, and the online program additionally offers a Teacher Licensure program as well.

  • 4 Bachelor’s programs
    • $126 ($271 out-of-state)
  • 3 Master’s programs
    • $209 ($855 out-of-state)

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Located along the breathtaking Carolina coast, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is part of the North Carolina university system and represents the state’s coastal region through location and learning, plus research and service. The universities culture reflects diverse and global values, and excellence and innovation in learning, all of which transfer to the schools top-notch online learning programs.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington online is not only one of the Top 50 Best Value Colleges for 2017, it also offers a handful of top-notch online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including three Bachelor degrees in Clinical Research, Elementary Education and Nursing. Additionally, the university has one doctorate program, a Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice (DNP), plus seven online master degree programs.

  • 3 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $147 per credit hour ($636 out-of-state)
  • 7 Online Master’s programs
    • $218 per credit hour ($842 out-of-state)
  • 1 Online Doctorate programs
    • $218 per credit hour ($842 out-of-state)

Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University online offers top-ranked programs in a plethora of fields from nursing to engineering. A leader in health education, programs include undergraduate degrees
Emergency and Disaster Management and Emergency Medical Care Additionally the online school at Western Carolina University offers eleven graduate degrees such as degrees in Nurse Leadership or Project Management,  and a degree in School Administration (MSA).

Professors of the online degree programs are equally dedicated and committed to the success of their online learners as they are to the university’s traditional campus. Students nationwide enjoy the flexibility of online learning found at Western Carolina University paired with the interactive, top-notch quality education, one that mirrors the university’s traditional classroom setting, they receive.

  • 8 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $151 per credit hour ($502 out-of-state; $250 military out-of-state)
  • 11 Online Master’s programs
    • $242 per credit hour ($752 out-of-state; $273 military out-of-state)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of North Carolina at Greensboro online is part of the North Carolina University system and a fully accredited world-class institution. Founded in 1891, the university’s motto is “Do something bigger altogether,” and idea that extends the traditional campus into their virtual classrooms. Online courses are taught by a diverse and experienced set of faculty members who bring on-the-job and real-world experiences to the classroom, with the flexibility of virtual learning.

The online department at University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers Bachelor degrees in Liberal Studies, Philosophy and Business Administration to name a few, one online Doctor of Education in Kinesiology plus fourteen graduate certificate programs. Additionally students have the opportunity to create their schedules and pace their learning to fit a busy lifestyle.

  • 7 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $161 per credit hour ($663 out-of-state)
  • 10 Online Master’s programs
    • $218 per credit hour ($842 out-of-state)
  • 1 Online Doctorate programs
    • $818 per credit hour ($2796 out-of-state)

North Carolina State University

A top state college in North Carolina, and part of the state’s University system, North Carolina State University online (NCSU) offers a wide variety of fully online degree programs available to students worldwide. NCSU is a pre-eminent research enterprise that excels in engineering, design, education, textiles, agriculture, technology, mathematics, and the humanities and social sciences. North Carolina State University’s online programs include associates, bachelors, and graduate degree programs plus graduate certificates.

The same qualified and world-renowned professors teach on- and offline courses and online or distance courses engage students in the same ways students engage in on-campus learning. Students are challenged to solve real-world problems during their study and graduate to become leaders in the workforce across a variety of disciplines. In addition to the degrees available online, NCSU additionally offers a plethora of associates, undergraduate, and graduate certificates and a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership in the Public Sector and the same with a Military focus.

  • 2 Bachelor’s programs
    • $216 ($632 out-of-state)
  • 34 Master’s programs
    • $396 ($992 out-of-state)

Gardner-Webb University

Gardner-Webb University was originally founded in 1905 as Boiling Springs High School and has sense grown into a top-notch, world-renowned accredited university with both traditional and virtual campuses. The university is a private, Christian, Baptist institution with an education rooted deeply in the tradition of a liberal arts education.

Gardner-Webb University online offers Bachelor degrees  in Elementary Education and Criminal Justice to name a few as well as four master degree programs such as a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). Out of state inquirers take note, however, Gardner-Webb University fully online programs cannot admit students from the states of California, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

  • 9 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $422 per credit hour
  • 4 Online Master’s programs
    • $422 per credit hour

Pfieffer University

Pfeiffer University online offers a number of certificate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, some combined and some fully online. Additionally, the university proudly offers seven online Master degree programs including three dual degree programs. Additionally online Bachelor degree completion programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, explore the unique aspects of each area of study and offer classroom plus real-world learning opportunities for all students.

The flexibility that the online coursework offers allows students to seamlessly juggle at home, full- or part time work, family and other commitments with school. Class homework, projects and tests are set up to fit into a plethora of busy schedules and students can complete course work at their own pace. Additionally, the online programs offer the same faculty, objectives and quality education found in the on-campus, traditional classroom setting. Online Pfeiffer University students also save money by purchasing fewer textbooks and have access to 24/7 online support, including email, forums and instant messaging.

  • 4 Online Bachelor’s programs
    • $640 per credit hour
  • 7 Online Master’s programs
    • $640 per credit hour

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University online offers two master’s programs in Criminal Justice and Business. The online bachelor programs are online degree completion programs, meaning students take courses on campus or through a transfer program and then complete their undergraduate degrees online. They are part of Value Colleges Best Value Online Undergraduate Business Schools for 2017.

In addition to the Master degree programs online, undergraduate students may take upper-division courses online. These upper-division courses are usually taken during the junior and senior years of study. However, degree core courses must have been completed at a community college, at Fayetteville State University, or at another accredited college before enrolling in the Online Degree Completion (ODC) program. Fayetteville State University offers seven Online Bachelor’s programs starting at $98 per credit hour ($246 out-of-state).

  • 2 Online Master’s programs
    • $165 per credit hour ($413 out-of-state)