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  • Do You Need a BSN to be a Traveling Nurse?

    Nursing is a plentiful, demanding, and almost endless field when it comes to options for career choices and professional experiences. Though plenty of nurses find satisfying jobs right in their own backyards, others have an itch for adventure. If that is you, you may be interested in becoming a traveling nurse. There is a lot …

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  • Should I Consider a Graduate Certificate Before an Online MBA?

    Absolutely! A Graduate Certificate can be a valuable stepping stone towards a traditional or online MBA degree. One of the most influential factors in an individual’s decision to pursue higher education is the ability to make more money. A Graduate Certificate can provide marketable skills and credentials after only one or two semesters of study, …

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  • How Do I Choose an MBA Specialization?

    Throughout time, educational systems have developed in response to changes in society. The first MBA degree program was created at Harvard Business School in 1908 as institutional education’s response to the Post-Industrial Revolution business world. The MBA degree continues to evolve alongside industry as new technology, and new markets emerge. New MBA specializations that reflect …

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  • Can Immigrants Get a Free College Education?

    In today’s global economy, movement around the world is necessary to ensure economic growth and revenue generation in commerce. Welcoming good people with good ideas has always been a way of ensuring that culture doesn’t remain stagnant, and that the workload of a great country can be shared with each other as schoolmates, coworkers, neighbors, …

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  • Do I Need I Need the GRE or GMAT for Online MBA Admissions?

    Whether applying for admission to a traditional or online MBA program a standardized entrance exam score may be required for admission. The two tests MBA programs accept are the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Each test has different value to consider. Does Everyone Have to Take a Test? Not …

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  • Set Your Priorities: The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Management Program

    The internet is full of inspiring stories of visionary businessmen and women who made their fortune on nothing but their own brilliance and dedication – people who dropped out of school, failed miserably over and over, survived disasters and losses, and still came out on top, household names and admired by all. The thing about …

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  • What Does Business Program Accreditation Mean?

    When we talk about accreditation for higher education, we’re talking about two things. The purpose of accreditation is to have an unbiased, outside party that can objectively assess whether colleges and universities are providing the education they claim to provide, and it’s a major undertaking for institutions to meet all of the assessment standards for …

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  • Master’s in Management: Online or On-Campus?

    From the time fully-online degrees became a realistic proposition (around the mid-1990s), business programs have been prime for the web treatment. It’s not surprising; most aspects of business education, such as case studies, economic and financial analysis, and management theory, can be easily translated into an online medium. That is certainly true of the MBA; …

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Management and an MBA Degree?

    For well over a century, since it was first introduced at Harvard University in 1908, the Master of Business Administration has been the standard terminal degree in business (the highest in the field). Over the 20th century, specializations proliferated, from management to finance, international to entrepreneurship, while the 21st century has seen specializations like information …

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  • How Long Will an Online Community College Degree Take?

    Are you in a hurry to get a credential that will help you start a new career, advance in your current career, or help you transfer to a 4-year college or university? Online community college degree programs are a handy, flexible way to do it. But just how long will it take to get your …

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  • Will Online Community College Credits Transfer?

    It’s well known that community college is one of the most affordable ways to earn college credits, as well as one of the most convenient. Online community college courses, and even full degree programs, are more convenient still; while most states have community colleges in every region, online degrees are usually accessible statewide, and don’t …

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  • Are Military Academies Free?

    When students make a decision to serve their country, Uncle Sam wants to make sure that money won’t stop them. Tuition to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, The U.S. Air Force Academy, The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, is waived for cadets …

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