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  • Is Free Tuition Really Free?

    Free college tuition is making headlines across the country, from politicians touting it as the wave of the future, to high school seniors on a last-ditch, hail-mary Google search when everything seems a little out of reach. The New York Times reported on a free college program for the state of New York’s SUNY and …

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  • How is Packaging the 3rd Largest Industry in the World?

    Taken altogether, packaging is considered the third-largest industry in the world – bigger than almost everything, including entertainment, construction, or agriculture. At first glance, it’s obvious that packaging would be big; after all, pretty much everything you buy is in a package, and those packages were shipped in a package, and those packages may have …

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  • What is the Design Aspect of a Degree in Packaging?

    Pick up a package. Turn it over in your hands. Inspect it. If you’re more scientific or technical-minded, you may wonder “How did this get here?” or “How does this work?” But the purely practical considerations of making a package, protecting a product, or shipping products to their destination is only part of the packaging …

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  • What is the Science side of Packaging Programs?

    It’s the 21st century, and every single object around you came in some sort of package. That package may have been intended to protect it during shipping, to make it look attractive on a store shelf, to keep it from being shoplifted, to prevent it from spoiling, and any number of other purposes. For most …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online MSN Programs

    With the American Nurses Association advocating for the BSN to become the standard for nursing jobs, many RNs are realizing they need to raise their status, and current BSN-holders find they need an MSN to continue to compete on the job market. So what’s the lowest cost you can pay to get an MSN degree …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online Business Degrees

    These days, employers are looking for more. Most entry-level corporate jobs require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, and that’s just to get your resume on the desk instead of the garbage can. If you want to go into the corporate world, a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA) is your starting point. We at …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online RN to BSN Nursing Programs

    If you’re a working RN considering a way to further your education without giving up the work and pay you need, online may be the way to go. But online education can get pretty expensive. So how cheap can you get it? This cheap. These are the lowest-priced options for getting your BSN online, at …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online Master’s Degree Programs

    These days, a lot of fields are changing. Competition for jobs is higher than it’s ever been, and from employers’ point of view, it means having their pick of applicants. From the job seeker’s perspective, it means needing to distinguish yourself. Many people are choosing to do that by earning a master’s degree in their …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online MBA Programs

    If you’re thinking about an online MBA, it makes sense that you would be considering cost and value. There are lots of complex formulas to tell you about cost-benefit and return on investment, but let’s just get a baseline here: what’s the cheapest way to get an online MBA? Here are the best-priced online MBA …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

    College is expensive, and online degrees can be even more expensive when unscrupulous schools take advantage of people looking to return and complete their education. That’s why, for a lot of working adults, the #1 question has to be “How cheap is it?” Here’s a list that tells you. We’ve looked at college and universities …

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Online Universities

    There are a lot of ways to measure value, but sometimes, you just want to know: how cheap can I get it. Well, here you go – the cheapest online universities. These are schools that offer online degrees beyond the bachelor’s, including master and doctorate, but not just any cheap school. These all share some …

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  • Do SAT scores really matter?

    Every year, all across the US, high school students and their parents spend millions of dollars, thousands of hours of study time, and a whole lot of worry and sweat, to take the SAT exam. Once known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the re-branded SAT measures student performance on standard academic knowledge in literacy and …

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