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  • Ranking best value colleges: an analysis

    Whether you love them or hate them, agree or argue, college rankings are a part of life. They’re respected in the media; they’re taken seriously by students, institutions, and employers; and they’re an ever-reliable source of drama and anxiety. There’s no such thing as a perfect ranking; every ranking system has seen its data collection …

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  • What are the non-monetary benefits of attending college?

    Student debt is a very real problem; for many Americans, it has become an unsurmountable barrier and a red mark on their credit. It’s understandable that prospective students and their families would ask themselves, “Really, do I need college?” No doubt, college graduates make more money than those without degrees – that’s backed up by …

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  • Is college still a good investment?

    No one gets any payment or premium simply for finishing college. There is no reward, no pot of gold awaiting you, just a piece of (very nice) paper with your name on it. It’s up to you to actually make something out of that piece of paper. You get what you worked for – a …

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  • Are online degrees a good investment?

    If you haven’t noticed, the online education sector is growing rapidly. This isn’t 2005. The stigma or skepticism attached to anything “online,” be it dating, working, banking, paying bills, or even schooling, are gone. There are definitely things to consider when choosing an online institution; you want one that fits your value system; one that …

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  • What is the value of college?

    Everyone tells you to go to college. Everyone knows college is a good thing. It’s become so ingrained in our society that most of us don’t even question it. But what many of us can’t put our fingers on exactly what to value of college is. You may not know if you can afford to …

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