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  • 5 Benefits of Attending Pre-College Programs

    There are several benefits to signing up for a pre-college summer program that you can take before you show up for your first full year of college. The goal of a pre-college summer program is to prepare students for what college life will really be like once they are settled in their dorm and are …

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  • Are Pre-College Summer Programs Worth it?

    Parents do their best to prepare their children for a good, stable life. One where they can be successful and get a good job that pays well. One of the first things they can do to prepare their children for success is to choose a good pre-college summer program. It can go far in setting …

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  • 5 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

    In a national alumni survey by American Gap Association and Temple University, students gave the following reasons for the benefits of taking a gap year: Gain life experiences and personal growth (92%) Experience other cultures (85%) Take a break from studying (82%) Half the respondents also felt that they wanted to volunteer and explore their academic …

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  • How to Find Gap Year Programs

    Gap years are becoming more common for students because they may feel as if they aren’t ready to make the transition right into college. There are a number of gap year programs after high school that help students explore different areas and become more in tune with who they are. With so many schools and …

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  • Is a Gap Year Worth it?

    Gap years are still a pretty new concept in the US. Most students leap from high school right into university with only a couple of months to prepare for the transition. It’s something that students have been doing for decades, and a majority are prepared for the lack of downtime between the high school graduation …

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  • Top 50 Best Pre-College Summer Programs for 2021

    Pre-college summer programs have become a popular way for high school students to test drive the college experience, and for colleges to show off their wares to potential applicants. It’s way more immersive than just touring a college, but a little less intense than the real freshman year (you probably won’t put on 15 pounds …

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  • What are the Highest-Paying Political Science Jobs?

    Students interested in politics may wonder about the best things to do with a political science degree. Below, prospective students can find high-paying political science jobs to match their interests to the right program. If you enjoyed the debate team in high school or want a career in politics, a political science degree may lead …

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  • Do I Need a Political Science Degree to Work in Politics?

    Young professionals and students who are hoping to get into politics are often unsure of what degree is best for their career goals. First, it’s important to consider whether a run for office is the goal — or if they’d prefer to work on a political campaign.  What are the Best Degrees for a Political …

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  • What is the Value of a Political Science Degree?

    When it comes to finding the best jobs for a political science degree, there are few things to take note of. First of all, political science is a very broad field that can afford you with a wide variety of options in terms of employment. Also, there are certain career paths that tend to be …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online Master’s in Political Science for 2021

    An online Master’s in Political Science degree can open many doors for a student, especially if they are interested in holding a public office or working as an analyst. Anyone who has an interest in holding any type of government or public office should have at least a working knowledge of how the political system …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online Bachelor’s in Political Science for 2021

    If you’re interested in political science, then there are a lot of reasons to get a political science degree online. A person can pursue a lot of job opportunities by earning a political science degree, online or in-classroom. For those who want to work in politics, law, or a nonprofit organization, online degrees in political …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online Associate’s in Political Science for 2021

    If you want a career in political science, then you can get a lot of benefits out of earning a Political Science associate’s degree online. Most importantly, an associate’s degree will give you some core knowledge in political science, which can help you get started in your career. Starting your degree with a low-cost associate’s …

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