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  • 25 Best Pandemic-Proof Careers for 2021

    The past few months have been a wake-up call to many when it comes to finances. If your career has been negatively affected by the pandemic, you’re not alone. Many people have found themselves struggling to make ends meet, and are now thinking about a career change to a field that’s more likely to remain …

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  • What Can I do with a Bachelor’s in Accounting

    A bachelors of science program in accounting is a multifaceted degree pathway that is not going anywhere anytime soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of 11 percent in related jobs from 2014-2024. This includes over 142,000 additional jobs for auditors, accountants, and other positions that are similar. There are many entry level …

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  • Can I Become a CPA with just a Bachelor’s in Accounting?

    The answer to this question is yes and no. I will explain throughout the course of this article. The requirements for a CPA career vary slightly from state to state. There are some required accounting classes and associated credits that prospective accountants must achieve prior to qualifying for a career as a certified public accountant. …

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  • Top 25 Best Online Accounting Bachelor’s for 2021

    We are in a moment of great transition as a country, world, and culture. This is a time we will read about in history books, as the world is changing right before our eyes. One thing to be aware of is that many industries are changing with the tides. The field of accounting is one …

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  • Top 25 Most Affordable Online Accounting Bachelor’s for 2021

    Becoming an accountant can be quite a rewarding profession. Not to mention, the projection for accounting careers, including auditors and accountants is only expected to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of accounting will expand by a minimum of 6 percent between 2018 to 2028. Accounting programs come in all shapes …

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  • Top 25 Best Organizational Leadership Master’s for 2020

    There are so many masters degrees out there that foster leadership. It might be hard to choose just the right discipline if you are wanting to dedicate your career to managerial and leadership roles in business or within an organization. Many people turn to an MBA (masters in business administration) if they are interested in …

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  • Will a Certificate in Organizational Leadership Help My Career?

    A certificate in organizational leadership is a comprehensive upgrade to any degree, as it offers students essential leadership skills that are applicable to careers across the board. This is an excellent alternative to achieving a masters degree in organizational leadership. Many students might choose to achieve an organizational leadership certificate to gain managerial level employment …

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  • What Can I Do with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership?

    The academic field of organizational leadership is interdisciplinary in nature and ties heavily into a number of career paths. Technically, organizational leadership is an arm of business administration which emphasizes such relevant skill building topics as communications, professional development, human resources (HR), social responsibility and ethics, behavioral science, corporate management, among many others. This advanced …

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  • Top 25 Most Affordable Online Masters in Organizational Leadership Programs for 2020

    There are many ways to work towards leadership positions in companies, corporations and organizations. There are several academic paths that one could take to achieve the skills necessary for complex leadership roles. A lot of people choose to achieve an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) which focuses extensively on complex traditional leadership. MBA programs generally …

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  • Ultimate Guide To HBCU Scholarships

    Historically Black Colleges and Universities are some of the oldest and most well-respected institutions of higher education in the country. Also known as HBCUs, these schools have a reputation for making education more affordable and accessible for all students, especially black students and other people of color. Even though that is the case, the cost …

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  • Can I Get an Online RN to BSN for Free?

    As we have reached the deadline set by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to make a bachelor’s degree the standard for RNs (which was originally set for 2020), hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been strongly urging their ADN nurses to increase their credentials. For the nurses in question, the expense of going …

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  • Is an Online MBA Worth It?

    As a person questions his or her future, he or she may wonder if earning an MBA is worth the expense. This list of frequently asked questions can a person decide if furthering his or her education in business administration is worth it. These answers can help a person decide answer the question, “is an …

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