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  • What is Public Health?

    The role of public health in our society cannot be overstated, and people who hold a Master’s in Public Health can hold a variety of positions. Public health workers can find employment in the government or for corporations, and they can also work in nursing homes and in hospitals. What are the Core Functions of …

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  • 5 Career Options for the MPH Graduate

    As public health becomes more important to the overall well-being of the human population, and the healthcare field expands to a national and international level, public health is proving to be a trusted and rewarding career path. There are numerous MPH jobs that are readily open for individuals who choose to undertake a Master’s in Public …

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  • Complete Job Description of a Medical Coding Technician

    Technicians in medical billing and coding undertake their duties in clinics, hospitals, and offices of physicians for purposes of getting reimbursement for healthcare claims. These professionals utilize classification software for purposes of assigning diagnosis and other procedures for nothing other than insurance billing. Medical billing and coding technicians also review claims data for purposes of ensuring that …

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  • Navigating Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes

    When students search for medical coding and billing schools near me, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that many major colleges offer medical billing and coding programs online. These include Albany State, Berkeley College Online, Kaplan University, and more. It takes, on average, about a year to earn the certification in medical billing and coding, …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online Medical Coding and Billing Certificates 2020

    If you want to know more about how to get a medical coding certificate, and you are interested in school completely online, look no further. The following are the top 25 Online Medical Coding Certificate programs. Learn a new career without leaving your current job–or your house for that matter. What do I need to …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online MPH Programs 2020

    In the 21st century, public health is one of the fastest-growing and most critical fields of study. While the US population continues to grow steadily, population growth in the developing world is exploding; an increasingly interconnected world means that public health no longer happens at just the local and community level, but in a vast …

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  • Top 25 Best College Student Discount Apps

    One of the best parts of being a college student – and one that you’ll learn pretty quickly, because necessity will demand it – is all of the college student discounts out there just waiting to be used. Businesses, stores, restaurants, and bars know that college students spend money (even when they don’t have it), …

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  • Top 25 Best Value Online/Hybrid Law Degrees 2020

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects all Legal Occupations to grow 9% between 2016 and 2026, much faster than all occupations, which are projected to increase only 7% in the same period. Within the Bureau’s Legal Occupations category, Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators occupations are expected to grow 10% between over the same period and Paralegal and …

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  • What are the Different Types of Law Degrees Offered?

    There are quite a few different law degrees students can earn in the U.S. Some of the degree names differ slightly from school to school, but the degrees generally fall into one of the six categories below. While it is important to remember that the only degree path for students wishing to become licensed attorneys …

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  • Top 50 Best Value Bachelor’s in Construction Management 2020

    Construction is one of the most profitable industries in the U.S. economy. In 2017, contractors, builders, and electrical companies earned $8.34 billion in sales. As overall construction activity expands from the country’s population growth and business growth, more Construction Managers will be needed to supply the demand for these skilled workers. The Bureau of Labor …

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  • Top 50 Easy Scholarships – No GPA Required

    Slowly but surely, American education is coming around to the realization that intelligence is more than just a number. The late Stephen Hawking famously dismissed IQ tests, and called people who bragged about their IQ “losers.” Meanwhile, elite liberal arts colleges and Ivy League universities – including Yale, Dartmouth, Penn, and Columbia – have made …

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  • There’s No Shame in Community College (And Lots to Love)

    There are a lot of misconceptions about community college, and it’s well past time to start wiping them out. We’ll say it now: there’s no shame in community college. Community college is value added, plain and simple. Nearly half of all American college students are in community college, and it’s the number one choice for …

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