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  • The Coding Boot Camp Guide

    • 13 min read • What Are the Ways Someone Can Learn to Code? There are many avenues an individual can take to learn to code and get the chops needed to land a new job and change careers. Some people learn to code on their own. Self-taught individuals are highly motivated and use online …

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  • How Fast Can I Finish an Online Master’s Degree?

    When it comes to completing your master’s degree fully online, there are a lot of factors that come into play when determining how long it will take you finish. You will have to choose a school that offers the best value fully online program for your area of study, and each school, each program, is …

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  • Will I Save Money by Earning My Master’s Degree Online?

    Earning your master’s degree online is a great way to get the best value out of your graduate school experience on your own schedule and with the ease of learning remotely from the comfort of your own home, local library, or office. When you enroll in a fully online graduate degree program, you cut costs …

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  • What are the Benefits of Earning a Graduate Degree Online?

    After going through the sometimes-strenuous practice of earning a four year degree, some people wonder if it would be worth their time or not to continue their education. Although it is more academic work, earning a graduate degree is a great way to further your career and yourself through continued learning and education. At the …

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  • What are the Best Graduate Degrees to Earn Online?

    Although you can earn almost any graduate degree online these days, there are some degree types that are in higher demand today than ever before. These degrees tend to be more accessible, provide more options when choosing schools, and lead straight into careers or advance careers for professionals who already have a foot in the …

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  • How Will an Online Master’s Degree Further My Career?

    Today most universities across the nation, and the world, are offering accredited fully online graduate degree programs and students can earn master degrees fully online in nearly every area of study known to man. You want to get the best value out of your online graduate school experience, which means you’ll be looking at programs …

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  • Top 5 Advantages of Earning Your RN to BSN Online

    When you are ready to finally earn your RN to BSN degree, many returning nursing students are learning that earning their online RN to BSN degree is the way to go. While not wanting to completely abandon their current nursing careers, many of these students are rather interested in furthering their work. By attending school …

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  • What are the Top Paying Nursing Careers that Require a BSN?

    Even though becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) is one of the top five highest paying jobs available for nurses with an online degree, many Registered Nurses choose to pursue their RN to BSN programs online in order to further their careers, and also their salaries. With literally hundreds of career paths to follow after obtaining …

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  • Will My Employer Help Me Pay for My Online RN to BSN Degree?

    So you are a Registered Nurse and you want to get your online RN to BSN degree, but you are not sure if you can afford to pursue your degree just yet, or you are already having trouble paying for it. Perhaps you’ve been working in the field for a while but are still paying …

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  • Do You Need a BSN to be a Traveling Nurse?

    Nursing is a plentiful, demanding, and almost endless field when it comes to options for career choices and professional experiences. Though plenty of nurses find satisfying jobs right in their own backyards, others have an itch for adventure. If that is you, you may be interested in becoming a traveling nurse. There is a lot …

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  • Should I Consider a Graduate Certificate Before an Online MBA?

    Absolutely! A Graduate Certificate can be a valuable stepping stone towards a traditional or online MBA degree. One of the most influential factors in an individual’s decision to pursue higher education is the ability to make more money. A Graduate Certificate can provide marketable skills and credentials after only one or two semesters of study, …

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  • How Do I Choose an MBA Specialization?

    Throughout time, educational systems have developed in response to changes in society. The first MBA degree program was created at Harvard Business School in 1908 as institutional education’s response to the Post-Industrial Revolution business world. The MBA degree continues to evolve alongside industry as new technology, and new markets emerge. New MBA specializations that reflect …

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