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Top-50-Best-Value-Online-RN-to-BSN-Programs-of-2015So you’ve earned your associate degree, passed your RN licensure exam, and you’ve been working as an RN for some time. Nursing is the profession you love, the career you were born for, the only job you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

If that’s you, you should probably consider going further and getting your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. You’re already halfway there, or even closer, depending on how many credits you earned toward your associate degree. And there’s no doubt that, if you’re going to be working as a nurse, the BSN is an advantage: statistically, BSNs make higher salaries, have greater job opportunities, and can advance more easily. The American Nurses Association strongly recommends it as a minimum requirement, and more and more health care facilities are moving to require or highly prefer a BSN for hire. That means that soon, probably within this generation, the BSN will be a necessity, not an option.

For working RNs who don’t want to interrupt their job, or can’t afford to take one or two years to go back to school, many reputable, world-class universities have begun offering online BSN programs. Most online BSNs are “bridge” programs, meaning they close the gap between the RN and a full bachelor of science degree. Pretty much every program will expect applicants to have already attained the RN license through a 2-year community college, junior college, or vocational school before applying, and though work experience isn’t always necessary, it is often beneficial, since many programs will afford credit for your time spent nursing professionally. Coursework can be done 100% online, but clinical practice components can get a little tricky; some programs require it to be done in the university’s home state, while others allow you to make arrangement for clinicals in your own area. Some programs will even allow students to use current work experience to fulfill clinical requirements.

Like our Best Value BSN residential ranking, we consider only accredited nursing schools, either through  the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Association (CCNE). This choice ensures that all our entries display a common level of quality, integrity, rigor, and value that translates into a marketable degree. We formulate our ranking using three metrics:

  • Payscale’s 2015 College ROI Report by Healthcare Career criteria
  • U.S. News & World Report’s national rankings
  • credit per hour tuition rate (for the actual Online BSN program) as reported by each individual college.

Keep in mind: sticker price tells a story, not the whole story, but it is a useful piece in the equation for Best Value. You can count on our Best Value Online BSN list to steer you only to the most reputable, professional, and financially sound online degrees.

NOTE: Not all programs are available to residents in all states, so check admissions requirements carefully to make sure the school you want is available in your state.

Drexel University, our #1 Best Value Online BSN, is best known for its acclaimed cooperative education program, combining classroom instruction with work experience, but you may not know that Drexel’s online programs are every bit as excellent as their residential co-op programs. Drexel offers an accredited online RN-to-BSN program that builds on Drexel’s reputation for action-based learning and community with a course of study that makes the most of the interactive online environment. Drexel combines the flexibility of an online program – allowing registered nurses to continue working while completing course requirements for the BSN – with in-depth simulations and virtual interaction, using the full range of online capability to approximate the practical advantages of a residential program. Drexel’s online capacity is top-notch, with round-the-clock tech support, electronic tutoring services from the Writing Lab, access to Drexel’s renowned library, and more. An online degree from Drexel is not only the equivalent of an on-campus degree; it’s a uniquely excellent experience in itself, and a BSN investment that is second to none in our book.

Old Dominion University has spent three decades building a top-ranked distance education program in nursing, and ODU Online has some of the most recognizable online education programs in the world. So it’s no surprise that Old Dominion’s online RN to BSN program should come in 2nd as a best value. Not only is ODU Online affordable for both Virginia residents and non-residents, but online students get the full support of the College of Health Sciences’ School of Nursing, with courses taught by the same quality faculty and mentorship available through both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. ODU knows that communication and relationship-building is key to a successful distance education, so multiple means are available for students to connect with one another and with faculty, including but not limited to discussion boards, web conferencing, and a Faculty Student Communication System. With a well-developed support system that younger online programs can’t offer, ODU Online makes sure it provides students with an excellent education that translates to a top college value.


University of St. Francis, Joliet

The University of St. Francis is a top regional institution committed to the melding of religious devotion and educational quality.
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The University of St. Francis (in Joliet, IL) Leach College of Nursing offers the Fast Track RN-BSN online program, at the #3 spot on our Best Value Online BSN ranking. Realizing that online RN-BSN students are already familiar with the health care environment, USF’s online program emphasizes critical thinking and decision-making, preparing students with the technical skills they need not just to do their jobs on a daily basis – which they are already doing – but to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly-changing, technologically-advanced modern health care system. The USF curriculum helps students understand not just where the nursing profession is, but where it is going, turning out nurses who can not only do the job, but lead it into the future. USF’s tuition is not cheap, but the quality of education, the flexibility of the program, and the short turnaround time for getting the BSN – and the bump in marketability and income it provides – more than makes up for the sticker price, making the University of St. Francis a great college value and an investment well worth your time and money.


Boise State University

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Boise State University’s School of Nursing offers a flexible, affordable online RN-BSN completion program that comes in 4th as a best value. While instruction is entirely online, BSU takes pride in its high level of interactivity, with students benefitting from ample attention from faculty and connection to classmates. Among BSU’s advantages is a course, Preparing to Learn Online, tailored for nursing students and designed to help students get the most out of their online education, a valuable resource for students who may need to familiarize themselves with the online learning environment. Students can complete their BSN in as little as 18 months with year-round enrollment, or take courses part-time if their schedules do not allow quite as high a level of commitment. Plus, an online BSN from BSU is highly affordable, with the complete program coming in at only $12,000 and change. As BSN degrees go, it’s a small price to pay for a degree from a recognized leader in nursing education, one that fits your schedule and gives you a proven return.

Rounding out the top 5 Best Value Online BSN, Ohio University’s School of Nursing offers an online RN to BSN program. Regarded as a Public Ivy, Ohio University, one of the nation’s best public research universities, has credentials and reputation to spare, giving a degree from Ohio an automatic value on the job market. But Ohio’s School of Nursing has more than just brand-name appeal – the online RN to BSN is every bit as excellent as Ohio’s on-campus programs. With eight starting dates throughout the year, and convenient 5-week intensive courses, the RN-BSN program is flexible for any working nurse to complete the program quickly. Ohio’s online BSN is also extremely affordable, at only $240 per credit for Ohio residents and $243 for non-residents. Any prerequisites students need to pick up can be taken online as well. Online facilitators and Success Coaches make sure online students are kept in the know and on track, giving online students some of the support that residential students expect. All in all, Ohio’s online RN to BSN is a great value – though you may like to visit beautiful Athens, OH, just to get some of that college-town atmosphere.

The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Nursing offers both the BSN and RN to BSN programs online. All coursework is available online, so students have no need to attend at Arlington for either program. The online BSN, however, does require clinical practice with a participating hospital or health care center through UT Arlington’s Academic Partnerships program. For working nurses, fortunately, the clinical portion of the RN to BSN program is covered by assignments that work within your existing job, so you can continue working and do your clinicals at the same time. Both programs are streamlined and accelerated, with the BSN taking only 15 months (after prerequisites), and the RN to BSN only 12 months with a full-time schedule. They’re especially affordable as well – a little over $8000 for the RN to BSN, and $17,000 for the BSN. With a high graduation and licensure pass rate (over 90% for both), UT Arlington helps students get through and get licensed, which means a shorter path for you to reach your future.

The University of Central Florida offers an online RN to BSN program, as well as an online ASN to BSN for students who earned an ASN from a public Florida university. With accolades from U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger’s, and the Princeton Review, UCF’s College of Nursing has a solid reputation and background in nursing, resulting in much higher-than-average licensure pass rates. For both the RN to BSN and ASN to BSN programs, UCF recommends strong computer skills and technology access, since the programs are administered completely online; they also recommend a Nursing Information and Advising session, held at various locations in Florida, to meet and establish rapport with advisors. Tuition for out-of-state residents is considerably higher than that for Florida residents, but at $212 per credit hour, in-state tuition is more than affordable, and all but guarantees a strong return on your investment.

Also located in Florida – a hotbed of great online degrees, as well as jobs in health care – Florida International University offers an online RN to BSN program specially designed for working RNs in Florida. Florida International’s reputation for quality online education extends to the RN to BSN program, with dedicated faculty and up-to-date instruction. Unlike most campus-based programs, which are highly structured, FIU’s online program allows students to take courses in any order for maximum flexibility. While the program is designed for nurses with an RN license in Florida, accommodations may be made for out of state residents, and at only $333 per credit hour for non-residents, it’s a price worth looking into. But Florida residents get an even better deal, an astounding $157 per credit, which makes FIU’s online BSN a fantastic investment.

The leader in North Carolina nursing education, producing the highest proportion of nurses in the state, ECU’s College of Nursing offers an online RN to BSN program that carries on ECU’s reputation for excellence. Applicants should have a current North Carolina RN license, and in-state residents get a much better tuition rate, only $134 per credit hour, as opposed to $648 for non-residents. Some courses are offered in a 7-week block format, so students can cover four courses a semester while only focusing on two at a time. While all coursework is presented online, students are responsible for their own clinical experience in the final semester. For nurses in North Carolina looking to advance to the BSN and gain a higher level of pay and responsibility, ECU has been the premier choice for a long time, and that tradition continues with the online RN to BSN.

Arizona State’s College of Nursing & Health Innovation offers an RN to BSN completion program through ASU Online that closes out our top 10 on a high note. Highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report, with impressive licensure pass rates, ASU’s nursing program is one of the best in the US, while ASU Online has built an impressive reputation for quality: the best of both worlds. At a reasonable $425 per credit hour for anyone, anywhere, ASU online is higher than some of the in-state tuition rates, but much lower than most out-of-state rates, and that across-the-board fairness means a solid investment. All coursework is taught online through ASU’s well-developed system, though students are responsible for setting up clinical practice in their region. But finishing in 15 to 18 months puts another kind of value on the program – get back out into the workforce and start earning more, faster.

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report for their online bachelor’s programs, the Ball State University School of Nursing offers an online RN to BSN program that is noted for both its quality and its flexibility. With online courses going as far back as 1998, and a longer history of distance education, Ball State knows what they’re doing when it comes to online education, and it shows. Students may choose full-time or part-time, and with one-on-one advising and extensive tech support, students can feel confident that they will be able to stay on top of their education. Clinical practice can be arranged in your area, and for full-time credit hours, a flat rate of $3,694 for Indiana residents (with a $215 per hour fee for out-of-staters) makes Ball State’s online BSN a top college value.

Like colleges in other large, Great Plains states, with spread-out residents and a history of self-reliance, South Dakota State University knows the value of distance education and has built a solid, reliable system of online education. Among those programs is the College of Nursing’s RN to BSN, an all-online course of study available in just about every state (and they’re working on the ones that aren’t). At a reasonable rate of $325 per credit hour, regardless of your location, it’s a strong candidate for South Dakota residents and non-residents alike. General education courses are also offered online for students who need to fulfill requirements, but RNs can be admitted directly as long as they have all but two prerequisites. It’s a sound investment that can pay off significantly in the long run.

Eastern Kentucky University’s online education has the approval of U.S. News & World Report, and their RN to BSN online program has been designed for maximum flexibility, affordability, and convenience. With 8 week sessions and flexible start times, students can work as much or as little as they need while keeping their current nursing jobs. Clinical projects can be arranged wherever you live, so there is never any need to travel to EKU’s campus. At $398 per credit hour, EKU sits somewhere around the middle range for cost, but that investment looks a lot better when you consider what you can accomplish for that price – with the accelerated program, taking two courses at a time each 8 week session, you could finish your BSN in only 12 months. That’s a fast turnaround time into a degree with a higher marketability and excellent prospects.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing offers a high-quality RN to BSN online program for students looking for a flexible, accelerated course of study. Students can finish the BSN in only one year, provided prerequisites are all accounted for, and all coursework is available online. Clinical practice can be set up where you are, with work experience taken into consideration as well. Best of all, online students are billed at the same affordable rate as in-state residents, no matter where they reside, without resident fees (though a small distance learning fee applies). For you, that means you can get the BSN online for the same price as an Ohio resident, wherever you are, making an Ohio State BSN a considerable value.

The University of South Alabama takes pride in its early adoption of educational technology, including its online RN to BSN program. For students who have completed all prerequisites, the online coursework takes only a year, including clinical practice, which can be performed close to home. USA makes no distinction as far as residency; all online students pay a flat $392 per credit hour wherever they live (though New York and Kansas residents are requested to contact the university to determine their eligibility), putting USA’s BSN in a highly affordable category. The University of South Alabama knows what they’re doing when it comes to online education, and a quality nursing degree from the convenience of your own home makes for a sound investment.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers an online RN to BSN program that capitalizes on the good reputation UL Lafayette has earned in Louisiana and the deep south. As the second-largest university in LA, with a commitment to access and diversity, UL Lafayette makes its nursing program available so that any qualified RN can earn a BSN. At only $316 per credit hour, courses are affordable, and with 6 possible start dates and as little as 12 months to complete the degree (so long as all prerequisites are covered), UL Lafayette has made one of the quickest, most flexible programs available – an investment that should have fast returns.

The University of Missouri’s Sinclair School of Nursing offers an online RN to BSN program. Primarily designed for Missouri students whose work schedules will not allow them to attend regular on-campus classes, the Mizzou online BSN does require occasional visits to campus, so out-of-state applicants who cannot manage to travel to Missouri may want to think twice. For students who can make it, however, Mizzou offers some unique advantages. One of Mizzou’s strengths is a hands-on, highly engaged system of advising, including an in-depth written analysis of each student’s strengths at the end of the program, which can be used when seeking work or further schooling. Strong advising helps Mizzou nursing students get the kind of attention and mentorship usually reserved for residential students, resulting in better chances of graduating and job placement: the things that make for a value college, in other words.

Widely ranked as one of the best public universities in the US, with a top College of Nursing, the University of Florida has long been one of the best places to get a nursing degree. The all-online RN to BSN program continues that tradition, adding convenience and flexibility to educational quality to make a program that deserves recognition as a great investment. Students who hold a Florida RN license can qualify for this part-time, 5-semester program, finishing their degree in two years. With the Florida degree, Gator Nurses can expect high NCFLEX pass rates, good job prospects, and an investment that will pay off in a life-long career.

Few online programs have the reputation of UMass, and few great universities have put as much emphasis into building a stellar online education than UMass. While the RN to BSN degree track is also available on-campus, the online program shares UMass’ excellent standards, the marketability of the UMass name, and all of the advantages of UMass has to offer, all from the convenience of your home. At $510 per credit hour, for a total of $15,300 for the entire program, UMass seems on the high side, but in return for that investment students get an education and a credential that will enable them to advance in their career beyond just about any other degree. All of those benefits make an online BSN from UMass a top value.

Ranked as one of the nation’s best nursing programs by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee has a proud tradition of innovation in distance and online learning, including the first-ever online Nursing Ph.D. and a whole host of online programs. The online RN to BSN completion program (called the [email protected]) is available full-time or part-time to work around RNs schedule, making it flexible and convenient, and courses are taught by professors from all six UW System Nursing Schools, giving students access to a large set of knowledgeable instructors. While all courses are online, students must complete clinical practice, usually at their current job (since most students are working RNs). Altogether, UWM has some strong advantages for online BSN students – a solid value, and a good investment.

UNC Charlotte’s School of Nursing is rapidly rising in rankings as they pursue their goal of becoming a nationally-recognized institution like their sister in the UNC system, East Carolina University. Part of UNCC’s bid for the big time is their online education, including the RN to BSN Completion program. Available to RNs who have most of their prerequisites in place, the RN to BSN program is entirely online, thought not all prereqs may be. Students are first admitted to the university as Pre-RN-to-BSN majors and accepted by the School of Nursing when all prerequisites are completed with a satisfactory grade. For students who have already completed all prerequisites, the online coursework can be done in as little as a year. It’s an investment in a degree on the rise, one that will pay off very quickly and continue to repay.


Pennsylvania State University

Tulips outside Old Main, a true sign of spring on Penn State's University Park campus.
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The Penn State World Campus is one of the world’s most recognizable online educators, an extension of the highly-regarded public research university. Penn State’s online bachelor degrees have been acclaimed for quality by U.S. News & World Report, and the all-online RN to BSN program is no different. Unlike other programs which require an RN license in the college’s state to apply, an RN license from any US state will do for Penn State. All courses are online, and clinicals can be arranged in your area, so geography is no problem. With a reasonable tuition of $535-$579 per credit hour, and the ability to finish an accelerated program in a year, the investment begins to return soon, and the option to add on a certification in Nursing Management, Nursing Informatics, or Nursing Forensics increases your market value still more, making Penn State a value in all sorts of ways.


University of Wyoming

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The University of Wyoming’s Whitney School of Nursing offers an online RN/BSN Completion program that is available to any RN. Prospective students should have an active RN license from anywhere in the US, not just Wyoming, and the capstone project involves research on a documented public health concern in the students’ region, wherever that may be. The convenience of the program, along with the affordability (an almost ridiculous $113 per credit hour for Wyoming residents, and only $318 for non-residents), makes an online BSN from the University of Wyoming a solid value.

West Virginia University’s online RN to BSN program combines a solid education with affordability and convenience. Open to any active RN from any area, WVU’s program is entirely online and can be completed in only a year with a full-time schedule. Due to WVU’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility, at least 25 hours of community service are required in the student’s home region, not including clinical or research time. Tuition for West Virginia residents is an affordable $388 per credit hour, though out-of-state tuition is considerably higher, so non-residents should consider themselves informed. If you’re an RN in West Virginia, though, there’s no doubt that WVU’s online BSN is a brilliant investment.

If you’re a licensed RN in Iowa, the University of Iowa College of Nursing is ready to make a deal with you. The online RN to BSN is available both full time and part time, so you can finish in as little as a year (3 semesters) or only a year and a half (5 semesters). The entire program is online, except for one clinical practicum; the College will find you a placement within 100 miles of your home. However, non-Iowa residents may not benefit from this one: you must have an Iowa RN, and can only complete clinical practice in the state of Iowa. But if you’re in Iowa and you need a little extra incentive, the first course will be offered free in 2016 or spring 2017 – a savings on your way to your great investment.


University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a premiere urban research university, giving students all the resources that a global metropolis can offer.
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The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a fully online RN to BSN Completion program for licensed RNs anywhere in the US. With 8-week courses, students can complete the degree in only 16 months working full-time.Tuition looks a bit high on paper, at $650 per credit hour, $19,500 in total, but the online degree is precisely the same as the residential degree, which means online graduates benefit from the same advantage as any UIC graduate – an international reputation, backed up by U.S. News & World Report and the National Institutes of Health, that makes the brand recognition of your degree a value in itself.

The University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Nursing offers the RN-BSN Educational Mobility Program, a degree completion program offered through distance education. It’s not a name that rolls off the tongue, but the RN-BSN EMP is an exceptionally well-designed program open to students from just about any location. To qualify, you need an active RN license in whatever state you will be performing your clinical practicum. Except for a 2-day intensive orientation at the beginning of the program, there is no need to come to campus, and with a full-time schedule the degree can be completed in only two semesters. It’s a fast, flexible way to your future.

The largest public women-serving university in the US, Texas Woman’s University does in fact admit men (since 1994), and it is internationally known for its excellent College of Nursing. Open to RNs from any state, the TWU program offers all online coursework, with two non-traditional clinicals involving class projects and research. Texas Woman’s is dedicated to diversity, and the online RN to BSN program is just one part of their commitment to providing education to those who would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to further their education. That makes TWU not just a value college, but a public good.

The Indiana University, Bloomington School of Nursing offers a flexible, all online RN to BSN Degree Completion program that can be completed in 12, 18, or 24 months depending on how demanding a schedule you can manage. IUB’s nursing programs are well-regarded for their quality and usefulness in a variety of settings. RNs with an active license from any state are accepted. IUB’s program may not be as attractive to non-Indiana residents, however, because tuition is considerably higher: $943 per credit hour, compared to a much more affordable $273 for Indiana residents. However, if you’re an RN in Indiana, the IUB online BSN is a great value with a high potential for return.

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report, and named a Center of Excellence by the National League for Nursing, the University of Kansas (KU) School of Nursing draws on a distinguished faculty and a high rate of research funding to create the finest nursing education in its region. But you don’t need to be in Kansas to benefit from the KU BSN – you just need a current RN license, and be accepted into the School of Nursing’s online RN to BSN program. For students who have all of their prerequisites covered, a full-time schedule will complete the degree in only 12 months, getting you into your new status and starting the return on your investment in short order.

George Mason University – the largest public research university in Virginia, and a perennial guest on top-college rankings – offers an online RN to BSN program that prepares students with high quality professional development through project-based courses and George Mason’s commitment to excellence. RN licenses from anywhere are considered for entry, but Virginia residents may benefit the most – out-of-state tuition is considerably higher than the reasonable $424 per credit that in-state students pay. But when coursework can be completed in as little as one year (for full-time students who come in with prerequisites fulfilled), even the higher level of investment can pay off quickly with the higher marketability and higher pay that a BSN provides.

A unique shared campus, home to programs from both Indiana University and Purdue University, the IUPU Indianapolis is an urban campus committed to providing educational opportunities to underserved populations, including online programs available to students anywhere in the US. One of these online programs, the RN to BSN Degree Completion program, is administrated through Indiana University and uses resources from all eight UI School of Nursing campuses to deliver a well-rounded, intensive nursing education. Indiana residents benefit from a lower tuition rate, a very affordable $203 per credit hour, but even non-residents pay only $297, a reasonable markup compared to many institutions’ out-of-state tuition. Considering the wealth of knowledge that the IU School of Nursing brings to the program, and the affordability, IUPUI’s online BSN is simply a great college value, even if it’s a complicated name.

Wichita State University offers their RN to BSN degree, fully online, and attainable in as little as one year. Of course if students need more time, up to six years can be granted. WSU has the added bonus of offering Nursing Leadership and Management certifications to their program for further career advancement. The program can be started either in Fall or Spring; however, it is currently only offered in 9 states, so check carefully to see if your home makes the list. Further application requirements are needed such as a 2.5 GPA and 1,000 hours of work experience. The cost per credit is only $291, one of the lowest priced schools on our list, making Wichita a solid choice in terms of affordability.


University of South Florida

University of South Florida College of Nursing
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USF’s RN to Bachelor was developed for currently Registered Nurses interested in advancing their careers with an undergraduate degree. This online program is a fully web-based didactic allowing students to build a degree while balancing a work or family schedule. Those who choose part-time study can complete the program in 5 semesters; full-time students in 3 semesters. Also required is a Service Learning Practicum Project, allowing students the chance to take all the knowledge and skills they absorb in the program and apply it in a clinical setting. Students can choose a concentration in Leadership/Management, Patient/Staff Education, or Clinical Excellence, and for students who already know they want to go beyond the BSN to become a Nurse Practitioner, an RN to MS program is available. A degree from USF is a wise investment; with high rankings from U.S. News & World Report (including #38 Best Graduate Nursing Programs), a stable ROI reported from (over $250k), and affordable tuition ($211 for residents and $575 for non-residents) it meets the perfect balance of criteria we look for at Value Colleges.

Southeastern offers a special adult learning initiative known as CALL (Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana). Sponsored by the Louisiana Board of Regents, this proposal is particularly focused on adult learners who have some college completed. Registered Nurses with unencumbered licenses are encouraged to further their education and earn their BSN completely online in as little as three semesters. Applicants must have at least one year of nursing experience completed. Tuition for the 31- credit CALL program is the same as for all Southeastern degree programs, affordably priced at under $2,000 per semester for Louisiana residents. An added bonus for those residing out-of-state, non-resident students whose courses are 100% online are eligible to have out-of-state fees waived, making Southeastern Louisiana a better value than advertised.

The online RN-BSN program at Illinois State offers a part-time or full-time plan of study, perfect for working students. Applicants have to meet the same standards as many other online RN-BSN programs: completion of an associates degree or diploma, an active license, general education requirements credits met and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. As a U.S. News & World Report top 100 Public Colleges school, Illinois State University is a trustworthy choice for obtaining an online degree. Washington Monthly ranks them as a Top 100 Best Bang for the Buck college, giving them affordability credit, and with a history of over 95 years of providing nursing education, it’s obvious we have a winning combination of reputation, value, and expertise here.

Florida Atlantic has an ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing Education) as well as a CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) accredited RN-BSN track. Another unique endorsement at the College of Nursing is by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation, meaning all BSN students have the opportunity to seek certification by the AHNCC upon completion of their degree. Applicants must have already completed either an associates program or obtained a diploma. They must also possess an active license in their state of residence. Once those requirements are met, Florida Atlantic affords students a flexibility to earn a BSN while maintaining employment. With a 3,4,5, or 6 semester (total of 60 credits) graduation plan, students find the perfect fit for their current needs. FAU is located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, and while not required, you just may want to book a winter trip to check in with your program face-to-face and justify some beach time.


Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a model of innovation and excellence in business education, and a central institution in Boston.
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The online RN-BSN completion program at Northeastern allows Registered Nurses to advance their career in as little as three semesters. The program consists of 16 semester-hours of residency credit followed by 29 in-depth nursing-specific credit-hours. While the program can be done part-time or full-time, most students expect to finish in about 6 semesters (within 2 years).  All applicants must have an unrestricted and active RN license in their home state, as 66 clinical experience hours are required for program satisfaction.

Northeastern University, a private college located in Burlington, Massachusetts, truly is a prestigious institution. Ranked as a Top 50 Best Colleges (U.S. News) in the nation, along with few dozen more notable best subject rankings such as Business, Education, Engineering, Law, we see the list goes on and on. As far as national merit and notoriety goes, Northeastern trumps many other schools. And frankly, even at $700 per credit, Northeastern is a solid choice given the institution’s reputation and high ROI. A BSN from Northeastern may open more doors than one from a lesser-known college, and that will advance a Registered Nurse’s salary significantly.

Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio is one of the nation’s largest public regional universities. It is ranked as one of the top 77 in the US by the Carnegie Foundation and is featured in over 20 US News & World Report college rankings in 2016 alone! Not without its’ own merit is the College of Nursing, a CCNE-accredited school with small student-to-faculty ratio (8:1) and flexible, affordable degree programs ranging from associate through PhD and even DNP. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) is specifically designed for RNs, with part-time or full-time offerings and a 100% online format. At Kent, you can expect expert faculty, personal advising, rolling admission, flexible seven-week courses and an individualized capstone project to strengthen your nursing career.


Rutgers University

Rutgers University brings over two centuries of excellence, and one of the most reputable names in higher education, to the state of New Jersey.
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As a top 25 U.S. News & World Report-ranked 2016 Best Graduate Nursing School, it’s of no surprise that Rutgers University finds itself on our Best Value Online BSN program ranking. You’ll have two options here at RU. First is the traditional online program, it is offered to currently licensed (in New Jersey) registered nurses holding an associate degree from an accredited NLNAC/ACEN college or a nursing diploma program. You can apply to Rutgers University without the license but it must be obtained and verified before actually entering the RN-to-BSN School of Nursing Program. The actual program is quite unique in that it is a primarily online program designed with practicums consisting of 75 hours. Most of the coursework is completed online save for several face-to-face meetings and of course the clinical portion. So do keep all that in mind, as this traditional Rutgers University degree may be a better choice for those living in NJ or a neighboring state in order to meet those requirements. Admission is offered once a year for the fall semester. An added bonus for transfer students is that there is no limit to how much credit is transferable; however, students must meet the 30 credit residency requirement at Rutgers.

Alternately, Rutgers Online (the online only platform within RU) offers the RN-to-BSN. They offer a little more flexibility in their program, including options for part-time or full-time study plus 3 different start times throughout the year. Rutgers Online may be a better fit for those residing far from campus or outside of New Jersey.

The USM RN-BSN 100% online bridge program is the next logical step in the path of those already holding a ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing). At Southern Miss, a respected, high-research institution known for its work in the Gulf Coast, the College of Nursing has high standards and impressive results. A diverse students body underlines Southern Miss’s commitment to educating everyone who wants to better their life, and the online RN-BSN program is one factor in that commitment. RNs from anywhere can be accepted into the program, and the online plans are flexible for working nurses. Whether you’re in Mississippi or elsewhere, Southern Miss has a value you can’t – well, miss.

The online nursing degree program at VCU is offered to Registered Nurses with an associate’s degree or diploma from an accredited program. Some general education requirements are needed before entering the RN-BSN completion program; currently those are Anatomy, English Composition 1 and 2, Physiology, and Statistics. The online format allows students to earn the degree from near or far, and the entire program can be completed in as few as 18 months, or if needed, up to 6 years. You may already know VCU is a highly ranked institution in terms of the health sciences. They are ranked in the top 10 percent of the nations’s graduate nursing schools by U.S. News and World Report and are considered at the top-tier funding level for National Institutes of Health-funded Nursing Schools. They offer academic programs accredited by the ACEN to educate nurses for entry-level practice all the way up to those seeking a doctorate.

Utah’s College of Nursing has a very streamlined approach to their RN-BSN Program, and that’s encouraging for working professionals. The program is designed for currently licensed Registered Nurses seeking bachelor-level nursing competencies. Online learners choose between either a full-time program at 8 months or a 16-month part-time program. The total cost of the Online RN-BS Program is $12,310, making Utah quite the affordable choice. The curriculum prepares students to be well-learned in health promotion, health care disparities, and global and public policy. Nursing research is priority at Utah, and students will be exposed to the current evidence-based practices while engaging in the medical community in their home state as well as their online cohort throughout the program.

McNeese State University’s RN-BSN is a total of 120-credits. After acceptance to MSU, the applicant must meet the requirements for the College of Nursing. Total Nursing hours make up approximately 29 credits. An active, unencumbered RN license issued by the state in which they reside is required after the completion of the first semester. McNeese has been ranked as #87 as a 2015 Best Regional Universities and #42 for 2015 Best Public Universities (both U.S. N&WR rankings). McNeese is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and its BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Online learners can expect the same quality education as provided for the on-campus students. Whether you reside in Lake Charles, Louisiana or Lake Norman, North Carolina, you can trust McNeese to advance your nursing career.

SLU’s Online Nursing degree program is great opportunity for busy RNs who wish to obtain their Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. An online completion program collaboration between both the School of Nursing and the School for Professional Studies, this unique program allows up to 64 transferable credits toward the degree. Students take up to 53 credit hours (depending on transfer credits) of SPS pre-nursing core courses. The remainder courses are completed within the Nursing Major, totaling 123 credit hours. SLU Online prides itself on being affordable, flexible and accelerated. They have been named one of the top 100 Best Online Bachelor’s programs of 2015, as well as #78 for Best Online Nursing Programs of 2105 (at graduate level) in the U.S. News & World Report rankings.

The College of Nursing at Bowling Green offers a fantastic opportunity for graduates of associate degree or diploma programs to earn their BSN. This alternative bridge track offers the flexibility a working RN can rely on to advance in their career no matter which state they currently reside in. The 7 required Core Nursing courses  (30 credits) are offered through 4 different plans (one Full & several Part Time); 2 semesters, 3 semesters, 4 semesters, or 7 semesters. The BGSU RN-BSN Completion Program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and has full approval of the Ohio Board of Nursing. Bowling Green proudly states that health care recruiters from throughout Ohio and the United States recruit graduates of this program. At $620 per credit hour, a degree from SLU is affordable for the average resident and at $400 per credit hour for Military & Veterans tuition is a downright bargain!

Wright State’s RN-BSN Online Completion program is allows students with already busy work schedules an opportunity to earn their BSN at their own pace and with individual attention. The bridge program is fully accredited by the AACN, and the entire 30 program credit hours can be completed in as little as 15 months. Wright State’s online programs are intentionally small and taught by the same world-class on-campus faculty members. Over 80% of this outstanding faculty, incidentally, hold the most advanced degrees in their field. Wright State is commonly ranked as one of Ohio’s top state universities in terms of research. With a dynamic community of over 19,000 students, Wright State is a solid option for the online student looking for a globally inspired and community-oriented university, whether that student resides in Dayton, Ohio or anywhere in the country.

Are you looking for a program that will help you balance career, family, and other responsibilities while advancing your education? The RN-to-BSN program at Texas A&M has got you covered. They offer a few different options for online learners: 1 year (3 semesters), 1.5 year (4 semesters) or 2 year (5 semesters). All of these total 30 semester credits, you choose how fast or slow you wish to complete them. The online curriculum at A&M is unique in that it offers an interprofessional design to help RN’s with an associate degree earn their BSN while simultaneously collaborating with other health care professionals through individualized practicum experiences. Faculty support is available in person at several satellite campuses throughout the state as well as always online for those with busy schedules or for out-of-state residents.

The Eastern Michigan University RN/BSN Completion program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. At the EMU Extended Programs, your learning experience will be boundless, because they bring the classroom to you. All classes are taught by the same standards as the EMU face-to-face courses. A favorable bonus about EMU: their resident tuition rate for all, regardless of residency. The completion program is intended for students who are already Registered Nurses (diploma or Associates in hand) and requires a total of 124 credits at the 100-level or above. However, most students should have some transferable general education credits satisfied upon acceptance. In fact, priority is given to the applicants who have completed all their general education requirements either there at EMU or at a community college. The Extended Programs at EMU offer the flexibility a working Nurse will need with the student services, advising, low tuition and financial aid that will help them to complete the program and begin cashing in on their investment.

The 100% Online RN-to-BSN at the University of Maryland is available with a part-time or full-time option. Licensed RNs who either have a diploma in nursing or an associate degree in nursing. The program is 59 undergraduate credits made up of a mix of social and behavioral sciences, natural and physical sciences, and the arts and humanities. Residents of the state of Maryland only pay $348 per credit, while out-of-staters pay double at $768 per credit hour. However, we still think that is a reasonable price in the big picture as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the most recent statistics showing a median salary for a registered nurse was $66,640. The best-paid 10% earned more than $98,880.

The UMD program is perfect for those working as nurses already; it boasts a flexibility for the working professional hard to find in other institutions at this level of national reputation. UMD is proud to have its online programs offered globally. The courses are certified from the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus.