Colleges and Universities in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island’s colleges and universities are not many in number, but they’re well-respected parts of Rhode Island’s life and culture. The smallest of all the US states Rhode Island’s dense population benefits from a nationally recognized public research university, highly-ranked private colleges, and community colleges in the main urban areas.

Public Colleges and Universities in Rhode Island

  • Naval War College – Newport
  • University of Rhode Island – Kingston

Community Colleges in Rhode Island

  • Community College of Rhode Island

Private Colleges and Universities in Rhode Island

  • Brown University – Providence
  • Bryant University – Smithfield
  • Johnson & Wales University – Providence
  • New England Institute of Technology – East Greenwich
  • Providence College – Providence
  • Rhode Island College – Providence
  • Rhode Island School of Design – Providence
  • Roger Williams University – Bristol
  • Salve Regina University – Newport

Small State, Big Influence

Most of Rhode Island is coastline, and that, more than any other factor, shaped the tiny state into what it is today, in character and economy. The state was built on shipping, trade, and fishing, developing a small but dense population of hard workers, smart small-business owners, and industrial entrepreneurs. Once the nation’s shipbuilders, Rhode Island moved swiftly into manufacturing with the Industrial Revolution, and just as swiftly into service and tourism as times changed. In other words, Rhode Island has always excelled at self-preservation and doing what needed to be done, from its earliest era as a refuge for religious outcasts, to its modern-day tech, healthcare, and tourist hubs.

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The Best College Values Rhode Island Has to Offer

Rhode Island’s colleges and universities are more than up to whatever changes Rhode Island goes through. The state’s most prestigious institution, Brown University, is an Ivy League Colonial College, one of the nine dating back to before the American Revolution; the home of the Brown Curriculum, the first college to do away with required courses, Brown has long been one of the most innovative and influential institutions in the US. Small liberal arts collegs, both Catholic and Protestant, help develop Rhode Island’s leadership with their humanities foundations, and many are known for generous financial aid and affordable tuition for deserving students. Whether it’s the University of Rhode Island or any of the colleges in the public higher education system, or pioneering business schools like Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island’s colleges and universities are known for usefulness, practicality, and market-ready value.

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