Colleges and Universities in Wyoming

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Wyoming’s colleges and universities are a hardy bunch, just like Wyoming’s people, and just as dedicated to the needs of the Equality State. Those needs may be economic, environmental, or cultural, but Wyoming’s schools are there to provide value and quality in any field.

Public Colleges and Universities in Wyoming

  • University of Wyoming – Laramie

Community and Tribal Colleges in Wyoming

  • Casper College – Casper
  • Central Wyoming College – Riverton
  • Eastern Wyoming College – Torrington
  • Laramie County Community College – Cheyenne
  • Northwest College – Powell
  • Sheridan College – Sheridan
  • Western Wyoming Community College – Rock Springs
  • Wind River Tribal College – Fort Washakie

Private Colleges and Universities in Wyoming

  • Wyoming Catholic College – Lander

A Place in the Equality State

Wyoming’s nickname, the Equality State, is a statement of values: in a place like Wyoming, with endless horizons and very little oversight, anyone who can make it in Wyoming can do as they like. Wyoming’s deserts, Rocky Mountains, and High Plains admit only the hardiest and most determined, and it’s been that way since the Wyoming Territory was taken in the Mexican-American War. With the lowest population of any US state (just over half a million), Wyoming’s economy and workforce is based almost entirely on energy, agriculture, and tourism, from petroleum to outdoor adventure. Much of Wyoming’s land is taken up by national parks, including the granddaddy of them all, Yellowstone. There are few truly wild places left in the US, and Wyoming is one of them.

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Higher Education and Wyoming’s Future

With so few residents, Wyoming’s higher education system is small but entirely focused on the unique needs of Wyoming’s people. For many years, Wyoming’s loose regulations had made it a haven for diploma mills, but a crackdown in the last decade has swept out the predatory fake schools and given Wyoming’s working adults and young people more assurance in their education. Wyoming has only one major public research university, the University of Wyoming, which has made significant expansions into online education in its quest to reach out to Wyoming’s far-flung residents. A system of seven community colleges helps the state provide educational offerings at affordable tuition rates, helping Wyoming fulfill its promise of equality, opportunity, and plenty of room for students to do it their own way.

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