Colleges and Universities in Utah

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Colleges and universities in Utah know the value of community. Whether it’s Utah’s flagship public research university or the smallest community college, Utah is built on cooperation. Utah’s welcoming spirit continues in its best value colleges and universities.

Public Colleges and Universities in Utah

  • Dixie State University, St. George, Utah
  • Southern Utah University, Cedar City
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • Utah State University, Logan
  • Utah Valley University, Orem
  • Weber State University, Ogden

Community Colleges in Utah

  • Bridgerland Applied Technology College – Logan
  • Davis Applied Technology College – Kaysville
  • Dixie Applied Technology College – St. George
  • Mountainland Applied Technology College – Orem
  • Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College – Ogden
  • Salt Lake Community College – various locations in Salt Lake County
  • Snow College – Ephraim and Richfield
  • Southwest Applied Technology College – Cedar City
  • Tooele Applied Technology College – Tooele
  • Uintah Basin Applied Technology College – Roosevelt

Private Colleges and Universities in Utah

  • Brigham Young University – Provo
  • LDS Business College – Salt Lake City
  • Western Governors University – Salt Lake City
  • Westminster College – Salt Lake City

Community Power in Utah

More than most states, Utah is built on teamwork and cooperation. Utah is one of the most beautiful places in the world in the summer, but a desert climate, rugged mountains, and harsh winters meant that only the strongest communities could endure. The Church of Latter-Day Saints, driven from numerous other areas by religious persecution, had the community, the perseverance, and the faith to do it, settling the region no one else wanted by the tens of thousands. While Utah is still largely Mormon, the state no longer the land no one wants – in fact, it’s one of the most productive and dynamic states in the union, recognized by publications like Forbes as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial regions. The Utah heritage of hard work and community support lives on in the 21st-century economy, with modern features – finance, technology, healthcare, and other professional careers alongside energy and agriculture.

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Higher Education in Utah

Utah’s people value education, and that belief is clear from the incredible quality and value of Utah’s colleges and universities. Brigham Young University – one of the largest and most prestigious religious institutions in the world – has long been known as a best value, particularly for Mormon students, since the Church’s generous support helps keep tuition at an attractively low cost. And Utah’s public research institutions – the University of Utah and Utah State University – are some of the nation’s most accomplished STEM and professional educators, from technology and engineering (UU was one of the first nodes of the ARPANET, the original internet, while USU is a pioneer in environmental and natural resources research and education. From regional universities to liberal arts colleges, Utah’s higher education is a model of best college values, steeped in community outreach and academic excellence.

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