Top 25 Best Value Online Bachelor’s in Political Science

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If you’re interested in political science, then there are a lot of reasons to get a political science degree online. A person can pursue a lot of job opportunities by earning a political science degree, online or in-classroom. For those who want to work in politics, law, or a nonprofit organization, online degrees in political science provide some excellent pathways into meaningful work. Political science online degrees are also helpful for those who want to teach political topics. 

But why pursue an online degree specifically? First of all, online degrees in political science are just as rigorous as degrees that students earn on campus. Plus, political science online degrees give students more flexibility than their on-campus counterparts. Some people need more control over the timing of their degrees. Some may want an accelerated program, for example, while others can only take on one class at a time. If you’re an adult with a family and a job, or if online learning is simply more accessible to you than classroom-based learning, then an online political science degree can help you reach your goals while providing the flexibility that you need. 

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Political Science Degrees

To rank the best online political science bachelor’s programs, Value Colleges editors researched accredited, legitimate institutions offering online and hybrid options. Programs are ranked by their tuition rate, student reviews, and salary potential so students can know their degree will pay off on the job. Data is drawn from IPEDS and Niche. 

1. University of Iowa

The Political Science BA from the University of Iowa is one of the best online political science degrees available for today’s students. With this online program, students get the same quality of education that they would get from inside a physical classroom. They also get access to support, just like they would on campus. The degree itself prepares students for public, private, and nonprofit careers, depending on where their goals take them. The program is flexible all around, from potential career options to educational scheduling. 

The University of Iowa is a major university with some excellent resources, but it also lets students get to know their professors, even when those professors are teaching online. It’s a public research university and a member of the Big Ten Conference. This school thrives in both the arts and the sciences, and since political science often borrows from both, it’s a good place to consider for political career advancement. The University of Iowa also boasts lots of “firsts” in the nation, and many of its students are first-generation college students. 

Highlight: The University of Iowa has a 95% placement rate for jobs and graduate school. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University ranks high among the best online political science degrees. Arizona offers a political science BA that helps students become leaders within the political sphere. Students come here to prepare for increased global relations. They learn political theory, and then they learn how to apply that theory to real-world situations. In other words, there’s no disconnect between theory and practice. The online curriculum for this program is both flexible and wide-reaching. 

ASU is known for its innovation, both within its classrooms and online. In fact, innovation is one of ASU’s biggest points of pride. It’s also high-ranking for research. This school works with world-recognized organizations on this innovation and research, which means that it’s a great place for politically-minded students to make connections. Here, students become leaders who think outside the box. 

Highlight: ASU is ranked #1 in the United States for Innovation. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

3. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers a BA in Political Science. Many count this program as one of the best online political science degrees. The program includes core knowledge that can benefit students across a wide range of political careers. Students may use this knowledge to go into politics, or they may take on any number of other careers, including law or journalism. The program covers both domestic and foreign policy, and its online options mean flexibility for busy adults.

Texas Tech is a thriving, busy university of activity and opportunity. It’s a public research university that has high standards, both for its research and for its teaching. Students at this school get to develop as individuals and members of a community. They learn how to make a difference through innovation. For those going into science, technology, business, and related fields, Texas Tech University makes a top choice. 

Highlight: Texas Tech Law students have earned 34 national championships over the past six years. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

4. Florida International University

When students look for the best online political science degrees, many of them find Florida International University. Florida International’s BA in Political Science focuses on the politics of today. Students learn how to understand and contribute to the things that shape people’s lives the most. As an international university, it’s a great place to learn about foreign affairs and policy. The program sharpens political skills, including knowledge of different institutions and how to analyze political theories. The online program is designed to be both affordable and flexible. 

FIU Online focuses on the issues that have an impact all across the globe. It’s recognized both for its global focus and its commitment to innovation. This school also focuses on real challenges and practical problem-solving, not just lofty theories. Between its innovation and strong online opportunities, this school gives students lots of flexibility while it also empowers them to take action whenever necessary. 

Highlight: FIU has been ranked #1 in Quality Matters Certified Courses. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

5. Penn State World Campus

The Political Science BA from Penn State University focuses on both domestic and foreign political theory. This way, students gain a fuller understanding of governments and how they influence one another. This program empowers students to go into a political career or go into graduate school. The flexibility of this program also makes it one of the best online political science degrees available to students today. 

Penn State’s World Campus provides the same high quality of education that people have come to expect from Penn State University. It’s a well-known school that fosters connections and looks great on a resume. The online format is designed to fit into the lives of busy working adults, so it removes a lot of the barriers that adults face in education. The World Campus has been helping students make the most of their possibilities for over 20 years. 

Highlight: Penn State has been ranked among the top ten schools for online bachelor’s degrees, according to US News and World Report. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

6. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida has a great Political Science BA. It’s designed for students who want to make a difference in policy and law, and many count it among the best political science degrees available. This program helps students move on to a range of careers in various sectors, enhancing critical thinking, analytics, and leadership skills. It offers full support from faculty and advisors, but the online format also offers total flexibility. 

The University of Central Florida thrives in a lot of areas, but its top majors are in the sciences and things that involve working closely with others. It draws a lot of high-achieving students, many of whom are first-generation college students. Because the University of Central Florida is a research university in a major city, it’s also home to a lot of innovation, and it has plenty of resources for students who want to take part in that innovation. UCF supports diversity in its students and ideas. 

Highlight: US News and World Report has ranked UCF among the best colleges for veterans. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

7. University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore offers a degree in Policy, Politics, and International Affairs. This program promotes critical thinking while addressing both foreign and domestic issues. It focuses on the problems of the 21st century, so it’s contemporary and up to date. This updated education is why many people consider this degree as one of the best online political science degrees for undergraduates. The program pulls from all kinds of knowledge and skills so that students can apply theories to real-world issues. 

The University of Baltimore is focused on helping students build their careers. This school uses practical information and skill-building techniques in the classroom and beyond. It also instills leadership and problem-solving skills. It has several great online programs that provide a lot of flexibility while still providing a career-focused education. The University of Baltimore is student-centered and focused on success. It has all the resources that students need to grow and move forward. 

Highlight: Zippia has ranked Baltimore’s Political Science program as one of the best. 

Degree: Policy, Politics and International Affairs, BA

8. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University’s Political Science program comes in both a BA and a BS option. It also has several concentrations to choose from, so students can focus fully on their career goals and make adjustments as needed. Thanks to its internship opportunities, this program can help students get a head start in their careers so that they feel more confident after graduation. The online degree option also comes with lots of flexibility, although some on-campus attendance is required. Even with the attendance requirements, many have said that Sam Houston has one of the best online political science degrees. 

Sam Houston has proven itself as one of the country’s leaders in online education. It’s a highly-ranked school, with small class sizes and lots of resources to meet students’ needs. This research university contributes to new inventions and ideas, but it also values academic excellence. It’s centered around student achievement, and faculty members are very supportive of their students. 

Highlight: Same Houston State University has been ranked #1 in online learning among Texas universities. This school was an early adopter of distance learning, and it has grown its distance learning options from day one. 

Degree: Political Science, BS/BA

9. University of Wisconsin Whitewater

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater has two Political Science degree paths; One is a BS, and the other is a BA. Both have various concentration options. Both also teach students how to analyze, write about, and participate in politics. Students here get to hone their leadership and critical thinking skills so that they can thrive in the political sphere. The fully online program means that it provide flexibility. Plus, it comes with a lot of elective course options for those who want to tailor their degrees. As a result, both the BA and the BS and two of the best Political Science degrees in the US, especially for busy adults. 

The University of Wisconsin’s Whitewater campus is part of the University of Wisconsin system. It offers a great and overall affordable education, with lower fees than most universities. This university helps students succeed and make connections that can benefit them in their careers. It’s been recognized for its career development programs. And since Whitewater has lots of experience with online education, students can rest assured that they’re getting a quality learning opportunity. 

Highlight: Whitewater has been ranked #11 among regional public universities by US News and World Report. 

Degree: Political Science, BS/BA

10. Oregon State University

Oregon State University offers a Political Science Bachelor’s degree through its eCampus. The program helps students get to know politics and why the world works the way it does. Students learn about major issues such as terrorism, the global economy, and more. From there, students can move on to a lot of career pathways, or they can go to grad school. In any case, they learn from highly experienced faculty members, and they experience an award-winning online platform. That’s why Oregon State’s Political Science degree is one of the best online political science degrees. 

Oregon State University is a land grant institution and a leader in distance learning. It’s always growing, adapting, and innovating to meet the needs of students today and to address the world’s most pressing issues. This school provides high-quality education to help students perform at their best and meet their career goals. The online platform, which stands out even among other online platforms, has helped students from all walks of life complete their degrees over the years. 

Highlight: US News and World Report has ranked OSU as one of the best online bachelor’s degree programs for 2021. 

Degree: Political Science Bachelor’s 

11. University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus offers a Political Science BA. The degree helps learners gain a deep and multifaceted understanding of politics. Students learn how to analyze politics and approach issues from multiple angles. With this solutions-based curriculum, the program sharpens communications skills and leadership skills so that learners can move on to thrive in any political environment. As a result, it’s counted among the best Political Science degrees in the US. 

The University of Maryland’s Global Campus was founded more than 70 years ago, so it’s safe to say that this school’s faculty members know the ins and outs of distance learning. The Global Campus focuses on working adults, removing many of the barriers that these adults face in their educational goals. It offers challenging academics and career resources, but it’s also flexible and affordable. For example, students can pay $0 for textbooks and other course materials. 

Highlight: The University of Maryland’s Global Campus has a long history of educating military members and veterans. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

12. University of North Georgia

The Political Science BS from the University of North Georgia is one of the best Political Science degrees in the United States. It teaches the basics of public policy and the political structures that shape the world today. From there, students learn how to apply that knowledge to current issues. They also gain critical thinking skills to examine government and institutions. Students can choose electives and tailor their degrees based on their own interests, thus building the careers that they want to build. 

The University of Georgia is a State Leadership Institution, and it’s also the Military College of Georgia. As such, it has some great online programs, and it’s a top choice for vets to get an education. It’s a highly ranked university with great academics. This school performs well in a variety of majors and subjects. 

Highlight: Some students from UNG have interned at the White House. 

Degree: Political Science, BS

13. University of Texas of the Permian Basin

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin offers a Political Science BA, which ranks among the best Political Science degrees in the state. The program provides an academic foundation for law school as well as a starting point for all kinds of political careers. The curriculum addresses political institutions on multiple levels, from city governments to federal governments. Students can acerbate their degree pathways, or they can minimize their course lads, depending on their own needs and goals. Either way, learners get lots of support from faculty and advisors. 

UT Permian Basin is both contemporary and affordable. It’s part of the larger University of Texas System, which means that it has a recognizable name and lots of resources for learning and discovery. This particular campus serves a lot of adult learners, so it’s geared to helping busy people get what they need out of their education. It also helps students to gain a competitive edge in the job market, so they can graduate with confidence. 

Highlight: UT Permian Basin has earned several awards for cost-effectiveness. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

14. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The Political Science BS from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse is one of the best online Political Science degrees. Students in this program study government and the policies that shape those governments. The program takes a science-focused approach and invites students to look at political issues from multiple angles. Learners study how to research governments effectively, and they can choose a concentration to customize their learning experience. 

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is a research-focused school that lets students work closely with faculty members. Students here take an active, hands-on role in their education, which can build a lot of confidence when it comes to seeking a job after graduation. This school is both welcoming and diverse, and it encourages curiosity. 

Highlight: The University of Wisconsin Lacrosse has an 86% retention rate among students.

Degree: Political Science, BS

15. University of Maine

With the University of Maine’s Political Science BA, students learn from professors who are active in both politics and research. Many of these professors have been recognized for their talent and expertise. For a lot of students, this makes this program one of the best online Political Science degrees. For others, what makes this program one of the best is its open, stimulating discussions. The program prepares students for involvement in their communities, both during and after their UMaine education. 

The University of Maine’s programs is all designed to help students meet challenges head-on. UMaine has the unique distinction of being a land, sea, and space grant institution, but that’s not the only thing that sets it apart. It also offers an excellent education with affordability. It blends teaching with research for the best of both worlds, and it’s been counted as one of New England’s best universities. 

Highlight: The University of Maine has been featured in several national “Best Colleges” guides. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

16. University of Memphis Global

The Political Science BA from the University of Memphis has a lot of factors that people think about when they want the best online Political Science degrees. It’s completely online, but students can also take a combination of online and on-campus courses if they so choose. The program is flexible overall, and it provides a deep understanding of political science and the things that impact the political world. This program also has summer semester options. 

The University of Memphis has many highly-ranked and recognized programs. The Global campus offers flexibility and options, but students don’t have to sacrifice educational quality as they enjoy this flexibility. It’s an affordable school that also offers a lot of support and help for its students as needed. People attend the University of Memphis Global campus from all over the world. 

Highlight: In 2020, US News and World Report ranked the University of Memphis as one of the best online programs for bachelor’s degrees. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

17. Fort Hays State University

At Fort Hays State University, Political Science students can earn either a BA or a BS. Offered both on-campus and online, this program is considered one of the best online Political Science degrees for those who want some flexibility with their education. The program is shaped by both core courses and electives, so learners can tailor their outcomes. The program also values empathy and leadership as well as deep knowledge of the political sphere. Fort Hays State’s Political Science degree program can help learners build their careers in a number of different directions, from law to business to campaign work. 

Fort Hays State University is all about innovation from the ground up. Students get the help and support that they need to succeed. Fort Hays thrives in both on-campus and online learning. Either way, students get a quality learning experience. This school has focused and dedicated faculty members who want to see students reach their fullest potential. The school itself may be old, but it’s raising up the leaders of tomorrow. 

Highlight: Fort Hays was ranked among the best regional universities in the Midwest. 

Degree: Political Science, BS/BA

18. Central Michigan University Global Campus

The Political Science BS from Central Michigan State University is one of the best online Political Science degrees. Within this degree program, learners study politics on all levels, taking a closer look at the issues that influence those politics. They learn both theory and practice for a well-rounded approach to the political world. General courses help improve communication skills in politics and beyond. The online learning format provides the flexibility that working adults need to learn effectively. 

Central Michigan University gets students ready to make a difference in the world, no matter where their lives and careers may take them. This university build community in learning, even among online students. Speaking of which, Central Michigan University has several successful online programs for busy students, thanks to its Global Campus. It also has the distinction of holding two Carnegie Research classifications. 

Highlight: Central Michigan State University is ranked highly for volunteerism. Many students take advantage of school breaks to help others. 

Degree: Political Science, BS

19. Southeast Missouri State University

Southeastern Missouri State University offers a BA in Social Science. Because this degree can be tailored to focus on politics and political institutions, it’s been counted among the best online Political Science degrees in the area. It takes a broader approach that can direct students into law, politics, or any number of similar careers. The program fosters communication and leadership, and its online learning format is great for flexibility, with no campus attendance required. 

Southeastern Missouri State University has been training leaders and scholars for well over a century. It prepares students for an ever-growing and changing job market, helping them set goals in the current economic climate. The school focuses on instilling both skills and confidence so that students feel ready when it’s time to graduate. Students work closely with their advisors and professors to help ensure that they meet their career goals. 

Highlight: 85% of Social Science department graduates from Missouri State are either employed or in graduate school. 

Degree: Social Science, BA 

20. Brescia University

The Political Science BS from Brescia University prepares students for success across a broad spectrum of political careers. The knowledge that students gain from this program has benefits in both the public and private sectors. As a result, it has become one of the best online Political Science degrees. Students learn the leadership and citizenship skills that can benefit them both inside and outside their careers. They study subjects such as government, conflict resolution, and similar topics. 

Brescia is a Catholic liberal arts university, blending education and faith in all of its classes. Brescia sees education as more than just a path to a diploma. And education at Brescia is a pathway to changing the world. In this tight-knit community, every student has inherent value. This school provides a challenging and thorough education. 

Highlight: Brescia has a very generous transfer policy. Students may transfer up to 86 credits from a four-year college or university. 

Degree: Political Science, BS

21. Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University’s Bachelor’s in Political Science is one of the best online Political Science degrees in the region. The program recognizes that politics can influence every sphere of human life. It empowers students to recognize that influence and become a part of it. Students can take on a variety of careers after graduation. The program also provides the foundation that students will need if they decide to go to graduate school. With this Political Science degree, students can become leaders with influence. 

Eastern Kentucky University is a diverse school with a commitment to excellence in learning. It blends teaching and research, valuing both highly. EKU has an active campus and a thriving online program, so students of all types can find success here. Adults with jobs and families get a lot of flexibility and support. 

Highlight: EKU has been ranked as one of the best college choices for veterans. 

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

22. Kennesaw State University

The BS in Political Science from Kennesaw State University is a broad program. It’s one of the best online Political Science degrees for those who want to go into law, business, or general leadership. This degree also provides a good pathway for both career and graduate school, depending on which direction students want to take. In this program, students study governments and the thought processes that lead to governments being the way they are. It uses multiple research methods and examines governments from multiple angles. 

Kennesaw State University is a research-focused school with up-to-date information and relevant career preparation. Here, students get ready for the most in-demand careers of today. This university offers connections for internships and career opportunities, and it has a prime location for building even more connections. 

Highlight: Kennesaw State’s Political Science program offers a strong internship program. 

Degree: Political Science, BS

23. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

UMass Dartmouth has an online Political Science BA. In fact, it’s one of the best online Political Science degrees. It delivers a foundation of knowledge that helps learners understand and take part in the political sphere. Students also learn how to research and communicate about politics effectively, weighing and comparing evidence. The program is available online, but it does require an internship. There’s also a pre-law concentration option. 

UMass Dartmouth is part of the broader UMass system, so students here get to draw from a lot of educational resources. Dartmouth provides a highly-ranked education. It has great online programs and a generous transfer policy. Advisors help students tailor their educations to their career goals so that they can make the most of their time at school and beyond. 

Highlight: UMass Dartmouth is the 3rd highest-ranked public university in Massachusetts. 

Degree: Political Science, BA 

24. Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University has one of the best online Political Science degrees. It’s also available on campus. The online program does have some specific requirements. It’s for those who have fulfilled their NIU general requirements or who have graduated from a community college. It’s also only available with the Politics and Governance emphases. Otherwise, students in this program get the same education as those who take their political science courses in the classroom. It’s a flexible BA that prepares students for either a career or graduate school. 

At Northern Illinois University, students get support to achieve their educational and career goals. It’s a diverse school that welcomes students from all walks of life. This university emphasizes research and innovation, and students see the benefits of both in the classroom. Here, faculty members care deeply about student success. 

Highlight: 6000 NIU students received scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Degree: Political Science BA

25. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University has a Political Science BA. Because it’s offered completely online, it’s one of the best Political Science degrees for students who need a lot of flexibility. After completing this program, students may go into law, politics, or another career. This program’s academic background includes writing and communication as well as research. It also offers lower costs than a lot of similar degree programs. 

At Arkansas State University, online degrees come in an accelerated format so that students can earn their degrees faster and start working toward fulfilling careers. This school values intelligence, curiosity, and leadership. It also values progress and forward movement, with top-tier research and innovation. It also provides big contributions to the Arkansas economy. 

Highlight: Graduates from this program have a 100% law school placement rate. 

Degree: Political Science, BA

How Do I Choose an Online Political Science Degree Program?

Finding the best political science degree programs can get daunting. Fortunately, the process gets a lot easier once you know what to look for. As long as your online political science degree comes from an accredited source, then you can rest assured that you’ve learned the same content as students who learned their degrees in person. 

First, when you look for a political science degree online, accreditation matters. In fact, finding an accredited political science degree program is the most important part of your search. In the United States, reputable colleges and universities are accredited by either a national or regional organization. These organizations are unbiased and not for profit. They examine educational institutions to determine whether or not those institutions provide a worthwhile education. 

Once you know how to find accredited online political science degree programs, it’s time to find the specific program that will work best for you. You might start by searching for the best political science degree programs on Google. From there, you can narrow your search based on what you need most from your degree. 

Are there any Online Law Schools that offer a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science?

When it comes to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science through online education, finding the best online law schools value becomes crucial.

Can I Get a Job with a Political Science Major?

When you start looking for jobs as a political science major, you may be surprised at just how long the list of jobs for political science majors can get. Of course, the most obvious job for political science majors is political scientist. Political scientists study political systems, current events, and the ways in which politics impacts people. However, online some political science major jobs, this one usually requires a master’s degree or even a PhD.  

There are other jobs for a political science major that don’t necessarily require a master’s degree. For political science majors, jobs include lobbying, political consulting, and assisting politicians. For those who are interested in international politics, political science major jobs include ambassadorships and other international relations careers. 

Most jobs with a political science major are directly related to politics, but not all of them are. Some political science major job seekers don’t go into politics at all. Again, a good job for political science majors is any job that involves networking, negotiating, and similar skills. For example, law is often considered a political science major job, and a lot of future lawyers major in political science before going to law school. 

Some jobs as a political science major involve teaching, which is why a lot of political science students minor in education. You might choose to earn your teaching certification alongside your political science degree, which would qualify you for high school teaching jobs. 

Other political science major jobs involve working for nonprofit organizations. Some political science majors become business owners. They use their political skills to work effectively with other people and make connections. There’s truly no shortage of career options when a person has excellent political science skills.

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