Top 10 Colleges Offering Scholarships for International Students

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College tuition costs a ton, and we know it can be a dealbreaker, especially for international students, who have to pay way more than their in-state counterparts. If you’re an overseas student looking for an affordable college in the US, this list of the top 10 colleges offering scholarships for international students could help you find your ideal school!

Top 10 Colleges Offering Scholarships for International Students 

Higher education in the US can be financially challenging for international students; however, scholarships specifically designed for international students help ease this burden. Before we dive into the top colleges that international students can get scholarships at, we connected with Kelsey Ludeman, an education expert with 15 years of experience in the education sector, to learn her #1 tip to help out international students:

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“When looking to apply for college scholarships as an international student, my number one tip is to check eligibility. Qualifying eligibility criteria can include nationality, field and level of study, academic and personal achievement, financial status, language proficiency, residency, and more. Be sure to check the details and follow all steps to avoid missing out! Check out Education USA for a ton of great resources and scholarship listings for international students.

Find the best international student scholarships by starting your search early and utilizing all of your resources. Websites like,,, and provide up-to-date opportunities and in-depth information to keep you a step ahead and in the know. Your university’s website and financial office are other vital resources on funding offerings and to gain clarification on requirements and restrictions.

Cast a wide net and increase your chances of earning funding by applying to as many opportunities as you can! Tailor each submission to highlight your skills and experiences to better meet and exceed the criteria of each scholarship.”

Here are some of the top-rated institutions that offer scholarships to international students:

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Arizona State University

If you want to pursue an education at ASU, we highly recommend exploring the many scholarship opportunities designed to support international students. Review the eligibility requirements carefully and consider using the university’s resources, like the tuition estimator, to further plan your finances at ASU’s International Students and Scholar Center.

As an international student, budgeting for college expenses is vital. Your costs at ASU will include tuition, fees, and living expenses, such as housing, meals, and personal expenses. You also have the option to work part-time on campus, which can help cover some of your costs and provide valuable professional experience.

George Mason University

George Mason University stands out with its #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship, an initiative that underscores its commitment to international students and intercultural exchange. This scholarship could be a fit for you if you’re a first-year international applicant looking to minimize educational costs. 

Eligible candidates are those joining the university as first-year undergraduates and hail from countries outside the US and don’t have a US citizenship or permanent residency. To apply, indicate your interest in the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship on your application. Should you choose to proceed:

  • Complete the application, answering the scholarship-specific question
  • Prepare a scholarship submission detailing your leadership experiences in school or in a community in a 500-1000 word essay or a two-to-five-minute video. Articulate how you’ll transfer these skills to the campus community at Mason.

The #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship is renewable and covers a minimum of 50% tuition for the first year of study. Students are eligible to renew the scholarships till they continue to be in good academic standing.

Oregon State University

If you’re pursuing a graduate program, you’ll find various scholarship opportunities at Oregon State University (OSU). When you enroll in Graduate Pathway and Master’s International Direct, you’re immediately eligible for a one-time scholarship ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 for your first year. The scholarship helps reduce your tuition from the standard $32,850 to potentially as low as $25,350.

Post matriculation to OSU, you could qualify for the Continued Success Scholarship if you successfully complete your GPW or MID. This renewable scholarship provides between $3,000 and $5,000 per year, totaling $6,000 to $10,000, and can last up to 2 years.

At OSU, your hard work and academic efforts can be recognized with valuable financial support, paving the way for a successful academic journey in the US.

University of Alabama

At the University of Alabama (UA), a suite of scholarship options rewards students from outside the US for their hard work and talents. If you’re a high school senior pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma, consider applying for UA’s International Baccalaureate Scholarships through the BSMART system. 

Beyond the IB-specific scholarships, UAB offers awards tailored to various disciplines. Dive into the humanities or sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences, or explore the various opportunities at the Collat School of Business. These entities provide scholarships that cater specifically to their students, ensuring finances don’t become a roadblock in your academic path.

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Northeastern University

At Northeastern University, you have the opportunity to advance your education and career trajectory through various scholarship programs. These Professional Advancement Scholarships are designed to recognize and support incoming students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are embarking on one of the bachelor’s degree completion programs offered at the institution.

The offerings may include contributions from the Community College Scholarship, Lowell Institute School Scholarship, and the generous Professional Advancement Scholarship. Remember that while eligibility is vital, it doesn’t automatically guarantee a scholarship due to the limited funds.

For detailed guidance and resources for international students, explore International Students | Student Financial Services at Northeastern, known for its significant international student community. If you are keen to learn about Northeastern’s commitment to global experiences and scholarships, the Global Experience Office provides extensive information.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a beacon for international students seeking scholarships to study in the United States. At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), you will be surrounded by a supportive academic environment that offers many funding opportunities, striving to make your American university experience affordable.

If you’re an incoming freshman, UMBC greets you with automatic consideration for general merit-based scholarships, making pursuing an American education more accessible. 

UMBC also offers two annual, renewable #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarships to undergraduate applicants for up to four years of study that are worth 50% tuition at the time of initial matriculation. Successful applicants participate in furthering the message of this scholarship and bridging cultural divides.

To make an American education more accessible and affordable, UMBC fosters a friendly, inclusive atmosphere and presents a variety of scholarships and financial aid options for international students.

Baylor University

At Baylor University, you’ll find a commitment to providing financial support to students from around the globe. When you’re admitted as a first-time international student, you’re automatically evaluated for merit-based scholarships. This is based on your high school academic performance without additional application requirements.

Remember that you’ll need to act fast if you are interested in the International Student Scholarship. It’s important to apply for this scholarship by May 1. For consideration, you must:

  • Access and complete the scholarship application form through your goBAYLOR account after acceptance.
  • Submit your CSS/Financial Aid profile, which will also be utilized to determine your scholarship eligibility.

If you’re allowed to work in the United States, the door is open for you to secure a job on campus. Competitive wages are paid for these work-study positions, and you can work up to 20 hours each week. To dive deeper into this, visit the student employment website or contact One Stop for further details.

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The University of Tulsa

International students at The University of Tulsa (TU) can receive substantial financial support through various scholarship programs. One notable option is the International University Partnership Scholarship (2+2), a partial tuition award you can receive for two years, provided you maintain good academic standing. 

If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, you could be eligible for an additional award, significantly boosting your financial aid package. As an international student, you’ll find TU’s campus welcoming, with an attentive staff ready to make your transition to college life in the US smooth and enjoyable. 

TU prides itself on a diverse community where students come from various states and countries. For more information on scholarships and financial aid options, you can visit the international scholarships section at the TU website.

West Virginia University

West Virginia University (WVU) offers many scholarship opportunities specifically tailored for international students like you. These scholarships aim to make your educational journey in the United States more accessible and rewarding.

WVU awards International Freshman Scholarships to new incoming international freshmen based on academic merits. These renewable scholarships are available for the academic year if you meet specific criteria.

If you’re transferring to WVU, you might qualify for transfer scholarships. Eligibility depends on your academic record at your previous institution. You must adhere to the university’s renewal requirements to maintain your scholarship.  

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida (USF) is noted for offering a variety of merit-based scholarships that can provide substantial financial relief to international students. Considering USF’s offerings is a smart move as you explore opportunities to study in the United States.

As an incoming freshman, you’re lucky because USF automatically evaluates applicants for merit-based scholarships when you submit your application by January 15th for the summer or fall term. These scholarships are based on the same academic credentials considered for admission, so there’s no extra application to fill out.

Securing a scholarship is competitive, and meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee an award. We recommend applying early and verifying that you meet the necessary requirements to improve your chances. USF could be your bridge to academic achievement and financial ease as you pursue studies in the American education system.

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Related Questions

What Is the Best Scholarship for International Students?

The best scholarship for international students includes the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship provided by various colleges like George Mason University and the University of Maryland. The International University Partnership Scholarship (2+2) provided by the University of Tulsa is also excellent, especially since you can enjoy this for two years. 

Do All US Colleges Offer Scholarships to International Students?

Not every college in the United States offers scholarships to international students. While significant financial aid is available at numerous institutions, the availability and amount of scholarships can vary widely. Some colleges provide scholarships based on merit, which may include academic excellence, artistic talent, or leadership qualities.

How Can I Get a Full Scholarship to Study in the US?

To secure a full scholarship for your studies in the US, start by researching scholarship options thoroughly and understand the eligibility requirements. Certain scholarships are based on academic success, financial need, or specific countries of origin. Prepare well for required standardized tests like the TOEFL or SAT as high scores can also be a deciding factor.


Scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of studying abroad, and many top colleges across the US are eager to support gifted international students. You’ve seen options ranging from partial merit scholarships to generous full-tuition awards. Remember, these opportunities tend to be competitive, so it’s important to maintain excellent academic records and prepare compelling applications.

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