Top 50 Best Value Online Graduate Engineering Programs

Top 50 Best Value Online Graduate Engineering Programs of 2016Working professionals in the engineering field find themselves in much the same position as professionals in other fields today: while it’s possible to make a very comfortable income and enjoy a rewarding job with only a bachelor’s degree in engineering, to rise in rank and status, as well as salary, most engineering firms, corporations, government agencies, and other employers expect a master’s degree.

While this situation prompts many engineers to go back to school, for working adults who want to keep their job and income, going back to school for a full-time residential program is too much of a sacrifice. Fortunately, there are many reputable, accredited options for online degrees in engineering today. Legitimate online graduate degrees are much more common than undergraduate degrees, since engineering is often still a practical, hands-on subject, but for professionals who are confident in their knowledge of the field and simply need further credentialing, online programs can be an excellent alternative.

Of course, not all engineering schools, and certainly not all online programs, are created alike. Value Colleges Best Value rankings are here to guide returning students to the most credible, reputable, and reliable investments in higher education. While some online graduate degrees are worth no more than the pixels they display onscreen, the schools ranked by Value Colleges are all regionally accredited, recognized, and trusted.

Best Value rankings are based on 3 metrics:

  • U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs Ranking
  • PayScale’s 2016 College Salary Report (data reported for entry-level Engineers)
  • Actual tuition reported from institution websites

Our formula gives us the surest balance between reputation and cost, with short-term and long-term financial prospects to demonstrate which college degrees really pay off. Graduate school is hard work; Value Colleges lets you know which programs are worth the effort.


Texas Tech University

Texas is a big state, with more ground to cover and more distant populations to serve than any public university could handle. That’s why the Value Colleges #1 Best Value in online graduate engineering is Texas Tech University. Located in Lubbock, TX, Texas Tech is using the internet to reach out to residents in Texas and bordering states who want a graduate degree in engineering but can’t get to campus every day, whether because of busy careers or distance. Nationally recognized for their engineering excellence, particularly in alternative energies, wind, and water, Texas offers a Master of Engineering degree through TTU Worldwide, an interdisciplinary degree perfect for working engineers who want to raise their credentials. All courses are offered online. Texas residents pay around $2100 per course, and that includes residents of counties bordering Texas as well (non-residents pay $3100 per course). The Texas Tech reputation is widely respected throughout the southwest, so students can expect that investment to pay off in their career.



It’s appropriate that UCLA should offer the #2 Best Value online graduate engineering program: they claim the title Birthplace of the Internet as the first location to send an email over the experimental ARPANET, launching the early, academic- and defense-dominated internet. The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers a Master of Science in Engineering ranked as #1 by U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 ranking, taught by the same faculty as the residential program. UCLA knows the internet, and course delivery is optimized for computer, tablet, or smartphone, depending on which format you prefer. Students can choose from one of the traditional courses of study, or create their own interdisciplinary plan, as well as earn specialized certifications. Full-time study costs less than $16,000 per year for California residents, a reasonable rate for a degree that carries the reputation and value of UCLA.


University of Wisconsin, Madison

Online students will be missing out on one of the best things about the University of Wisconsin – the city of Madison, WI, a perennial best place to live – but the education they receive from UW’s online graduate engineering program certainly makes up for that disappointment. U-Dub (as the cool kids call it) is a top research university with over $1 billion in research budgeting, with some of the most cutting-edge engineering work in the world. The faculty leading these efforts are the same faculty teaching Wisconsin’s numerous online engineering master’s, including Electrical & Computer Engineering, Engineering in Engine Systems, Engineering Management, and Engineering Technical Japanese, an innovative program that combines engineering skills with Japanese technical and business language. UW’s commitment to top quality education and creative, critical thinking, along with their world-wide reputation, make $1600 per credit a sensible investment.


University of Virginia

One of the most historic universities in the US, it would be easy to see UVA as bound by tradition and old-fashioned-ness, but the University of Virginia wouldn’t have the reputation and renown it has if innovation and experimentation weren’t part of its fabric. Students can earn an online Master of Engineering degree from UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences through the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program, a unique collaborative effort between UVA, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, and George Mason University, all pooling their resources to provide a top-tier engineering program fully online. The CGEP program is offered at only $531 per credit for Virginia residents ($874 for non-residents), a surprisingly low cost for such a spectacular value as UVA.


Mississippi State University

As one of the major research institutions of the Deep South, Mississippi State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences has a mission to bring education to populations traditionally excluded from higher ed. The Bagley College of Engineering has committed to bringing women and African-Americans into engineering, a field historically male and white, and a robust online degree program helps Bagley spread their mission. In the newest U.S. News & World Report ranking, the Bagley College reached the top 20 for Online Graduate Engineering, demonstrating their rising reputation and quality. Plus, to make online education more accessible, MSU charges the same tuition rate to Mississippi residents and non-residents, approximately $1900 per graduate course, making Mississippi State a top 5 value anywhere in America.


Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University’s College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology has been raising their profile in recent years, through their environmental and sustainable energy research and through their growing catalogue of online degrees. Students all over Oklahoma and beyond can turn to OSU for fully-online engineerings graduate programs in Industrial Engineering & Management, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Engineering & Technology Management. Oklahoma resident can earn their Master of Science degree online for only $399 per credit, including fees, making Oklahoma State a sizable savings over many other public programs. OSU is also considerably military-friendly, and active-military students pay only $375 per credit, OK-residents and non-residents alike. Affordable pricing like that means a reputable engineering degree for a low investment, making Oklahoma State a significant value.


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology – simply known as SD Mines – was founded in 1885 to provide education within the mining industry, South Dakota’s main commercial interest at the time. Today SD Mines is a highly respected STEM university and recognized as one of the best values in engineering education, with exceptional job and grad school placement levels and high entry-level salaries for graduates. With the scattered populations and wide-open spaces of the Dakotas and surrounding states, online delivery is a priority for providing a solid public education, and SD Mines provides three all-online engineering graduate degrees: Construction Engineering & Management, Engineering Management, and Mining Engineering Management. Graduate tuition for SD residents is only $210 per credit, making SD Mines one of the lowest costs for a reputable online engineering degree anywhere.


Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is one of the best-known and most respected public polytechnic institutes, a prime example of balance between rigorous STEM education and public-university affordability. In the effort to bring this rigor and value to the widest possible student body, Virginia Tech has developed a number of online master’s degree programs for engineering, including Ocean Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and more. These programs are every bit as demanding and rewarding as the Virginia Tech standard, and will carry the Tech reputation on the job market as well, making Virginia Tech an investment bound to pay off in your career.


University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Part of the University of Tennessee system, UT Chattanooga is setting itself apart from its peers with its metropolitan campus and focus on professional and STEM education, especially business, engineering, and nursing. UT Chattanooga is developing online programs to extend its reach, including a fully online Engineering Management program, bringing together management skills from business with the technical and problem-solving understanding of engineering and applied sciences. As a public institution, Chattanooga’s tuition is kept at a reasonable level, so graduates enter the workforce with less debt and more value.


North Carolina State University

One corner of the world-famous Research Triangle Park, an early tech hub that was home to IBM and other companies from the 1950s to today, North Carolina State University has continued to expand and develop on its land-grant status by innovating and leading public engineering education. To extend its educational capacities, NCSU offers numerous online master’s degrees in engineering, including Nanoengineering, Nuclear Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, and more. The reputation of NCSU engineering is among the top for public universities, and the value of an NCSU engineering degree is apparent when you consider affordability and marketability.


Purdue University

Recognized as a top 10 engineering school by U.S. News & World Report, Purdue University’s College of Engineering has been looking to the future throughout its existence. As one of the leading institutions involved in the founding of NASA, Purdue helped move the space race forward, and today Purdue is still creating the future with online graduate engineering programs in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and a dual MS in Engineering and MBA. Most students complete their master’s programs in two and a half years, for less than $40,000 altogether.


Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is a household name, thanks to generations of groundbreaking medical research, but while Johns Hopkins’ Whiting School of Engineering is less famous, it’s just as accomplished. Prospective engineering graduate students who are already working as professionals in the engineering field can earn a master of science degree fully online through Johns Hopkins’ Engineering for Professionals, with a dozen options altogether, including Applied Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and many others. The Johns Hopkins name is a significant value on the job market, with a reputation that few other college values can match.


University of Washington

The University of Washington’s greatest asset is its Seattle location, in the heart (and helping to fuel) the tech economy of the Pacific Northwest. But as a Public Ivy with a research budget of over $1 billion, UW’s name carries a lot of weight in any job market. For obvious reasons, UW knows technology, and that includes their top-tier online education programs, including numerous Master of Science engineering degrees, such as Aerospace Engineering, Infrastructure Planning & Management, Applied Mathematics, and more. A well-developed online program makes the difference between a great education and a cheap degree, and the University of Washington is a value by any measure.


Columbia University

Columbia University is another highly recognizable name, one of the first colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution and an Ivy League institution. It’s also one of the first universities to create a designated engineering school, meaning that Columbia has been a leader in engineering for longer than just about anyone. That history and reputation can be earned online, through the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science’s acclaimed online programs. With more than ten specializations, a Columbia online engineering degree can take graduates into any engineering field they want, with an Ivy League market value to make for a high ROI.


Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Like SD Mines (#7), Montana Tech was originally founded as a mining school; however, when the school was brought into the University of Montana system it became Montana Tech of the University of Montana, an engineering-heavy institution with some seriously strong rankings for return on investment, graduate salaries, and social mobility. Simply put, a degree from Montana Tech means career success, including their online Master of Science in Project Engineering and Management. Designed for engineering professionals to improve their credentials conveniently, Montana Tech’s online master’s is a certified value and a smart investment.


Pennsylvania State University - World Campus

The Penn State World Campus is among the most recognizable and reputable names in online education, with one of the earliest designated online colleges (founded in 1998) and a well-developed system that provided a model for later colleges. The Penn State name, and the excellent quality of education, make a graduate degree from Penn State World Campus a proven value. Online engineering students can choose from a number of programs, including Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Management, and more. With the same market reputation as Penn State and the convenience of online, a master’s degree from Penn State pays for itself.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Online engineering students at the University of Michigan will miss out on the charms of Ann Arbor, one of the most-cited college towns in the US, but they will gain something just as valuable – an engineering degree from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. A commonly-ranked best value, the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering offers several online graduate degrees in Automotive Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, and more. Michigan’s online programs are specially designed as Online By Design programs, so unlike traditional courses that are awkwardly or clumsily turned into online courses, Michigan’s online degrees are built to use all the advantages online education can offer, making an online engineering degree from Michigan a unique investment.


Arizona State University


As one of the most diverse engineering schools, and one of the most innovative and experimental, Arizona State University has made its name on fearlessness and accessibility. The Fulton Schools of Engineering offer multiple online engineering graduate degrees: students can choose from numerous computer engineering specializations, such as Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Modeling & Simulation, and more; students more interested in engineering management have several options; and Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Sciences & Engineering still don’t complete the list. ASU is a notable value, recognized far and wide for excellence and affordability.


Cornell University

As the only land-grant Ivy League university, engineering and applied sciences were written into Cornell’s mission from the very beginning, making it an early leader and model for engineering education. Cornell offers more than 15 one-year online professional Master of Engineering degrees, originally designed to be completed in a fifth year by Cornell undergraduate engineering majors, but open to students from other universities as well. As a perennial top 10 engineering school, a degree from Cornell’s College of Engineering is worth any price for its clout on the job market, and the convenience of online education, and a one-year program, means paying off any debts quickly for a sound investment.


Kansas State University

Kansas State University has an ambitious plan – K-State 2025 – to raise Kansas State into the top tier of public research universities by the year 2025, and the College of Engineering is an integral part of that plan. Already the University Engineering Initiative Act has brought about a significant increase in engineering graduates in the last 10 years, and Kansas State’s productivity and reputation are only growing as online programs continue to develop. Students can earn a Master of Science in a number of engineering specializations through K-State’s World Campus, including Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Engineering Management. With K-State’s reasonable tuition ($592 per credit) and rising reputation, investing in Kansas State now could show strong dividends in the future.


Lawrence Technological University

While not as well known as many other STEM-focused private universities, Lawrence Technological University, located in Southfield, MI, is a highly-regarded first-tier university recognized as one of the best in the midwest for engineering. Lawrence Tech offers an online Master of Science degree program in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management. While Lawrence Tech’s tuition rates are higher than some of the other institutions on this list, due to its private status, the Lawrence Tech name commands a significant level of respect in the engineering field and all but guarantees a substantial return.


Auburn University

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University has long been the leader in engineering education for Alabama, but they have an ambitious plan to raise the college’s profile not just in the deep south, but nation-wide. Part of that plan is expanding their online program offerings, and judging by U.S. News & World Report, which has ranked Auburn as one of the best online engineering schools, it’s working. Online graduate students get the same lectures and same assignments as residential students, including all of the areas of engineering such Industrial & Systems Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering, and many more.


California State University, Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton has the largest student body and largest grad student body in the Cal State system, as well as one of the diverse, holding the distinction of being recognized as both a Hispanic serving institution and an Asian American/Native American/Pacific Islander serving institution. Recognized as a top regional university, Cal State Fullerton’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offers graduate engineering degrees online in Environmental Engineering and Software Engineering. Cal State’s tuition keeps an affordable degree in reach, making for a strong return on investment for engineers.


University of Nebraska, Lincoln

The Midwest is prime location for online degree programs, with wide borders and many rural populations, and the University of Nebraska, like Kansas State (#20), Michigan (#17), and Wisconsin (#3), has responded to the desire for convenient distance education with a strong online presence. The University of Nebraska College of Engineering offers online graduate degrees in Applied Science and Engineering Management, combining strong educational quality with effective online instruction at only $401 per credit.


Michigan Technological University

Another institution founded to educate mining engineers (like Montana Tech, #15, and SD Mines, #7), Michigan Tech is one of the Princeton Review’s Best in the Midwest and a recognized value for its excellent STEM education and affordability. Michigan Tech offers several all-online graduate engineering degrees, including Applied Science Education, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and more. For less than $6000 a semester, it’s a solid investment in the future of your engineering career.


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

The University of Arkansas College of Engineering is the leading engineering school in the state, and one of the best in the deep south. While UA’s business school (named for and heavily supported by the Walton family of Wal-Mart fame) tends to get the most attention, the College of Engineering is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a best online engineering school, offering an acclaimed Master of Science in Engineering program that is also exceptionally affordable at less than $400 per credit. Affordability and solid education make for a definite value.


University of South Carolina

Best known for their historically influential arts and letters, including many award-winning novelists and poets, the University of South Carolina is regarded as an up-and-coming university by U.S. News & World Report, making significant strides in STEM and research in recent years. The College of Engineering and and Computers is a big part of that growth, with a rapidly-increasing list of online graduate degrees offered, including Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. With a total cost (including fees) of $718 per credit, a USC engineering graduate degree is a proven value.


University of Southern California

Photo Credit: / USC/Daily Trojan /

As a U.S. News & World Report top 10 engineering school, you may not expect the University of Southern California to be a best value, but despite having a high proportion of billionaire alumni and Nobel Prize-winning faculty, USC is still a value thanks to their graduates’ high salaries and ROI. Online students can earn a graduate engineering degree with the USC reputation through the Viterbi School of Engineering. Many degree specializations from all of the engineering college’s departments are available, more online degrees than any other school of USC’s caliber.


Ohio State University

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Few universities have branded themselves as successfully as the Ohio State University, but according to their strategic plan for 2014-2018, that is only the beginning. Online education is a major component of that plan, especially establishing national recognition for their online programs. That ambition makes Ohio State’s online engineering degrees a good place to invest, as their reputation will surely continue to rise. Currently, a Master of Global Engineering Leadership and a Master of Science in Welding Engineering are offered fully online, with others to follow, and at OSU’s affordable tuition rates, they should prove to be solid values.


University of Maryland, College Park

As one of U.S. News & World Report’s best online graduate engineering schools, the University of Maryland makes the most of its distance education capabilities with Master of Engineering degrees in several specializations: Bioengineering, Cybersecurity, Sustainable Energy Engineering, and more. With close proximity to Washington DC, UMCP’s credibility in engineering is largely drawn from its many government connections, a wealth of opportunity for research and employment for UMCP graduates, leading to a solid return on investment for Maryland engineers.


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois College of Engineering is a perennial U.S. News & World Report top 5 engineering school, not surprising for an institution so devoted to engineering in its early years that its official seal features a steam engine. As a land-grant university, UI has a mission to spread education to the citizens of Illinois and beyond, and through their stellar online programs the College of Engineering is doing just that. Online graduate students can earn Master of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Master of Computer Science, all of which include the same coursework and instruction as residential programs, and the same reputation of the University of Illinois.


University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Less known for engineering than NC State University (#10), the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has benefited a great deal from the economic boom in the Charlotte, NC area, as major banks and corporations have headquartered there. The rapidly expanding need for engineering education in the region has led UNCC to develop an online Master of Engineering Management, a technical alternative to the MBA that prepares graduate students to lead management projects in industrial, corporate, and government settings. UNCC’s low tuition has made it a recognized best value, and U.S. News & World Report has acknowledged the program as a best online graduate engineering.


University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida’s University of South Florida is not a household name, but it is a research powerhouse, with a budget exceeding $1 billion, one of the highest rates of patent applications, and a NSF recognition as one of the highest research spending institutions. It’s also a leading online educator, including online Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering for Professionals, Engineering Management, and Information Technology. Beginning at $380 per credit for Florida residents, an online graduate engineering degree from USF is affordable and a trusted value.



Few universities outside the Ivy League have the reputation of New York University, a private research university that reaches across the world. NYU Polytechnic’s Tandon School of Engineering is one of the oldest private engineering schools in the nation, and is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best online graduate engineering schools. NYU Polytechnic is also recognized as a best value, largely because of a robust ROI of over $700,000. NYU e-Poly Online offers Master of Science degrees in Bioinformatics, Cybersecurity, Management of Technology, and numerous other specializations that will take your career far with the NYU name.


Oakland University

Oakland University, as the only private research university in the Detroit Metro area, has applied engineering at its heart. Proximity to the automotive industry has kept Oakland’s School of Engineering and Computer Science close the the roots of engineering, with applied research (such as design) on par with academic research. OU offers an online Master of Engineering Management to provide working professionals with the credentials and knowledge to successfully lead and direct technological projects and teams.


University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati, a public research university in Cincinnati, OH, has steadily risen in the U.S. News & World Report rankings over recent years, and has been recognized as an up-and-coming school by the magazine. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is recognized as one of the best in public research by the NSF. The College offers two online Master of Engineering degrees, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. With the University of Cincinnati’s reputation heading up, the Cincinnati name will carry increased weight on the job market, making an online engineering degree an investment that will pay off in the future.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Not to be confused with the more famous private Caltech, or with California State Polytechnic University (a sister institution in Pomona, CA), California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo is a public polytechnic institute known for their experiential learning philosophy. As a polytechnic, Cal Poly’s engineering education is top-tier, recognized as one of the top 10 public engineering schools in the west by U.S. News & World Report. Currently only the Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering is available fully online, but most engineering degrees are taught in blended format.


University of Florida

Consistently ranked as a top 20 public university by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Florida has a strong reputation in engineering due to their oceanic and nanotechnology research. The College of Engineering offers many online degree programs, most with further specializations, including Industrial and Systems Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. With programs beginning at $680 per credit hour, UF is also recognized as a best value for the high return on investment graduates average in their careers.


University of Alabama, Birmingham

‘Bama By Distance is one of the best-known public university online systems, and the University of Alabama College of Engineering is one of the oldest engineering schools in the US. Together, they offer the online Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, a program identical to the highly-regarded residential program that has sent alumni to Lockheed Martin and NASA. An extremely low $360 per credit all but guarantees a solid return on your investment in an online degree from the University of Alabama.


Villanova University

Recognized as the North’s best regional university, Villanova University (located in Radnor Township, suburban Philadelphia) is one of the most recognizable names in higher education. The College of Engineering is also highly ranked, consistently in the top 15, and all of their Master of Science in Engineering degrees are offered online, including Biochemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Sustainable Engineering, and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering. With the pull of the Villanova name, graduates can expect a significant advantage on the job market, making Villanova an investment that pays off.


Missouri University of Science & Technology

Another top-tier STEM school that started life as a humble mining college, Missouri S&T actually has a higher proportion of engineering majors than its peers Georgia Tech, MIT, and others, a signifier of S&T’s commitment to engineering. Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top online graduate program, S&T offers numerous graduate engineering degrees, from common specializations like Engineering Management and Computer Engineering to rare and unique programs in Explosives Engineering and Geotechnics. At a little less that $1200 per credit, S&T’s distance programs are bit higher than other public institutions, but a high salary potential and ROI make it a best value nonetheless.


Wright State University

Wright State University was named for the Wright brothers, hometown heroes of Dayton, OH, where Wright State was founded on land given by the Air Force to provide education in an area that was lacking access to higher ed. Access is less of a problem than ever today, as Wright State has followed many other smaller public universities into providing top-notch online education for those whose schedules will not allow them to attend. Wright State offers a unique Master of Science in Industrial and Human Factors Engineering, a field that finds best methods of combining human and machine functions for productivity. At around $604 per credit, graduate students get a highly in-demand expertise and a convenient investment in their future.


Ohio University

As the first university chartered by Congress, Ohio University is one of the oldest and most distinguished public universities, and its home in Athens, OH, or one of the most beloved college towns in America. The Russ College of Engineering and Technology’s motto is “create for good,” and their research and education are committed to making the world better. Their three online Master of Science programs – Engineering Management, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering – have been recognized as best programs by U.S. News & World Report, and an affordable tuition rate ($708 per credit for Ohio residents) makes Ohio University a great value in online engineering education.


Iowa State University

The Iowa State University of Science & Technology proudly touts a 95% job placement for graduates, with an average starting salary of $62,000 – big numbers for any program. But, as the name suggests, STEM is what Iowa State knows best, and the College of Engineering is one of the best in the midwest. Iowa State offers many online Master of Science in Engineering degrees, including Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering; Computer Engineering; Engineering Management; and many more. For a little more than $10,000 per year for Iowa residents, it’s a sound investment in a school that knows how to get you into an engineering career.


University of Illinois, Chicago

The flagship university in Urbana-Champaign (#31) may get more attention, but the University of Illinois Chicago has an impressive STEM-centered urban campus and a robust online education platform. Originally founded as the polytechnic branch of the U of I, UIC has continued its focus on engineering and technology, and today the College of Engineering is the second-largest engineering school in Illinois. UIC offers an online Master of Engineering degree for working professionals that uses the same exceptional faculty and carries the same reputation as the college’s residential degrees.


Lehigh University

The Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University proudly advertises their 98% employment rate for graduates, an astonishing success that says a lot about Lehigh’s reputation in the field. Lehigh’s main objective is social impact and improvement, and Lehigh’s engineering program is entrepreneurial, research-driven, and forward-thinking, and Lehigh offers a number of its highly valuable, specialized master’s degrees online, including Biological Chemical Engineering, Healthcare Systems Engineering, Polymer Science Engineering, and more. With a high ROI and average salary, a degree from Lehigh engineering can make a career pay off.


New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering is the oldest and largest in the state of New Mexico, as well as a significant Hispanic-serving institution located in Las Cruces, near the US-Mexico border. NMCU and the College of Engineering are proud of their diversity and role in bringing Latino students, historically underrepresented, into STEM fields. As part of their outreach, NMSU offers numerous online degrees for students who cannot attend on campus, including online Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. At only $267 per credit, NMSU is among the cheapest graduate degrees, and a proven value.


University of Toledo

Originally a trade school, the University of Toledo – a public research university in Toledo, OH – has continued its commitment to science, engineering, and medicine, with a well-regarded College of Engineering serving students all over Ohio. Online students can earn a Master of Science in Engineering, a practice-oriented degree that combines business and engineering courses in an interdisciplinary alternative.


Rutgers University

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is the largest and highest-regarded public university in New Jersey, one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the Revolutionary War, and a leader in engineering education for the state. Rutgers Online offers Master of Engineering degrees in Biomedical Engineering and in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, online degrees that carry the market value of the Rutgers name with the convenience of online. With Rutger’s reputation, an online engineering degree is a reliable path to higher salaries and status for professionals in the engineering field.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

While the Colorado Springs branch of the University of Colorado system may not have the name recognition of Boulder and Denver, the UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science has been consistently recognized as a top 10 and top 15 public engineering school by U.S. News & World Report. UCCS brings several of its acclaimed, accredited engineering degrees online, offering Master of Engineering programs in Energy Engineering, Engineering Management, Space Operations, and System Engineering. With reasonable tuition rates and a well-regarded name, UCCS strongly closes out the top 50 online graduate engineering programs.

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