Top 50 Best Value Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs

Top 50 Best Value Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs of 2016Criminal Justice is one of the fastest-growing career paths in the US, with the new demands created by immigration, Homeland Security, and protecting a booming population. And while the criminal justice field remains one of the few areas in which people can still get a satisfying, middle-class professional job with only a bachelor’s degree, there is a great demand on the job market for individuals with higher degrees. As more police departments, government agencies, and private security firms make a BA or BS degree a minimum requirement, a graduate degree is one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself as a candidate.

The degree types vary in name, since criminal justice is an interdisciplinary area that includes social science, psychology, technology, and more. Most schools offer a Master of Science (MSCJ), Master of Arts (MACJ), or Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ), but more creative titles exist that often signify the specialized nature of the program, such as the Master of Justice Administration or the Master of Criminology. They may be offered by a school or college of criminal justice, or by a school of social science, professional studies, or some other discipline. Core areas of study include criminology, policy, statistics, and sociology, and some institutions offer specializations such as homeland security, cybersecurity, forensics, and management or administration.

While on-campus master’s programs exist, since many people seeking a master’s degree in criminal justice are adults already working in the field, colleges and universities have scrambled to establish online degree programs. The main benefit of online learning, of course, is the ability to maintain a full-time work schedule and still attend class in a flexible, convenient format. But all online degree programs are not the same. The best, of course, tend to be the most established, from the most reputable schools, institutions whose names signal quality and reliability to employers. Pointing you to the best programs, with the most affordable tuition rates and the best combination of reputation and cost, is Value Colleges’ job.

We rank online criminal justice programs according to 3 metrics:

  • U.S. News & World Report Ranking of Online Graduate Criminal Justice Programs
  • PayScale’s College ROI Report
  • Actual Tuition (as reported from school website)

Value Colleges only ranks regionally-accredited, reputable colleges and universities, not exploitative or shady diploma mills. These are institutions that are known quantities, with history, qualified faculty, and market value. That’s the Value Colleges way.


University of California - Irvine

Renowned as one of the best public universities in the nation, the University of California, Irvine, is also one of the youngest Public Ivies (a public university with the reputation of an Ivy League) at 50 years old. Irvine has made that reputation with fearless innovation and a wealth of research, making it one of the leading institutions for medicine, health sciences, and environmental sciences. It is also a cutting-edge innovator in Criminal Justice, with the only criminology department in the UC system and some of the most respected scholars in the field. UC Irvine’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society offers an online Master of Advanced Studies degree that has been ranked as a best program for veterans by U.S. News & World Report. This two-year program can be completed entirely online, except for an accelerated 5-day introductory course. It’s a value that only UC Irvine can offer.


California State University - San Bernardino

Between the University of California system and the California State University system, California could make an excellent case for having the strongest public higher-education systems in the nation. Cal State San Bernardino has been recognized by the Princeton Review as one of the best regional universities in the West, and as a Hispanic-serving institution CSUSB has made a major positive impact on education for the Latino community. The CSUSB Department of Criminal Justice offers a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice that can be completed fully online, or in a hybrid format (for elective courses that are not offered online), with a choice between a thesis (for students intending to go into academic careers) or comprehensive exam (for students who wish to enter administrative professions). With a solid education and low tuition rates, Cal State San Bernardino is an obvious value.


Arizona State University

Regarded by U.S. News & World Report as the most innovative university in America, Arizona State University has used its innovative genius to become the largest public university in the world, “One university in many places” according to one of its mottos. A big part of that growth has been in developing one of the most impressive and wide-ranging online degree programs in the world, the highly-respected ASU Online system. Among ASU Online’s many undergraduate and graduate degrees, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice degree that can be completed online in as little as 18 months. With tuition of only $492 per credit, ASU Online isn’t just an excellent, convenient education, but an incredible value as well.


Lamar University

As part of the Texas State University system, Lamar University, in Beaumont, TX, has a commitment to providing the care and attention of a small university with the value of a large public university. Lamar has been making a big name for themselves in recent years as they have built a competitive, well-respected online degree program that may soon rival powerhouses like ASU and Penn State. Lamar has made their reputation as a value, too, with tuition rates for online master’s degrees as low as $408 per credit. Lamar offers two Criminal Justice degrees: the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and the unusual Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice, dedicated to preparing students for a career in criminal justice management and leadership with business skills. Either is a significant value that should pay off in career advancement and responsibility.


Florida State University

A major public research university recognized as one of the best in the US, Florida State University is a land and space-grant university in Tallahassee, FL. Excelling in business, law, and STEM, FSU has also been referred to as a Budget Ivy for their combination of solid educational quality and excellent value. FSU is also growing their online offerings greatly in recent years, including an online Master of Science degree offered by the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. With the #1 ranked faculty for research productivity, students can be assured that they are getting their education from truly excellent professors, and for in-state students tuition is only a low $479 per credit, making FSU an all-around great investment in your future career.


Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University, a public university in Huntsville, TX (a suburb of Houston), has one of the oldest (over 50 years) and most respected criminal justice programs in the US. The College of Criminal Justice is a top-5 program according to U.S. News & World Report, with one of the most productive faculty bodies and a trend-setting PhD program. SHSU offers three online Master of Science degrees in the criminal justice field: Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Leadership & Management; and Victim Services Management. All of these degrees can be earned completely online with tuition at around $470 per credit, a bargain for Sam Houston State’s excellent reputation and market value in the field.


Columbia College

Columbia College, in Columbia, MO, is a private liberal arts college that would be very small if only traditional students were included (only around 300). But Columbia has become a major force in adult education through their dozens of extension campuses, wide military partnerships, and a robust online program, all of which raises their student body to well over 25,000. Columbia College has a whole portfolio of online programs, including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice that emphasizes preparation for administrative positions and law. Students can further specialize in Law Enforcement Administration or Corrections Administration. Tuition is kept at an affordable $375 per credit hour for online students, making Columbia College a top choice for value.


Florida International University

Widely ranked as a best value and one of the most socially-mobile institutions, Florida International University is an urban university in Miami, FL, with a highly diverse student body that is one of the largest in the US. Students come to FIU – especially their highly-regarded online programs – for a reasonable tuition rate (around $450 per credit for Florida residents) and high-quality education. FIU’s Department of Criminal Justice offers a 36 credit Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree that can be earned completely online from a nationally-recognized faculty, a smart investment that attracts students from across Florida and the US.


East Carolina University

Part of the illustrious University of North Carolina system, East Carolina University is the third largest university in the state, attracting students with a combination of quality and affordability and expanding their reach with numerous online degree programs. Best known for their medicine, nursing, and business programs (all highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report), ECU’s College of Human Ecology also offers well-regarded Criminal Justice degrees on campus and online. At a low tuition rate (less than $250 per credit for NC residents), online students can earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, without the daunting thesis requirement that many other programs include.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana University of Pennsylvania may sound like a typo, or a bad set of driving instructions, but in fact IUP is a respected public university in Indiana, PA, consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report and others as a solid regional university. Like other regional universities, IUP is expanding its student body and ability to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania with online degree programs, including a Master of Arts in Criminology that has been recognized as a top 10 program by U.S. News. With a price tag of only $470 per credit, and the chance to complete in a little as one year of full-time coursework, IUP’s online master’s degree is without a doubt a top 10 value.


Boston University

An online degree from one of the most respected universities, not only in the US but in the world, has an obvious value on the job market. Boston University, a private research university in Boston, MA, is a model of higher education, and in recent years they have expanded their online distance education to provide their excellent educational quality and top-tier reputation to a wider selection of students. Their online Master of Criminal Justice degree has been ranked as #2 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, a significant sign of quality, and students can choose a specialization in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity. While, as a private university, BU’s online tuition is more expensive than many other programs, the authority of the Boston University name makes up for the cost in ROI.


University of Wisconsin - Platteville

The University of Wisconsin Platteville is a smaller, regional public university that is meeting the demands of modern higher education head-on, with a growing selection of online degree programs that make education more accessible to the citizens of Wisconsin and beyond. UWP has been commended by numerous ranking agencies for the quality of their online degrees, including the Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Students can choose further concentrations in Criminal Justice Theory, Criminal Justice Management, or Victim and Offender Services, depending on the area of criminal justice they prefer to pursue careers in. While UWP’s $650 per credit hour is higher than the in-state tuition offered by universities of similar size, that price is for everyone, regardless of residency, so non-Wisconsin residents can attend for a much lower cost than most public universities’ out-of-state tuition, evening out into a solid value investment.


University of Colorado - Denver

From CU Denver’s top 10 School of Public Affairs (according to U.S. News & World Report), students can earn an online Master of Criminal Justice degree with strong job market value and excellent preparation for a criminal justice career. The University of Colorado system is highly regarded across the nation, and CU Denver’s urban campus offers criminal justice students access to the real world of criminal justice, with faculty who know the field and can provide all of that knowledge in an online setting. Students outside of Colorado are also eligible for a reduced tuition of $605 for online courses, making CU Denver a value wherever you are.


Delta State University

As a small, regional public university, Delta State’s mission is to provide an accessible, affordable education for the people of Mississippi. Like UW Platteville, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Sam Houston State, among many others, Delta State University has discovered that online education is one of the best ways to fulfill that mission. For a low tuition rate of $334 per credit, online students can earn a Master of Science in Social Justice and Criminology, a solid preparation for professional life in the criminal justice field that should prove a wise investment.


Bowling Green State University

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top 20 online criminal justice program, Bowling Green State University finds a similar place in the Value Colleges ranking with their perfect balance of quality and affordability. BGSU, in Bowling Green, OH, not only has a high quality criminal justice program, but a well-designed and exceptionally user-friendly online education platform, making it one of the most convenient and flexible ways to earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. At a little over $450 per credit hour, students can finish their online MS in less than two years, with a flexible 8-week course format.


Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University has a whole slate of online programs recognized as top choices by U.S. News & World Report, including their criminal justice degrees. SMSU offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree through a cooperative program with Missouri Southern State University, sharing resources to provide the best quality education. All online students, regardless of location, pay SMSU’s low in-state tuition rate of $260 per credit, making SMSU one of the cheapest accredited programs you’re likely to find.


New Mexico State University

While small, regional public universities see good reason to expand their educational capacities by investing in online education, major, land-grant research universities are getting into the game too, in the big way that big schools do everything. New Mexico State University – with one of the largest campuses in the US, and one of the largest Hispanic student bodies – has a history of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, which includes their highly-regarded online degree programs such as the online Master of Criminal Justice. As with SMSU, all students pay NMSU’s resident tuition rate, a low $274 per credit hour.


Armstrong State University

A small public university in suburban Savannah, GA, Armstrong State University is not a household name yet, but its reputation is rising due to a commitment to online education. Armstrong is combining the attention of a small university with the convenience of online education to make many degrees available to a wide base of students; their Master of Science in Criminal Justice is the only online criminal justice degree in the state, making it a unique value for Georgia residents. In addition to its status as a military-friendly school, Armstrong is also offering in-state tuition to residents of South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama, making their low $206 per credit a huge savings.


Prairie View A&M University

When enrollment at Historically Black Colleges and Universities began going down as the 21st century began, smart HBCUs like Prairie View A&M University began investing in online education. PVAMU has been offering a unique Master of Science in Juvenile Justice since 1999, before many institutions even created online courses, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their program. For professionals in the criminal justice field who want to specialize in juvenile corrections – helping young people reform their lives and become responsible citizens – it would be hard to find a better master’s program than PVAMU’s, or a more affordable, at $260 per credit hour.


Michigan State University

With the oldest School of Criminal Justice in the US, Michigan State has a lot of authority in the field. From the beginning the School of Criminal Justice has used interdisciplinary study, outreach to law enforcement, and the latest technology to advance the study of criminal justice and public safety, and that naturally leads MSU to reach out to a wider body of students through online education. MSU’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice began in 1998 as their first online degree program, and it remains one of the most respected, as well as affordable, graduate degree values.


Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University‘s motto is “The Friendliest Campus in the South,” but students do not need to visit their Jacksonville, AL, campus (in the beautiful Appalachian foothills) to benefit from JSU’s friendly educational quality. JSU, like other mid-sized regional universities, is growing their online offerings yearly, with over 30 full degree programs, including a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice. Unlike a more conventional Criminal Justice degree, the MPA prepares students for government positions related to criminal justice, rather than law enforcement or corrections. JSU’s $461 per credit tuition makes it a proven value.


University of Cincinnati

As U.S. News & Word Report’s #3 Criminology school, and one of the most productive research faculties in the field, the University of Cincinnati offers one of the most reputable and respected Master in Criminal Justice degrees available online. UC has an exceptionally well-designed and effective online education system, with dozens of degrees available from all of their colleges. Online students can also choose concentrations in Analysis of Criminal Behavior, Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention, and Corrections & Offender Rehabilitation, depending on the specialized career they prefer. While UC’s tuition is a little higher than others at $724 per credit, out of state residents pay only $739, which is notably lower than most universities’ non-resident rates, so the University of Cincinnati is a strong investment all around.


University of Louisville

As one of the first universities in the frontier, founded in 1798, the University of Louisville has a long history of reaching out to students. Louisville’s Department of Criminal Justice is recognized as having some of the best faculty in the nation, with awards and accolades for research and teaching. With accelerated 6-week course formats and flexible scheduling, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree is a solid choice for working professionals, and a generous transfer policy makes the process more convenient. Kentucky residents and non-residents pay the same $714 per credit tuition, making the University of Louisville a real value all over the US.


Western Kentucky University

The University of Louisville isn’t the only Kentucky university with a strong online criminal justice program. Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green, KY (not to be confused with Bowling Green, OH, home of Bowling Green State University), offers a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice fully online. Like UL, WKU does not charge out-of-state rates for online learning, instead keeping a flat $652 per credit hour. It’s an affordable way into a lifelong career whether you are in Kentucky or any where else.


Fayetteville State University

Like Prairie View A&M (#19), Fayetteville State University has a proud HBCU heritage and an eye on the future, offering a growing catalog of high-quality online degrees at an exceptionally low tuition rate for maximum accessibility. At only $410 per credit hour, online students can earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, with the option of choosing a thesis track (for those more interested in academia or administration) or a non-thesis tracks (for students interested in professional careers). It’s a solid value from a historic university.


Liberty University

Liberty University, founded in 1971 by pastor Jerry Falwell, has become a dominating force in online education, with over 95,000 students, making it the largest private, non-profit online educator. Part of the appeal is the price – $540 per credit for full-time online graduate students – and part is the concerted effort to make education available for everyone, especially military, working adults, and others who find it difficult to attend college on-campus. Liberty offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Public Administration for students who look forward to a career in government and administrative roles in the criminal justice system.


University of Toledo

The University of Toledo, a major research university in Toledo, OH, offers a Master of Criminal Justice degree completely online. In addition to their copious research and solid regional reputation, UT has been recognized as a military-friendly school, offering significant support and financial aid to military personnel stationed in Ohio and elsewhere. A reasonable tuition rate of $548 per credit hour for in-state residents makes the University of Toledo an affordable value.


Nova Southeastern University

If Nova Southeastern University’s name sounds like a school in a sci-fi movie, it’s not accidental – this private research university in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was founded in 1964 for high-tech research in medicine and STEM. Their commitment to technology is apparent in their highly-developed online education programs, offering more than 150 degrees and certifications fully online, including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice that has been recognized as a top 25 program by U.S. News & World Report. NSU is also military-friendly, offering significant scholarships to veterans, law enforcement officers, and others in public service.


Fairmont State University

A small, public university in Fairmont, VA, Fairmont State University is making the most of its online degree programs to provide education in Virginia and beyond. Students can earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree with two tracks: thesis (for a more academic education) or capstone project (more hands-on). As a regional university, FSU’s reach would be short, but with the development of online degree programs Fairmont State can reach students everywhere. In-state residents pay $328 per credit hour, an extraordinarily low cost, but out-of-state residents only pay $100 more, leaving Fairmont State’s tuition for non-residents lower than some schools’ in-state rates.


University of Texas - Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas (actually located in Richardson, TX, a suburb of Dallas) is one of the most productive research universities in the state of Texas, and the US as a whole. Some of that productivity is owed to an institutional commitment to interdisciplinary study and cooperation, a spirit that informs all criminal justice programs, which are interdisciplinary by nature. The School of Criminology boasts a highly active faculty, three research journals, and two research centers, as well as an online Master of Science in Criminology that makes their excellent graduate degree available for working professionals with busy schedules.


Texas A&M International University

Texas A&M International University is steadily rising in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of regional universities, thanks to a focus on practical degree programs for working adults. As the “International” name would suggest, this Texas A&M system member prepares students for work in the global economy, with recognized programs in business, STEM, and criminal justice. TAMIU offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice fully online, with a two-track program similar to other degrees ranked here – a thesis track, and a non-thesis track. At a little over $600 per credit hour, graduate students can expect an investment that pays off from a school on the rise.


University of New Haven

Overshadowed by their neighbor, Yale University – as any institution would be – the University of New Haven (actually located next door in West Haven) is a small private university that is well-regarded in the New England region and substantially less expensive and exclusive. UNH is dedicated to providing education throughout New England through their online degree programs, including a Master of Criminal Justice. While their $849 per credit sticker price is higher than the average public university, it’s actually on par or lower than most publics’ out-of-state tuition rates, meaning that a strong reputation and expectations for a strong return make the University of New Haven a bankable value.


University of Central Missouri

The University of Central Missouri, in Warrensburg, MO, is the kind of reputable, dependable regional public university that goes unnoticed for the most part, but UCM deserves recognition as a reliable provider of great value degrees. UCM’s Department of Criminal Justice has been educating future officers, managers, and administrators since 1962, and now offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice that can be earned completely online. For an incredibly low $324 per credit, graduate students can earn a graduate degree from highly respected faculty and see their career prospects improve dramatically.


Concordia University - St. Paul

Concordia University, St. Paul, has become one of the most recognizable names in online education, with dozens of degree programs backed up by a strong reputation for excellence and attention to students’ needs. This private Lutheran university is also committed to keeping their tuition low and within reach of diverse students, with a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice offered at only $420 per credit hour, lower than many public universities. With accelerated 7-week courses and ample student support, it’s an excellent private education at an incredible value price.


Missouri State University

When it comes to online education, Missouri is giving the rest of the US a serious run for their money. Missouri State University joins the University of Central Missouri (#33), the University of Louisville (#23), Southeast Missouri State (#16), and Columbia College (#7) in offering a top online Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. At an unbelievably low $285 per credit hour for online courses, MSU’s online criminal justice graduate degree is a great value, sure to provide a reliable return in your career.


Washington State University

Washington State University – affectionately called Wazzu by students and alumni – is Washington’s only land-grant university, and they fulfill their mission to spread education across Washington with a well-developed online degree system. WSU’s Global Campus is beginning to gain the kind of respect that other large, public research universities like Penn State and Arizona State have dominated for years. WSU also boasts the second oldest and one of the most respected criminal justice schools, so their online Master of Arts in Criminal Justice can be trusted to come from a faculty and program that is respected nation-wide.


Faulkner University

Like Liberty University (#26), Faulkner University is an evangelical Christian institution that has seen the light of online learning, building up an impressive list of all-online degree programs for a reasonable tuition of $480 per credit. Faulkner’s Master of Justice Administration is designed for flexibility and convenience, with accelerated 5-week courses that make it possible to complete the degree in only 14 months. As a Churches of Christ university, Faulkner’s criminal justice program is built on Christian ethics and principles, so for students who want a faith-based curriculum in criminal justice, Faulkner is an affordable option.


Tiffin University

A small, private university in Tiffin, OH, Tiffin University is notable for its School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences, a growing program that is gaining national attention in recent years. While a small university would have a short reach on its own, Tiffin has made its reputation on a small but excellent set of online degree programs, including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice that offers concentrations in Crime Analysis, Criminal Behavior, Homeland Security Administration, or Justice Administration. With tuition set at $700 per credit hour, Tiffin provides an affordable private education online.


Monmouth University

Like Tiffin, Monmouth University is an old, established private university with a small student body that has found a new direction in online education. As a private university, Monmouth’s tuition is not cheap – $1047 per credit – but Monmouth makes its status as a value college with what it offers in return – the close, personal attention that a small university can provide, and a reputable name that carries weight on the job market. Monmouth offers an online Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, with an optional Homeland Security track for added value. While other programs may be cheaper, they may also tack on hidden fees and offer a degree without the same return on investment, so buyer, be smart.


Bellevue University

Bellevue University, a small, private institution in Bellevue, NE, has been specializing in adult education since 1966. With over 80% of students in the non-traditional category (over 25 years old), Bellevue knows how to provide education to working adults, and online education is a key part of their plan. Bellevue offers a Master of Science in Justice Administration and Crime Management online, with a reasonable tuition rate of $525 per credit, the same as on-campus students pay.


University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands, in Williamsburg, KY, joins Liberty University and Faulkner University in the ranks of evangelical institutions with a robust online presence. Associated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Cumberlands has a reputation for conservative ethics and a long history of educational quality. Cumberlands’ Master of Science in Justice Administration, unlike many online master’s programs, is not necessarily geared exclusively for working professionals; it is also accessible for students coming out of a bachelor’s program. At $315 per credit, the low price gives Cumberlands’ competitors something to think about.


College of St. Elizabeth

A private Catholic institution in Morristown, New Jersey, the College of St. Elizabeth, despite its small size, has been highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report for their online Master of Arts in Justice Administration and Public Service. CSE also offers a bachelor-to-master’s bridge program. Directed not only toward law enforcement or corrections, but also to areas such as victim advocacy, CSE’s online degree costs $1001 per credit, a higher but certainly understandable price for degree with excellent prospects.


Rowan University

Rowan University, in Glassboro, NJ, is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 20 regional public universities in the North, and is also known for its high level of social mobility, providing students with a proven path to higher economic and social class. Rowan offers a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice online, as well as a BA to MA program, for a tuition rate of $730 per credit. If that seems high, it’s worth noting that there are no more hidden fees, making Rowan University a clear value.


Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, OH, is proud to offer some of the lowest tuition rates of any public university in Ohio, as well as top-quality online instruction. Online students can earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Justice Management and Program Planning. This concentration is directed toward students interested in professional managerial and administrative careers in the criminal justice field, and requires a thesis. At around $800 per credit, it’s an investment in your future.


Webber International University

Webber International University, in Babson Park, FL, is a private institution specializing in business. Founded in 1927, Webber has a unique history as one of the first business schools for women (though it is coeducational today) and remains concentrated entirely on business. Because of that focus, the online Master of Business Administration in Criminal Justice Administration is a unique MBA program dedicated to the business of criminal justice, with courses in accounting, information systems, and marketing alongside more traditional criminal justice courses. It’s a 21st century preparation for the criminal justice career of today and the future.


Kent State University

Kent State University, in Kent, OH, is recognized as one of the top universities in the US and the world, with impressive research productivity and innovation, such as the first Center for Applied Conflict Management (a positive outgrowth of the infamous Kent State shootings). Kent State offers an online Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice degree with specializations in Policing, Corrections, Global Security, or Victimology. With a low $663 per credit for online graduate tuition, Kent State is a proven value.


Wayne State University

Wayne State University is a large, public research institution in Detroit, MI. As Michigan’s only urban research university, Wayne State is uniquely placed for research in criminology and criminal justice, and their new online Master of Science in Criminal Justice applies their excellent on-campus program to a fully online environment. Plus, online students everywhere pay the in-state tuition rate of $590, regardless of residency, making Wayne State an affordable degree that promises success.


Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University joins its proud HBCU sister institutions, Prairie View A&M (#19), Fayetteville State University (#25), in offering a top-quality online graduate degree in criminal justice. Located in Houston, TX, Texas Southern is a public university respected as the largest provider of degrees to black and Hispanic students in Texas, as well as one of the top HBCUs in the region. TSU offers a unique Executive Master of Administration in Justice geared toward working professionals and administrators. With tuition and fees amounting to $661 per credit, Texas Southern keeps a master’s in criminal justice affordable and accessible.


DeSales University

A private Catholic university in Lehigh County, PA, DeSales University is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top 100 university for the northern region, DeSales, like its fellow Catholic institution the College of St. Elizabeth (#43), has realized that the best way to spread its quality education in the modern world is through online degrees. DeSales offers two online Master of Criminal Justice degrees, in Digital Forensics and Investigative Forensics, two fields not often offered online, but which promise significant career prospects.


Trine University

Trine University – a small public university previously known as Tri-State University (due to Angola, Indiana’s closeness to Michigan and Ohio) – offers our #50 Value Colleges best value online criminal justice graduate degree. Trine’s School of Professional Studies offers an exceptional Master of Science in Criminal Justice program intended for students with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field. This accelerated program can be completed in only one year, with specializations in Law, Forensic Psychology, or Public Administration, depending on the career path you want. For only $495 per credit, it’s easy to see why Trine University’s MS in Criminal Justice is a top value.

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