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The best online Colleges in Arizona offer flexible and affordable programs for students from around the globe for online enrollment. As schedules become busier for society as a whole, obtaining a degree or certificate while working full or part-time, or while juggling family or other commitments, more and more students are seeking degrees online. Because of this shift, colleges and universities across the nation are now offering many, if not all, programs fully or partially online.

Now students can obtain associate to doctorate degrees as well as professional certificates and degree completion programs with flexibility, on their own schedule, and from the comfort of their own homes.

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Methodology for Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Arizona

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Arizona, many of which accept students from around the globe, offer discounted tuition for online enrollment, and boast state-of-the-art technologies. Each school listed additionally meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation. Colleges are presented in order of the number of online programs.

1. Arizona State University

When you are looking into the best online colleges in Arizona, you will want to evaluate Arizona State University. The school offers 90 online degree programs at the undergraduate level. That array of programs ensures that students are able to study any subject or field of interest without leaving the comfort of home or when they do not have the ability to attend classes on-campus due to obligations or other challenges.

Arizona State University stands apart by offering so many programs through their online system. It does not require students to attend any on-campus classes or go to the campus for any reason. That makes the program convenient for students because it allows them to work on a degree at home or when they are not in the state. It gives students greater flexibility to work around a personal schedule. Arizona State University offers certifications online to improve on student skills and to enhance a degree.

Number of Online Programs: 90

2. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University offers 67 online degree programs at the undergraduate level. The array of degree programs makes the school one of the best online colleges in Arizona for students who do not plan to attend college on campus. The online programs focus on the needs of working adults who may have professional and personal obligations that limit their time and do not allow them to take traditional classes.

A key way Grand Canyon University stands apart from other programs is the focus on a streamlined system. The school takes measures to streamline the process of applying for an online degree and taking classes. It gives students a user-friendly experience that allows them to focus on their studies rather than wasting time on an unnecessarily complex online system. The focus on simplicity and streamlined design makes it easy for students to find their class materials and keep up with their work. It ensures that students are not wasting time trying to navigate through the online system to find their course materials or class lectures, which helps students save time when starting on their online degrees. Grand Canyon University offers discounts and scholarships to military servicemen and women.

Number of Online Programs: 67

3. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University offers 54 online degree programs to give students an opportunity to work on their long-term goals. The degree programs range from interdisciplinary studies and humanities programs to health and technology studies. Students can select programs based on their interests and will find a variety of degrees that fit their situation and plans. The flexibility of the online degree programs ensures that students are able to keep up with their current job or responsibilities while working on improving their skills and knowledge for greater opportunities to advance in a career.

Northern Arizona University offers certifications online that allow students to enhance their undergraduate degree or to build up skills for professional competency. The certificates help students make adjustments to their plans and improve their qualifications to encourage employers to work with them for specific skills. It gives students a competitive edge when combined with an appropriate undergraduate program. Northern Arizona University offers a competency-based online degree system that allows students to set their own pace and cut back on the costs by taking as many courses as they can complete in a six-month period at a flat rate.

Number of Online Programs: 54

4. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers one of the best online programs for students who want to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The school offers 33 online degree programs that range from cyber operations and communications to history and business. The wide array of degree programs ensure that students can find a topic of study that fits their long-term goals and plans for a career.

A key way the University of Arizona stands apart is the focus on flexibility. Students are able to set their own pace for their education and can work at an accelerated pace. It also allows students to focus on their studies at any time of the day or night, which gives you the chance to work around your obligations and keep up with the needs of your family or employer. The University of Arizona offers reduced tuition costs for active-duty military servicemen and women, as well as flexibility when stationed abroad. 

Number of Online Programs: 33

5. Ottawa University – Phoenix

Ottawa University in Phoenix, Arizona offers 16 online bachelor’s degree programs to help students with their career goals. The online degree programs give students a flexible solution to keep up with the needs of an employer. It also allows students to work when it fits their schedule and it provides working adults with the opportunity to avoid complications from their workplace. The online programs focus on preparing students for the challenges they will face when moving into the workplace or taking on new leadership roles.

A key way Ottawa University in Phoenix stands apart from other programs is the focus on developing the skills to keep up with a changing work environment. The school recognizes that students need to adapt to new technology and changes at work at a rapid pace. That is why it provides the critical thinking skills students need to adjust and adapt. It focuses on preparing students for the challenges of their careers and work environments. Ottawa University in Phoenix is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Number of Online Programs: 16

6. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott/Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Prescott and through the worldwide online program allows students to focus on accomplishing their goals for their futures. The school offers 15 online undergraduate programs. It allows students to develop a customized strategy to work on a degree and it helps students connect with their peers and professors through the online global network. The ability to communicate with peers in different areas of the world gives students a global perspective on important topics of discussion. It also gives students exposure to different cultures and backgrounds for a well-rounded view of their studies.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University stands apart from other online programs by focusing on student success. The online system allows students to get personalized assistance from advisors to plan out a strategy for a degree program. It also focuses on developing a flexible schedule that works around the needs of students and allows students to work at their own pace. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is ranked number one by U.S. News and World Reports for its online bachelor’s degree programs.

Number of Online Programs: 15

7. Prescott College

Prescott College offers nine online degree programs for students in Arizona. The online programs allow students to study subjects that range from psychology and education to environmental studies. It gives students an array of options and allows students to continue their education at a higher level through the online master’s degree programs. 

A key way Prescott College stands out from other programs is the focus on motivating and encouraging students. It strives to make materials interesting to keep students motivated and actively works on encouraging students to continue with their studies through the online course material. Students are able to work around their schedule and continue working in a career while finishing up a degree or moving forward with a higher level of education. The school takes measures to keep students interested through adjustments to their materials and simple online systems that give students access to materials when it fits their schedule. Prescott College offers scholarships and financial assistance to online students to help cut back on the costs of college.

Number of Online Programs: 9

8. Arizona Christian University

Arizona Christian University offers five online degree programs at the undergraduate level for students. The online degree programs range from education degrees to business degrees. The focus on the programs ensure that students are prepared for the challenges of their careers while gaining the knowledge they need to provide the right services to an employer. The programs give students a focused education that helps them keep up with changing work environments that use more technology.

A key way Arizona Christian University stands out from other programs is the Biblical view of the topics discussed in the classroom. The school takes a Christian view of different subjects and gives students a well-rounded perspective that incorporates Biblical themes into the subject matter. It also uses up-to-date technology to ensure that students are prepared for the challenges they may face when moving into the work environment. The unique blend of modern tools and traditional values gives students an interesting perspective to help with their career goals. Arizona Christian University allows students to transfer into the school or to gain credit from advanced placement tests. If students have enough credits from an advanced placement test to exceed 24 credits, then they qualify as transfer students.

Number of Online Programs: 5

What is the Value of Online Education in Arizona?

Arizona is not a densely populated state; it had a population of just 7.172 million as of 2020, as denoted by statistics provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. While most of Arizona’s people are concentrated in the major cities, the state is huge, with many distant communities. For this reason, online colleges in Arizona are beneficial to students in the area. The online structure allows for more individualized attention.

Because Arizona online colleges are becoming so popular, you interact with a diverse population, just as you would in a traditional school. Some areas of Arizona are known for their party scenes. For some students who aren’t interested in this social life, these colleges aren’t ideal. The party scene can be a bit of a distraction. This makes online colleges in Arizona beneficial to those who want to focus strictly on academics.

As a whole, Arizona ranks as the 25th most congested state in the United States in terms of traffic. Although there are some areas where traffic isn’t heavy, cities like Phoenix are known to have bumper-to-bumper traffic at some points during the day. Arizona online colleges alleviate the need to deal with this hustle, bustle, and wasted time.

While this isn’t specific to Arizona, some students aren’t confident enough to raise their hands and speak up in a traditional classroom setting. Instead, they feel more comfortable being behind a computer and offering their opinion. Therefore, online learning could be beneficial to these individuals since they’ll participate more. 

Today, it’s possible to go from an associate degree to certificate programs to graduate degrees entirely online. Online schools offer education programs that are accessible to everyone, from information technology to business administration to nursing. Distance learners have every option open to them.

Why is Arizona State University Considered a Great Value?

First and foremost, Arizona State University (ASU) made the list of the top 10 “Best Buy” schools in the country for 2020. The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2020 ranked the school high on the list because the school charges a low tuition cost when compared to other schools on the list. The average tuition a student pays for their schooling is $2,300 per year after financial aid and grants, and that’s for the brick-and-mortar school. Generally, Arizona State online degrees are less expensive. Arizona State online tuition is cheaper since you aren’t paying any cost for the property, building operating costs, or any other fees associated with attending the actual college. Close to 40 percent of all students who graduate from ASU graduate with no debt at all, which is one reason why Arizona state online reviews always speak so highly about the school.

ASU has a reputation as an innovator, which means Arizona state online degrees offer flexible learning options to accommodate more students. The News & World Report recognized this university as number one in innovation. Despite Arizona State online tuition being inexpensive, the school made the list of the top 100 prestigious schools in the country by Times Higher Education — a leader in academic opinion surveys. Plus, when you choose from one of the Arizona State online degrees, you receive a high return on investment (ROI). Arizona State online reviews also mention their involved staff and well-rounded education. 

What Are Some of the Most In-Demand Online Degrees in Arizona?

Business/management is one of the most in-demand online degrees in Arizona due to its versatility. You learn about sales, finance, human resources, marketing, and more. You may utilize your degree to land positions as a sales manager, financial analyst, or marketing manager, just to name a few. You may work in a variety of fields. Jobs in marketing management and sale management could possibly earn you over $100,000 per year, and you only need a bachelor’s degree.

Nursing is an in-demand field. More positions become available to you when you possess a bachelor’s of science in nursing or a master of science in nursing. Your earning potential heightens, and you become more marketable. You may even take on management positions in the healthcare field when you possess at least a BSN from one of the online degree programs in Arizona. Generally, a nurse with a BSN earns over $100,000 per year. Plus, the field of nursing is expected to grow by 12 percent until 2028, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This employment change is equivalent to 371,500 new positions opening up for nurses during that time. As one of the online degrees in Arizona, this particular option allows you to have the opportunity to help individuals. 

Another of the online degrees in Arizona that are in demand is criminal justice. Of all the online degree programs in Arizona, this major is versatile. You may become a probation officer, police officer, or forensic scientist technician. You may use this degree to complete your undergraduate coursework for becoming a lawyer. When comparing online degree programs in Arizona to earn your undergraduate, this is one that educates you about the basics of law. Many of the career paths for people with a criminal justice degree help out the community. You may become one of the people who assist in making the area of your choosing a better and safer place.  

How Do I Choose an Arizona Online School?

While many online students end up with a for-profit distance learning school, it’s important to ensure that your distance education choice is legitimate. The Department of Education approves accrediting boards across the US. Schools have to show a good graduation rate, graduate success, and other benchmarks to be approved for FAFSA and other government programs.

Online learners should also consider cost. In-state tuition is much cheaper than out-of-state tuition for Arizona residents, but many out-of-state students can pay in-state prices for online classes. Prospective students should also look to nonprofit public universities and nonprofit online universities. For-profit schools often charge more for online bachelor’s programs than a public institution.

Also consider how you want to learn. If you already have a degree from community college, you can start out ahead with a degree completion program. Full-time learners can finish a four-year degree in less than two years. Choosing an asynchronous program allows you to get your college degree on your own time.

An online liberal arts and sciences degree can also prepare you for master’s programs. Online graduate programs have changed the field for millions of workers.

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