Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Idaho

Now more than ever before students from all walks of life and of all ages are busy juggling family, full or part time work, and other commitments while attempting to earn a degree or further their education. For this reason, more students are turning to online learning as a viable and respected means for earning their degree. As the demand increases, so does the number of fully online degrees offered by accredited universities across the nation.  In fact, today earning a degree fully online is considered an equally respected avenue for obtaining degrees from the associate to doctorate levels and most major colleges and universities across the nation offer courses and degrees fully online.

In this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list you’ll find colleges all located in the state of Idaho that offer the best of the state’s online programs. Each school offers degrees that students can obtain 100% online. The list also includes options for associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or continuing education degrees. Each institution meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation. Please note that the annual tuition prices reflect the national IPEDs data since oftentimes online degree costs can vary program to program, course to course.


University of Idaho at Moscow

The University of Idaho at Moscow is a land-grant university and serves the state of Idaho through four campuses and has over forty other offices across the state. The university prides itself in offering student-centered learning opportunities and excels in having some of the best interdisciplinary research opportunities in the nation! Additionally, the school is a leader in diversity, citizenship and global outreach in the state of Idaho and is recognized as one of the top green colleges in the nation.

University of Idaho at Moscow online offers graduate degree programs to students worldwide. The College of Graduate Studies was formally founded in 1925 and has been serving students in reaching their post-graduate goals since. The online college is unique in offering virtual classroom experiences as well as online research opportunities.  Some online programs include degrees in Social Science, Engineering, Architecture, Science, Education, and Earth and Environmental Studies.

Annual Tuition: $7,020

Online Programs: 25


Northwest Nazarene University

Founded in 1913, Northwest Nazarene University is a nonprofit Christian university, sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene and offers liberal arts education with sixty areas of study and undergraduate, master, or doctorate degree programs. As a Christian institution, the university promotes global Christian awareness through academic excellence and encourages and supports creative, hands-on engagement for all students both on campus and online. It is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Northwest Nazarene University online offers online degrees at the associate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The online school is a segment of the university’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) and offers degrees in the areas of theology, education, nursing, and business.

Annual Tuition: $28,150

Online Programs: 24


Idaho State University

Idaho State University is a doctoral research and teaching institution and serves a diverse student body from across the world! The school was founded in 1901 and today is the state of Idaho’s leading institution in offering degrees and programs in a wide range of health professions as well as in the areas of nuclear research, teaching, energy, and business to name a few. Cutting edge research emerges from the university annual and coursework, innovative research, and community involvement both locally and nationally are student-led efforts.

Idaho State University online is often called eISU. Programs are offered to degree seeking student from around the world in a variety of subject areas. Courses are delivered in a flexible, student led manner and enrollees have real-time access to course materials, instructors, and other students as well as options for asynchronous coursework, which can be accessed at any time the student prefers. Degrees are available from the College of Arts and Letters, College of Business, College of Education, College of Science and Engineering, and the Division of Health Sciences departments.

Annual Tuition: $6,784

Online Programs: 21


Brigham Young University-Idaho

Named for the same LDS leader who inspired the university in Provo, UT, Brigham Young University-Idaho is a respected institution in its own right. Founded by Mormon pioneers who settled in the rugged Rocky Mountains, BYU-I has grown into a sizable university with a student body largely made up of LDS students. Along with the deep influence of the Mormon faith, the LDS church also supports the school, providing extremely generous tuition breaks for LDS members, creating an impressive return on investment. It is also listed as one of Value Colleges’ Top 50 Best Value Undergraduate Computer Science Programs!

BYU-Idaho Online  offers a number of degrees fully and partially online and the school serves international students as well, though international attendees are encouraged to complete a certificate in their preferred area of study before embarking on a degree program. Some undergraduate programs offered include degrees in Computer Information Technology, Healthcare Administration, University Studies, and Business Management to name a few.

Annual Tuition: $3,830

Online Programs: 17


Lewis Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College, located in Lewiston, Idaho, was founded in 1893 and is a public, undergraduate college that is proud to offer the feel and quality of a private college. The school boasts a three-part mission that combines academic programs, community programs, and career and technical educational programs to ensure students obtain the most well-rounded education available today.

Lewis Clark State College online  offers programs that can be completed both completely and partially online. All courses embody the same commitment to academics as found on the traditional campus with the flexibility of learning online. The student-led programs are perfect for busy working adults, students who prefer learning from the comfort of their own home, or homeschool students transitioning to college. Some fully online programs include degrees in Business, Technology, the Humanities, Nursing, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Annual Tuition: $7,224

Online Programs: 16


Boise State University

Boise State University was founded in 1932 by the Episcopal Church and has been awarding bachelor and master degrees since 1965. Well known statewide for having some of the most dedicated professors, students both on campus and online come to Boise expecting rigorous academies led by credentialed faculty and staff. The research university is additionally a leading institution for innovative research in the Northwest and the school prides itself in producing future leaders through academics, research, and hands-on, real world experiences. 

Boise State University online, often referred to as the eCampus, offers more than 250 fully online course and twenty-two fully online degree programs. There are seventeen graduate degrees offered along with five undergraduate or certificate offerings. Additionally, all of the e-courses offer the same quality academics as found in the on-campus experiences. Some fully online programs include degrees in Applied Science, RN to BSN, and Respiratory Care, to name a few.

Annual Tuition: $6,876

Online Programs: 15


College of Southern Idaho

The College of Southern Idaho is a progressive, student-focused college that encourages academic growth and hands on experience through coursework, research, and real-world experiences. The university has been recognized for having outstanding faculty and facilities that cater to the student-centered environment both on campus and with the school’s online programs and resources.  Founded in 1965 today the College of Southern Idaho is proud to offer associate degrees and technical certificates in over one hundred disciplines.

College of Southern Idaho online offers a varying number of fully and partially online degree and certificate programs and all coursework is set up to be student managed in a flexible and supportive environment. Classes can be completed on the students schedule and all enrollees have access to support services like library access, advisement, and more. Some fully online degree offerings include programs in Business, Economics, Education, the Liberal Arts, the Social Sciences, and Library and Information Science.

Annual Tuition: $2,880

Online Programs: 15


College of Western Idaho

The College of Western Idaho is a comprehensive community and is proud to offer quality programs to residents of Western Idaho and beyond. The school is committed to providing career-technical courses and core academics both on campus and online, and provides the means for career-focused adults and students to meet their academic and career goals through a variety of programs including a fast-track career training program that is ideal for working professionals.

College of Western Idaho online offers the same career focused academic programs virtually as students find on campus, but with additional flexibility. All online courses employ high levels of student interaction and offer convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Students have access to 24/7 course materials, student support services, and flexible scheduling. The fully online areas of study include degrees in Business, General Education, Geography, English, History, Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Political Science.

Annual Tuition: $3,264

Online Programs: 8


North Idaho College

Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and founded in 1933, North Idaho College is a comprehensive community college offering certificates and degrees in a variety of areas of study. The school primarily focuses on academic transfer plus career and technical programs and serves students regionally on campus with a broader range of enrollees online. North Idaho College strives to prepare students for business, industries, and government agencies through academics and job-training. The school is also proud of its open-door policy and celebrates its diverse student body and faculty.

North Idaho College online offers student-led programs and course that follow the DIY mission of the campus overall – students can enroll in course to create their own degree programs. Students gain access to academics and training in real-world experiences that prepare them for the workforce and marketplace today. Additionally, the eLearning center provides continued support for all students enrolled online including virtual classrooms, quality matters training and rubric standards, plus course design. The online school furthers North Idaho College’s commitment to diversity by supporting students with disabilities through their unique Disability Support Services office.

Annual Tuition: $3,214

Online Courses: 150+ currently offered


New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews College was founded in 1994 and models its curriculum on Harvard Colleges traditional academics. The institution is a Christian college offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the liberal arts and is dedicated to combining Christ-centered learning with rigorous academics.

Though it is unusual for Value Colleges to list an online college that only offers one fully online degree, the New Saint Andrews Latin Program online is so unique, it must be mentioned. The Latin program is available for purchase and includes four Latin courses that lead to a degree in Latin. The self-paced nature of the program is perfect for professionals or individuals seeking a Latin degree and who cannot, for whatever reason, attend a college at a traditional campus.

Annual Tuition: $11,800

Online Programs: 1