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A Massachusetts online school is the only way some students can earn a degree. Massachusetts online colleges give students the benefit of being able to fit school into their schedule. They can take classes once they get home or before they leave. Plus, there isn’t a commute time. A Massachusetts online school can benefit individuals who are going to school for the first time, want to change careers, or are trying to advance at their current job or in their current field. 

Parents can also benefit from a Massachusetts online school. The individual can attend class while their kids sleep or go to school or are busy. Some individuals have to hold down full-time jobs to support their households. They may not be able to fit school into their schedules. If they can manage to work it into their schedule, it could easily lead to the individual getting burned out.

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Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Massachusetts

The Value Colleges Best Online Colleges in Massachusetts ranking highlights the best of the best as far as online learning in the state of Massachusetts. Additionally, the schools are ranked by the number of fully online degree programs offered. Each institution must be fully accredited, as well as meeting Value Colleges standards of quality and value.

1. Bay Path University

Topping the list of the best online colleges in Massachusetts is Bay Path University. The school offers online bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business analytics, business administration, child psychology, community health, communications, counseling foundations, cybersecurity: digital forensics, criminal justice, digital marketing management, early childhood leadership, early childhood education, entrepreneurship, food science and safety, food industry management, forensic psychology, health foundations, foundations in alcohol and drug abuse counseling, health sciences, hospitality management, health and wellness, leadership and organizational studies, human services and rehabilitation, liberal studies, nursing (RN to BSN), nonprofit management, offender rehabilitation and victim advocacy, psychology, operations management, and strategic human resource management.

The American Women’s College’s online degree programs are designed to fit the needs of busy women who want to go back to school to get their bachelor’s degrees without neglecting their careers or families. The school’s online programs are accelerated to help students finish more quickly—in as little as one year for transfer students. Students can earn credit for work experience, military service, and more.

Number of Online Programs: 30

2. University of Massaschusetts Dartmouth

With 19 online bachelor’s degree programs to choose from, UMass Dartmouth is another of the best online colleges in Massachusetts. Students can major in accounting, economics, finance, English literature and criticism, general business administration, liberal arts, history, management—leadership, marketing, management information systems (technology and management), management information systems (e-commerce/digital business), medical laboratory science MLT-MLS, operations management, nursing (RN-BS), public administration (BS or BA), political science, women’s and gender studies, and sociology and anthropology.

At UMass Dartmouth, most adult students take two courses each semester. The programs are designed to be part-time, so it may not always be possible to carry a full load each term. The school has advisors who can help you create a degree plan that works for you. UMass Dartmouth has many resources for online students, including access to the Career Center and eLibrary.

Number of Online Programs: 18

3. University of Massachusetts Lowell

Next on the list of the best online colleges in Massachusetts is UMass Lowell. The school has 23 online programs, eight of which are bachelor’s programs. Students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UMass Lowell can choose from business administration, criminal justice, English, information technology (business minor or second-degree option), liberal arts, or psychology. These programs are all available 100% online.

At UMass Lowell, you can earn your online degree from a nationally respected university. All online courses are taught by expert faculty members and practicing professionals in the field. UMass Lowell combines the quality education you expect from a top-notch university with the convenience of online education, enabling adult students to balance their work and life obligations with their study schedules. Students have access to academic advisors to help them navigate their educational journeys, and tech support is available around the clock.

Number of Online Programs: 18

4. Assumption College

Assumption College is also one of the best online colleges in Massachusetts, especially for students who are interested in business. There are six concentrations available in the business administration program. Students can choose from five pre-designed concentrations (digital marketing, human resources management, project management, marketing, or management) or design their own concentration. The other bachelor’s programs offered are humanities (concentration in history or English), human services and rehabilitation studies, and social science (concentration in psychology or criminal justice).

Assumption College’s Continuing & Career Education (CCE) department provides a convenient and affordable way for busy professionals to earn their college degrees and advance their careers. Students earn their degree from a respected institution while studying on their own schedule from anywhere they want. The schools offer affordable tuition and many students quality financial aid. Assumption offers 7.5-week terms, and students can take one or two courses per term.

Number of Online Programs: 11

5. Salem State University

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies at Salem State University is another of the best online colleges in Massachusetts, with three online bachelor’s degrees available to choose from intercultural communications, fire science administration, and nursing (RN to BSN). The school also has several bachelor’s programs that can be completed on campus through evening classes.

Salem State University strives to provide a quality education that caters to the needs of its students. The school values culture, diversity, and economic development. SSU is committed to providing inspiration and innovation to ensure that its students succeed in both their education and their lives. Students receive a solid liberal arts education that emphasizes soft skills such as communication and critical thinking. The school’s four main goals are student success; academic excellence; inclusion, collaboration and stewardship; and financial sustainability and vitality. SSU’s core values are civic engagement, access, inclusion, scholarship, innovation, stewardship, and well-roundedness.

Number of Online Programs: 10

6. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Next among the best online colleges in Massachusetts is the University Without Walls at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which offers a variety of online bachelor’s degree and bachelor’s degree completion programs. The regular degree programs are an accelerated BS in nursing, an RN to BS in nursing, and a BS in sustainable food and farming. The degree completion programs offered are business administration, hospitality and tourism management, and design your own. Business administration majors can choose concentrations in accounting, management, finance, operations and information management, and marketing.

The University Without Walls is designed for working adults who are ready to finish their degrees. The programs are also perfect for lifelong learners who want to stay at the top of their fields or advance their education in order to advance their careers. UWW is committed to providing high-quality education and outstanding support for students. The UWW degree completion program is perfect for students who have prior college or work experience and want to design their own curriculum.

Number of Online Programs: 9

7. Endicott College

With more than 20 postgraduate programs online, the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Endicott College is one of the best online colleges in Massachusetts for graduate students, especially those in the education field. The school also offers online bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice, liberal studies (general, educational studies, Montessori learning), and psychology.

The Van Loan School provides quality education for adult learners. The school strives to enable students to continue living their lives while pursuing additional education. Students benefit from the convenience of online classes, which allow them to complete their coursework whenever it fits into their lives. The Van Loan School prides itself on its sense of community. Students build strong relationships with both the faculty and their peers, forging relationships that endure beyond the college years. Online students at the Van Loan School have access to resources such as a writing center, tutoring, disability services, and phone access to the Halle Library staff.

Number of Online Programs: 7

8. Westfield State University

Westfield State University offers online bachelor’s degrees in history and online bachelor’s degree completion programs in business, history, criminal justice, liberal studies, sociology, and psychology. The history program offers accelerated 7-week courses as well as the standard 14-week courses. There are also two 6-week sessions during the summer and an intensive 2-week session in January. Students can choose which format they prefer for their courses.

The degree completion programs at Westfield State University are designed for community college students in Massachusetts who have completed specially-designed programs that were designed for the completion program. However, other students are welcome to apply. Students who have not completed one of the special community college programs will be required to work with an advisor to develop a plan of study. WSU’s online programs prepare students to contribute positively to society throughout their careers.

Number of Online Programs: 7

9. Lesley University

Last but not least on the list of the best online colleges in Massachusetts, Lesley University offers bachelor’s degree programs in business management, design for user experience, human services online, interdisciplinary humanities, liberal studies, and psychology. These programs are available completely online in order to meet the needs of today’s adult students.

Lesley University’s online programs provide a convenient way for parents and working professionals to earn their degrees without giving up their lives. The flexibility of online education allows students to fit their study schedule around whatever prior commitments they have in their lives. At Lesley, students can choose when and where they want to study. The school’s programs are affordable and financial aid is available to students who need it. Lesley University is a small school with a 10:1 faculty-student ratio. This means more individualized attention for each student.

Number of Online Programs: 6

What is the Value of Online College in Massachusetts?

Now more than ever universities are recognizing the need for flexibility in learning in order to allow students to pursue their career dreams while balancing a busy work and school schedule or while keeping other commitments like family. For this reason, it’s becoming easier to find fully accredited, fully online degree programs across the nation offered online. Major universities and colleges are participating in distance learning programs more and more and each one is unique in its degree offerings though all promise flexibility, support, and quality education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, workers with a degree typically make more than those with a high school diploma.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Massachusetts?

The job market in Massachusetts is incredibly competitive. With so many people applying for the same position, an individual needs to find a way to stand. One way to do so is by earning a degree. An individual can choose one of the Massachusetts online degrees, so he or she can still work while attending school. Individuals who don’t possess a degree can earn one for the first time from Massachusetts online degrees. It’s also possible for someone to finish a degree they started in the past, such as turning an online associate degree into a bachelor’s degree with a degree completion program. With transfer credits, prospective students can complete their four-year degree in much less time.

Online schools in Massachusetts also give students the ability to complete a graduate degree program. Many master’s degrees are now online. For instance, students may choose online master’s programs in Massachusetts as well as doctorate degree programs. Once a student can complete one of the online master’s programs in Massachusetts, it’s possible for an individual to specialize. For instance, a student with a cybersecurity degree may focus on homeland security or banking.

Enrollment in an asynchronous program allows you to do your coursework on your own time, without having to attend in-person or online at a particular time.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Massachusetts?

Unfortunately, finances are often an option for students looking to better their education. For some, it’s a vicious cycle because they can’t afford to go to school, but they struggle to make ends meet with their current salary. It’s possible for many pupils who didn’t think they could afford school to attend. For instance, a student may look into public schools. In many cases, public options are much more affordable. For instance, UMass’s online tuition is less than many private schools. 

Another option to save money is to apply for financial aid through the state and federal governments. Students who have a financial need and meet the income threshold may qualify for grants that only have to be paid back if a student doesn’t finish school. 

Employer reimbursement and internships can save a person money as well. This option consists of an employer agreeing to repay a portion of the student’s tuition cost if he or she works for the company for a designated amount of time. Students have to be completing certain employer-approved degree programs to qualify for this. 

Even choosing a lower-cost public school isn’t enough for some students to be able to afford higher education. Another option before a student has to pay the expense of UMass Online tuition or another larger university is to start at the community college. A pupil may choose from a variety of Massachusetts community colleges online in addition to various programs. A student may want to consider earning an associate’s or bachelor’s from one of the Massachusetts community colleges online. 

In-state distance learners usually pay lower tuition rates than out-of-state students, for undergraduate and graduate programs. Online learners save money in other ways as well, since distance education programs don’t require parking, dining hall, and other fees of in-person college.

Are There Online Public Universities in Massachusetts? 

With the increasing demand for online programs, more and more online public universities in Massachusetts are offering online programs. For instance, a UMass Lowell online program offers students bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs at lower costs than private schools. UMass Lowell online isn’t the only division of UMass that supplies online programs. UMass Amherst online degrees are available, too. This division offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs also. Those who choose UMass Amherst online degrees or a UMass Lowell online program may choose to complete a certificate program online instead of an entire degree. 

Public universities like Fitchburg State University are beneficial to many students looking to further their education because they provide quality education at a more affordable rate than most online private colleges. Although it’s always important for a student to conduct research and ensure a school has accreditation, well-respected public universities obtain that credential. The accreditation is a guarantee that the student receives a strong education and can receive financial aid.

Often, public universities offer the same curriculum or basics of a program online as they do on campus. The format is different to accommodate the online setup, though. 

Massachusetts, of course, is also home to some of the best-known private schools in New England, like Massachusetts College, Harvard University (in Cambridge, MA), Fisher College, Northeastern University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Boston University.

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