Best Online Colleges in Mississippi

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The option of a Mississippi online college is giving more individuals access to higher education in The Magnolia State. For instance, working adults may not be able to attend a brick-and-mortar college because of their work schedule. A Mississippi online college, however, gives these individuals the ability to attend school on a schedule that works for them, such as before or after work. The online school works for adults who are going back to school for the first time, want to change careers, or are looking to advance in their current field. 

Parents can benefit from online colleges in Mississippi because they can still take care of their kids while they attend school. Rural students are another group of individuals who may benefit from online education. Often, for these individuals, distance and the frustration of traffic deter individuals from going to a traditional school. However, with an online school, these individuals don’t have the issue of distance and traffic.

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Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Mississippi

Value Colleges is dedicated to helping students find schools and colleges in the state of Mississippi that offer degrees online. Each institution below also meets the basic expectations of VC, including a strong ROI and regional or national accreditation. The schools are listed by the number of fully online degree programs they offer.

1. University of Southern Mississippi

With over 100 years of history providing top-quality educational programs and fifteen fully only bachelor’s degree programs, the University of Southern Mississippi is truly one of the best online colleges in Mississippi. Online students can earn their bachelor’s degrees in applied technology, child and family sciences, elementary education, industrial engineering technology (general or logistics), library and information sciences, medical laboratory science, philosophy, sociology, business administration (general business), construction management, liberal studies, management, nursing (RN to BSN), or public health.

Southern Miss offers many online programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The school gives students a great value for the dollar while providing a top-notch education. Their online degree programs are perfect for working adult or those with families to attend to. Earning an online degree at Southern Miss gives students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the workplace—without having to take time off from work to go to school. Southern Miss graduates are fully prepared to excel in their careers and are sought after by employers all over the country. Southern Miss has been ranked as the most affordable among all online colleges in the country.

Number of Online Programs: 15

2. Mississippi University for Women

Mississippi University for Women is one of the best online colleges in Mississippi for students who have earned a degree from a community college. The school has several 2+2 programs, which require two years of community college classes followed by two years at Mississippi University for Women. Students interested in a 2+2 program can choose from business administration (general business, human resources management, health care management, management information systems, legal administration, and management), nursing (RN to BSN), and public health education.

Mississippi University for Women, also known as The W, is a small school that provides big value. Its small class sizes mean extra attention for each student and a sense of community that makes students feel at home, whether they are taking their classes online or on campus. Although The W proclaims itself a women’s college, it has been accepting male students for more than 30 years. Professors at The W regularly make time to mentor their students to success.

Number of Online Programs: 13

3. Belhaven University

With nine bachelor’s degrees to choose from, Belhaven University is one of the best Christian online colleges in Mississippi. The school offers online bachelor’s programs in accounting, Biblical studies, health administration, interdisciplinary studies, nursing (RN to BSN), applied psychology, business administration, hospitality management, and management. Online classes allow students the flexibility to fit their schoolwork around the rest of their lives.

Belhaven University is a Christian school that teaches all subjects from a Christian perspective and encourages students to serve God in every area of their lives. Belhaven allows students to earn credit for their military and professional training. Students can also earn credit by taking standardized tests such as CLEP tests. The school’s staff provides support to ensure the success of its students. Belhaven graduates have the tools they need to meet their career goals, whatever they might be. Since 1996, Belhaven has been listed among America’s Best Christian Colleges every single year.

Number of Online Programs: 9

4. Mississippi College

Next on the list of the best online colleges in Mississippi is another Christian college—Mississippi College. The school is a Baptist college that offers six online bachelor’s degree programs: business administration, homeland security, communication, loss prevention, paralegal studies, and nursing (RN to BSN). MC’s online programs are both affordable and flexible.

Mississippi College has a history of firsts. It was the first college established in Mississippi and the first co-ed college in the US to award a degree to a woman. MC has more students than any other private university in Mississippi but is still small enough to foster a sense of community among its students. The school’s scholarship program makes it more affordable than most other private colleges and universities. Its online programs were created with working professionals in mind and allow students to take their courses whenever it is most convenient for them. Almost 100% of MC’s nursing graduates are employed by three months after graduation.

Number of Online Programs: 8

5. Mississippi State University

At Mississippi State University, students can choose between eight online bachelor’s degree programs: business administration, elementary education (middle school or early childhood), geosciences (broadcast and operational meteorology), history, industrial technology, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies. At MSU, online programs result in the same degree earned by on-campus students.

Mississippi State University is not only one of the best online colleges in Mississippi but also one of the best research universities. Innovation at MSU has led to advancements that improve manufacturing processes, reduce hunger in developing nations, and help power the exploration of space by NASA. From its founding in 1878, Mississippi State has been propelled by a desire to make the world a better place. To achieve this mission, MSU has adopted the values of research, learning, and service. Demonstrating the school’s commitment to service, volunteers from Mississippi State helped save the lives of almost 500 people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Number of Undergraduate Online Programs: 7

6. Jackson State University

Jackson State University Online offers several online degree programs, including five bachelor’s programs that can be taken anytime, anywhere. The online bachelor’s programs are criminal justice, childcare and family education, healthcare administration, technology (emergency management technology), and professional interdisciplinary studies. The professional interdisciplinary studies program can be customized to fit the student’s personal and educational goals.

JSU Online’s programs are created to meet the needs of the school’s adult students. As one of the best online colleges in Mississippi, the school’s goal is to make education accessible to anyone regardless of where they live. Courses are designed so that working professionals and other adults can fit a college degree into their already busy lives. Online students at JSU online have access to resources and support that rival those available to on-campus students. JSU Online graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers and build highly successful lives.

Number of Online Programs: 5

7. Delta State University

Delta State University offers several online programs, including an online RN to BSN nursing program. The school’s online programs are both convenient and affordable. In fact, the school’s online programs are ranked among the most affordable in the US. Delta State combines high-quality education with affordable tuition for an outstanding bargain in higher education. The school’s online programs are flexible enough to enable working adults to pursue their education without sacrificing their careers.

Started as a college for teachers, Delta State still offers outstanding programs for teachers, as well as many programs in other fields. There are programs at Delta that can’t be found anywhere else, such as the geospatial information technology program. As one of the best online colleges in Mississippi, Delta State is determined to continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of its students. The school’s mission is to serve as a center of culture and education in the Delta region. Delta State University is committed to quality, scholarship, learning, student engagement, innovation, support for the arts, respect, health, leadership, and educational development.

Number of Online Programs: 4

8. William Carey University

William Carey University’s online programs include three bachelor’s degree programs: health, physical education, and recreation; nursing (RN to BSN); and physical education. The physical education program requires a minor. Students can choose between recreation, coaching, and special education. As one of the best online colleges in Mississippi, William Carey is going above and beyond to be able to offer the online opportunities that today’s students want and need. That includes expanding its online offerings and making sure that online courses are flexible enough to allow students to work around their other obligations.

William Carey University strives to combine faith, life, and learning. The school offers a unique environment that both challenges and nurtures students, helping them reach their full potential. William Carey is a Christian school with a strong Baptist heritage. The school believes that every person is created by God with unique talents and skills and seeks to help its students reach their calling to make the highest and best use of their natural abilities. William Carey seeks to eliminate geography as a deterrent, enabling students to attend regardless of where they live.

Number of Online Programs: 3

9. Alcorn State University

Alcorn State University offers three online bachelor’s degree programs. They are child development, criminal justice, and business administration. The child development program includes courses such as child care administration, marriage and family relationships, and guidance of young children. The business administration program focuses on general business skills such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management.

The Office of Online Education at Alcorn State University offers online programs that are designed to meet the needs of busy working adults who want to earn their college degrees and get ahead in life. Alcorn’s online programs offer flexibility and convenience, allowing students to decide when and how they will make time to fit their schoolwork into their schedules. Alcorn graduates demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. At Alcorn, professors guide students to ensure their success throughout their educational journeys.

Number of Online Programs: 3

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Mississippi?

Not every student has the luxury of going to school immediately proceeding high school. Often, this makes it hard for them to return to school due to scheduling issues and other obligations. Fortunately, students have a wide variety of online degrees in Mississippi to choose from. For example, a student may choose to earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. They may choose from topics ranging from healthcare to business to criminal justice, as well as a variety of others. Students may also choose to select a minor in addition to their major, depending on the school of their choosing. 

Although some majors don’t become options until a student enters into a bachelor’s degree program, students still have several options for associate’s level Mississippi online degree programs. For example, a student may choose to earn a degree in business, criminal justice, cybersecurity, healthcare administration, or psychology in an associate’s degree program. At a bachelor’s level, the options for Mississippi online degree programs become even greater. At this level, a student may earn online degrees in Mississippi for nursing and elementary education. These choices become available at a bachelor’s degree level because both require in-person instruction at an associate’s level. 

Students can specialize once they reach a master’s level and the same applies to a doctorate. For example, a nurse practitioner may want to focus on general medicine or pediatric care. On the other hand, someone in psychology may want to focus on forensic psychology. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Mississippi?

It’s no surprise that getting an education is expensive. Unfortunately, a student may automatically assume he or she can’t afford the cost of a degree. However, it’s possible to take online courses in Mississippi that not only fit into a person’s schedule but also his or budget. One option to save money on an online degree program is to look into public colleges and universities rather the private. A person may also want to consider applying to one of the smaller regional campuses as opposed to the larger main branches. 

Another option students have to save money when taking online courses in Mississippi is by applying for financial aid. Students have the ability to apply for both state and federal assistance. Financial aid awards grants to students, which is free money to help those who have a financial need attend school. The money only has to be paid back if the student doesn’t finish his or her degree. In addition to grants based on financial need, a student may also find grants for certain degree programs, such as nursing or education. 

Employer reimbursement is another way to make a college education more affordable. This particular option consists of a student making an agreement with his or her employer. The employer will reimburse the student for part of the cost of the tuition for his or her education. The student must agree to work for the employer after he or she completes his or her degree.

Finally, a student may want to consider online community colleges in Mississippi. These schools are much cheaper than major colleges and universities. A student may opt to earn his or her associate’s or bachelor’s at one of the online community colleges in Mississippi. Students could also choose to earn general credits at a community college and than transfer to a public or private college.  

Why Should I Choose an Online Public University in Mississippi? 

A student may find accredited online colleges in Mississippi that are public universities. Often, these schools are well known and have a reputation for preparing students for their careers. As accredited online colleges in Mississippi, public universities in Mississippi are often cheaper than a private school. 

Since a public university offers on-campus courses, their online programs are typically the same as their on-campus ones. However, they format the courses, so they work in an online environment. 

Often, the resources students have access to in a public university are greater than those in a private university. Public universities receive government funding, so they have more of a budget in many cases.

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