Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Mississippi

Today more than ever before earning undergraduate to professional degrees fully online is a highly respected and desirable path for attending university for many students. The online path for higher education is particularly for working adults and traditional students who have other pressing commitments, such as work or family, and need the flexibility of a virtual classroom. Additionally, non-traditional students, such as homeschooled students, appreciate the often student-led format of earning a degree online. Today across our nation major and fully accredited colleges and universities offer distinguished distance learning programs fully or partially online. The same is true for all of the colleges in this Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Mississippi list.

In this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list you’ll find schools and colleges in the state of Mississippi that offer degrees, certificate programs, and professional opportunities that students can obtain partially to 100% online. There are options for associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or continuing education degrees listed. The schools are listed by the number of fully online degree programs they offer and their tuition costs, though please note that most of the tuition costs listed reflect the annual IPEDs since online tuition costs often vary program to program. Each institution below also meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and regional or national accreditation.


Belhaven University

Founded in 1883,  Belhaven University is an accredited, Christian university that combines quality academics with faith-based learning. The school seeks to advance the professional jobs of adult learners and career driven individuals as well as meet the academic needs of traditionally college-aged students. Both on campus and online students can expect to get a rigorous and thorough education coupled with faculty support and accessible student services like advisement, library access, and financial aid options to help make obtaining a degree affordable.

Belhaven University online provides the same unique blend of personal and professional attention remotely as is found on the traditional campus. Programs are suited to fit the needs of busy individuals who need ease of access to learning. Qualified faculty are available to support enrollees and programs can be completed 100% online and at a student-led pace. Degrees are offered from the associate to master levels and some fully online programs offered include degrees in Biblical Studies, Business, Health Administration, Accounting, Nursing, Sports Administration, Education, and more!

Per Credit Costs: $365-535 

Online Programs: 35


Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University of Agriculture and Applied Science, commonly known as Mississippi State University, is a land-grant university in Oktibbeha County and is dedicated to three broad purposes: learning, research, and service. The school strives to combine these three goals into all aspects of university life both on the traditional campus and for students learning remotely online. Offering unique and cutting edge research opportunities, the university prides itself in being a flagship research institution in the state of Mississippi.

Mississippi State University online provides the same quality education online as is found on campus and offers a wealth of fully online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students benefit from accessible coursework and faculty support, student advisement and online access to library services, and the flexibility to complete the degree of their choosing at their own pace. Some fully online bachelor and master degrees offered include areas of study such as Education, Business Technology, Computational Engineering, Forestry or Geosciences, and many more.

Annual Tuition: $7,502

Online Programs: 34


University of Southern Mississippi

Founded in 1910, the University of Southern Mississippi was originally a small teachers’ college and today has grown to become a comprehensive, research-driven doctoral university that proudly boasts a diverse student population and leading faculty. The school hosts students from across Mississippi, the United States, and over seventy countries from around the world. With six degree granting colleges, the university has a wealth of offerings for ambitious learners from all walks of life.

University of Southern Mississippi online proudly offers the same quality education online as found on campus with the added benefits of flexibility in course and degree completion plus affordable tuition rates. Accredited programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels including degrees in Education, Engineering, Applied Technology, Business Administration, and more. Students from over forty states benefit from the distance learning program at the University of Southern Mississippi annually, using high quality programs to meet their education and career goals.

Annual Tuition: $7,659

Online Programs: 32


Mississippi College

Mississippi College was founded in 1826 and is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Mississippi. The co-educational college is proudly affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and is recognized for offering academic excellence paired with a commitment Christian faith. The university has a commitment to affordability and offers lower tuition prices and generous scholarship programs annually.

Mississippi College online carries Christ-centered learning from the classroom to a distance learning environment where a diverse student body can obtain the same quality education at a student-led pace and fully or partially online. The online school is fully accredited and offers accelerated degrees in Applied Communication or Business Administration, to name a few, as well as four bachelor degrees and graduate degrees in areas such as the Arts, Education, Homeland Security, and many more.

Annual Tuition: $16,064

Online Programs: 25


Jackson State University

Jackson State University was founded in 1877 and is a diverse four-year institution, and a flagship for technologically equipped universities in Mississippi. The university proudly boasts a rich history of producing educated leaders in local and global communities. The school was founded by the American Baptist Home Mission Society and is today a leading research institution for the state of Mississippi and the nation in the areas of healthcare, technological and educational initiatives, and comprehensive economic development.

Jackson State University online  designed its programs to serve a large diverse body of students from anywhere in the world, and at any time. This means classes and assignments are accessible 24/7 from around the globe and student-led coursework can be completed in a manner that suits the enrollees busy schedule. The university serves both traditional college students seeking an alternative to classroom learning, like homeschool students, as well as non-traditional learners. Some fully online programs offered include degrees in Healthcare Administration, Early Childhood Education, Sports Science, and many more. Degrees are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, both fully or partially online.

Annual Tuition: $6,886

Online Programs: 18


William Carey University

Originally a woman’s college and founded in 1892 in Poplarville, Mississippi, William Carey University today has two campuses in Hattiesburg and Biloxi, Mississippi and serves a diverse, co-educational population of academically and career driven students from around the globe. The university prides itself on an equally diverse and qualified faculty, offering top-notch education to students both on-campus and online through the distance learning program. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and awards bachelor to doctoral degrees.

The William Carey University online initiative is often referred to as Going the Extra Mile to reach students from diverse backgrounds and locations. Offering a flexible and supportive learning environment, online students are able to access the same quality education from the convenience of their own homes or offices and with access to the qualified faculty and a wealth of supportive student services. Some fully online, accredited programs include degrees in Physical Education, Criminal Justice, and a number of Nursing degrees. Students from around the globe benefit from William Carey University’s commitment to quality distance education.

Annual Tuition: $11,700

Online Programs: 15


Mississippi University for Women

Founded in 1884, Mississippi University for Women is a public university that offers undergraduate to graduate degrees both on a traditional campus located in Columbus, MS, and fully online. The school was the first public college for women in the United States, and while today MUW is co-educational, it maintains a commitment to academic and leadership development for women around the world. Mississippi University for Women boasts four colleges offering over fifty majors and concentrations and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award degrees from the associate to doctorate levels.

Mississippi University for Women online is committed to serving populations that, for whatever reason, may not be able to make it to a campus to obtain a degree, or who may choose to learn online because of other commitments such as family, work, or health restraints. Fully online master’s degree programs in Business Administration or Health Education can be completed at the student’s leisure, as well as a handful of professional certificate programs and a number of bachelor completion programs.

Annual Tuition: $5,781

Online Programs: 14


Delta State University

Originally founded as a teachers’ college, Delta State University today is a comprehensive university offering accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees to students from all fifty states and over twenty countries from around the world. The university has four major colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing. The school is known for utilizing advancements in technology, combined with rigorous academics and qualified faculty, both on campus and online, to meet the ever-changing needs of its diverse student base.

Delta State University online has affordability as its focus, in addition to quality academics, meaning that Delta State has one of the most affordable tuition rates in the region. Students can opt to take all their courses online or enroll in a blended program that combines online coursework with time in the classroom. Students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in Nursing fully online, as well as a number of master’s degree programs, including unique degrees in Commercial Aviation or Geospatial Information Technologies. The online school also offers an accredited Doctorate in Nursing degree program fully online.

Annual Tuition: $6,112

Online Programs: 12


University of Mississippi

Founded in 1848, the University of Mississippi is commonly and affectionately referred to as Ole Miss, since it is Mississippi’s flagship university. Today it is a doctoral, research University and one of the best research institutions in not only Mississippi, but also the United States. The school is a leader in the areas of medicine, law and pharmacy, and accountancy, as well as one of the most influential and significant cultural centers for the Deep South region in general.

University of Mississippi online is proud to offer the same top-notch, research-based education in a flexible manner and fully online, supported by a wealth of student services, 24/7 access to vital information, and affordability. The online school is led by the same faculty that teach on the traditional campus, and coursework still offers opportunity for career advancement, research, and hands-on opportunities. Some fully online degrees offered are a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Education in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education.

Annual Tuition: $7,444

Online Programs: 8


Blue Mountain College

Blue Mountain College was founded in 1873 as a Christian liberal arts college. It has been affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention since 1920. Through this affiliation, the college strives to educate undergraduate and graduate students with servant leadership, scholarship, and service in the church and community as a focus in addition to academics. The school is located in North Mississippi in the town of Blue Mountain and offers big university academics with small college attention to personal student needs.

Blue Mountain College online offers four programs online: degrees in Business Administration, Psychology, or Criminal Justice, plus a Core Curriculum program for busy working adults or students that want a jumpstart on their education or the flexibility of learning remotely. The program also reaches out to and serves populations interested in lifelong learning and continuing education. The online school also offers Special Education courses fully online in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Education.

Annual Tuition: $10,852

Online Programs: 3