Top 10 Best Online Colleges in North Dakota

With an ever increasing pressure for students to juggle part or full time work and other commitments like family while obtaining their degree, more than ever before the need for fully online learning is pertinent. Today students from all walks of life and in all degree levels can seek fully online degree programs from start to finish from accredited and respected universities across the nation. We see now that major universities and colleges across the country are developing fully accredited and accessible online degree programs to accommodate the needs of today’s busy student and those who wish to further their careers through education.

In this Value Colleges Top 10 list you can find highlights of the best online learning options in the state of North Dakota. All the tuition costs reflect the annual IPEDs listings simply because online tuition costs tend to vary program to program, sometimes even course to course. Additionally, the schools listed below are ranked by the number of fully online degree programs they offer. Plus, each school below meets the Value Colleges Best Value credentials by having a solid ROI and institutional accreditation.

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University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is the largest and the oldest university in the state. The university boasts some of the lowest tuition costs in the state as well as a diverse student population with students from all fifty states and over sixty different countries from around the world. As a flagship research institution, University of North Dakota is a state and national leader in research for energy and the environment, aerospace, entrepreneurship, and in health sciences.

University of North Dakota online offers nearly 40 online degree programs, many of which can be completed fully online. As a top research university in the nation, the schools esteemed academic programs span from the traditional classroom to all online coursework. Students can obtain bachelor, master, or doctoral degrees as well as master certificates fully online. Some courses can be enrolled in at any time and are self-paced while others follow a traditional semester schedule. Some online degree offerings include programs in instructional design and Technology, Electrical Engineering, and the arts and sciences.

Annual Tuition: $7,965

Online Programs: 47


University of Mary

As a private, Catholic Benedictine, Christian institution, the University of Mary has been a leader in private education for students of all faiths and backgrounds since its founding. The school has professionally-focused academic programs that strive to balance academics with real-world experience and global or civic service as well as instilling a notion of life-long learning in its alumni. In fact, 96% of the University of Mary graduates go on to pursue additional education after graduation.

University of Mary online is equally boasts academic excellence and brings the same rigorous coursework from the classroom into the online programs. Students can obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees fully online, and professional can seek a graduate certificate or doctoral program to further their careers through education.  Some fully online degree programs include bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in Accounting, Business, Education, Engineering, Healthcare and many more areas in the arts and sciences.

Annual Tuition: $16,685

Online Programs: 25


Bismarck State College

A 120-acre campus located in Bismarck, North Dakota, the University of North Dakota at Bismarck is the third largest college in the state and boasts small classes and a diverse student body. As an innovative community college, Bismarck proudly serves students through workforce training opportunities and quality educational experiences.

Bismarck State College online Offers a number of fully and partially online degree and certificate programs. Some pogroms include degrees in Criminal Justice, Nuclear Power Technology, Geographic Information Systems, and Business Administration to name a few. Additionally, the University of North Dakota at Bismarck is listed as a Top 50 Best Value Online Community College for 2016 by Value Colleges!

Annual Tuition: $3,604

Online Programs: 18


Minot State University

Minot State University offers a great variety of both undergraduate and graduate programs to students across the nation and from around the world both on campus and online through their distance learning programs. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in addition to other regional accreditations.

Named as having one of the best online graduate business programs in the nation, Minot State University online also offers a diverse range of fully online programs include coursework in management, information systems, and marketing to name a few. Online students can complete their degrees entirely through flexible scheduling and online technical and academic support while enjoying the benefits of gaining a quality education and respected degree. All students will have access to their courses seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The school offers ten undergraduate degrees and three graduate degrees fully online.

Annual Tuition: $6,390

Online Programs: 16


Valley City State University

Founded in 1890, Valley City State University is a leading university in North Dakota and has been recognized as the number one public regional college in the Midwest for 18 consecutive years! Located in the southeastern part of the state, the university is best known for its esteemed education programs and produces some of the finest K-12 teachers in the region. Valley City State University, often referred to as VCSU, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is one of the eleven institutions of the North Dakota University System.

Valley City State University online offers a variety of fully online undergraduate and graduate programs to students in North Dakota and across the nation. Students can expect to receive the same level of high-quality education that students at the VCSU traditional campus enjoy. Some undergraduate online degree offerings include programs in Professional Communication, English Education, or Music to name a few. Master degree offerings are in Education with concentrations in areas such as Elementary Education, English Education, Library and Information Technologies, or Teaching and Technology.

Annual Tuition: $6,800

Online Programs: 14


North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, often shortened to North Dakota State University (NDSU), is a land-grant research university located in Fargo, North Dakota with extension service and research sites across the state. The school is well known for its advances and innovations in combined research and teaching practices. The school is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as well.

The university offers distance education and online learning opportunities by collaborating with the NDSU departments individually in order to offer the highest quality of accredited education online. If enrolled online at North Dakota State University online students can obtain over 35 undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates.  The university also accepts blended learners who combine online learning with traditional classroom experience as well as supports professionals seeking to further their careers through online education.

Annual Tuition: $8,098

Online Programs: 14


North Dakota State College of Science

The North Dakota State College of Science, with two traditional campuses in Wahpeton and Fargo, has been a leader in education in the Dakotas since its founding in 1903. With solid ROI rankings, on average 99% of North Dakota State College of Science graduates are employed or pursing higher education opportunities after college.

North Dakota State College of Science online offers a number of fully online degree and certificate programs through their distance learning portal in addition to offering general education classes that students from around the world can benefit from. Some fully online undergraduate degrees available include….

Annual Tuition: $4,571

Online Programs: 12


Mayville State University

Founded in 1889, Maryville State University was originally called the Maryville Normal School and was one of the nine original North Dakota state institutions to be funded by a land grant from the North Dakota constitution Convention of 1889. Today the university offers programs spanning areas like Education, Business Administration, and Computer Studies. Mayville State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, The Council for the accreditation of teacher education and The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Mayville State University online offers an extended learning program that promotes flexible and student-driven learning for students wishing to obtain a degree or engage in coursework online. Courses can be completed in a full or part time manner allowing students with other commitments to set their pace for degree completion. Some fully online degree programs offered include Business of Science degrees in Business Administration, Mathematics, or Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood, to name a few. Out of state students should note that not all programs are available nationwide.

Annual Tuition: $6,380

Online Programs: 11


Williston State College

Williston State College is a public community college and a part of the North Dakota University System. The school educates students and professionals both on campus and through their distance learning programs online. As a two-year institution, the college additionally offers highly respected transfer programs that lead to a variety of degrees in both the arts and the sciences.

Williston State College online utilizes an interactive video network that allows students and teachers to communicate to each other from remote sites. Through this technology the college is able to offer students not only classes at the associates level but also courses from other campuses that meet baccalaureate guidelines. Students can work towards four bachelor degrees at Williston State College, including a Bachelor of Arts in Early Education and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. However, although they can work towards a. bachelor degree at Williston they would still need to eventually transfer to a four-year institution that grants the diploma.

Annual Tuition: $5,233

Online Programs: 9


United Tribes Technical College

The United Tribes Technical College, located in Bismarck, North Dakota, proudly serves students from all backgrounds and walks of life but has an intentional mission to educationally reach the Native American people of the region and across America. In fact, United Tribes Technical College boasts a history of educationally serving over ten thousand Native American students from over seventy-five federally recognized Indian Tribes in the country. The college is regionally accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and the first tribal college in the United States to offer fully online degree programs to students seeking their degrees remotely.

The United Tribes Technical College online school aims to serve populations who are juggling school with other commitments such as family or career. Students can seek dual-credit courses, continuing education credits, or obtain a degree fully online.  The college offers five Associate of Applied Science Degrees fully online including degrees in Business Management, General Studies, and Criminal Justice.

Annual Tuition: $5,400

Online Programs: 5