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Online colleges in Nebraska are making a big difference in a state that is marrying its rural traditions to a new, modern economy. A college education means a salary that’s higher on average than a salary for a position that doesn’t require a degree. Unfortunately, not everyone who desires a degree has the time or schedule to fit classes into their life. This is when Nebraska online colleges can be beneficial.

Online education in Nebraska gives working adults the ability to go back to school on a schedule that works for them. In Nebraska online degree programs, students can attend school before or after work. This works well for adults attending college for the first time or those wanting to change career paths or advance. 

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Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Nebraska

The Value Colleges ranking of the Best Online Colleges in Nebraska is all about value, return on investment, and quality. The schools below are ranked by the number of fully online degree programs they offer. Only reputable, accredited institutions were considered.

1. Bellevue University

Bellevue University has lots of online programs for students to choose from. Many of these programs are fully online, and many others come in a hybrid option. Whatever your choice, Bellevue’s online education program is designed to provide the flexibility that you need from your college experience. Teachers here fully understand the differences and challenges that come from the online learning format, and they’re fully prepared to meet all of the needs that come with this kind of program. That’s what makes Bellevue one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Bellevue University is an open-access school. It values affordability, accessibility, and flexibility in education. At Bellevue, faculty and staff understand that not everyone can learn in the traditional classroom format. That’s why it has developed several routes to quality education. Many Bellevue students are adult learners who have to balance their education with their day-to-day lives. This school goes well beyond the basics to make sure that students master their subjects. Bellevue is one of the top military-friendly institutions in the US.

Number of Online Programs: 53

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2. University of Nebraska at Kearney

The University of Nebraska at Kearney’s online programs are designed to provide the same quality and challenge that its on-campus programs provide. Students don’t miss out on any of the skill-building that they need to become competitive in their fields. These online courses are highly interactive, including video lectures and opportunities to communicate with teachers and peers. As a result, the online learning format doesn’t feel isolating to students. For those who want online learning and community building at the same time, UNK is among the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

UNK offers the things that many want most from their college experience: small class sizes, talented faculty, good value, and a personalized approach to education. This school also helps students get the most out of their degrees and to use their degrees to their advantage once they graduate. A UNK degree takes students far in their careers. As part of the University of Nebraska system, UNK has no shortage of support or resources. UNK’s education graduate programs perform especially well. They were ranked 8th in the nation out of 143 schools. 

Number of Online Programs: 10

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3. Clarkson College

Clarkson College’s online options provide the flexibility that many students need. Whether students take all of their classes online or mix online and on-campus options, Clarkson’s reliable program lets students get the most from their education. Students in this program get plenty of interaction, both with their teachers and their peers. Overall, this school is one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Clarkson College is committed to providing excellent education so that students can bring that education into their careers. Focused on providing healthcare education, Clarkson provides the best for its students so that the students can provide the best care for their patients. This school has lots of healthcare programs, all of which emphasize leadership and ethics in providing care. For eight years in a row, US News and World Report ranked Clarkson as one of the top 100 online graduate nursing programs. 

Number of Online Programs: 9

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4. University of Nebraska at Omaha

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers several online programs, some of which you won’t find in a lot of other places. This school offers fully online and hybrid programs, so students can choose the pathway that works best for their schedules and learning needs. This school also offers undergraduate and graduate online certificate options. No matter the specifics, UNO has high-quality educational options, making it one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Combining excellent education with community engagement, UNO helps students gain exactly what they need from the school experience. This school provides valuable learning, instilling leadership and critical thinking skills. Faculty provide plenty of support for their students, creating an excellent learning environment. UNO’s tuition and fees are among the lowest in the state of Nebraska. Students can get a great ROI from studying here. 

Number of Online Programs: 8

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5. Chadron State College

Chadron State College offers eight online Bachelor’s programs. A few are hybrid programs, combining online and on-campus studies. The rest, however, are completely online. Courses come in a straightforward eight-week program, so students know exactly what to expect. They also get the same support and resources as campus peers receive from their own educations. As a result, Chadron State has become one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

CSC is a member of the Nebraska State College System, which means that students have plenty of educational resources at their fingertips. However, with a small student-to-faculty ratio, this school provides a more intimate feel than some of the other schools within the same system. At CSC, students get a great education for great value. Chadron State is the only four-year, regionally-accredited college in the western half of Nebraska. 

Number of Online Programs: 8

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6. Doane University

Doane University’s online program was designed and perfected by the same faculty members who create the on-campus programs. At Doane, students learn from the same resources and course materials that go into the on-campus programs. Doane uses a flexible learning platform that allows students to view lectures, manage their courses, and communicate with their teachers and peers. Between the flexible learning platform and the caring attention to detail, Doane University has become one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Doane University is uniquely focused on the arts and sciences. Its nursing programs have performed especially well. In all of Doane’s programs, though, professors put a lot of care into their classes. They take a personalized approach to education, helping students gain exactly what they need from the process. With a focus on excellence and helping students become career-ready, Doane helps students turn their passions into realities. Doane offers lots of opportunities for international students, including scholarships up to $20,000. 

Number of Online Programs: 7

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7. Peru State College

Peru State College offers four online learning programs: Business Administration, Psychology, Management, and criminal justice. Within the business major, students can choose one of several concentrations. All of these programs use a flexible learning platform to help students manage their coursework and interact with their professors. Students have access to lots of resources to help them with their studies. For many students, Peru State is one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Peru State College is a small, supportive school that blends the traditional and the innovative. As a result, it provides an excellent education. This school accommodates a wide range of learning styles and academic needs. Peru State emphasizes lifelong learning, encouraging students to stay curious and keep pursuing their passions. Peru State’s average class size is less than 20 students, so those who prefer smaller group environments should look into this school. 

Number of Online Programs: 4

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8. Creighton University

Creighton University’s online programs include everything from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctorate degrees. Within these programs, students get a deep and meaningful education. The programs are flexible and designed specifically for adult learners. Faculty here understand that the needs of adult learners are different from the needs of traditional students, and Creighton has created their online programs with those needs in mind. That’s why Creighton is one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Creighton University is a Jesuit Catholic University that offers a meaningful approach to education. Students enrich themselves both academically and spritually, and they learn how to blend their education with service to other people. This school values excellence in education. Students learn how to think on a deep level and to apply critical thinking skills to their daily lives. Creighton University was given six recognitions for quality from US News in 2020. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

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9. Wayne State University

Wayne State University has several online programs, three of which are for undergrads. All three programs are fully online, so distance learners get lots of educational flexibility. These programs are all career-focused, helping students discover the skills and tools they’ll need to get hired in the competitive job market. Students are taught by experts in their fields. As a result, Wayne State has become one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

Wayne State is committed to providing an excellent education with an excellent ROI. This affordable school provides the skills and training that students need for future success. Blending academics and community service, Wayne State helps students find meaning in education. The SR Education Group named Wayne State the #1 online college in Nebraska. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

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10. University of Nebraska Medical Center

The University of Nebraska Medical Center offers three online Bachelor programs. However, it has many more certificate and advanced degree program options. These programs all cover healthcare. and they are all fully online. The healthcare world doesn’t always offer a lot of flexibility, but in this case, it absolutely does. Whether you’re just starting your healthcare career or you’re in the middle of it, these online programs can help you reach your educational goals. As a matter of fact, UNMC is one of the best online colleges in Nebraska. 

As a public academic health sciences center, UNMC is dedicated to improving patient care and student learning at the same time. This school is on the cutting edge of innovation, so students and patients alike benefit from their time here. This school provides an education that is both exciting and transformative. UNMC is the only public academic health sciences center in the state of Nebraska. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

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What is the Value of Online Colleges in Nebraska?

Earning a degree fully or partially online, today more than ever, is a respected and esteemed avenue for obtaining an undergraduate and graduate from highly respected and accredited universities across the nation. These programs are particularly advantageous for working adults or traditional students who have other pressing commitments and need the flexibility of a virtual classroom, in addition to homeschool students who want to retain their student-led learning environment.

Nontraditional students also benefit from Nebraska online degree programs since they may attend school around their current schedule. They’re still able to take care of their children by attending school when their kids are in school or asleep. They can even find activities for their child to stay occupied and complete the Nebraska online degree programs during the day. 

Another group that can benefit from Nebraska online colleges is rural citizens. Often, the commute is a long drive, or the student gets stuck in traffic each day just to attend school. When the road conditions aren’t ideal, rural students may have difficulty getting to school. This isn’t taking into consideration the price of gas, which Nebraska online colleges can save students the expense of. 

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Nebraska?

Online degrees in Nebraska give students the ability to earn associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree programs. Another option students have with Nebraska online degrees is a certificate degree program. These programs are short when compared to the length of degree programs, but they can provide students with value. They can enhance a person’s credibility and even open up the doors for new opportunities. 

The majors a student can choose from with online degrees in Nebraska are extensive. For instance, a student can choose to earn Nebraska online degrees in criminal justice, healthcare administration, business administration, or early childhood education, among others.

With some associate’s degree programs, a student must complete the program in a classroom, although options exist. As a student reaches the bachelor’s degree level, more options become available. Nebraska online masters programs give students a variety of options, and at this level, students may specialize. For instance, it’s possible to earn a Nebraska online master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. A student may complete a nurse practitioner degree and specialize in an area of medicine like women’s health. Students may find doctorate Nebraska online degrees in subjects like education administration. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Nebraska?

While scheduling is a huge concern with students, finances are also a common concern. It’s possible for students to save money on his or her education by starting out at online community colleges in Nebraska. Online community colleges in Nebraska are cheaper than major colleges. Students can earn basic credits or complete an entire undergraduate degree. 

Students don’t have to take courses at online community colleges in Nebraska to save money. They may choose a public school, which is often cheaper than private. The regional campuses are usually less expensive than the main branches. 

A pupil should look into employer reimbursement, which is when an employer reimburses a student’s educational debt if the student agrees to work for the company for a designated amount of time. 

Another option a student has for financial assistance is to fill out the appropriate applications for federal and state financial aid. Students may receive grants that are given based on financial need. Students who choose to go into an in-demand field may be able to receive additional assistance. 

Why Choose an Online Public University in Nebraska? 

For one, an online public university is usually cheaper than private options. Additionally, the Nebraska Distance Learning Association evaluates public universities to ensure they meet the needs of students and provide the optimal level of education. Besides receiving recognition from the Nebraska Distance Learning Association, online public universities offer the same type of education online as they do in the classroom. In many cases, the schools create online programs that are streamlined with what students are learning in the classroom. Since so many public schools are now offering online programs, students can receive a high-quality education from a reputable school. 

Many public universities have a wide variety of degree programs available. Students may earn any degree level ranging from an associate’s to a doctorate. Public universities may offer the option of a certificate program. The majors students may choose from are often extensive as well.

The students who want a diverse student body to communicate with will find that students from everywhere attend public universities in Nebraska.

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