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When a person considers the fact that a college education can earn him or her more money over the course of his or her lifetime, it’s worth it for most to obtain a higher education. However, it’s not always feasible for a student to attend school on a traditional schedule, but South Carolina online colleges can make education possible.

For adults who have a job, South Carolina online colleges provide the benefit of convenience. Adults can complete their schoolwork around their work schedule, whether that means attending school before or after work. It’s possible for a working adult to earn a degree for the first time, change his or her career, or choose to advance in his or her current field. Students who are nontraditional students like those who are parents can complete their degrees while raising their kids without the need to hire a babysitter.  

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How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in South Carolina

 Value Colleges has ranked the best online colleges in South Carolina, offering programs with degrees that students can obtain entirely online. Value Colleges is committed to value, focusing on programs that make a real positive impact on the students’ investment. Programs must be fully accredited by recognized organizations and are ranked according to how many online bachelor’s degrees they offer.

1. Southern Wesleyan University

Southern Wesleyan University offers 14 online programs for busy students. These affordable classes help adult learners make career changes and career advances without disrupting their current schedules. Though these classes do provide a strong liberal arts education, they also have a deep career focus so that students can move forward with success. Online students get a strong community and a lot of support, just like their on-campus peers. As a result, SWU is one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

Southern Wesleyan University is a Christian school that invites students to deepen their faith and connect to a community as they learn. This school also values service and helps students find opportunities to help others. For Christian students who want to explore their faith and serve others, SWU makes a great school choice. SWU is a military-friendly school. Veterans and active military members should look into SWU. 

Number of Online Programs: 15

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2. Anderson University

Anderson University has several online programs. These innovative courses let students take their careers to a new level. Students learn from talented faculty members who have relevant experience in their fields. However, students don’t have to interrupt their busy lives for their educational goals. Anderson’s online courses have built-in support so that students get what they need, and the online format means that students get lots of flexibility. That’s what makes Anderson one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

Anderson is a Christian University. As such, it emphasizes faith and service alongside the learning experience. Anderson has strong and challenging academics, helping students build their confidence and grow their abilities. Students often reach beyond their academic comfort zones. As a result, they realize that they were more capable than they thought. Anderson was recognized as a Distinguished School by Apple for its innovative approaches to learning. 

Number of Online Programs: 14

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3. North Greenville University

North Greenville University’s online programs provide the same level of challenge and focus as their on-campus programs. However, online students get an added layer of flexibility with their educational pursuits that they wouldn’t have received on campus. NGU online students come from all walks of life, but they all choose NGU for its rigor and flexibility. Online students also receive career support and other important resources, making NGU one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

NGU is a Christian university dedicated to providing opportunities for its students. Students here get to learn, grow, and get a faith-informed education. NGU educates the whole person, not just the academic person. In other words, students receive a spiritual and cultural enrichment that goes beyond facts and figures. Students choose this school when they want a strong education and a chance to grow as a person. EDSmart named NGU one of the best online colleges in South Carolina for 2020. 

Number of Online Programs: 11

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4. Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University offers ten online programs. Most of these programs are in the sciences and business. Students in these programs gain plenty of leadership skills. They also get lots of flexibility without sacrificing educational quality. These programs are tailored to meet student needs, and students get a lot of support from faculty and staff. As a result, CSU is one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

CSU is a deeply Christian school that encourages students to think critically. Students here learn how to expand their minds as they engage big ideas. Meanwhile, they also grow together with their peers in a supportive environment. CSU is dedicated to a full and complete education, not just baseline academics. Charleston Southern has been ranked among the best online programs for veterans and military members. 

Number of Online Programs: 10

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5. Columbia College

Columbia College offers several online programs in business, education, and the social sciences. Students in these programs enhance their leadership skills without disrupting their professional or family lives. Though Columbia is traditionally a women’s college, its online degrees are coed programs. These online programs offer the same academic rigor and support that students can get on campus. 

Columbia College is an affordable school that’s dedicated to helping students with their careers. Students here advance their skills and confidence so that they can succeed in the workplace. With its 13:1 student to faculty ratio, Columbia provides the personalized attention that students need for academic success. US News and World Report recently ranked Columbia among the top 15% of online colleges. 

Number of Online Programs: 8

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6. University of South Carolina – Upstate

The University of South Carolina Upstate has several fully online programs. It also offers several hybrid programs, meaning that students can take some classes online and some on campus. Whichever path they choose, students get a great and flexible education. They learn from talented faculty members who never put their online students in last place. As a matter of fact, USC Upstate’s online students get just as much support as their on-campus peers, which makes this school one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

As part of the overall USC system, USC Upstate provides an excellent, challenging education. Students build their critical thinking skills and gain the leadership qualities that they’ll need to move forward in their careers. This university prides itself on its economic impact. It has made huge changes for the state of South Carolina. USC Upstate was ranked as one of the best public regional colleges in 2020. 

Number of Online Programs: 5

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7. Coker University

Coker University’s online campus bridges the gap between busy adults and their educational goals. With these online programs, students learn from some of the best faculty members. They get the same rich educational experiences that their on-campus peers get. Not only does Coker offer fully online programs, it also offers hybrid programs and evening classes. As a result, it’s one of the best online colleges in South Carolina for working adults. 

At Coker University, students develop the skills that they’ll need for the job market. Whether they want to switch careers entirely or just progress in the careers that they already have, students gain relevant, resume-building qualities that employers look for. This school builds personal connections for a thriving community, even among online students. Coker University has an average class size of 12 students. There’s no shortage of personalized attention here. 

Number of Online Programs: 5

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8. Citadel Military College of South Carolina

The Citadel offers four online majors for undergrad students. All of these majors emphasize military leadership and strength. However, they also provide the kind of flexibility that students can’t get on campus. With majors such as Criminal Justice and Business Administration, these online programs are career-focused and dedicated to helping students move forward fast. That’s what makes Citadel one of the best online colleges in South Carolina.  

Citadel is a military school that fosters military-level strength. In this school, students become leaders with confidence. The school has challenging academics, a strong community, and everything that students need to build their careers as they become better people. Citadel is the #1 public university in South Carolina that offers degrees up to a Masters degree. 

Number of Online Programs: 4

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9. Columbia International University

Columbia International University has four online programs for undergraduates. All of these programs help students move their careers forward while they gain a strong liberal arts foundation. These online programs give students the flexibility that they need so that they can learn without interrupting their busy lives. Adult learners thrive at CIU, making it one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

Columbia International University is a Christian college that emphasizes service. As a matter of fact, this school takes its Christian heritage very seriously. Christian students who want to deepen their faith often choose CIU. This school uses the Christian Bible as its foundation for learning. It helps students turn their passion into a way to help others. 

Number of Online Programs:

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10. Newberry College

Newberry University’s online programs are fast-paced and flexible. This way, students can put their educations to work for them fast. This affordable school is transfer-friendly and provides students with all of the academic support that they’ll need for success. Furthermore, this school accepts life and career experience for class credit, meaning that students can move even more quickly through their degrees. These online programs provide the same level of challenge that the on-campus programs provide. That’s why Newberry College is one of the best online colleges in South Carolina. 

Newberry College is a strong liberal arts school that fosters community and service. Students learn how to channel their passions into meaningful careers. This school is more affordable than a lot of other colleges, and students get many opportunities to pursue scholarships and other financial aid options. At Newberry, students get a well-rounded education and a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. Incoming Newberry freshmen will not experience a tuition increase over the next four years. 

Number of Online Programs: 4

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What is the Value of Online College in South Carolina?

Today more than ever college-aged students and adult learners find themselves obtaining a degree online. Because online learning provides flexibility in completing coursework, attending classes, and accessibility, it is a great option for students who need to balance college with other commitments like family or a full time job. Today, most accredited universities and colleges across the nation offer some form of online degree program, some fully online and others are hybrid, or partially-online. Online learning, or sometimes called distance learning, is now a respected and usually accredited avenue for obtaining degrees from associates to doctorates.

Students who live in a rural location can benefit from earning a degree from South Carolina online colleges because they don’t need to commute a long distance. Additionally, online schools make it possible for those who don’t have a vehicle to still complete their education.

Asynchronous distance education programs also provide great opportunity for rural distance learners, since they do not have to meet at a specific time. Undergraduate students can do their coursework on their own time. With a degree completion program, an online graduate can make more salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in South Carolina?

Prospective students have several options for online degrees in South Carolina. For instance, someone can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate as a South Carolina online degree. 

The options for majors for online degrees in South Carolina are plentiful and range from business to healthcare to criminal justice to engineering. For instance, a student can choose to earn a South Carolina online degree on an associate-degree level, such as a healthcare administration degree. Additionally, students can opt for online degree programs in South Carolina in criminal justice, business, electronics and computer technology, and health information technology, among others. Bachelor’s online degree programs in South Carolina include choices like multimedia design and development, healthcare administration, nursing BSN, and psychology.

A pupil can choose to earn a South Carolina online MBA. Keep in mind, some schools only offer South Carolina online masters and doctorates, such as Clemson University or Coastal Carolina University. A student may choose to earn a South Carolina online MBA in nursing, computer science, health informatics, elementary education, special education, law enforcement, accounting, human resources, psychology, and more. At this level, a student can choose to specialize. In other words, in South Carolina online masters degree programs, a student can choose to specialize in a certain area of their field. For example, a student can earn a master’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting, financing, or marketing. 

Besides online degree programs in South Carolina, a person can choose to earn certificates online at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in South Carolina?

While earning an online degree can solve issues associated with transportation and scheduling, some people also have the dilemma of finances. Fortunately, this is a challenge individuals can overcome this challenge. One option is to compare schools based on price and opt for ones that have lower tuition rates. Generally, the schools that have the lowest tuition rates are public universities as opposed to private ones. In most cases, a student will find that regional institutions are less expensive than the main branches.

Another option for saving money on an online degree is by choosing cheap online colleges in South Carolina or online technical colleges in South Carolina. A person may choose from cheap online colleges in South Carolina, such as community colleges. Community colleges or online technical colleges in South Carolina offer complete programs a person can take at a fee much less than the major universities, and they still provide a person with a quality education. A person can also choose to take community college courses in general subjects and transfer those to another school.  

Besides cheap online colleges in South Carolina and online technical colleges in South Carolina, a student can also look into employer tuition reimbursement. This particular option consists of a student agreeing to work for an employer for a specific amount of time. The employer, in return, agrees to pay for a portion of student’s education. 

Out-of-state students in a traditional undergraduate degree program often have to pay higher tuition, but many schools let all online learners pay the same in-state tuition rate. Graduate students often also pay the same rate for graduate programs.

Nonprofit schools offer a lower cost than more for-profit schools, so enrollment in a public college, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, ensures a fair price for an online associate, bachelor’s programs, master’s programs, or doctoral degree.

Are There Online Public Universities in South Carolina? 

A student may choose a public university in South Carolina to save money. A person can find accredited online colleges in South Carolina that were originally schools that offered just on-campus programs. In addition to their accreditation, a public university may have a solid reputation for adequately preparing students for the workforce.  

Additionally, accredited online colleges in South Carolina like public universities often offer the same programs online and on campus. Both the online and on-campus programs may use the same curriculum, but the school provides them in different formats. 

A person may have an easier time getting into a public university since they may have several different campuses for a student to apply to.

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