Best Online Colleges in Utah

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Best Online Colleges in Utah

For working adults, a Utah online education gives students the benefit of being able to attend school at times that work for them. This means the pupil can attend classes before or after work. Depending on the online school’s schedule, a student may even complete most of his or her schoolwork on his or her days off. Since there’s no commute time, it reduces the amount of wasted time. An adult can earn a degree for the first time, or he or she can choose to switch careers or further in his or her current career. 

Parents can benefit from a Utah online education because they can still take care of their children while earning a degree. The individual can complete school while he or she sleeps. An individual from a rural area doesn’t have to contend with a long commute time or traffic. He or she can choose to complete classes anywhere without any hassle or wasted time. 

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How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Utah

To rank the best online colleges in Utah, Value Colleges editors began with basic VC standards – they must be fully accredited, and they must have an established reputation for value. The schools are ranked by the number of fully online bachelor’s degree programs they offer.

1. Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University tops the list of the best online colleges in Utah, with 13 online bachelor’s degree programs to choose from. Students can major in business management (hospitality management, general business, or international business emphasis), aviation management, dental hygiene, criminal justice, emergency services administration (emergency management or emergency care emphasis), hospitality management, family science, professional pilot, nursing, or technology management.

Utah Valley University is a combined community college and university that strives to ensure its students’ success in all areas of their lives. The school is proud of its inclusiveness. The student body is made up of students from 74 countries and almost a third of the students are over the age of 25. UVU promotes respect and dignity for all and works to meet the needs of underrepresented population groups. UVU strives to make higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of background or culture. More than half of UVU’s students work at least 20 hours per week.

Number of Online Programs: 13

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2. Utah State University

As one of the best online colleges in Utah, Utah State University offers 7 online bachelor’s degree programs and 18 online master’s degrees. Students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree online can choose from communicative disorders and deaf education, agribusiness, economics, liberal arts, family life studies, technology systems, and psychology. USU’s online programs make it easy for students who want to advance their careers or change professions to get where they want to go. The school’s online education is flexible enough to fit around its students’ schedules.

Since Utah State University launched its first online course in 1997, the school has been constantly updating and adapting to new technology to offer the best online learning experience possible. The school is continually expanding its online offerings, improving flexibility, and adding better support services for students. Utah State University has been offering distance education, in one form or another, for over 115 years.

Number of Online Programs: 9

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3. Weber State University

Next on the list of the best online colleges in Utah is Weber State University. This school offers nine online bachelor’s degree programs: emergency healthcare science, health promotion, health information management, health services administration, nutrition education, medical laboratory science, professional sales, radiologic sciences, and integrated studies. The integrated studies degree requires the selection of three concentrations. Students can choose from computer science, child and family studies, health administrative services, health sciences, health promotion, professional sales, and nutrition.

At Weber State University, nontraditional students are the norm. Almost 80% of Weber’s students work, and almost 60% attend school part-time. The average age is 26. Weber has pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and saved almost $2 million in water and energy costs in 2020. The school has already reduced its carbon footprint by 31%. Weber is listed among the best western colleges for 2020 by The Princeton Review.

Number of Online Programs: 9

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4. University of Utah

The University of Utah offers six online bachelor’s degree programs. They are economics; nursing (RN to BS); family, community, and human development; parks recreation and tourism: sustainable tourism and hospitality management; social work; and psychology. As one of the best online colleges in Utah, the University of Utah offers flexible classes to make scheduling easier for busy working adults. Online courses are taught by the same faculty that teach the school’s on-campus classes.

The University of Utah is so focused on innovation that it refers to itself as Imagine U. The school has an innovation ecosystem that is made up of many parts. There is an entrepreneur institute, a center for medical innovation, a center for engineering innovation, and more. The school is dedicated to developing new ideas and inventions. Taking classes online at the University of Utah allows students to fit in one more class each semester and finish their degrees faster.

Number of Online Programs:

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5. Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University is another of the best online colleges in Utah. Southern Utah offers seven online bachelor’s degree programs: accounting, communication, business management, elementary education, interdisciplinary studies, general studies, and nursing (RN to BSN). Two of these programs—general studies and interdisciplinary studies—are perfect for adult students who already have some college credits or other training to apply toward their degrees. The flexibility of these programs means that more credits will transfer toward the desired degree.

Southern Utah University’s online programs are rigorous and focused on giving students the skills they will need in the job market after graduation. The programs are flexible, affordable, and accessible from anywhere—even from a smartphone! Online students are part of a tight group of students and faculty who care about their success and provide support to help ensure their success. Southern Utah University’s core themes are exploration, engagement, and excellence.

Number of Online Programs: 7

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6. Dixie State University

Next on the list of the best online colleges in Utah is Dixie State University. This school has two online bachelor’s degree programs: health administration and nursing (RN to BSN). The health administration program is intended for professionals in the healthcare field who want to advance to supervisory roles within the industry. The nursing program is for students who are already Registered Nurses but don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree. Both online programs are flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Dixie State University believes in hands-on learning. The school’s motto is “Active learning. Active life.” Dixie is committed to providing an individualized learning experience that engages its students. The school is a leader in health education, technology, and entrepreneurship and integrates innovative approaches into every step of the learning process. Dixie State University’s tuition rates are lower than any other 4-year state college or university in Utah.

Number of Online Programs: 2

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7. Westminster College

Westminster College makes the list of the best online colleges in Utah with two online bachelor’s degree programs: business administration and nursing (RN to BS). The business administration program is a project-based program for business professionals with at least six years of experience on the job who want to take their careers to the next level. Students who don’t have an associate degree can complete the first part of the program through Salt Lake Community College. The nursing program is designed for Registered Nurses who hold an associate degree in nursing.

Westminster’s online programs are competency-based, so students progress through the program based on what they know. The programs are convenient and flexible. They use a practical, project-based curriculum to provide students with the knowledge they’ll need when they enter the job market. Westminster is a liberal arts college that focuses on learning, teaching, and innovation. Online students receive one-on-one attention from their faculty mentors.

Number of Online Programs: 2

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What is the Value of Online College in Utah?

Online education can be for anyone who wants the convenience of going to school from their own home, whether they’re fresh out of high school or are 30-year-old parents. Online school brings college to a student. They can attend college, even if they don’t have a vehicle. Enrollment in online certificate programs, bachelor’s programs, and graduate programs is growing yearly.

Today more and more we see students who choose to earn their undergraduate or graduate degrees completely online. And now more than ever before, obtaining a degree online is equally respected and a desirable path for attending university. In particular, working adults or traditional students who have other commitments like a full or part-time job, family, or health constraints need the flexibility of a virtual classroom. In fact, to meet these high demands, most major colleges and universities nationwide offer distinguished and fully accredited distance learning programs from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Online learners can study their coursework at their own pace with asynchronous classes, while online classes offer learning opportunities to students who never expected to be able to go to college.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Utah?

Online degrees in Utah give students plenty of selections of majors. Some schools even let a student choose a minor in addition to a major. A student can earn any type of online degree in Utah, including an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates. In addition to Utah’s online degrees, a student can choose to earn a certificate.

In terms of the choices of majors a student has, Utah online degrees can prepare a student for careers in business, healthcare, criminal justice, and more. For instance, a student can earn Utah online degrees at an associate’s degree level for majors like cybersecurity, healthcare administration, early childhood education, and more. At a bachelor’s degree level, a student can choose between Utah online degree programs in various subjects as well, such as psychology, business, engineering, and more. 

Once a student reaches the master’s degree level, he or she can advance his or her current level of education. Additionally, certain specialty areas of majors become available. For instance, a psychology student can choose to earn a degree in forensic psychology while a cybersecurity major can choose to earn a master’s in cybersecurity with a concentration in cyber intelligence. 

A pupil can advance through a doctoral program in Utah online degree programs. A student may just earn a basic degree or choose to specialize at this level. For instance, a person can earn a degree in education administration.   

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Utah?

School comes with a price, sometimes a considerably high one, especially if a person doesn’t qualify for financial aid through the state or government. However, it’s possible to make school more affordable. First and foremost, online education is cheaper than a brick-and-mortar one in most cases. This is because a student doesn’t usually have books or contribute to the operating costs of a college.

Pupils can further the money they save by looking for cheap colleges. Generally, public accredited online colleges in Utah are more affordable than private schools. A student should also choose a regional school because they’re usually cheaper.

Besides choosing accredited online colleges in Utah that are public, a student can also choose to go to one of the community colleges. The classes are cheaper than universities if a person wants to earn general credits and transfer. On the other hand, a person can earn an entire degree and transfer to another school to earn a higher degree. It’s also possible to use a community college education to find employment because the schools do prepare students for careers.  

An employer may agree to pay for part of a student’s education if he or she agrees to work for the company for a designated amount of time. This is known as an employer reimbursement program. 

Online Utah colleges will usually have a lower in-state tuition rate for Utah residents, but many public colleges allos graduate students to pay the same rate even if they are out-of-state. Online education programs at a public school will be much cheaper for distance learners than traditional full-time college students. From Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah students have a wealth of opportunity.

Are There Online Public Universities in Utah? 

Public Utah online colleges and universities exist. Often, these schools have accreditation through well-recognized accrediting agencies. In addition, Utah’s online colleges and universities offer a wide variety of options of majors, some of which aren’t available through schools that strictly offer online programs.

In many cases, these schools provide the same level of education and curriculum online as in their classrooms. Therefore, a student is just as prepared with a degree from this school in his or her field as if he or she had attended the school on campus.  

Public universities are often well-known and have a long history in the community. Moreover, employers want candidates who have degrees from these colleges because of how well-known the schools are.   

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