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Not everyone has the luxury of attending school right out of high school. This is why many working adults choose to earn a degree from online colleges in Vermont. Sometimes, they want to earn a degree for the first time. On the contrary, some working adults want to change careers or advance in their current field. Online colleges in Vermont allow these students to earn a degree in their free time from their own homes.

Vermont online colleges provide the benefit of a student completing coursework before or after work. Keep in mind, the time it takes for the courses in a traditional classroom isn’t the only time wasted when an adult chooses to go to an online college. In addition, to the classes themselves, the student also has to commute. While that can interfere with his or her schedule, it can be quite an inconvenience. Online classes make it so there’s no commute and a student can work from the comfort of his or her own home.

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How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Vermont

So Value Colleges is happy to present the Best Online Colleges in Vermont, a simple listing of the online educational opportunities in the Green Mountain State. We take pride in only highlighting regionally-accredited, reputable colleges and universities that have proven their financial value. Costs are based on in-state tuition rates as published on the institution’s own website; lists are organized according to the number of online bachelor’s programs available.

NOTE: The New England Board of Higher Education’s (NEBHE) Tuition Break initiative allows students in Vermont to take degree programs in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Rhode Island at in-state rates if they enroll in a program (residential or online) that isn’t available at a public institution back home. Students from those states receive the same courtesy when enrolling in a Vermont program.

1. Northern Vermont University

Northern Vermont University tops the list of the best online colleges in Vermont with eight bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed 100% online. They are business administration, business administration with a concentration in sport management, accounting, interdisciplinary studies, criminal justice with restorative justice concentration, psychology, professional studies, and wellness and alternative medicine. The interdisciplinary studies and professional studies programs are both self-designed degrees that are perfect for adult students with transfer credits who are returning to finish their degrees.

NVU Online offers an affordable online education that is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of adult students who are juggling work, school, and life. The school is determined to see its students succeed and provides one-on-one attention from experienced faculty members. Northern Vermont University charges the same low tuition rate to all students enrolled in its 100% online programs regardless of where in the world they live.

Number of Online Programs: 13

2. Champlain College

Another of the top online colleges in Vermont is Champlain College, which offers 12 online bachelor’s degree programs. They are business management, accounting, computer and information systems, computer forensics and digital investigations, cybersecurity, healthcare administration, economic crime investigation, integrated studies, marketing and communication, management information systems, web design and development, and software development.

Champlain College Online offers in-demand degrees in fields with strong job markets. The school uses real-world projects and lessons so that students can incorporate what they learn into their work lives right away. The courses are available online day and night, so students can complete their coursework when it is most convenient for them. Champlain students not only gain knowledge and experience in their fields, but also learn communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, which will serve them well throughout their lives no matter what career path they choose. Online courses are offered in 7-week sessions for even more flexibility.

Number of Online Programs: 12

3. Norwich University

Next on the list of the best online colleges in Vermont is Norwich University, which offers seven online bachelor’s degree completion programs: cyber security, criminal justice, management studies, interdisciplinary studies, nursing (RN to BSN), national security studies, and strategic studies and defense analysis. These programs are intended for adult students who already have some college credits, work experience, or other credentials that can be applied toward their degrees.

Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies offers degrees that are designed with working professionals in mind. The programs are flexible enough to fit into just about anyone’s schedule and students are connected with the school’s outstanding faculty through an interactive educational platform. Norwich has a history of innovation and continues to build upon that history by taking advantage of the latest technologies for its online education. Students have 24/7 access to their online assignments, so they can complete them anytime, day or night.

Number of Online Programs: 7

What is the Value of Online College in Vermont?

Vermont is a state like no other, and they like it that way. Long known as one of the most progressive, independent states in the union, Vermont has cultivated a reputation for self-reliance, boldness, and devil-may-care grit. Briefly (14 years, in fact) constituted as a sovereign republic during the American Revolution, Vermont was the first state to ban slavery, and a major supporter of the Underground Railroad, early signs of the Vermonter’s dedication to liberty.

Today, Vermont remains a wonderfully unique place. Vermont is well-known for the scenic beauty of its mountains, woodlands, and lakes, and they take beauty very seriously, as with their statewide billboard ban designed to preserve Vermont’s aesthetic appeal. And while agriculture in general no longer constitutes a large part of Vermont’s economy, maple syrup, in particular, does – over a third of the maple syrup in America comes from this tiny state.

However, with agriculture, manufacturing, and rock quarrying – historically Vermont’s main economic movers – on the decline, Vermont has been increasingly reliant on tourism and service for their income. This has led to a stagnant economy, and as one of the nation’s smallest populations, Vermont has seen the need to invest in education, re-education, and career training. Already one of the US’s best-educated states, the 21st century has seen an increase in online education opportunities to help Vermont’s working professionals and other non-traditional students earn degrees, improve their credentials, and change careers in a flexible, affordable format.

For individuals who have children, online colleges in Vermont alleviate a pupil’s need to hire a babysitter during class times. Instead, a person can choose to earn his or her degree around his or her children’s schedule. In other words, a pupil can complete classes while their children are at school or asleep. It’s even possible to complete the coursework while a child is busy playing. Moreover, a parent can benefit from watching all the little moments with his or her children, which can be missed if a parent is going back and forth to school. An online college gives parents the ability to better themselves while their kids are growing up. Then, once the kids go to school, the parent can find a rewarding job. 

Rural students can also benefit from online colleges in Vermont because Vermont online colleges are available at any time to the student. There’s no lengthy travel, nor does a student have to sit in traffic and contend with going out on bad rooms. 

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Vermont?

VT online degrees are becoming more popular, which is why more and more schools are offering online degree programs. Nowadays, students can choose between associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates as well as certificate programs. A pupil may select an online degree program in Vermont that’s completely online or partially online — meaning a student has to attend a few classes on campus.

At an associate’s degree level, a student has fewer options but can still select between majors like criminal justice, business management, accounting, and more. A person’s options increase once he or she reaches the bachelor-degree level because some programs require a person to complete in-person coursework at an associate’s degree level. At a bachelor’s degree level, a student may choose between criminal justice, cybersecurity, nursing, and engineering, among others.  

Once a student reaches a master’s degree level, a student may choose between many of the same majors as VT online degrees for undergraduate programs. However, a person may choose to specialize within his or her area of interest. For instance, a person can earn a business degree with a concentration in accounting. A person may also specialize in a doctoral program. For example, a person can earn a doctorate in education with a concentration on educational administration and leadership.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Vermont?

School is undoubtedly expensive. Some people spend over $100,000 on their education and are responsible for paying a majority of it back. It’s possible to make school more affordable by applying for financial aid and scholarships as well as choosing more affordable schools. For instance, a public school is cheaper than a private one. Additionally, the regional campuses of these Vermont schools are less costly.

Another option to save money on online schools is to choose a community college of Vermont online. These schools are typically cheaper than a public or private college. They can provide a student with the knowledge he or she needs to work or continue on to earn a higher degree. A student, for example, may choose to complete an undergraduate degree through a community college of Vermont online. He or she can use that degree or choose to earn his or her graduate degree at a private or public college. On the other hand, a pupil may choose to earn general credits at a community college and then transfer those credits

An employer reimbursement program can save a pupil money, too. The student has to work for the employer for a designated time and choose a major approved by the employer, but as long as the pupil is compliant, the employer will pay for part of his or her education.

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