Top 10 Best Online Colleges in West Virginia

Today more than ever before students are choosing to earn their undergraduate to professional degrees partially or fully online. The avenue is becoming so popular, and the demand so high, that most colleges and universities across the nation offer some sort of online programs to their students.  This path is particularly beneficial for working adults and traditional students who have other pressing commitments, such as work or family, and need the flexibility of a virtual classroom. Additionally, non-traditional students, such as homeschool students, appreciate the often student-led format of earning a degree online.

In this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list you can find schools and colleges in the state of West Virginia that offer degrees, certificate programs, and professional opportunities partially or fully, 100% online. Some schools offer a variety of associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or continuing education degree options and the schools listed are ranked by the number of fully online degree programs they offer and their tuition costs. Please notice that all the tuition costs listed, however, are the national annual IPEDs since online tuition costs often vary program to program for online attendees. Each institution below also meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and full accreditation.


West Virginia University

West Virginia University was originally founded in 1967 as a land-grant institution and proudly offers high-quality education with a dedication to diversity and as a leading institution in the state of West Virginia. The school is on the track to attain national research prominence by 2020 and currently offers rigorous academics both on the traditional campus and online. West Virginia University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers degrees from the baccalaureate to doctoral levels.

West Virginia University online offers a number of fully online master and bachelor degree programs. The online school is designed to offer the same rigorous academics with the flexibility of student-led course completion and accessible access to resources like advisement, library services, and more. Students can obtain an undergraduate degree in Child Development and Family Studies, Multidisciplinary Studies, and a Nursing R.N. to B.S.N. degree to name a few. Graduate degrees can also be obtained online including degrees in Elementary Education, Communication Studies, or Energy and Sustainable Development Law (LL.M.), plus many more.

Annual Tuition: $7, 632

Online programs: 34


Marshall University

Founded in 1837, Marshall University, named after John Marshall, the fourth Chief Justice of the United States, is a coeducational public research university and is located in Huntington, West Virginia. The school boasts a small campus with intimate classes that utilize modern facilities, state of the art technology for the online school, and academics that take a global perspective to learning.

Marshall University online students in Distance Learning Programs attend the same rigorous courses with the flexibility of learning online at their own pace and with their own schedule. In order to make school affordable, Marshal University bases tuition for online learners based on their level up to the appropriate hours-cap, either twelve or nine hours for undergraduate and graduate school respectively. Degrees can be earned partially or 100% online depending on the program and online student services like advisement and flexible access to coursework is available to all students enrolled online.  Some undergraduate programs include degrees in Geography, Nursing, or Medical Laboratory Science, for example. Graduate degrees can be obtained in Leadership Studies, Education, Mathematics, and more.

Annual Tuition: $6,814

Online programs: 19


Bluefield State College

Bluefield State College proudly celebrates diversity through an inclusive student body, faculty, and approach to academics. Students from across the state pursue a number of affordable academic paths during their time at Bluefield State College both on campus and online. The university has a strong commitment to helping make college affordable and accessible, so those that are balancing work or family with school are able to take courses in a flexible manner both on campus and online.

Bluefield State College online offers a number of fully and partially online programs and students can earn a degree in Business, Education, Management and Leadership, Nursing, Criminal Justice, and more! All courses and degrees online are fully accredited and provide the same quality education as is found on the traditional campus. The online division of the school particularly caters to working adults and students who are career or job focused.

Annual Tuition: $6,120

Online programs: 10


University of Charleston

University of Charleston opened its doors in 1888 and has since been serving the educational needs of a diverse set of students from across the state of West Virginia, the United States, and the world. The school focuses on integrating values like citizenship, creativity, ethical practice and inquiry, and communication into all aspects of the institutions academics, both on-campus and online. The school is additionally accredited to award undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of areas of study.

University of Charleston online offers the same quality academic experiences online as are offered on the traditional campus and online students can enroll in bachelor, masters, and doctorate programs fully or partially online. With a commitment to affordability, the University of Charleston online offers a wide range of financial aid options for all qualifying students. Fully online bachelor degree options are available in Accounting, Business Administration, Nursing, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology. Additionally, students can earn master degrees in Strategic Leadership or Forensic Accounting, or a Doctorate degree in Executive Leadership.

Tuition: $380+ per online credit hour

Online programs: 8


Fairmont State University

Founded in 1865 and with a strong history as a leader in higher education in West Virginia, Fairmont State University is a part of the state’s fast-growing, high technology corridor, located in Fairmont. The institution was the state’s first private normal school and has since become a large campus with a quality and affordable online school as well. Fairmont University is accredited to award bachelor and master degrees and with affordability as a key focus, most students are awarded some form of financial aid.

Fairmont State University online and Pierpont Community and Technical College offer a number of quality courses and degree programs fully and partially online. The online school serves residents of West Virginia and beyond and provides courses in accessible, non-traditional formats to enable students the flexibility and ease of learning needed to complete their degree in their own time. All course work can be transferred to the university as well for students wishing to get the ‘best of both worlds’ by taking courses online and on the traditional campus.

Annual Tuition: $6,620

Online programs: 7


West Virginia University at Parkersburg

West Virginia University at Parkersburg opened its doors in 1961 and has since been serving populations from across West Virginia and beyond by offering quality academics paired with career focused initiative in a supportive and affordable academic environment both on campus and online. Today West Virginia University at Parkersburg is the fourth largest institution in the state of West Virginia and continues to empower students through academics, workforce collaboration, and community involvement.

Distance Learning at West Virginia University at Parkersburg online is ideal for working adults, busy parents, working professionals, veterans and military personnel, and students interested in alternative avenues for obtaining their degrees. The school boasts accessibility, affordability, and ease of learning online while still offering the same quality academics and supportive student services like advisement or library access.  Students can earn associate degrees in areas such as the Arts, Business Technology, Criminal Justice and more, as well as bachelor degrees in Nursing or Child Development.

Annual Tuition: $3,216

Online programs: 7


Wheeling Jesuit University

Wheeling Jesuit University was founded in 1954 and is a part of the 450-year Jesuit tradition of academic excellence and service to others, values that translate across the colleges academics both on campus and through the distance learning programs online. Known for offering cutting-edge research opportunities, students come from across the United States to participate in the university’s rigorous academics.

Wheeling Jesuit University online offers a variety of fully and partially online degree programs as well as a number of online courses. The programs are perfect for busy adults or students who prefer alternatives to traditional classroom settings such as homeschool students. The program additionally caters to working adults who need access to coursework in the evenings or on weekends. Some of the fully online degrees offered include programs in Educational Leadership, Special Education, Nursing, and more.

Annual Tuition: $28,030

Online programs: 6


West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University was founded in 1891 and is a Historically Black College. Today the college serves a richly diverse student population with students from a variety of ethnicities, geographical locations, and walks of life including high school graduates and adult learners. The school boast rigorous academics with the intimacy of a small college, offering state of the art technologies both on campus and through their distance learning programs.

West Virginia State University online is proud to offer exceptional educational experiences to students from across the nation by combining academic excellence with a personal attention to diversity and inclusion. The online school is equally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Online enrollees can earn bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, or English and Technical Writing, or a Master of Education degree in Instructional Leadership.

Annual Tuition: $6,662

Online programs: 5


Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus University has been proudly providing quality education to students from West Virginia and beyond for more than 140 years. The school is located in Philippi, West Virginia and is deeply rooted in the liberal arts while offering faith-based learning. The school is a health-related and professional educational institution and is affiliated with the West Virginia Baptist Convention and the American Baptist Churches, USA.

Alderson Broaddus University online offers the same rigorous academics and faith based learning online as is offered on the traditional campus and is equally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The online school offers a Master Degree Program in Teacher Leader, a unique, one-of-a-kind program that meets the needs of the practicing teacher seeking a graduate degree. By offering affordability and flexibility in learning and accessing coursework, students can complete their degree at their own pace in a manner that suits their busy schedule. Additionally, the school offers an online bachelor degree in Nursing too, plus a couple of online degree completion programs.

Annual Tuition:$25,140

Online programs: 2


Davis & Elkins College

Davis & Elkins College is proud to be a school that combines academic success with other important student values such as financial security, professional prestige, and rewarding relationships, in order to provide a well-rounded and inclusive college experience both on campus and through their distance learning program in nursing online. The school is located in Elkins, West Virginia and is an accredited university serving residents of West Virginia and beyond.

Davis & Elkins College online offers a fully online nursing degree, an RN – BSN program. The school prepares students for success in the field of nursing and the flexibility of online learning is perfect for busy, practicing nurses who want to obtain their degree and further their careers. The degree program stays ahead of the game and up-to-date with the latest knowledge and practices in nursing and seamlessly translates this information to the online enrollees through accessible coursework, student advisement, flexibility in learning, and more. Students have 24/7 access for login and can complete their degree on their own schedule.

Annual Tuition: $400 per credit hour

Online programs: 1