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Looking to further your education at one of the best universities in Washington DC? Attending college online is a smart, cost-effective way to expand your job opportunities or open the door for advancement at your current job. In the DC area, it’s likely that you’re already working in civil service.

You have a number of colleges in the Washington DC area that are ready to help you earn additional degrees to make yourself an asset to your company. Not working yet? No worries – it’s still a great idea to take classes at the best universities in Washington DC. Doing so will open doors to shadowing opportunities and internships, providing first-hand experience in working with the federal government.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Washington DC

This Value Colleges Best Online Colleges in DC highlights the best of the best when it comes to online learning in the Washington D.C. area. All of the featured institutions offer fully online and hybrid programs, from the associate to graduate levels. Some schools also offer certificate or continuing education programs. More importantly, they are all recognized for value, according to Value Colleges’ standard of quality, affordability, and return on investment.

1. University of the Potomac

The University of Potomac ranks as one of the top online colleges in DC. It features 11 online programs in subjects like accounting, which is a high-demand job with prospective job growth of 16 percent. It offers a cybersecurity program as well, which is also a career that’s highly in demand and only expected to grow over time. Students may choose between associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s that can complete entirely from their own home on a flexible schedule. The ROI for many of the degree programs from the University of Potomac have high ROIs. 

This educational institution stresses the importance of honing a love for learning in students. The school was originally founded in the 1980s, and despite several name changes, the school remains a for-profit organization that focuses on a strong curriculum along with a dedicated team. Its online programs are streamlined with their on-campus programs, so students benefit from earning the same degree online as they would go to the school.  

Number of Online Programs: 11

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2. George Washington University

George Washington University is one of the top online colleges in DC. If a student is looking for online colleges in Washington DC, this school offers several options for degree programs. Students may choose to earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. Some of the areas of interest a student may select from include nursing, occupational therapy, systems engineering, business administration, and more. There is even a certificate program available. The ROI of many of the degrees from George Washington University is high while students benefit from plenty of financial aid options to make school more affordable. 

This educational institute has a high graduation rate in the 70th percentile. It’s a private, research college with a motto of, “God is Our Trust” and a nickname of “Colonials.” The school’s brand revolves around George Washington. U.S. News ranked its international business program as number eight in the country.  

Number of Online Programs: 9

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3. Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University is one of the best online colleges in Washington DC. It only offers two online degree paths, though: deaf studies and psychology. In the deaf studies program, students learn about the struggles of the deaf. Additionally, pupils learn about sign language. Despite Gallaudet University being a specialty school that focuses on the deaf, its tuition prices are relatively low. 

Gallaudet University is a federally chartered school. It classifies as a private educational institution and encourages students to live by the motto of, “Be Open.” The school’s mascot is the Bison. U.S. News ranked it number 18 in the country in terms of its value. 

Number of Online Programs: 2

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What is the Value of an Online Bachelor’s Completion Program in Washington DC?

When you choose to take online classes at the best universities in Washington DC, you’re opening up opportunities to connect with people who can help you get where you want to go in your career. By becoming a part of a university community, you’re opening yourself up to connections, networking, and opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. The colleges in the Washington DC area are known for helping students create deep connections to people in power in the federal government, opening up job opportunities. 

Earning a college degree is a big commitment, whether you plan to get your associate’s degree or further your education earning a degree at the graduate or doctoral level. At the same time, life is fast-paced, meaning dedicating 100% of your time to earning your degree may not be a realistic option. Many students need to juggle school with family, full or part-time work, or other commitments and at the same time, tuition prices are rising across the board, making it harder and harder for the average, working American to attend college or university. For these reasons, students today are looking for an alternative and finding it in online accredited degree awarding programs. Today earning a degree fully online today is considered a respected avenue for completing college and most major colleges and universities offer courses and degrees fully and partially online.

Can I Save Money By Transferring from Community College? 

If you’re thinking about starting off at a community college to save some money, you’re making a smart move. Starting out at a community college can allow you to have smaller classes at a lower cost per credit than you’ll find at a larger university. Many students who are interested in furthering their education start our at community colleges in Washington DC. Community colleges offer the opportunity to complete a two-year course of study. This provides students with an associate’s degree, which is valuable in and of itself. If you choose to move beyond your associate’s degree, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer the credits earned at one of the many community colleges in Washington DC to a four-year university. 

On average, community colleges are much less expensive than traditional four-year universities. This means that it’s possible to get a four-year degree at a much lower rate when the first two years of classes are taken in a community college setting. This is true whether the classes are taken in person or online. For students who wish to start out at a community college, it’s important to talk to academic advisors at both the community college and the four-year university. This ensures that credits will transfer, and can provide tips on how to successfully complete both degrees while saving money.

One of the best ways to save money at the community colleges in Washington DC is to use a tuition reimbursement program. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to employees who are interested in furthering their education. Information about these programs can usually be found with the HR office. Some programs require the signing of a contract in which the employee promises to continue working for the company for a certain number of years, while others require the employee to maintain a certain grade point average.

What About an Online Master’s Degree in Washington DC?

In the past, master’s degrees were only available in a traditional classroom setting. Today, many of the top universities in Washington DC offer online master’s degree programs. This gives students who wish to further their education the ability to work at their own pace. Many nontraditional students appreciate this approach. Earning a master’s degree online is perfect for busy professionals, nontraditional students, and anyone who learns better outside of the traditional classroom setting.

George Washington University online offers online master’s programs to it’s students. GWU’s online master’s degree programs spans a wide range of educational options, from engineering to education to communications. George Washington University online prides itself on creating global leaders and public servants who are pushing the envelope in their respective fields. 

Georgetown online offers a School of Continuing Studies program, which allows students to earn their master’s degree from anywhere in the world. Georgetown online offers many options for master’s degrees, including sports industry management, real estate, and technology. Georgetown online is excited about their advanced learning management system that provides online students with a unique, streamlined experience, making it easier than ever to get a degree online. 

Howard University online gives students the opportunity to earn their executive master’s of business administration online. This prestigious degree is the key to unlocking the door to higher management positions. An eMBA is incredibly valuable in business, politics, federal service, and more. Howard University online allows busy professionals to take the next step in their education by giving them the opportunity to earn their eMBA whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

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