Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Kentucky

Today more than ever before students are turning to online learning as a viable and respected means for earning their degree. This is because students from all walks of life and of all ages are busy juggling family and other commitments, or are career focused, while also attempting to earn a college degree. Additionally, military personnel and veterans are seeking options for swift and flexible academic options in order to avoid missing more time with their loved ones during times of peace. As these demands increase, so do the number of fully online degrees offered by accredited universities across the nation. In fact, today earning a degree fully online is considered an equally respected avenue for obtaining degrees from the associate to doctorate levels and most major colleges and universities across the nation offer courses and degrees fully online.

In this Value Colleges Best Top 10 list you’ll find colleges all located in the state of Kentucky that offer the best of the state’s online programs when it comes to cost and programs available. Schools listed offer degrees anywhere from the associates to doctorate levels, including continuing education degrees. Each school offers degrees that students can obtain 100% online and meets the Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation. Please note that the annual tuition prices reflect the national IPEDs data since oftentimes online degree costs can vary program to program, course to course.


Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University – known far and wide as the Hilltoppers – is located nothing short of what it’s nickname suggests, situated atop the beautiful hills of Kentucky, a place of beauty and heritage, and a university dedicated to a bold, ambitious future. Students at Western Kentucky thrive in applied research based programs and through rigorous academics. One unique opportunity offered to some students at Western Kentucky is the opportunity annually to participate in an exchange program in Harlaxton College in Grantham, England! Other students participate in the Semester at Sea program where they are able to circumnavigate the globe by sea while pursuing their degree!

The distance learning programs at Western Kentucky University online offer the same rigorous education with a wide range of hands-on and once in a lifetime opportunities to a similar diverse student body. The school is student centered in learning and service, so much so that Western Kentucky University’s online support services are nationally ranked! Some of those services available include, coaching, career services, tutoring, and advisement. The world-class online university is regionally accredited and serves students from around the world, and is military friendly!

Online Programs: 40

Annual Tuition: $9,912


University of the Cumberlands

Well-known and highly respected, University of the Cumberlands has been offering world-class education to students from around the globe for over 125 years.  Both on campus and online students experience what learning is like under a dedicated and qualified faculty and staff both in the classroom and through unique, hands-on learning such as labs, research opportunities, community service, internships and more. The school is dedicated to providing “first-class education at affordable rates,” a mission which is reached by offering tuition fees that are priced to accommodate most budgets that reflect the average American family.

Students can obtain graduate degrees fully online at University of the Cumberlands online and there are twelve accredited programs to choose from including degrees in Business, Criminal Justice, and Ministry to name a few. Students online have similar chances to obtain real-world learning through internships and other opportunities as well as participating in an immersive curriculum from the comfort of their own homes. Course are offered in synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Online Programs: 39

Annual Tuition: $23,000


Eastern Kentucky University

Founded in 1906, Eastern Kentucky University is a public, regional university with global and national impacts. The coeducational liberal arts college offers pre-professional and professional training both on campus and online to a diverse student body. You may be interested to learn that Madison County, where Eastern Kentucky University is located, is one of the Commonwealth’s fastest growing cities and for this reason the university focuses in part on local service, internship, and community opportunities in addition to their global reach.

Eastern Kentucky University online offers online programs in areas such as Social Work and Business. The online degree programs allow students to enroll in the same courses as students on campus from the comfort of their own homes. The online school reflects the campus learning style greatly, especially since the same respected faculty that teaches on campus, teaches online courses as well. The university offers six different start dates annually to fit the ever-changing needs of the online learner.

Online Programs: 34

Annual Tuition: $8,868


Midway University

Midway University is a private, liberal-arts university that uniquely offers career-focused majors. With the unique blending of a traditional liberal-arts education and career-driven learning, students both on campus and online get the best of both worlds. The school is uniquely located in the center of Kentucky’s internationally acclaimed horse country, surrounded by some of the top Thoroughbred farms found around the globe and people come from all over the world to participate in the local horse culture.

Students from across the nation and from around the world enroll in undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Midway University online. By offering an accelerated format, Midway University online is additionally able to serve those career minded individuals who wish to finish school swiftly in order to further or focus on their professional lives. The school offers a wide variety of online support services as well such as library access, advisement, and career services.

Online Programs: 28

Annual Tuition: $23,350


University of Louisville

University of Louisville is a state supported research university with three campuses across Kentucky. The accredited university awards undergraduate to graduate degrees and is dedicated to inclusiveness. The school presents a balanced blend of liberal arts education and education through the sciences both on campus and online. The school also offers unique opportunities for tuition grants for incoming freshmen and their summer sessions.

At University of Louisville online students connect with qualified faculty to further their education, professional advancement, and personal development. Most online programs are career focused and students can choose from degrees in areas such as an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, or a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The online school additionally offers nine fully online master degree programs plus opportunities to earn professional certificates and teaching endorsements.

Online Programs: 25

Annual Tuition: $11,264


Morehead State University

Originally founded in 1887 as Morehead Normal School, today Morehead State University is a comprehensive public university offering accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. The university has emerging doctoral programs in the works and is the most well-known and prominent regional university in southern Kentucky. The school uniquely created programs, both on campus and online, that speak to the working adult – those individuals who are returning to school or attending college for the first time while raising a family or pursuing a career full or part time.

Online degrees programs at Morehead State University online offer flexibility in learning with a strong set of support services for all enrollees including career services, advisement, veteran support, and library and research access. Some programs offered include degrees in Early Childhood Education, Business Administration, and a Doctor of Education.

Online Programs: 22

Annual Tuition: $8,496


Murray State University

Murray State University is a leading research institution in the state of Kentucky that still offering a nurturing student-teacher environment. Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, with a focus on academically centered, career-based education and research, Murray State prepares students for the workforce or for advanced pursuits in education such as professional certificates or doctoral programs.

Murray State University created a unique Regional Academic Outreach program that serves mature learners who find it impossible to come to the campus for all of their study. The program takes facilities of the institution beyond the classroom either through online learning, outreach programs, consultants, and other public services. All distance learning avenues are self-paced. At Murray State University online students can expect to fit their coursework into their busy work schedules or family commitments and programs can be completed entirely online.

Online Programs: 21

Annual Tuition: $8,400


Brescia University

Founded in the Ursuline tradition of personal and social transformation through education, Brescia University is a Catholic, liberal arts institution focused on providing a student-centered environment both on campus and online. The institution is known across Kentucky and the nation as a moral and intellectual powerhouse where students from across the nation come to learn. The university offers three major schools in addition to the liberal arts and sciences: the School of education, School of Social Work, and the School of Business.

Brescia University online aims to help adult learners and busy working adults achieve their college degrees in a flexible and accessible manner. Balancing affordability and academic rigor has made Brescia University online a leader, ranked #1 in online learning in Kentucky for the past two years. Students can earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees fully online in areas such as education and business.

Online Programs: 15

Annual Tuition: $21,100


University of Kentucky

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University of Kentucky, nicknamed the Wildcats, is a comprehensive four-year university. The nickname came about in 1909 when Commandant Carbusier, then head of the military department at old State university, mentioned that the school’s football team, after a winning streak, “fought like wildcats” – and the name held on.

University of Kentucky online offers both fully online degree programs and hybrid degree options. The online school at the University of Kentucky is dedicated to providing the same engaging educational experiences found on the traditional campus in their distance learning programs. They ask that students enrolling be self-motivated since courses are all student-led and encourage enrollees to engage in advisement, library accesses, and other student services as much as possible to enhance their online college experience.

Online Programs: 15

Annual Tuition: $11,484


Lindsey Wilson College

Lindsey Wilson College is a four-year liberal arts college and is affiliated with the Kentucky Conference of the United Methodist Church. The school is located atop a breathtaking hilltop in Columbia, Kentucky where Lake Cumberland is just a short trip away. The university is a great option for students who are interested in pursuing a liberal arts degree or who seek that kind of education. The college is one of five Kentucky institutions to be classified as a Baccalaureate College-Liberal Arts, meaning the college is primarily an undergraduate college that emphasizes undergraduate teaching with a focus on liberal arts degrees.

Proud to offer the same quality liberal arts education on an online platform, Lindsey Wilson College online s equally accredited and particularly suited for professional, working adults. The school is also a military friendly school serving military personnel and veterans from across the nation annually.

Online Programs: 1o

Annual Tuition: $23,762