Best Online Colleges in Maine

Far too often, working adults wish they could advance their career, heighten their earning potential, or gain expertise in another field of interest. However, work makes going to a traditional school on a set schedule incredibly difficult. These individuals could find great value from a Maine online school, where they aren’t required to follow a strict schedule and cause work at their own pace.

Maine online colleges are also beneficial for students who have other responsibilities. For instance, single parents and parents, in general, can obtain a degree while their kids are at school or sleeping, making a Maine online school ideal for nontraditional students. It’s also an option for adults who don’t feel comfortable earning their degree alongside young adults. For rural citizens, a degree from one of the Maine online colleges means they don’t have to commute. Travel time often feels like wasted time for a student of any age who has other responsibilities.

Ranking the Best Colleges in Maine

Each school in the Value Colleges ranking of the best colleges in Maine offers degrees that students can get entirely online. Each institution meets Value Colleges believes in value, and by that, we mean real quality and return on investment. All institutions in the best online colleges ranking are fully accredited. Schools are ranked by the number of online programs.

Featured Programs

1. University of Maine at Augusta

When you are looking for the best online colleges in Maine, you want to consider the University of Maine at Augusta. The school offers 15 online undergraduate degree programs. Students can study topics that range from cyber security and computer information systems to mental health and human services. The variety of options allows students to focus on their long-term goals.

The University of Maine at Augusta stands out by offering a variety of online degree programs. It gives students several topics of study that helps with long-term goals for the future. Online degrees allow students to finish their degree when it fits their schedule and works around any job or personal obligations that may limit time for classes and course materials. The University of Maine at Augusta offers minors and certifications that allow students to further enhance their qualifications to gain specialized professional skills.

Number of Online Programs: 15

2. University of Maine

The University of Maine is one of the best online colleges in Maine. The school offers three online degree programs at the undergraduate level. The degree programs allow students to focus on topics like surveying engineering, political science, or leadership studies. Students can focus on an area of study that fits their long-term goals for their careers.

The way the University of Maine Online stands out is the flexibility of their online programs. The school offers a Bachelor of University Studies (adult degree completion program) that is self-designed and allows students to work on the classes and courses that fit their specific goals for a career. It gives students a flexible approach to their degrees and allows them to develop specialized skills. That level of flexibility ensures that students are not limited to traditional course materials and can work on developing a wide array of useful skills. The University of Maine offers in-state tuition costs to military veterans, active-duty servicemen and women, and their dependents. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

3. University of Southern Maine

The University of Southern Maine offers seven online degree programs that allow students to focus on their long-term goals. The degree programs at the undergraduate level range from applied technical leadership to business administration with a focus on business management. Students are able to develop leadership skills or their management skills when obtaining their degree through the online program.

A key way the University of Southern Maine in Portland differs from other schools is the focus on leadership within the online degree programs. The school offers leadership courses as well as a leadership minor through the online system. It also offers two additional minors that allow students to develop useful skills as a leader. Students can take the business administration minor or the communication and media studies minor with their undergraduate studies. The University of Southern Maine in Portland offers three undergraduate certifications that enhance a degree program and help develop specialized skills.

Number of Online Programs: 7

4. Unity College

Unity College offers six online degree programs that help students in Maine prepare for their careers. The online degree programs range from wildlife conservation and environmental studies to animal health and behavior. The degree programs focus heavily on sustainability and addressing concerns related to the environment. Unity College allows students to transfer up to 90 credits into the program to accelerate the process of obtaining a degree.

The way Unity College differs from other programs is the recognition of the impact of online degrees on sustainability and environmental conservation. The degree programs encourage students to work on course material at home to reduce carbon emissions and keep up with sustainability efforts. It also recognizes the potential for technology to enhance and improve conservation efforts and helps students recognize the options available through proper education.

Number of Online Programs: 6

5. University of Maine at Machias

The University of Maine at Machias offers four online and hybrid online degree programs that prepare students for their future careers. The degree programs range from business and entrepreneurial studies to psychology and community studies. By giving students a focused approach to their options in college, the school ensures that students are able to achieve their goals and improve their abilities.

The University of Maine at Machias differs from other programs by offering four online certifications at the undergraduate level to enhance student opportunities. The certifications allow students to improve their abilities or start working in a career while finishing up their online degree programs. That gives students more flexibility for their careers and goals. The University of Maine at Machias offers a special tuition rate for students who have moved out of state and plan to continue their degree program online through the school.

Number of Online Programs: 4

6. University of Maine at Fort Kent

The University of Maine at Fort Kent offers three online undergraduate degree programs. The programs allow students to study allied health, cyber security, or nursing online. The nursing program is an RN to BSN program, so students are able to work around their job obligations or odd scheduling. The school also offers a self-designed bachelor’s degree that gives students the ability to design a degree based on their own goals.

A key way the University of Maine at Fort Kent stands out is the flexibility available through the online system. The self-designed program allows students to explore different avenues of study and clarify their options before committing to a specific degree. It also allows students to complete a degree by obtaining appropriate credits without committing to a major. The University of Maine at Fort Kent offers scholarships to students who decide to take classes online.

Number of Online Programs: 3

7. University of Maine at Presque Isle

The University of Maine at Presque Isle offers three fully online degree programs to students. The degree programs focus on history, psychology, and English, so students are able to look into the details of an interesting field of study. The degree programs offer a flexible approach to studies that allow students to work at their own pace and keep up with personal or professional obligations.

The way the University of Maine at Presque Isle stands out is the focus on accessibility. The online program allows students to work on their degrees from any computer as long as they have an Internet connection. It makes the process of obtaining a degree simple and focuses on a user-friendly strategy for student access to class materials. The University of Maine at Presque Isle offers online classes outside of the major courses to give students access to a variety of studies and topics of interest. That allows students to enhance and build on their knowledge while working on a degree.

Number of Online Programs: 3

What is the Value of Online Education in Maine?

For many students, attending a college full time on campus is not a reality. With so many students working full or part time, or having other commitments like family or perhaps even health constraints, colleges today are doing their best – and succeeding beyond belief – in meeting the demand by providing quality degree programs that can be obtained through distance learning programs. Now students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees fully online from highly respected and accredited universities and colleges across the nation, and right here in the state of Maine.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Maine?

Students can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate online. Maine online degrees aren’t the only options either. Potential students may find options for certificate and endorsement programs that take less time than a degree but can help people advance in their field or remain relevant. 

The fields people may choose to earn an online degree include, but aren’t limited to, business, healthcare, criminal justice, accounting, and more. It’s imperative to understand that some fields have prerequisites that a prospective student must adhere to in order to be qualified for a particular program. For instance, the only way a student may be eligible for a bachelor’s degree in nursing is to first have a nursing license. Some programs require a person to have an LPN while others require a person to have an RN. Many teaching degrees are the same, too. A student must complete their initial education in a traditional setting to gain eligibility.  

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Maine?

Online programs tend to save a person money in general. The cost to operate an online program is less than a traditional program on campus. The school isn’t charging a student for all the expenses associated with the building and etc. When a student is choosing potential schools that meet his or her needs, it’s important to consider the fact that a public institution tends to have lower tuition rates than a private one. Another option a student has is to look into Maine community colleges online. When a student attends one of the Maine community colleges online, they receive all the education they need but at a low price. Sometimes, students choose to earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree through a community college, and then further their education even more at another college or university.  

Students may also look toward financial aid if they’re unable to take out private loans or pay for the expense of college on their own. Many people qualify for loans through the state or federal government, and it starts with filling out two applications to determine a person’s eligibility. The student will then know if they qualify for grants, which don’t need to be paid back unless a student doesn’t finish his or her degree. There’s also the option of low-interest loans. 

Scholarships are another option available through the school, and prospective pupils may find other scholarship opportunities as well by searching. 

If a potential student already works in the field he or she wants to remain in, it’s possible to look into employer reimbursement. This program is when an employer pays for part of a student’s education, and in return, the student works for that employer for a designated amount of time after the pupil graduates.   

Are There Online Public Universities in Maine? 

Someone looking to find an online program may find online programs. Generally, online programs are less expensive than a private institution. For example, the University of Southern Maine online courses are less expensive than many private schools. A student may attend the University of Southern Maine online for leadership, management, or liberal studies, just to name a few of their undergraduate programs. Prospective pupils of the University of Southern Maine online may also earn their master’s degree in counseling, education, or another field of interest. University of Southern Maine online courses provide students with a high-quality education just like a private school does.  

Students benefit from the diversity of the public universities as well as the number of programs these schools offer online and on campus. Not to mention, many of these public institutions have reputations for their academics and providing students with the necessary skills to compete in their area of interest’s job market. Often, students of public universities have networking opportunities.

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