Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Missouri

Colleges across the nation today are supplementing their traditional campuses with fully accessible distance learning programs that are available online to students around the world. These programs are a result of the increasing demand for flexibility and affordability in learning when it comes to higher education and advanced degrees. Additionally, more and more students are career focused, meaning they need the flexibility to work full or part time or manage an internship or other opportunity while being enrolled in school. Attending school online is now considered a respected and accredited avenue for obtaining a college degree. It is also a way to fast track a higher education opportunity without sacrificing your academic goals.

In the list below colleges are ranked using the Value Colleges Best Top 10 ranking system, which evaluates a universities success with their tuition costs and online degree earning options. Please note that the tuition costs listed below are the annual IPEDs listings since online tuition costs often vary program to program or course to course. Additionally, each institution meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI, accreditation (regionally or nationally), and is located in the state of Missouri.


University of Missouri in Columbia

The University of Missouri in Columbia was founded in 1839 as the first public university west of the Mississippi River and today it is the state’s largest and most comprehensive university! The school’s nickname, Mizzou, is a clipped version of the word Missouri, and pronounced ‘muh-ZOO.’ It was first used in 1905 in the Missouri Alumni Quarterly, which is now called MIZZOU. The school has students enrolled from all fifty states plus 120 countries, making it one of the largest universities in the state of Missouri. The school offers some of the best STEM based degree programs and over 40% of the degrees awarded last year were in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health fields.

The University of Missouri in Columbia online proudly offers over 100 degree and certificate programs to students around the world! Each program is designed to deliver the same quality education that students on campus at Mizzou receive. The university especially reaches out to support military personnel and veterans through flexible learning that can be accesses from anywhere, at anytime, especially useful for those individuals whose jobs require them to move and mobilize frequently. Plus the online school offers a special support system through their Mizzou Online’s military specialist program.

Online Programs: 52

Online Tuition: $9,518


Park University

Founded in 1875, Park University is a four-year, private liberal-arts based institution that offers fully accredited degrees to students from around the globe both online and on campus. The university has always been student-focused, even from it’s humble beginnings. In fact, one of the halls, Nationally Registered Mackay Hall, as well as some of the classrooms, were built by students who quarried stone from the school’s land in 1886 as a means of earning their tuition!

With a student-centered mission in mind, Park University online offers interactive, distance learning programs to students from around the world. All courses are taught by highly qualified, experienced faculty. Each course is offered in an eight-week format which starts a five separate times each year. Out of all the private universities that offer online learning in the nation, Park University has been ranked as one of the top private online colleges that doesn’t ask for separate out-of-state tuition.

Online Programs: 32

Online Tuition: $12,130


Webster University

Webster University is proud to boast one of the most diverse student and faculty populations in the United States! The coeducational school serves students from around the world but also offers the intimacy of learning from qualified professional faculty in small student to faculty radioed classroom settings, both on campus and online.

One of the first pioneers in online learning, Webster University online has been offering online programs and courses since 1999. Although starting small, the online school today offers over thirty fully accredited online graduate degrees, including a nationally recognized degree in Business! Webster online also offers eight undergraduate degrees that are set up to serve both traditional and non-traditional students.

Online Programs: 30

Online Tuition: $26,300


Drury University

Drury University has long been known as a leader in liking a liberal arts education to the sciences in such a way that students can excel in school and in their professional careers that follow. With a strong sense of understanding the importance of wellness and sustainability, believing that healthy people lead happier, longer and more productive lives, the university aims to meld these values into every facet of learning.

Drury University online offers degrees fully and partially online from the associate to master degree levels. Drury online is committed to reflecting the university’s mission of having a ‘passion for excellence’ by providing hight quality instruction and educational opportunities. The school first offered online courses in 1999 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and

Online Programs: 27

Online Tuition: $25,905


Missouri State University at Springfield

Founded in 1905, Missouri State University at Springfield as first known as the Fourth District Normal School and its primary purpose was to prepare teachers for success in the Missouri Public School System. The university has since become a leading university in the state of Missouri. The school boasts a leading Criminology program led by Ethan Amidon, the top professional in his field, who researches how the Kansas Department of Corrections seeks to address the issue of failed prisoner reentry and students from around the world seek out the program under Professor Amidon’s leadership. The university also boasts leading programs in psychology and agriculture.

Missouri State University at Springfield online offers the same quality education to students online in a number of affordable and flexible undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate program. Students can attend all four years online, transfer from a previous college or two-year institution, or enroll in a hybrid program. Some programs offered include degrees in Education, Nursing, and Screenwriting.

Online Programs: 26

Online Tuition: $7,060


Lindenwood University

Founded in 1827, Lindenwood University is a four-year liberal arts institution perched atop a historic 500-acre campus in the heart of Saint Charles, Missouri. The school is one of the more well-known institutions of higher learning in Missouri and offers over 130 degree programs. With a focus on a liberal arts curriculum, each program aims to really accentuate each student’s talents and interests as they pursue their degrees.

The Lindenwood University online program is internationally recognized alongside the traditional campus for offering the best of the best when it comes to a liberal arts education. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, online learners can complete their programs fully or partially online and can choose from over 30 fully online programs. The online school keeps flexibility of learning and affordability at the center of its mission and students can access coursework and other student services 24/7.

Online Programs: 26

Online Tuition: $16,332


Saint Louis University

Founded in 1818, Saint Louis University is not only one of the oldest colleges in Missouri, it is also one of the oldest universities in the entire United States. It is also known as the most prestigious Catholic university in the nation and is best known for producing life-changing research and compassionate health care. Working within the Jesuit mission, the school is equally committed to faith and service in addition to their mission of academic excellence.

Saint Louis University online offers the same dedication to faith and academics while giving students the flexibility of learning online, in a student-led environment that promotes flexibility and ease of access to course materials, student services, and advisement. The distance learning program offers undergraduate and graduate degrees fully online in unique areas such as Aviation Management, Industrial Psychology, or Applied Analytics.

Online Programs: 23

Online Tuition: $40,726


Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University is an accredited, public university and is located along the timeless banks of the Mississippi River near the famed Cape Girardeau. Originally founded as a Normal School, the university today still carries a strength in teacher education and students across the state come to be educated to teach at Southeast Missouri State.

As a leader in the delivery of online programming in the state of Missouri, Southeast Missouri State University online aims to keep three goals in mind: practicality, affordability, and convenience. By focusing on these necessities, the online programs are able to offer the same quality education in an accessible manner to students from around the world. Some online programs include degrees in Educational Administration and Teacher Leadership.

Online Programs: 23

Online Tuition: $6,990


University of Central Missouri

The University of Central Missouri aims to transform students into lifelong learners, producing successful, professional individuals who have a commitment to service and community leadership, in Missouri and around the globe. The school focuses on providing students with a worldly perspective and a culture of service, knowing that today society and economics is no longer a matter of just the neighborhood, but rather a global community effort. The school has a diverse faculty and student body which represents nearly every state and over fifty countries from around the world.

University of Central Missouri online proudly differs from other online universities because of its focus on student success through innovative academic instruction. Even within the distance learning programs. The institution reaches this mission by employing the same professors online as are employed on the traditional campus, meaning the same high-quality education reaches online learners around the world. Some fully online programs offered include undergraduate or graduate degrees in Criminal Justice, Aviation Safety, and Kinesiology.

Online Programs: 21

Online Tuition: $7,332


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology, often referred to as Missouri S&T for short, is the best of the best when it comes to higher education in the sciences in the state of Missouri. In a state primarily focused on liberal arts educations, Missouri S&T really shines. The school was originally founded in 1870 as one of the first technical institutions west of the Mississippi and throughout the years has become more and more dedicated to discovery, creativity, and innovation!

Attending Missouri University of Science and Technology online is a great way for students from anywhere in the nation to get the Missouri S&T experience from the comfort of their own homes or while simultaneously pursuing their careers or professional interests. The online school offers fully online programs as well as helps students to work towards a master degree or advance their career for continuing education in the areas of engineering, computer science, technology, and business.

Online Programs: 17

Online Tuition: $9,057