Best Online Colleges in Missouri

Students who want to further their education but can’t attend classes at a scheduled time can benefit from Missouri online colleges. A Missouri online school gives students the ability to attend school on a schedule that works for them. An online degree is a great investment for nontraditional students.

One individual who can benefit from this is a working adult. These individuals can complete assignments on their off days or after work. The course requirements are flexible enough to let students fit them into their schedules. This applies to both adults who are first-time college students or who already have a degree and are looking to change their career path. Additionally, an individual looking to further his or her education and advance in their current field can complete a degree while still working. 

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Missouri

The Value Colleges ranking of the best online colleges in Missouri is based on a belief in low tuition costs and online degree options. All of the schools in the ranking have to come up to Value Colleges standards, offering real return their students’ investment and vetted by reputable accreditation.

Featured Programs

1. Park University

When you’re looking into the best online colleges in Missouri, you want to consider Park University in Parkville. The school offers the opportunity to study a variety of topics online to address concerns about long-term career goals. It also provides the opportunity to enhance a degree with a minor. The advantage of taking online classes is flexibility and convenience. Students can work on their degree from the comfort of home or from any location with an Internet connection.

Park University in Parkville offers 64 online undergraduate degree programs. Students have a myriad of options for their degrees and can focus on an area of study that fits their long-term goals. Students are able to study topics that range from accounting and business economics to chemistry and construction management. The school offers many options to fit in with a student’s long-term plans. Park University in Parkville offers scholarships through the school that helps students in online programs with the costs of their education.

Number of Online Programs: 64

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2. Columbia College

Columbia College is one of the best online colleges in Missouri when you want to avoid the structure of an on-campus program. The online degree programs allow students to work at their own pace and work from any location. It gives adult students with personal or professional obligations a chance to enhance and improve their skills to advance in a career. It also allows younger students to work at their own pace when they prefer to work on a degree at unusual times.

A key advantage of Columbia College is the number of online programs. The school offers 36 undergraduate degree programs to students who want to work on their degrees online. Students can study topics like accounting and cybersecurity or topics like English and finance. The number of options gives students a chance to focus on their long-term goals while managing other obligations throughout their studies. Columbia College in Columbia offers assistance to military veterans who plan to take on-campus or online classes through the college.

Number of Online Programs: 36

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3. Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers 24 online degree programs at the undergraduate level. The degree programs allow students to work at their own pace and gain the flexibility to work around their schedules. It ensures that students are able to keep up with personal obligations or workaround complications that limit their time to attend classes on the school’s campus. The online classes are designed to fit the lifestyle of students at every stage of their lives to help with their goals.

A key way Lindenwood University stands out is the focus on convenience and flexibility. Many online classes through the university are available in an accelerated format to allow students to work at a faster pace and complete a degree in less than four years. It also ensures that students are able to work from any location and at any time of the day or night. That flexibility gives students the opportunity to complete their objectives and moves forward with long-term plans. Lindenwood University in Saint Charles is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and meets the high standards of the commission for its online degree programs.

Number of Online Programs: 24

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4. Central Methodist University

Central Methodist University offers 19 online degree programs to help students with their career goals. The degree programs range from child development and early childhood education to nursing and psychology. Students are able to study a variety of topics and majors to fit in with their goals for a career. It gives students a flexible solution to help with long-term plans or to provide specialized skills they need to improve their options in a current job.

A key way Central Methodist University differs from other programs is the flexibility. Students are able to take 16-week or eight-week courses. The accelerated courses allow students to work at a faster pace and complete a degree early. That ensures that students can move forward with long-term plans or advance in a career with an appropriate degree. Central Methodist University offers scholarships to students in the online program through the school.

Number of Online Programs: 19

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5. Maryville University of Saint Louis

Maryville University of Saint Louis is one of the best online colleges in Missouri. The school offers 19 online undergraduate degree programs to give students a flexible option for their career goals. The degree programs range from data science and cyber security to history and marketing. Students can study modern topics that help with long-term career plans in a technology field or can focus on more traditional topics that offer corporate opportunities or career options in the education system.

The way Maryville stands out from other programs is the school’s commitment to excellence. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and was ranked among the top colleges in America by Forbes. Kiplinger’s ranking system also puts it among the top for value private universities. The school sets high standards and expects excellence from students working on their degrees. Maryville University of Saint Louis allows students to start working on an online degree multiple times throughout the year. That flexibility ensures that students can start working on their degree when it fits their situation and lifestyle.

Number of Online Programs: 19

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6. Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University offers 19 online degree programs to help students achieve their career goals. The degree programs range from traditional options like nursing and social work to more modern options like cyber security and data analytics. The focus on a variety of degrees and options ensures that students can find a program that fits their needs for a career objective. It gives students a flexible solution when obligations limit their time for studies and classes.

Saint Louis University focuses on excellence in student performance. The online degree programs are taught by the same instructors as the on-campus programs to ensure that students have access to qualified professionals in their field of study. It gives students the same quality education they expect from the university from the comfort of their own homes. The flexible hours ensure that students are able to keep up with classes when they have unusual work hours and cannot work on classes in a traditional on-campus program. Saint Louis University in Saint Louis offers online certifications to enhance a bachelor’s degree and improve professional skills for a specific career path.

Number of Online Programs: 19

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7. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is one of the best online schools to help with long-term goals. The school offers 17 online degree programs to assist students with their plans. The degree programs allow students to study topics that range from English and hospitality management to psychology and business administration. The variety of topics is also enhanced by online minors and professional certifications that allow students to improve their skills and capabilities.

A key way the University of Missouri in Columbia stands out from other programs is the focus on quality education. The online classes are taught by respected educators in their fields of study. It also allows students to transfer credits into an online program to speed up the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and finishing up a program. The University of Missouri offers scholarships to military veterans and active-duty members of the military. It also offers credit to military veterans for their experience in the military.

Number of Online Programs: 17

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8. Drury University

When you consider the best online degree programs in Missouri, you want to consider Drury University in Springfield. Drury offers 15 online undergraduate degree programs that range from business administration and criminal justice to emergency management. Students can also take evening classes at the university campus for more flexible options to obtain a bachelor’s degree that fits their schedule.

Drury University in Springfield stands out by offering scholarships through the school for online students. The scholarships help students with the cost of tuition and other fees that may apply to the undergraduate programs. The scholarships also apply to students who transfer into an online program from another college or university. Drury University in Springfield offers college credit to military servicemen and women for their experience in the military.

Number of Online Programs: 15

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9. Missouri Baptist University

Missouri Baptist University offers 13 online degree programs at the undergraduate level. The degree programs help students focus on their goals for a career by allowing students to study topics like criminal justice or business administration. The variety of majors allows students to work on a degree that fits in with their goals. 

Missouri Baptist University takes a Christian approach to studies and follows Biblical principles as it applies to different areas of study. As a Christian college, it does set clear standards for student excellence that align with traditional values. It also offers a bachelor’s degree online in ministry and leadership for students who are planning to take on a leadership role in a Christian church. Missouri Baptist University allows students to start a degree at any time of the year that fits their schedule.

Number of Online Programs: 13

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10. Missouri State University

Missouri State University offers 11 online degree programs for undergraduate students. The degree programs are fully online and focus on giving students access to support from the university staff and faculty. Students are able to reach out to professors through the online system to get assistance with class materials.

Missouri State University in Springfield stands apart by focusing on real-world application of topics. The students learn from experienced professors who have applied their skills in real-world environments and situations. It gives students a clear idea of their options for their future careers. Missouri State University focuses on providing a streamlined process for transfer students that makes it easy to start working on an online degree.

Number of Online Programs: 11

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What is the Value of Online Colleges in Missouri?

Colleges across the nation today are supplementing their traditional campuses with fully accessible distance learning programs that are available online to students around the world. These programs are a result of the increasing demand for flexibility and affordability in learning when it comes to higher education and advanced degrees. Additionally, more and more students are career-focused, meaning they need the flexibility to work full or part-time or manage an internship or other opportunities while being enrolled in school. Attending school online is now considered a respected and accredited avenue for obtaining a college degree. It is also a way to fast-track a higher education opportunity without sacrificing your academic goals.

Parents, especially single ones, can attend one of the Missouri online colleges to find a solution that fits their schedule. They can complete courses while their kids are in school or asleep. Rural students are quite a ways away from schools. The commute time alone can cut into a student’s life. A rural student may have to sit in traffic for quite some time to reach the school. When the roads are bad, it can deter rural students from being able to get to school each day. A Missouri online school brings class to these students when distance is a factor.  

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Missouri?

Fortunately, students may choose from a variety of Missouri online degrees, such as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs. The options for majors vary as well. Depending on the school the student chooses, it’s possible to have the option of choosing a minor. Dual degree programs exist and so do accelerated ones. 

A student who chooses one of the Missouri online degrees has the option to earn an associate’s degree in healthcare administration, business, criminal justice, cyber security, or IT technology, among other options. The options for online bachelor’s degrees for online degree programs in Missouri are greater since some programs at an associate’s degree level must be earned in a traditional school setting. For instance, a teacher has to earn an associate’s degree before being able to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary education online. The same applies to a nursing degree. 

Someone may also choose Missouri online degrees for master’s and doctorate degrees. Many colleges have online degree programs in Missouri that allow a student to specialize in a certain area of their field. For instance, someone who wants to earn a doctorate in psychology may choose to specialize in childhood or forensic psychology.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Missouri?

Once a student decides he or she wants to attend an online school, a pupil must decide how to pay for his or her degree. One option to make school more affordable is to look for the cheapest online colleges in Missouri. Often, the cheaper options are online community colleges in Missouri. A student may earn an associate’s or bachelor’s from one of the online community colleges in Missouri, or he or she can take the general classes and then transfer. 

Some of the other cheapest options are public colleges and universities. They’re usually less expensive than choosing a private school. The regional schools tend to be less pricey than the main branches. 

Although a student can’t find a free online school in Missouri, he or she can apply for financial aid to make school less expensive. Some students qualify for enough financial aid and scholarships that their education is free. The state and federal governments offer financial aid in the form of grants, which don’t need to be paid back if a student completes his or her degree.

Another way to find a free online school in Missouri or lessen the cost significantly is to participate in an employer reimbursement program. Employers may offer to reimburse a student for tuition if she or she agrees to work for the company for a designated time after completing the degree program. 

Why Should I Choose an Online Public University in Missouri? 

Many online public universities have comprehensive programs that adequately prep students for their career of choice. A public university in Missouri can offer students the option of associate’s, bachelor’s, online masters degree programs in Missouri. Additionally, students may earn a doctorate. Generally, when a student searches for an “online bachelor’s degree Missouri” or any type of degree at that matter, public universities are less expensive than public universities.

It doesn’t matter whether a student is interested in an “online bachelor’s degree in Missouri” or any other level of a degree program, the student can receive a high-quality education from a school that has accreditation. Often, online master’s degree programs in Missouri and degrees at other levels are the same as the programs actually in the school, just in digital format. 

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