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So many careers require a person to have a degree, including teaching, nursing, and engineering, among numerous others. In addition, a college-educated individual has the potential to earn more money over the course of his or her lifetime than someone without higher education. Unfortunately, those who can’t attend college immediately following high school may have other obligations that prohibit them from being able to attend a traditional college.

This is why Wyoming online colleges are so beneficial to working adults and those with other obligations. A Wyoming online school gives an individual the ability to go to school at a convenient time for him or her. A Wyoming distance education can fit into a person’s schedule, whether he or she is a first-time college student or going back to school to advance or switch careers.

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How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Wyoming

To be ranked in the best online colleges in Wyoming, schools must meet Value Colleges standards with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation. They must also offer at least 3 online bachelor’s degree programs. At this time, only the University of Wyoming meets those qualifications.

1. University of Wyoming

As one of the best online colleges in Wyoming, the University of Wyoming offers three online bachelor’s degree programs: family and consumer sciences, business administration, and a BSN completion program. The business administration and family and consumer sciences degrees are completion programs that require prerequisites for entry. The prerequisites can be completed through a community college. The BSN program is also a completion program. This program is designed for working Registered Nurses who have either an associate degree or a nursing diploma and want to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

Four words that describe the University of Wyoming are connected, authentic, adventurous, and global. The school offers small class sizes and a supportive environment that makes it easy for students to connect with faculty and peers. UW has top-notch faculty members and offers more scholarship funding for study abroad than any other public land-grant university in the United States. The University of Wyoming bills itself as one of the most affordable schools in the nation.

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What is the Value of Online College in Wyoming?

Living in a fast-paced world means that more students today are career-focused, which is why colleges and universities across the nation are supplementing their traditional campuses with fully accessible distance learning programs. With an increase in demand for accessible and flexible higher education opportunities, online schools are more popular than ever, and more affordable too. Attending school online is a respected and accredited avenue for obtaining a college degree and a great way to get a jump start on your education even if you haven’t settled on a career. Furthermore, it’s a way to fast-track a higher education opportunity without sacrificing your academic goals.

For other non-traditional students like parents, a Wyoming online school can give them enough freedom that they can still attend school while taking care of their kids. Wyoming online colleges provide these pupils with the ability to attend school while their kids are occupied, sleeping, or at school. 

Rural students can benefit from a Wyoming distance education as well. Those in rural areas must commute long distances to a college, all possible while sitting in traffic. However, an online school brings school to these people without any wear and tear on their vehicles, annoyance of traffic, or the wasted time of driving back and forth. 

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Wyoming?

Online schools have changed greatly throughout the years. There’s no longer only a few colleges and universities that offer programs. Today, many major universities and colleges, along with community colleges, have online programs. With so many higher education institutions offering online programs, there are numerous choices for individuals to consider. For instance, a person may earn associate’s and bachelor’s Wyoming online degrees. Additionally, a person may find online degrees in Wyoming at a master’s or doctoral level as well. 

At an associate’s degree level, a person may choose from majors like business, accounting, criminal justice, healthcare administration, and early childhood education, among others. At a bachelor’s degree level, an individual may choose between Wyoming online degrees in these subjects. Certain majors becoming available at this level, such as nursing. Nursing becomes available as a bachelor’s degree program because a student must have an LPN or RN first, which must be done in a classroom setting since it requires clinical experience. 

In terms of Wyoming master’s degree programs online, students can choose from the degree programs mentioned above. For instance, a person can choose a Wyoming online MBA. In many master’s degree programs, a pupil may choose to specialize at this level. A prime example is a Wyoming online MBA. A student may choose to earn a master’s in business with a concentration in accounting or marketing. 

For those looking for online degrees in Wyoming, they can opt for a doctorate program. A number of options become available at this level, and a person may choose to specialize in a specific area of their field. Psychology students can earn a doctorate in psychology that focuses on counseling and psychological studies. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Wyoming?

Time is one major reason why individuals can’t attend college, but so is money. There are ways to get over the obstacle of finances, though. For instance, online programs are usually cheaper than traditional on-campus programs. Moreover, you can make school more affordable by looking for less expensive schools. Often, public universities are less pricey than private schools. In addition, the regional campuses are usually less costly than the main campuses. 

Besides comparison shopping for online schools that are the most budget-friendly, a student can opt for a community college, such as Western Wyoming Community College online. The programs are much more cost-efficient than major colleges or universities. Although you can’t earn a graduate degree through Western Wyoming Community College online, you can earn an undergraduate degree. Options exist for both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. A person may use these degrees to obtain a career since a community college adequately prepares a student for a career in his or her field. Additionally, a student can earn an undergraduate degree and then continue their education at a major college or university in a graduate degree program. Another option is to earn general credits at a community college and then switch to another college

Employer reimbursement programs can help an individual afford a higher education. This particular program consists of a person attending college and agreeing to work for an employer for a set amount of time after he or she completes his or her degree. In return, the employer will fund part of his or her education. A student must choose an approved degree program, though. 

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Find your perfect value college is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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