What Kind of Safety Certification Should I Get?

OSHA is committed to protecting workers from the toxic chemicals and deadly hazards they face as part of job safety by providing information so workers in high-risk jobs have access to critical information and education about workplace hazards, at the same time providing employers with assistance in matters of safety so that they comply with promoting best practices that can save lives. More companies are offering a way that their employees can pursue formal education in occupational safety and health certification. Many of these related positions do require certification, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. However, certification is able to get you a good position in a company that prioritizes in workplace safety and providing solutions for minimizing violations. Let’s now delve into different options as well as the benefits.

Professional Safety Certification

You could choose professional occupational health and safety certifications and be seen as a specialist in Occupational Safety and Health. This certification is a way to provide your experience, skill, and knowledge if you want to succeed in the prevention of safety violations and be taken seriously when you try to promote a safer work environment. With certification, you must have both experience and education. Those who actually pass the exam have the potential of earning this designation. In some cases, there are certifications that, after a specific amount of time, require you to meet additional certification requirements in order to keep or maintain the designation.

Highest Paid Careers

If you are looking for the highest paid occupational safety and health career, then you should consider the ones below:

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Occupational Health and Safety Technicians: this requires a bachelor’s degree and one of the responsibilities is to make sure the staff is doing what is appropriate in the workplace to maintain safety. You have to see to it that they are not causing harm that may result in personal injury or injury to other staff members. The technicians ensure that all safety equipment or machines are available to the staff, once required and that they are also appropriately used. The technicians have to go to lengths to make sure those safety guidelines and standards are followed. This kind of job is entry-level. However, you can expect a median salary of approximately $55K per year. However, it also depends on the industry.

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists: this job requires a bachelor’s degree; in addition to industry experience. This is a well-paid job with an average salary of $70K per year. The Specialist may have started in an entry-level Technician position and received a job promotion; after acquiring more industry experience.  As a Specialist, you will be called on to implement OSHA standards through design and research. In addition, you may have to supervise Technicians, specifically to inspect and audit their work to make sure that they are providing the highest level of safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety Engineers: this job requires a degree in engineering because of the program and system prerequisites. There are universities and colleges that offer specific programs for engineering courses, specializations, or certifications through their OSHA degrees. In some cases, you get the chance to earn simultaneous degrees in both engineering and safety so you can prepare for this particular career field. Your responsibilities are redesigning the workplace layout, building special equipment, or creating new processes that improve safety standards. The median salary for a Health and Safety Engineer is about $88,510 per year. In specific fields, especially those, which are science-related, the yearly earnings would be in the mid $100,000 per year. This is career has one of the highest paying safety certifications.

Advantages of Safety Certifications

As indicated, there are types of safety certifications. You have to choose the one that benefits you. With a certification, your employer will know that you have completed the required formal education and have the experience and knowledge in passing the specialized examination. There are specific benefits to having this certification. First, you have the potential of earning a higher salary. It gives you job mobility because you should have a stronger position in the company as you move up. You will gain the required knowledge to understand and implement best industry practices and trends. You have to maintain certification with continuing education, which gives you more hiring power and additional job responsibilities.

Which Safety Certifications Suits You?

When you earn your certifications, it puts you in a better position to stand out and more companies will want to hire you. The question now is not if you should seek to earn occupational safety and health certifications but to consider which one is best suited for you. There are several options available to you as you can see.

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