Complete Job Description of a Medical Coding Technician

medical coding technician

Technicians in medical billing and coding undertake their duties in clinics, hospitals, and offices of physicians for purposes of getting reimbursement for healthcare claims. These professionals utilize classification software for purposes of assigning diagnoses and other procedures for nothing other than insurance billing.

Medical billing and coding technicians also review claims data for purposes of ensuring that some of the assigned codes do meet the required insurance and legal rules in addition to signatures and other authorizations. If such is not met, coders ensure that medical research of correspondents is conducted between them and insurance companies for purposes of resolving the issue at hand.

Job Description of a Medical Coding Technician – What Do Medical Coders Do?

Medical insurance firms across the globe hire medical coders to assist them.  Medical practice services and nursing homes also employ these highly skilled professionals. But what is medical billing and coding? Without going so far into details, a medical coder will begin his or her typical day by taking a review of the previous’ day batch of patients records for purposes of evaluation and subsequent coding.

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Here, medical coders will attempt as much as possible to understand the diagnoses of patients and procedures performed. Additionally, medical coders will also seek to extract any other important information from the process of documentation regarding the name of the physician(s), procedure dates, and any other important information that needs to be translated into the note of the physician for useful medical codes.

Recommended Education Level Needed for Medical Coders

Medical billing training is not rocket science, however, it requires accuracy and organization. To be a medical coder specialist, one has to undergo an education, be it an associate’s degree with coursework in the major or a specific medical coding and billing certification program. In fact, one is required to complete some form of a program leading to either a certificate or an advanced degree in health informatics.

Some of the typical classwork courses include basic classes in data entry, advanced coding, physiology and anatomy, medical law, and ethics and privacy. Others include procedural terminology and methods of healthcare reimbursements. These are some of the requirements necessary for medical billing training.

Certification Requirements Needed to Secure Employment

certified professional coder can advance their career opportunities by getting certification from the AAPC. Some of the basic requirements include field experience of a minimum of two years and a passing exam score. An associate’s degree in the field of medical coding is a requirement for some employers, though it is not required for certification.

Coders need to also ensure that they maintain membership annually with AAPC in addition to ensuring that they submit 36 education units that are continual every two years for purpose of recertification.

Typical Job Responsibilities of Medical Coders

Some of the job responsibilities include:

  • proper coding on the documentation
  • meeting daily coding procedures
  • performing change entries
  • reporting incomplete documentation
  • maintaining legal coding guidelines
  • following orders as required by the coding manager

Medical billing is a profession that is getting a lot of attention as a profession of projected high growth. Not surprising, as healthcare has been in the political spotlight since the previous administration and continues to be a concern with the current one. Among other pressures, medical coders are held with the responsibility of ensuring a patient and the company or organization she or he works for are satisfied with the billing process of any and all procedures.  These greater than typical job responsibilities do result in higher salaries, which appear to be the main attraction to this profession.

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