5 Career Options for the MPH Graduate

As public health becomes more important to the overall well-being of the human population, and the healthcare field expands to a national and international level, public health is proving to be a trusted and rewarding career path. There are numerous MPH jobs that are readily open for individuals who choose to undertake a Master’s in Public Health.  There are a host of institutions that offer a number of options for graduate students to choose from. Is public health a good career option for you? And what do you need to do to earn the MPH, and the MPH jobs, that will be fulfilling for you?

Is Public Health a Good Career?

If you care about the overall good of the community; if you believe in the power of advocacy and education to change lives, individually and globally; if you can see the big picture and the immediate needs of clients at the same time; and if you are dedicated, motivated, and not easily discouraged by what might sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, then you can answer the question with an affirmative. Is public health a good career for you? Yes!

So then, what are the career options available for those who choose to pursue a master’s degree in public health? One of the most unique aspects of MPH jobs is that public health encompasses many different kinds of professionals, so an MPH career can be paired to many other specialties. Here is a breakdown of some of the best and most current career options for MPH graduates:

Featured Programs

1. Specialist in Health Informatics

This is a career option available for those with a degree in health informatics, which may be readily paired with a master’s degree in Public Health. As a health informatics professional, one will be playing the role of analyzing several types of data in healthcare and applying statistical principles to medical research and public health.

2. Healthcare Specialist/Administrator

Again, with an MPH degree, healthcare specialists or administrators who have a degree in healthcare management can add public health to their expertise in managing healthcare facilities, such as hospitals or clinics. With the healthcare system always expanding, there are not nearly enough administrators and professionals who can keep the system running smoothly.

3. Epidemiologist/Researcher

One of the fundamental areas of public health is epidemiology, monitoring and be evaluating the subsequent spread of diseases, working towards understanding their causes, and developing initiatives to combat them. Epidemiologists work in similar fashion to scientists, who combine knowledge from statistics, biology, and mathematics to find out possible solutions to different diseases.

4. Project Manager of Public Health

As it appears, there are a host of career options available to those with a Master’s degree in public health and being a project manager of public health is one of them. With this degree, one will be able to provide training for staff that will go on to work and subsequently provide medical services and assistance to individuals suffering from some diseases such as HIV/AIDS or those that are caused emergency situations such as calamities and wars.

5. Health and Safety Engineers

Health and safety engineers play a crucial role in the public health system as well. The main role of health and safety engineers is to design safety features equipment and machinery, as well as evaluating the safety of the equipment used every day in areas like construction and manufacturing. Other roles include protecting worker safety in office buildings by monitoring and reporting on safety hazards, educating employees on best practices, and writing policies for safety (as well as penalties). An online MPH degree added to an experienced career in health and safety can vault a professional into higher levels of authority and pay.