Are Pre-College Summer Programs Worth it?

Parents do their best to prepare their children for a good, stable life. One where they can be successful and get a good job that pays well. One of the first things they can do to prepare their children for success is to choose a good pre-college summer program. It can go far in setting the stage for a good education once they reach college. During these early years, they will learn the skills they need for studying and setting their educational “bar” at a high but achievable level.

Many parents and kids discuss attending a college prep school. This may be more expensive than public or even some private schools. So, together they should weigh the pros and cons. A college prep school can be beneficial for those kids who excel in their studies and have decided that they will be going to college after high school.

Many parents also look for summer programs to enhance their kids’ chances of getting into the college of their choice. In addition to pre-summer college programs, many parents look for scholarships for summer programs for high school students. These pre-college scholarships can be a great way for kids to get an education and get financial help. It may take some manpower to find free classes as most universities and colleges offer classes, but they also have a hefty price tag.

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There are many benefits to high schoolers that take summer pre-college classes. When they attend a class held at a college or university, they get a feel for the campus and college life. It also allows them to meet college students, so they may be able to make college-age friends before they are students themselves. These experiences can prepare them for college and make it easier for them to navigate through the process. Even in the age of the Covid pandemic, there are many reasons to choose a pre-college program.

What to Look for in Free Pre-College Summer Programs for High School Students:

Parents and students looking for free pre-college summer programs have a lot to consider. 

Students that have an idea of their career path may want to take classes that will give them a leg up when they start college and begin their classes in their preferred career.

Some parents look for pre-college classes at the school their kids are hoping to apply to before high-school graduation. According to Rose Robin, associate dean at Brown University, there are many international students attending summer classes. Some of the classes are pretty intense like the “Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine” class. Other classes help students prepare for college such as college essay writing and interviewing techniques.

With the hefty cost attributed to these classes, which can cost nearly $5,000 for three weeks at an Ivy League school, there is no question that parents would look for discounted or free programs that would still provide value.

On another note, savvy parents will get their children engaged in the pre-college summer programs. This will help prepare kids for completing the applications required when applying to colleges and universities.

Do Pre College Programs Give Students an Advantage:

The big question is, “are scholarships for summer programs for high school students worth it? After all, parents and students take the time to apply for pre-college scholarships. It is also a time investment to attend school. On many occasions, the students are giving up the opportunity to work for spending money or forgo vacations to spend time at summer school. So, parents and students should consider these things before committing to summer school.

Many college administrators feel that hosting free pre-college summer programs for high school students will give them a pipeline for additional admissions to their institution. Other educators say that their role is to help students garner positive academic experiences, whether they attend their university or not. A spokesperson from Princeton stated that there is “no special consideration given to students or factors” when they are evaluating each potential student.

Pre-college scholarships that are at no cost to the parent or the student is probably the best alternative. It is unclear whether or not the student will see any long-term benefit to taking summer classes that may or may not help the student get into the college of their dreams.

Education is never a bad thing, but parents need to remember that not all children are college material. Many choose to start working right after high school and others choose to go to trade school instead of a four-year college.


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