Best Online Homeland Security Programs

Homeland security might be just the field that checks all of the boxes, if you are someone seeking a new in-demand path. This is the perfect field for someone who wants to do something different each day that offers just enough unpredictability to stay interesting. Also, a career that comes with financial security and a 401K is never a bad thing. More than anything, this is an opportunity to shine. A degree in homeland security can lead you in many directions. This could be a pathway into the nonprofit sector, corporate finance, or even emergency management.

There are really no limitations to this path of study. There is lots of opportunity to infuse your personal passions and interests into the coursework in most of these programs, and ultimately into the career path itself. If you are looking to find an online homeland security degree, we have sourced 25 for you that might fit the bill. We ranked them taking into account these three factors:

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Success rate

And we have put them in order accordingly. We used this metric with number one being the best homeland security degree online and the rest follow sequentially. Hopefully, this is your first step towards living your best life. 

Featured Programs

1. California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania offers a Bachelors of Science in Homeland and National Security degree program, through their criminal justice Department. This course of study is delivered entirely online. The classes are in the asynchronous format, meaning there are no required log in times, making the coursework extremely flexible. Many students continue working full time while completing all of their classes. The program is nationally ranked and facilitated by the same in person expert faculty members at CALU. They pride themselves on small class sizes with a student to teacher ratio of 19:1.  Some of the topics covered in the coursework include the foundation of the criminal justice department as it relates to law enforcement, international security, homeland security, state and federal courts, law, probation, corrections, among many other pertinent topics. This is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a graduate degree or attend law school upon completion. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland and National Security

2. Marian University

Marian University in Wisconsin offers a Bachelors of Science degree program in Homeland Security that is delivered entirely online. Every class can be completed in seven weeks time. They are also very generous about accepting transfer credits that can even come from previous work or military experience.  Students can self pace this program in the way that best suits their lifestyle and other obligations, and are subsequently permitted to take only one class at a time. Required skills from organizations like FEMA and DHS are heavily covered in the coursework. This accelerated model does not leave anything out. Many graduates seek immediate employment in Federal Agencies or Emergency Management. Some of the classes include: History of Terrorism, Emergency Management, Infrastructure Protection, Critical Perspectives of Distaster, Crisis Communication, and Homeland Security Field Experience. There are elective credit requirements that must come from classes other than Military Science. 

Degree Title: BS Homeland Security

3. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University offers a fully online bachelors of Science Degree program in Homeland Security. This program is maybe the most flexible out there, as they utilize something called Lifepace Learning, which is a program that tailors your education to your personal needs and obligations. This means, there are no class login times or even set completion dates or times for any of the courses offered. Students can simply work their own program at their own pace. They can even enroll whenever they want; yes, today works. Some of the topics included in the coursework are: border management, counter-terrorism, cyber networks, disaster resilience, critical infrastructure, and immigration. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours, commiserate with most bachelors degree programs. They allow students to transfer up to 90 credit units from their previous academic or life experience. Major requirements are made up of 36 semester hours, which includes a homeland security capstone. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland Security

4. Mercer University

Mercer University offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management that is delivered entirely online. This major is administered through the Leadership Studies Department. The curriculum looks closely at pertinent topics of our time including management of disasters and global threats to public safety. Some important skills that are addressed in the program include: communication in high risk situations, extensive leadership skills and preparation, knowledge of foundational public safety skills, and critical thinking as it relates to public safety. This online format was designed to be flexible, keeping in mind the life demands of working adults. Online students have the same access to faculty members as traditional on-campus students. Graduates of the program have gone on to work in the following fields: border patrol, air marshal, immigration and customs, emergency response coordination, disaster services, among many others. There are three start dates annually, making it easy to matriculate when you want. 

Degree Title: BS in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

5. Southwestern College

Through the Professional Studies Department at Southwestern College you will find one of the best online homeland security degree programs. It is specifically a bachelor’s degree in Security Management. This course of study aims to address the complex security needs of our current time and prepares their students to plug in to the field from a variety of avenues. Some of the topics covered include: homeland security, project management, operational administration, emergency response, and emergency planning. Security experts are the ones who facilitate the virtual learning in this cutting edge track. The classes are flexible while also offered at an accelerated pace. In fact, classes are all run in 6 week sessions. There are many opportunities for hands-on engagement in the program and applications that pertain to real life. The diploma that students receive in the online program is the exact same piece of paper that traditional on-campus students walk away with. 

Degree Title: Bachelor’s Security Management

6. National University

National University offers a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Homeland Security and Emergency Management that can be accomplished entirely online. The flexible online classes are delivered in four week sessions, which exemplifies the accelerated pace of the program. This is the perfect course of study to prepare you for a career in business continuity, the fields of disaster management and security. Students will learn best research practices as they relate to the field and preparation for an actual emergency. Students will be trained in the ins and outs of working in a variety of settings including airports, land borders, and sea ports, as they tackle such issues as disaster management, threat assessment, and crisis response planning. They offer tuition discounts and other perks for military affiliated applicants, as they are considered a yellow ribbon school. You can apply or transfer in at any time with their year-round enrollment system. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

7. Utica College

Utica College offers a Bachelors of Science degree program in criminal justice with the specialization of Homeland Security. This is a timely degree, as it prepares students to work in the fields of disaster recovery, emergency management response cycle, among many other segments of administration related to security. Not only will students be prepared to learn the underpinnings of law enforcement at the local level, but they are also trained to understand the international and national implications. Leadership is a topic that is heavily emphasized in many of the required classes. Asset management is one of the topics that is covered in the coursework, along with vulnerability and threat analysis, risk management and assessment, and technologies that are related to counterterrorism. Most students complete the program in 40 months time, which comes out to three and a half years. Other careers that might interest graduates include: CIA officer/ analyst, border patrol agent, air marshall, and ICE agent. 

Degree Title: BS Criminal Justice/Homeland Security

8. Post university

Post University offers a Bachelor of Science Program in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. This program is designed for people who are interested in being at the cutting edge of security on the national and international level. Students will learn how to prepare for disasters and tackle emergencies. They will not only learn how to prepare for them, but how to manage all of the operations that surround them using all of the top-notch and professional skills. This includes learning how to navigate acts and threats of terrorism, even when they involve weapons of mass destruction. A historical understanding of terrorism will be presented in the coursework. Students can choose one of the following tracks: cybersecurity and information assurance, policing and criminal justice leadership. Curricula and pace are personalized to the student, and Post prides themselves on their small class sizes and student access to faculty members. 

Degree Title: BS in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

9. Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Homeland Security.  This is a highly sought after program, as it is one of the first of its kind in the country. They are built on the premise of creating a world that is safer for all, and they train students to help create the structures to make this vision a reality. While all of the coursework is designed to offer a foundational view of security, students are able to further specialize in one of the following tracks: terrorism studies, cybersecurity, or emergency management. There are also relevant minor options including: cybersecurity, international relations, among many others. One exciting aspect about this particular program is that students will have opportunities to participate in projects that allow them to collaborate with real clients nationally. They will also be able to utilize equipment and facilities that are relevant and state-of-the-art. 

Degree Title: BS Homeland Security

10. Excelsior College

Excelsior College offers a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Homeland Security and Emergency Management that is delivered entirely online. This degree path was designed for no-nonsense working professionals who are interested in an accelerated and flexible program. Most students transfer in an average of 73 credits from other programs, but Excelsior allows students to transfer up to 113. Students will study all of the up-to-date skills to become relevant emergency managers, emergency preparedness coordinators, public safety managers, and hazard mitigation officers. Graduates often go on to work on the local, national and international levels and play leadership roles in organizations such as FEMA. There are a variety of core courses that build a critical skillset and enable students to know how to plug into emergency scenarios as first responders. Some events students will be prepared to respond to include: domestic terrorism, biological threats, natural disasters, and a variety of other emergencies that are pertinent to our time. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management 

11. Tiffin University

Tiffin University offers a bachelors program in criminal justice with an emphasis on Homeland Security and Terrorism. This course of study was designed expressly for students who are interested in being front line protectors of this country as well as the infrastructure that holds it up. Students will learn how to respond to events that impact the local, national and international sphere. The online program is flexible with opportunities to transfer in credits  from other programs. If students have earned a C or better in a class prior to matriculating into Tiffin, chances are the transfer will be accepted. The online format allows for students to undergo two terms in every semester. The degree is very personalized, and each student will be able to complete their program within a personal time frame that accounts for credits that have been transferred in among other factors. 

Degree Title: Homeland Security and Terrorism

12. New England College

The New England College offers a Bachelors of Arts Degree program in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. The coursework in this program prepares students to have a deep understanding of both the private and public sectors and their relationship to security. Students will learn how to work with government agencies in relation to crisis management and first response, among many other relevant fields. Graduates of the program will be prepared to directly attend a graduate program or seek entry-level employment in one of many related fields including emergency preparedness and homeland security. The major itself is made up of 40 credit hours that synthesize related politics, theory, and policy, and the entire program is 120 credit hours in length. The classes include: Global Security, Introduction to Homeland Security, Research Methods, Constitution and Government, Cyber Crime, Warfare, and Defense, and Understanding the Causes of Terrorism. 

Degree Title: BA Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

13. Central Penn College

Central Penn College offers a comprehensive Bachelor’s Degree Program in Homeland Security Management. This program is delivered in a flexible online format that can accommodate adult professional learners with busy lifestyles to attend to. In addition, the college operates on an accelerated, quarterly-term schedule that enables motivated students to earn their degree faster than a traditional semester approach. This course of study was expressly designed to teach students how to be of service to their communities, their nation, and the global sphere. Homeland security continues to be a growing field, and directly addresses many factors that relate to the current political climate and world we are living in. Many topics that this program engages pertain to infrastructure security, law enforcement, emergency management, and intelligence analysis. Implementation of techniques related to crisis management will be heavily addressed. Other topics include: how to best operate criminal investigations, communication skills, including written and verbal, data mining, and many forms of threat detection. There is a myriad of other related programs that might pique your interest at Central Penn College. 

Degree Title: BA Homeland Security Management

14. Anderson University

Anderson University offers a Bachelors of Science in Emergency Services Management and Homeland Security Operations and Administration that is delivered entirely online through their virtual campus. The comprehensive curriculum offers an in-depth focus on emerging and current existing threats, all of the agencies that make up the DHS, and territorial, state, tribal and local sectors of the homeland security enterprise. There are two degree options for this program: one is for students who hold an associates degree and want to transfer their credits into the bachelors, and the other program is for students who are coming to the table without a degree at all. Each student will undergo 27 credit hours of Emergency Services Management coursework, which include classes such as disaster management, safety, emergency services technology. Public administration, leadership, information and intelligence, as well as crisis communication. Concentration electives make up 15 credit hours. 

Degree Title: BS in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

15. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and Criminology with an option to achieve a Certificate in Homeland Security. The foundation of the degree program gives students an understanding of law practices and the response to criminal actions from the government. There are many internship opportunities embedded in the program, and no on-campus requirements. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours, which includes the courses required for the certificate program in Homeland Security, which is also delivered entirely online. There is a 24 hour core course requirement that includes Introduction to criminal justice, Introduction to Criminology, Women, Crime, and Justice, and Advanced Criminal Theory. There is also a College Interdisciplinary Public Service Requirement that makes up 6 credit hours. This gives students an opportunity to partake in coursework in other schools within Arizona State University. Every student is promised personal attention and excellent faculty leadership. 

Degree Title: BS criminal justice and Criminology- Certificate in Homeland Security

16. North Carolina Central University 

North Carolina Central University offers a Bachelors of Science in criminal justice with an emphasis on Homeland Security. This program is delivered entirely online and is certified by the Academy of criminal justice Sciences. The online format is designed for the student who requires flexibility in order to succeed, based on learning style and a variety of life circumstances. There are three deadlines for admission per year, making it easy to matriculate. The entire course of study is 120 credit hours, some of which can be transferred in from other academic endeavors. In fact, they have a transfer partnership with two year North Carolina Community Colleges that offer degree curriculum plans. Graduates often pursue careers in corrections, criminology. Law enforcement, homeland security, and counter-terrorism. This is considered to be one of the more economical programs of its kind and honors diversity in their student body. 

Degree Title: BS Criminal Justice/Homeland Security

17. Franklin University

Franklin University offers a Bachelors of Science degree program in Emergency Management and Homeland Security that is delivered entirely online. This course of study is a good fit for adult learners who require flexibility in a program to be successful. The program is designed around the core beliefs that competent first responders are essential for the country to be protected against national crisis amidst global events. Covered in the curriculum includes issues related to mutual aid, disaster preparedness, ethics, safety regulations among many others. The specializations include emergency response, strategic planning and innovative thinking. There are opportunities for students to personalize their major. Students will be working with expert faculty who are also real-world practitioners in the field. Every student will be required to get a passing grade in core coursework that includes: college writing, basic learning strategies, and university seminar. 

Degree Title: BS in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

18. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. There are no on-campus requirements for this path of study. Students will learn all of the critical skills necessary to intervene in a crisis situation regardless of the scale. Many of the important proficiencies include communications and leadership. The underpinnings of emergency management include response and recovery in the midst of dangerous situations and directly following, as well as preparedness. Some topics heavily covered in this degree path include: performing hazard analysis, training community members, creating community response plans, designing emergency action plans, studying local, state and federal emergency preparedness guidelines, performing hazard analysis and analyzing mass care operations. Graduates of this program often pursue careers as emergency management directors, recovery specialists, police supervisors, security managers, and homeland security officers. The entire degree program is made up of 120 credit hours. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland Security

19. Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology, also known as Florida Tech, offers a Bachelors of Arts in criminal justice that is delivered entirely online. The online format provides a flexibility that allows students to study at their own pace, when they want, and where they want. The course of study dives deeply into topics that relate to homeland security, victimology, crime analysis, and police administration. Students will learn the history of the criminal justice system in the United States which includes law enforcement’s roles at local, federal, and state levels. Other competencies that are covered in the program include community policing, investigative skills, criminal liability, use of force, due process, and search and seizure. This program is fully accredited by the Florida Institute of Technology as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

Degree Title: BA criminal justice in Homeland Security

20. Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University offers a bachelor’s degree in homeland security that is delivered entirely online. This course o f study offers three pillars of focus including intelligence studies, disaster management, and security operations. The online format offers flexibility and has no on campus requirements. The entire course of study requires students to complete 120 credit hours, and a minimum of 30 must be completed at EKU. There are many minor and certificate options that would be well paired with this degree plan. The courses are delivered in 8 week accelerated terms. There are six start dates throughout the year. They offer a reduced tuition rate for those who are serving in active duty in the military. Included in tuition are extensive career and online tutoring services. Many graduates pursue careers in border patrol, asylum services, FBI, customs, counterterrorism analysis, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure. 

Degree Title: BS Homeland Security

21. Tulane University

Tulane University’s School of Professional Advancement offers a bachelor’s degree program in Homeland Security. The online format offers an unmatched flexibility that allows students to fit their studies around their complex life commitments including full-time work schedules. Most of the online classes are delivered in an asynchronous format, meaning there are no set login times, and students can work at their own pace. Students can choose to study on a full or part-time basis. To complete the degree program participants must complete 120 credit hours, 30 of which should be from their specific major. Some of the fields for which graduates might choose to study include: disaster recovery, emergency management, safety management, special agent, cyber security management, infrastructure protection analysis, counter terrorism analysis, terrorism financial analysis, among many others. In order to transfer into the program from another institutions, the student must be in good standing academically. 

Degree Title: BA in Homeland Security

22. Concordia University – Portland

Concordia University out of Portland Oregon offers an online Bachelors of Science Program in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. This course of study focuses on complex security issues that are related to both international and national infrastructure. Students will gain competency in preparing for man made and natural disasters, program management, local and regional response, international and domestic terrorism, strategic planning for security, the ethics of leadership, and international relations, among many others. Concordia offers a faith based approach to the discipline, which will present itself in the majority of the coursework. The entire course of study is made up of 124 credit hours. There are some course requirements that are unique including History and Literature of the Old and New Testaments. Additional coursework includes topics such as volunteers, donations and humanitarian aid, critical infrastructure protection, and building resilient communities. 

Degree Title: BS Homeland Security and Emergency Management 

23. Medaille College

Medaille College offers a Bachelors of Science Program in Homeland Security that is delivered entirely online. This is one of the best online homeland security degree programs and also one of the more flexible. Students can work at their own pace and choose to take 1 or 2 classes per semester which each are seven weeks in duration. Students can generally complete the program in two years, making it accelerated in nature. The classes are delivered in an asynchronous format, meaning there are no requirements for when the student logs in and participates in lectures or course discussions. The program is offered in three start times including fall, spring, and summer sessions. Graduates of the program often take on careers in the following areas: legal and political analysis, military operations, cyber security, loss prevention, law enforcement, customs and border protection/ border patrol, and emergency management. 

Degree Title: Homeland Security, BS

24. Campbell University

Campbell University offers a Bachelors of Science in Homeland Security program through their Adult and Online Education Department. This course of study was designed to be flexible and fit into the busy schedule of an adult learner who has full time work commitments among other life obligations. They pride themselves on being the only four year bachelor’s degree program, in the state of North Carolina, in the field of Homeland Security. Students will learn a variety of skills as they pertain to intelligence and warning, emergency preparedness and response, border and transportation security, defending against catastrophic threat, domestic counterterrorism, and protection of critical infrastructure and key areas. Campbell will accept as many as 64 transfer credits from other institutions of higher learning. Many graduates pursue career paths in some of the following areas: border patrol, law enforcement, homeland security, corrections, immigration and customs, FBI, among others. 

Degree Title: BS in Homeland Security

25. Ashford University

Ashford University offers a Bachelors of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management that is delivered entirely online. This is a best online homeland security degree program for a number of reasons, one being it’s flexible online format. Students can take one class at a time, and each of the classes last for five weeks. This is an extremely transfer friendly program, as Ashford takes up to 90 credit hours from other institutions of higher learning. Students will learn different angles of understanding national security and emergency preparedness. Some of the coursework also covers cultural and political implications of terrorism, emergency response and management, and evaluation of the ethical implications of homeland security measures. Students may be required to participate in introductory online coursework, depending on their previous experience. All of the major requirements make up 36 credit hours, and the entire course of study is 120. 

Degree Title: BA in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Why Should I Get My Homeland Security Degree Online?

There are many reasons to choose a homeland security degree online. Many people find this career pathway as adult learners looking to better themselves and make an impact on the world. All of these particular degree programs are transfer friendly, which make it easy for students who have some college under their belts or an associates degree to matriculate into this four year option. In order to do this, however, many adult learners require a great deal of flexibility in order to add school to the myriad of other life commitments they may have. An online homeland security degree generally takes into account that many learners need to have options for when they log in, how they complete their coursework, including how many classes they are required to take at a time. Some students want an accelerated option that lets them finish quickly, but others need to take their time and move through the program in between dropping their kids off to school and showing up each day to full time jobs. You will see that within the programs we have listed, there is something for everyone and every life circumstance. 

What Can I Do with a Homeland Security Degree?

There are so many homeland security jobs out there, and they are constantly growing. Online programming can make it easy to dive into this field. Graduates of homeland security degree programs often go into fields such as border patrol, airport security, FBI, Immigration, among many other options. Homeland Security job requirements are often as simple as achieving a degree like the ones listed above and as much work experience as possible. Many of the degree programs offer hands on work experience opportunities. Entry level homeland security jobs anticipate that they will be training people fresh out of school and are invested in building a strong and resilient workforce. While there is not one homeland security job description, all of the careers within that umbrella require employees to be excellent first responders when it comes to disasters, which can include terrorism. 

Is Homeland Security a Good Career? 

When looking at homeland security careers there are only projections of growth, especially as the world continues to take unpredictable turns. We are always going to need people with strong leadership skills who value ethics and communication as a way to keep this country safe. If you are wondering: is a homeland security degree worth it? The answer has to be yes. Most of the programs are affordable and flexible, so the investment will definitely pay itself back in a stable career that earns in the $60,000-$70,000 range. There are certainly lots of paths to take to make the world a better place, though not all of them have the promise of a longevity and a solid paycheck with benefits. The promise in the field of Homeland Security is there, and there is always room to move up the ladder. In fact, a master’s degree or even a doctorate in the field are definitely options down the line.


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