Cheapest Online Masters in Sports Administration

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Climbing the ladder in today’s dynamic sports world is no longer possible with only a bachelor’s degree. Instead, you need an advanced degree, like a master’s in sports administration, to lead this bustling industry. So, whether you’re eyeing the big leagues or just breaking in, a master’s degree may be your savior. 

However, going for one that doesn’t break the bank is essential. We’ve created a list of the cheapest online masters in sports administration to make choosing the school a breeze for you.

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Top 10 Cheapest Online Masters in Sports Administration 

When seeking a master’s degree in sports that’s both pocket-friendly and aligns with your goals, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. 

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Below, I’ve outlined the key factors to keep in check when picking your university. Many of these colleges offer good financial aid so you can keep your expenses in check. 

University of South Alabama 

The University of South Alabama offers an online master’s in sports management that mainly revolves around sports events and organization management. The courses within the program include physical education, sports event marketing, sports risk management, and sports leadership and organizational behavior. 

The best part is that their master’s program offers flexible class schedules to accommodate students with packed work hours. Both the program and the university hold accreditation, which makes this college top the list for many. However, its out-of-state tuition fee lies on the upper side of the curve, making it not-so-affordable for non-alabamians. 

  • Tuition Fee: $374 per CH
  • Financial Aid: Yes 
  • Location: Alabama 
  • Graduation Rate: 32%
  • Acceptance Rate: 65%
  • Credits Required: 30
  • Accreditation: Yes (SACSCOC) 

American Public University 

Online master of science in sports management at American Public University caters to a wide range of candidates dreaming of pursuing a career in sports. Everyone from traditional students to professionals and adults interested in sports can opt for this degree to excel in the industry. It covers courses like sports law, marketing, finance, and how sports shapes society. 

Accreditation by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) further strengthens APU’s position for candidates. To earn this degree, you need to invest two years of full-time study and complete 30 credit hours. However, part-timers may require studying for three or more years to get done with the degree. 

  • Tuition Fee: $425 per CH
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Location: Distance education
  • Graduation Rate: 74%
  • Acceptance Rate: 41%
  • Credits Required: 30 
  • Accreditation: Yes (COSMA) 

Southeastern Oklahoma State University 

Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online MS in sports administration tops the list for many, and for good reason. The degree stands out in terms of its focus on areas like nutritional strategies, crafting mindful training programs, and optimizing athletic performances. No matter your interest, their online program can prepare you for various roles across the sports industry. 

To put this into perspective, graduating from SOSU opens doors to positions such as Athletic Director, Guest Service Manager, Event Manager, or even Sports Nutritionist. Also, this university offers multiple admission dates, so you can get in without waiting for long. However, its 16% graduation rate indicates a tough graduating journey for most of the students.  

  • Tuition Fee: $10,410
  • Location: Oklahoma
  • Aid: Yes
  • Graduation Rate: 16%
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Credits Required: 30 
  • Accredited: Yes (Higher Learning Commission)
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Union College, KY 

Union College’s 100% online MS in Athletic Administration can be a great option for those looking to kickstart their administration and sports management careers. At UC, the course offerings include marketing for results, organizational behavior & teamwork, management information systems, and ethics & social responsibility. 

To get in, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or above. The online program, though, hinders you from being a part of UC’s 76+ sports teams. 

  • Tuition Fee: $370 per CH
  • Financial Aid: Yes 
  • Location: Kentucky
  • Graduation Rate: 80%
  • Acceptance Rate: 47%
  • Credits Required: 30 
  • Accreditation: Yes (SACSCOC) 

Jackson State University 

Jackson State University’s MS in Sports Science aims to deliver a comprehensive curriculum for sports enthusiasts. With an extensive 36-credit hour requirement, this university is focused on setting goals and helping you achieve them in the sports world. 

Their idea is to gear you up for lead roles across the industry. However, to secure a spot here, you must submit an official copy of your GRE score taken within five years. 

  • Tuition Fee: $462 per CH 
  • Financial Aid: Yes 
  • Location: Mississippi
  • Graduation Rate: 29% 
  • Acceptance Rate: 62%
  • Credits Required: 36
  • Accreditation: Yes (SACS)

Arkansas State University 

Arkansas State University offers one of the most affordable master’s of science in sports administration on our list. This 36-credit hour degree is designed to serve both full-time students and working professionals. You might also wrap up your entire degree in as few as 12 months entirely online. 

The degree focuses on ethical issues in sports, sports communications, finance and budgeting for sports, sports law, leadership, and marketing. The stamp of COSMA accreditation makes it even more appealing. However, this school offers more perks for in-person students. 

  • Tuition Fee: $12,240
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Location: Arkansas
  • Graduation Rate: 38%
  • Acceptance Rate: 70%
  • Credits Required: 36 
  • Accreditation: Yes (Higher Learning Commission)   
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Concordia University 

If you wish to connect to industry-experienced faculty, Concordia University’s online MA in Sports Management is the key. Whether you wish to advance your career or simply stay ahead in the field, this affordable master’s degree will help. At CU, you can also tailor your studies to specific athletic interests by choosing your desired electives. 

However, securing a spot at Concordia University requires a minimum CGPA of 3.0, making the school pretty competitive for some aspirants. 

  • Tuition Fee: $475 per CH
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Location: Quebec
  • Graduation Rate: 54%
  • Acceptance Rate: 69%
  • Credits Required: 33
  • Accreditation: Yes (SACS) 

Eastern New Mexico University 

Eastern New Mexico University stands by the vision of tapping into the multi-billion dollar fitness industry. Their online MS in sports administration is designed for personalized learning, networking, and helping you live your dreams without a huge burden of debt. The program consists of core courses, electives, and a master’s thesis option. 

The best part is that ENMU gives you the flexibility to attend some courses in person. If you want an online degree with some hands-on experience, it’s your sign to opt for this one. 

  • Tuition Fee: $320 per credit hour
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Location: New Mexico
  • Graduation Rate: 21%
  • Acceptance Rate: 33%
  • Credits Required: 36
  • Accreditation: Yes (Higher Learning Commission)  

Briar Cliff University 

Briar Cliff University’s MA in Sports Management is a 33-credit hour program that can be completed entirely online over five semesters. With a 44% graduation rate, Briar Cliff University has an inclusive admission policy. The university uses Brightspace as its learning management system. 

The core courses include management theories and ethics, business of sport, and facility operations. Plus, you can choose between completing a thesis or opting for the non-thesis track. However, their relatively higher tuition fee may be a turn-off for some students. 

  • Tuition Fee: $474 per credit hour
  • Financial Aid: Yes 
  • Location: Iowa
  • Graduation Rate: 44%
  • Credits Required: 33 
  • Accreditation: Yes (Higher Learning Commission)

Western Carolina University 

Western Carolina University is another highly regarded university that offers a fully online MS in Sports Management degree. With no prerequisites, courses can be completed in any order that fits your schedule. The curriculum includes topics such as issues in sports, economics, project management, and sports marketing

While not mandatory, you may also opt for an internship program to gain practical experience. Nevertheless, the admission process may be taxing, requiring official transcripts, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and two letters of recommendation. 

  • Tuition Fee: less than $10,000
  • Financial Aid: Yes
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Graduation Rate: 43%
  • Acceptance Rate: 85%
  • Credits Required: 30 
  • Accreditation: Yes
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Get a Sports Administration Certificate?

If you wish to acquire advanced yet cost-effective sports administration skills, graduate certificates in the field are a great way to go. These programs typically take less than a year to complete and cover sports marketing, finance, and operations. 

Is a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration Worth It?

Yes, a master’s degree in sports administration opens doors to high-end management roles in sports, which can help you make $78,000 per year. It’s a fit for individuals with backgrounds in business, physical education, or marketing with a deep passion for sports.   

What Are the Admission Requirements for Sports Administration Master’s Degrees?

To pursue a master’s degree in sports administration, you need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a solid GPA ranging from 2.5 to 3.0. Typically, colleges require official transcripts to proceed with your application process. Some universities may also require personal essays detailing your motivation to pursue sports as a career. 


In the sports industry, a vast skill set and a broad knowledge base are necessary to scale up. Fortunately, most careers after a master’s in sports administration won’t require licenses. These above-listed options will help you advance your career without stepping out of your budget line! 

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