Complete Job Description of a Sports Marketing Specialist

If you have a knack for sales, and a heart for sports, then a sports marketing specialist job may be the perfect job for you. By using marketing skills, Sports Marketing Specialists promote and sell products, research techniques or methods used by specialists in the field, and advertise teams and products to the public. The primary role of a sports marketing specialist is choosing the right strategies to promote sports teams, events, or clients, depending on what job they are hired specifically for. With an educational background in marketing, a fair amount of skill, and a little bit of luck, a sports marketing specialist can find themselves in a very lucrative career.

What You Need to Know to Become a Sports Marketing Specialist

Communication is the key for Sports Marketing Specialists. Being able to communicate ideas, thoughts, and strategies to a marketing team will help get projects done faster. Another skill these business people need is the ability to analyze research markets and assess risk-management issues to find appropriate solutions for their clients. Similar to a sports manager, a sports marketing specialist also develops or enhances a brand for their client, as well as strategies for building strong marketing campaigns for their clients or organizations. It also consists of promoting and advertising services to other corporations.

To get the best job opportunities as a sports marketing specialist, a Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, and advertisement, with a focus in sports, is a great start. Minoring in human resource management will also add an important skill set to the education section of the sports marketing specialist’s resume. A master’s degree in sports marketing or a similar field will provide the foundation to succeed in a sports marketing career. As far as experience, the more you have, the better are your chances for a higher-paying position. Having some sales management experience along with the degree will get the attention of prospective employers looking to hire new people. Internships in marketing departments at professional and collegiate sports teams can make a difference in being hired also. Many sports marketers are themselves, former athletes, giving the advantage of knowing what the game is like on and off the field.

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Working as a Sports Marketing Specialist

According to the BLS, the annual median pay is a whopping $129,380! That is not bad for a career that only requires a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum. Not only is this an incredible opportunity for committed sports marketers, but the field is also projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026. This is much faster than the average for other jobs, including sales and marketing jobs that are not in sports specifically.

Many sports marketing specialists work out of an established marketing firm or a sports organization directly. Professional sports teams, for example, have their own marketing departments that employ dozens of people to oversee the daily tasks of running a multi-billion dollar per year business. Some sports marketing specialists may have their own private firm or consulting agency. Even though this field is on the rise, the sports industry is a highly competitive one, so be ready to put in the time and energy to succeed.

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