Fast-Track Your Career: Top 5 Accelerated Online Degrees

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Choosing a traditional degree does not offer affordability and flexibility in saving time and effort. However, our findings suggest that opting for an accelerated program can offer you these benefits.

We have listed the top five accelerated online degrees, along with some of the top online universities to get these degrees.

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Top Five Accelerated Online Degrees

Here are the top online accelerated programs. Choosing one of these programs will help you earn your degree earlier than your peers and establish your career.

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Business Administration

One of the most popular online accelerated degrees in business administration. Earning this degree will make you eligible for top managerial-level positions with a good pay scale. 

Employers give preference to individuals with a business administration degree.

Most courses in the program are related to strategic management, finance, project management, and business law. 

You can opt for different career choices with a business administration degree, such as marketing, consultancy, and financial advising. The average annual salary of a business degree holder is $85,178. 


Another good choice for the accelerated program is the degree in education. If you are an aspiring educator, you can pursue a degree in education. You can choose a specialized education program according to your area of interest.

The pay scale in the education field can vary according to the grade that you teach. The average annual salary of a school teacher in the US is $57,933. If you want to opt for a teaching role at the university level, then you must have a relevant master’s degree. It will also make you eligible for a better salary. 

The main courses that you will study for the education degree are related to student psychology, instructional planning, and classroom management. 


The accounting field is growing rapidly and producing lucrative career opportunities for individuals in the insurance, manufacturing, and government sectors. 

Accounting enthusiasts can consider an online accelerated degree in accounting as this field offers rewarding positions. You can explore different career options according to your choice, like financial analyst, accountant, bookkeeper, and budget analyst. 

The core courses that are part of the accounting curriculum are related to taxation, managerial accounting, accounting information systems, and financial management. 

Computer Science

Computer science is one of the top-earning degrees, and it is in huge demand in this technology-driven era. 

Computer geeks can opt for an accelerated degree in computer science. It helps students complete their degrees early and also has a lot to offer for those who want to build a career in technology and computer fields.

The main courses of the program include data structures, cloud computing, operating systems, and programming. 

Criminal Justice

If you want to contribute positively to society by joining law enforcement agencies, consider pursuing an accelerated criminal justice degree. Earning a relevant bachelor’s degree can improve your job prospects for prominent positions. 

As a criminal justice degree holder, you can consider positions of detective, homeland security, federal agent, and police. The average annual salary of criminal justice professionals is $65,006. 

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Top Accelerated Online Universities

Here are some reputable universities that offer accelerated online programs so you can make the right academic choice according to your preference. 

Northwestern State University Of Louisiana

Northwestern State University Of Louisiana offers 38 online accelerated programs. The semesters of these programs are designed to be short and last for only eight weeks. This format is perfectly suited for students who are busy learners and can focus on only one or two courses in a semester. 

The university also offers affordable tuition for accelerated programs. It helps students efficiently manage education expenses. The in-state tuition cost is $8,672, and the out-of-state tuition cost is $19,460. 

Furthermore, they have plenty of national awards, which shows their credibility as a top educational institute. 

Regent University

Regent University is a Christian institute that offers online accelerated programs for students across the globe. Some of their top programs are in leadership and psychology.

Their undergraduate programs follow the 8-week asynchronous format. It allows students to learn at their own pace and manage their studies according to their daily schedules. The presence of competent professors for online programs gives students assurance of top-value education. 

The institute’s emphasis on the accessible and comfortable online learning experience makes it the best choice for students looking to enroll in an accelerated program. 

George Washington University

George Washington University offers various accelerated online programs that help adult learners manage studies according to their convenience. Some of their accelerated programs include educational technology leadership, organizational leadership, and rehabilitation counseling. 

You can pursue an accelerated MBA or BSN degree, depending on your choice. Also, when you receive the degree, there will be no indication of the online degree on your certificate. A good student-to-instructor ratio also positively impacts student learning. 

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Thomas Edison State University

Another reputable institute that you can consider for pursuing the accelerated online program is Thomas Edison State University. The institute’s Thomas Edison Credit by Exam Program is one of the beneficial aspects for students. It helps them receive credits by clearing the exam rather than taking courses. It helps to earn credits quickly and get your career on track faster. 

Even if you are not enrolled at the university, you can sign up for the exam and earn credits. You can later on transfer them to the school of your choice. However, you need to check beforehand whether your chosen school accepts transfer credits or not. 

The university also offers a portfolio assessment option for students. It helps students assess their work experience and compare it to the course material. After reviewing the portfolio, the management can award credits to the students so they can skip courses. 

Benefits of Accelerated Online Degrees

According to a research study, student loan debt in the US increased by 1% in 2022, crossing $1.77 trillion. It shows how expensive education is becoming for students. 

Fortunately, the option of accelerated programs makes education more affordable for students. Some of the benefits of accelerated online degrees are:

  • Save money on tuition 
  • Flexibility of managing your coursework as per your commitments and schedule
  • Transferable credits help you complete your degree early
  • Availability of courses year-round
  • Save your time and effort by pursuing the degree from anywhere

In order to make sure you’re truly benefitting from an online accelerated degree, it’s crucial to make sure that the program is legit. Kelsey Ludeman, an Academic Success Coach at the University of Houston-Downtown, shares her thoughts on this:

“When selecting an accelerated online degree program, always verify the legitimacy of the school and program. Don’t rush the process. Often, if something seems too good to be true, it just might be. You may be cutting corners that will leave you less desirable to employers or less prepared for the job. Check for program accreditation at The Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs before making any finalized decisions.”

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Related Questions

Here are some common questions that students want to know about while pursuing an accelerated online degree.

Which Degrees Take the Shortest Time?

Associate degrees take the shortest time, last for around two years, and contain 60 credits. The duration of a bachelor’s degree is longer. It can take four years to complete and contains 120 credit hours. You can choose the field of study and program based on your feasibility. 

What Are the Easiest Two-Year Degrees to Get?

Some of the easiest associated degrees include accounting, criminal justice, nursing, business, psychology, childhood education, and general studies. The difficulty level of these degrees can vary according to the demands of the coursework.

Which Degree Has the Highest Duration?

PhD degrees, also known as doctoral degrees, have the longest duration. It can take around four or more years to earn a Ph.D. degree, depending on the course structure of the program that you are pursuing. 


The accelerated degrees mentioned above will help you kickstart your career and gain a competitive advantage over others. Opting for an online accelerated program will save you time, effort, and money and allow you to manage your academic life at your own will.

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