Fastest Masters Degree in Education

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The time and commitment required for a traditional master’s in education can be daunting. However, fast online master’s degrees in education offer a solution, enabling quick advancement in the field. Drawing from our extensive experience in higher education and online learning, we’ve created a list of the fastest master’s degrees in education programs. 

Top 7 Fastest Master’s Degrees in Education

With accelerated online master’s programs in education, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills and credentials flexibly and efficiently. Let’s explore the top programs leading the way when it comes to accelerated education.

Featured Programs

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 Western Governors University (WGU)

  • Program: Online Master’s in Educational Learning and Technology
  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $7,790

Western Governors University stands out for its innovative approach to education, offering a flexible and affordable master’s in curriculum and instruction. With a focus on instructional theory, learning science, and educational research, WGU equips graduates with the skills necessary to excel in diverse academic settings.

Program Highlights:

  • Flexible competency-based model
  • Emphasis on educational technology and design
  • Accredited by NCATE
  • Completion time: 13 months on average

Northcentral University (NCU)

  • Program: Master of Education (M.Ed.)
  • Location: La Jolla, California
  • Graduate Tuition: $16,794

Northcentral University (NCU) offers a dynamic master’s of education program tailored to meet the needs of educators seeking rapid career advancement. With flexible online delivery and a wide range of specialization options, NCU empowers students to pursue their professional goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Program Highlights:

  • Accelerated one-year track available
  • Accredited by CAEP
  • Specializations in diverse areas, including Global Training and Development, E-Learning, and Social Emotional Learning
  • Completion time: 12-16 months

University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV)

  • Program: Online Master’s in Education
  • Location: Edinburg, Texas
  • Graduate Tuition: $7,002

University of Texas (UTRGV) stands at the forefront of online education, offering rigorous master’s programs designed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s classrooms. With a focus on instructional leadership and data-driven decision-making, UTRGV prepares graduates to make a meaningful impact in diverse educational settings.

Program Highlights:

  • Programs can completed in 10 months
  • Specializations in areas such as Educational Technology and Teacher Leadership
  • Accredited by SACSCOC
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California Baptist University (CBU)

  • Program: Online MS in Education
  • Location: Riverside, California
  • Graduate Tuition: $10,260

California Baptist University offers a suite of fast-paced master’s programs designed to meet the evolving needs of educators in today’s dynamic educational landscape. With a commitment to excellence and affordability, CBU empowers students to achieve their academic and professional aspirations in as little as 12 months.

Program Highlights:

  • Five accelerated online master’s programs available
  • Emphasis on Curriculum & Instruction, Early Childhood Studies, and Educational Leadership
  • Accredited by WASC
  • Completion time: 12 months

San Diego State University

  • Program: Online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $8,922

San Diego State University offers a comprehensive Master of Arts in Teaching program designed for both elementary and secondary education teachers. With a curriculum taught by full-time faculty, students gain practical insights and knowledge applicable to their classrooms. The program’s accelerated format allows for timely completion while maintaining academic rigor and quality.

Program Highlights:

  • Accelerated format completed in 12 months
  • Accredited by the Western Associate of Schools and Colleges
  • Ranked #25 in best online graduate education programs by U.S. News and World Report
  • Emphasis on learner assessment, curriculum development, and research-based pedagogical approaches

Concordia University

  • Program: Master of Arts (M.A Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Location: Irvine, California
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $8,564/year

Concordia University Irvine offers a comprehensive master of arts in education program for educators seeking career advancement. With a focus on flexibility and affordability, Concordia Irvine empowers students to complete their degree in as little as one year while maintaining academic rigor and quality.

Program Highlights:

  • Flexible one-year accelerated format
  • Cohort-based learning model
  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Emphasis on curriculum development and capstone experience
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Notre Dame College

  • Program: Online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $9,000/year

Notre Dame College offers a dynamic master of education program tailored to meet the needs of educators seeking career advancement in curriculum and instruction. With a focus on affordability and accelerated education, Notre Dame College empowers students to advance their careers while balancing their personal and professional commitments.

Program Highlights:

  • Fully online format with accelerated programming
  • Emphasis on Catholic school administration and affordable tuition
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
  • Specializations in curriculum design, data literacy, and evaluation

Southeastern Oklahoma State University 

  • Program: Online Master’s in Educational Leadership
  • Location: Durant, Oklahoma
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $5,022

Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers an accelerated online master’s in educational leadership. The program is designed for licensed and non-licensed individuals seeking leadership roles in education. With flexible online delivery and a 12-month completion option, it provides convenience and efficiency. No GRE scores are required for admission.

Program Highlights:

  • Accelerated online M.Ed. programs
  • Focus on developing future leaders and administrators
  • Complete degree online in just 12 months
  • Multiple start dates for added flexibility

Arkansas State University

  • Program: Online Master’s in Educational Leadership
  • Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Graduate Tuition/Fees: $6,210

Arkansas State University offers an accelerated online master’s in educational leadership, focusing on application-based curriculum for master teachers and building-level administrators. Accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, the program can be completed in 20 months. Ranked #115 by U.S. News for online graduate education programs.

Program Highlights:

  • Application-based curriculum
  • Prepares students for leadership roles in education
  • Accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
  • Completion in 20 months with a 36-credit graduate degree program
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Types of Master’s Degrees in Education 

In 2020, online master’s institutes awarded 144,692 Master’s degrees. There are different types of online master’s programs in education. Here’s what you should consider to choose the one that fits you best.

Full-Time or Part-Time Programs

If you have a lot of time to study each week, you might prefer a full-time program. Contrarily, part-time programs are for those who can’t commit as much time. They can take longer to finish; however, you won’t be overloaded with work.

Asynchronous or Synchronous Classes

Asynchronous classes let you study whenever you want. You log in and do your work when it suits you. However, synchronous courses have set times for everyone to be online together. While this might seem restrictive, it ensures interaction even during online classes.

Hybrid or Fully Online Programs

Fully online programs can be finished without ever going to campus. Everything is done online. On the other hand, hybrid programs might need you to visit campus sometimes. Even a short visit makes it a hybrid program, so keep that in mind as you’re looking at your options.

Difference Between a Fast Online Master’s in Education and a Traditional Program

There are a few differences, mainly in how long it takes to finish and whether it requires students to be on campus. Fast programs aim to help students complete their degrees in less than two years. 

Most finish in 12-16 months. Some include internships, so it’s good to ask your school about them. Traditional programs often need you to be on campus for more time. They might have classes and events where you have to show up in person to build connections and learn.

Moreover, fast programs usually prefer students with prior teaching experience and a valid license. This helps students quickly cut down on the basics and dive into specialized subjects. However, if you’re new to teaching, traditional programs might offer more foundational courses to get you started.

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Related Questions

What Is the Fastest Time to Get a Master’s Degree?

How quickly you get a master’s degree depends on your chosen program. For instance, a master of science in accounting with 30 credit hours can take seven months to complete. However, a master of business administration with 60 credit hours will need at least two years.

Is 25 Too Old to Begin a Master’s Degree? 

In graduate school, your age doesn’t matter. Moreover, the typical age of completion of a graduate degree is 24. So, starting at 25 is perfectly fine.

Why Should Online Master’s in Education Programs Have Accreditation?

Accreditation means that legitimate education master’s programs are recognized and approved by an agency authorized by the U.S. Department of Education. It makes an online degree more respected and recognized.


A master’s degree in education is now more accessible through accelerated online master’s programs. Educators can enhance their skills and advance their careers more easily and quickly. Reputable institutes provide flexible pathways for professional growth, showcasing excellence in online education.

Featured Programs

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Prior to her work in education, Aya spent several years as a continuing education consultant for KPMG, where she honed her skills in project management and client relations. She brings this same level of professionalism and expertise to her work as an educator, where she is committed to helping each of her students achieve their full potential.

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Find your perfect value college is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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