Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s in Management Programs

In just a few short years, the Master’s in Management degree has gone from being a new, untried credential to a proven means of getting ahead in business, government, or educational settings. The MSM (Master of Science in Management) and its variations are designed for two specific types of students: one is the business bachelor’s degree holder who has the learning, but not the work experience, for higher-level managerial positions; the other is for the experienced profession or working adult who has a bachelor’s degree, but not in business, and either finds themselves in a managerial role, or wants to progress in their career to management.

Unlike an MBA, which includes intensive courses in economics, finance, statistics, and other technical, mathematical areas, the MSM is focused entirely on the demands of management – areas such as Human Resources, motivation, organization, ethics, and leadership. These degrees will often emphasize experiential learning, problem-solving, analysis and argument, and other challenges specific to management, while leaving out the heavy numbers. As the business world becomes more and more specialized, so do the degrees.

Because most people who are seeking an MSM degree are already working in their chosen careers, online master’s programs have been especially useful and popular for adult learners. From public research universities, regional colleges, private business schools, and small liberal arts colleges, higher education institutions have been working to put together Master’s of Management online programs to meet their demand.

That’s why Value Colleges has put together the Top 50 Online Master’s in Management Degrees of 2017. The Value Colleges mission is to provide prospective students with the information they need to make the best educational and financial decision available to them, whether it’s a local branch of their state university or a private institution in another state. Value Colleges gathers information on reputable, regionally-accredited colleges and universities and runs the numbers to find the best balance of three metrics:

  • Reputation (from U.S. News & World Report)
  • Graduate salaries (from Dept. of Education College Scorecard)
  • Cost (from the institution’s published website)

With this data and our formula, we determine which programs give graduates the most reliable return on their educational investment, providing a quality education at the right price, with a strong showing on the job market. That’s the Value Colleges standard.

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is one of the most unique and most acclaimed institutions in the US. Founded in 1926, Embry-Riddle was one of the first pilot’s schools in the US, growing over the 20th century into one of the world’s foremost engineering, aeronautics, and aerospace institutions. In the 21st century, ERAU has exerted a significant influence over the world of online education, making many of its top-ranked science, technology, and business programs available through Embry-Riddle Worldwide.

The Embry-Riddle online MS in Management is a model of online business education, offered through the award-winning College of Business. This MSM program is designed specifically for experienced professionals planning to move into managerial positions, focusing more on the leadership and planning skills necessary to organize a business than the economics and accounting of an MBA. The Embry-Riddle name is a trusted one throughout the world, and a wide network of connections and alumni make an ERAU degree a job-market value.

Cost Per Credit: $620


University of Alabama

One of the leading public research institutions in the south, the University of Alabama dates back to 1820, just after Alabama was established as a territory. Over the course of nearly two centuries, UA has been at the center of cultural and educational life in the Deep South, particularly the Culverhouse College of Commerce, recognized as one of the top business schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, and a major regional influencer.

UA offers an online MS in Operations Management degree program through ‘Bama By Distance, UA’s top-ranked online education platform. The ‘Bama MSOM degree features two concentrations, Operations Management or Decision Analytics, and prepares working professionals for a wide range of career options, including supply chain management, logistics, and manufacturing. Plus, the University of Alabama keeps tuition rates among the lowest in the nation for a major public research university, making UA a solid deal.

Cost Per Credit: $367


Concordia University - St. Paul

One of the most recognizable religious institutions and online educators in the US, Concordia University-St. Paul is the best-known of the respected Concordia University system, a network of Lutheran universities. While Concordia is trusted and ranked highly for their educational excellence, student support, and spiritual guidance, in the 21st century Concordia has become something of a household name for their online programs, regularly ranked among the very best in the nation.

Concordia offers an online MA in Management and Leadership that prepares working professionals for the demands of management in a flexible and convenient format. This 36-credit program is available fully online, using accelerated 7-week courses to make scheduling more manageable for busy adult students. Concordia’s record for helping graduates obtain jobs – as high as 92% for recent graduates – helps ensure students that their work and money will pay off.

Cost Per Credit: $475


Boston University - Metropolitan College

Ranked among the top 40 national institutions by U.S. News & World Report, Boston University is one of the most respected research universities in a city renowned for top-tier colleges and universities. An elite private university, BU has some of the highest-ranked programs in the nation in engineering, medicine, business, and public service professions such as law and social work, fitting their location in one of the nation’s most bustling cities.

BU offers an online MS in Banking and Financial Service Management from their widely-respected Metropolitan College. This fully online program is steeped in some of BU’s greatest strengths, including economics (a top 20 program), and designed to help working professionals take the next step in their careers. Students get a thorough grounding in modern finance, investment, and risk management, and graduates have the added benefit of the Boston University reputation behind them – a proven world leader.

Cost Per Credit: $830


St. Joseph's College - Brooklyn

A small, Catholic liberal arts college headquartered in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY, St. Joseph’s College has made the most of its location near the nation’s heart of commerce and culture, building a reputation as one of the top colleges in the region. St. Joseph’s mission emphasizes career-building and personal growth guided by Catholic values and integrity. St. Joseph’s strengths lie in their commitment to city life and well-being, with programs in business, human services, and criminal justice.

St. Joseph’s College offers a fully online MS in Management that gives students the choice between two concentrations: Human Resources Management, and Organizational Management. The curriculum of St. Joseph’s online management program draws on the college’s expertise in the liberal arts, contributing critical thinking, problem-solving, and theory as well as technical and administrative skills. At a surprisingly low tuition price for such a prestigious institution, St. Joseph’s may be one of New York’s best bargains.

Cost Per Credit: $495


Georgetown University

The oldest Catholic-affiliated university in the US, founded in 1789, Georgetown University is one of the most respected and influential institutions in the nation. From its location in Washington, DC, Georgetown has exerted a wide and deep influence on the politics, culture, and research that shaped American society in the last two and a half centuries. Along with a Jesuit tradition for academic excellence, Georgetown benefits its graduates with one of the most trusted names and deepest network of connections outside the Ivy League.

Georgetown’s online Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management is a 21st-century, market-ready interdisciplinary program that prepares working professionals for managerial and leadership roles in the technology industry. With specific emphasis on technology, students practice developing ethical, strategic solutions to the unique problems and opportunities in the tech sector. This 30-credit program can be completed fully online in two years.

Cost Per Credit: $1263


Saint Mary’s College of California

One of U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 regional institutions for the west, Saint Mary’s College of California grew up with the state. Founded in 1863, Saint Mary’s has been affiliated with the De La Salle Christian Brothers throughout their history, a Catholic order dedicated to education and service. Today, Saint Mary’s is a small liberal arts institution with a majority-minority student body (largely Hispanic) and a reputation for educational excellence and public engagement, especially for community arts and literature programs.

Saint Mary’s offers an accelerated online MS in Management program that can be completed in only one year. The online MSM is designed to provide intensive education in management, leadership, and business to students who have a non-business bachelor’s degree. Everything from economics and finance to technology and analytics will prepare students for managerial roles in a variety of fields, all with the Saint Mary’s reputation to carry onto the job market.

Cost Per Credit: $778


Colorado State University - Global Campus

The Colorado State University System became a pioneer in online education when they incorporated the CSU Global Campus, the first fully independent, public online university. CSU Global has made one of the most effective, accessible online colleges in the world, with low tuition rates, asynchronous classes with no fixed schedule, ample student support, and a host of strong online programs. With no out-of-state fees, the UCS Global Campus bargain holds up anywhere in the nation.

CSU Global Campus’ online MS in Management degree program is a prime example of CSU Global’s excellence. This 36-credit program is designed to prepare working professionals for the responsibilities of management, from planning and analysis to ethics and finance. Plus, for an additional 18 credits, online MSM students can add an MS in Organizational Leadership for a dual degree. Since the CSU Global tuition is the same no matter what state a student calls home, it’s one of the best values in the nation.

Cost Per Credit: $500


Minot State University

With the motto “Be Seen. Be Heard,” Minot State University outlines their whole mission – to provide opportunity, access, and potential for the people of North Dakota and beyond. Founded as a normal school in 1914, Minot State has grown into a small but important regional institution (third largest in the state) and a key educator for North Dakota’s professionals, technical experts, and leaders. They have also been widely recognized for value thanks to their high quality and low tuition.

Minot State offers an online MS in Management degree program through the College of Business. Designed for portability across a wide range of fields, the Minot State MSM focuses on communication, decision-making, technology, and all of the areas a 21st century manager must master. The MSM is delivered in an accelerated format that can allow full-time online students to complete their degree in as little as one year, at one of the lowest tuition rates anywhere.

Cost Per Credit: $286


Bellevue University

A mid-sized, private institution in Nebraska, Bellevue University was founded in 1966 as a unique university for nontraditional-aged students. Most of Bellevue’s students are still in the over-25 years old category, and a sizable part of Bellevue’s student body is made up of active-duty military personnel, based on a reputation for military-friendliness. For their efforts, Bellevue has been widely ranked as one of the best online educators in the nation and one of the best values as well.

Bellevue’s online MS in Management degree program is designed for working adults, building on Bellevue’s history of top-quality adult education. This 36-credit degree focuses on people skills, organization, and talent development, with strong mentoring and hands-on, experiential learning. With Bellevue’s national reputation and affordable tuition, graduates can expect a Bellevue degree to pay back in the long run and sooner.

Cost Per Credit: $545


Colorado Technical University

One of the most respected and reputable for-profit institutions in the US, Colorado Technical University has been specializing in professional, technical, and military education since its 1965 founding. Colorado Tech is regionally accredited, recognized as a top online educator by U.S. News & World Report, and noted for its military friendliness, as well as for its affordable tuition rates, which have given it the distinction of best value rankings for years.

Colorado Tech’s online MS in Management degree program is designed for the challenges of the global business market, particularly in the technology industries. With eight concentrations to choose from, including Healthcare Management, Homeland Security Management, and Information Systems Security, the Colorado Tech MSM gives students an intensive, 48-credit expertise in all aspects of management and leadership.

Cost Per Credit: $585


Stevens Institute of Technology

Founded in 1870 by the Stevens family, a pioneering family of engineers and inventors, Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the most influential and ground-breaking institutions in the north, helping fuel developments in STEM research and development for a century and a half. Stevens Institute is one of the most prestigious and trusted universities of its kind, having led the way in technology and professional education, including being the first university to require students to use personal computers.

The Stevens Institute online MS in Management degree program is built on an interdisciplinary foundation and designed to allow students who have little or no business experience to bring their own expertise (such as in science, mathematics, or technology) into managerial positions. The Stevens School of Business excels at bringing adult learners and recent graduates up to speed on business while making the most of their interests and strengths. The Stevens name is one of the most trusted in the northeast and well worth the investment when graduates hit the job market.

Cost Per Credit: $1501


Texas A&M University - Commerce

Part of the illustrious Texas A&M University System, Texas A&M University-Commerce is a mid-sized regional institution in northern Texas. Focused on the educational needs of the area, TAMUC emphasizes professional and technical education for its diverse student body, which includes many first-generation college students and non-traditional-aged students. With a high percentage of graduates finding work or going on to graduate school (as high as 96%), TAMUC is doing its job, and doing it well.

Texas A&M Commerce offers an online MS in Management degree program that accommodates students with business degrees and without, giving students the opportunity to build their managerial skills in realistic projects and settings. This 30-39 credit program (depending on educational background) can be completed in just over a year, and easily less than 2 years, to get students on the job market or on track to promotion in short order.

Cost Per Credit: $320


Rutgers University

One of the nine illustrious Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution, and the foremost public research institution in New Jersey, Rutgers University has been at the forefront of innovation and learning for well over 250 years. From agriculture and engineering to business and law, Rutgers is the foremost name in the state of New Jersey, and a unique public-private hybrid that gives the university an exceptional amount of autonomy and authority to develop and produce cutting-edge discoveries.

From the Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, the Rutgers Online MS in Supply Chain Management degree program is a 30-credit curriculum focused on the specific requirements of the modern global trade and shipping industry. Ranked in the dozen best online business schools by U.S. News & World Report, Rutgers Online offers a fully online, interactive education experience that graduates will find not only gets them ready for their careers, but gives them a substantial leg up on the job market in the northeast or anywhere.

Cost Per Credit: $1200


Southeast Missouri State University

One of U.S. News & World Report’s top regional public institutions in the Midwest, Southeast Missouri State University was founded as a normal school in 1873. Like other institutions in its class, SMSU plays a crucial role in bringing higher education to the people, particularly professional, technical, and medical fields that are key parts of the 21st century economy in Missouri and across the US.

SMSU’s online MS in Management degree program is designed to help people in management positions without a business degree make the most of their new roles, or to help non-business degree-holders transition into a management career. With a 98% success rate finding graduates a job within a year, and low tuition rates that are the same for Missouri residents and non-residents alike, the SMSU MSM is a top value.

Cost Per Credit: $325


Lindenwood University

One of the first universities west of the Mississippi River, and the fastest-growing institution in the Midwest, Lindenwood University is a mid-sized private liberal arts university devoted to educational excellence, especially close faculty attention and strong student support. Some of Lindenwood’s strengths include business, led by the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise, as well as a grounding in Judeo-Christian values.

Lindenwood offers a fully online MS in Administration through the School of Accelerated Degree Programs. The MSA program is designed to be portable across fields and disciplines, from non-profit and public agencies to private business and industry, and students can choose concentrations in Marketing or Project Management to help the program more closely meet their career needs. Linwood’s low tuition rate and flexibility make it a solid Midwestern value.

Cost Per Credit: $476


CUNY School of Professional Studies

One of the most celebrated university systems in the nation, the City University of New York is widely considered a leader in higher education. With the CUNY School of Professional Studies, founded in 2003, CUNY has taken on the work of providing educational opportunities to New York, the nation, and the world’s working adults through online degree programs. The CUNY dedication to excellence has made the School of Professional Studies a U.S. News & World Report top 10 online educator nationally, and the top in New York City.

CUNY SPS offers an online MS in Business Management and Leadership degree program designed for working professionals in a wide range of careers develop the skills to lead in a global economy. With a focus on ethics, analysis, strategy, and decision-making, the CUNY MSBML degree prepares professionals for promotion or career change into managerial roles, with the benefit of the CUNY reputation and network to guide them to where they want to be.

Cost Per Credit: $425


University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas has been at the forefront of business and technology since its unique founding in 1969, when Texas Instruments donated its research and development center to the state of Texas to form a new public research university. Since then, UT Dallas has become a leader, especially through the U.S. News & World Report top-25-ranked Jindal School of Management, one of the finest in the nation.

Offered through the Jindal School, the UTD online MS in Management Science is an exceptional, flexible, and useful 36-credit program designed to be of value to working professionals from a variety of career fields and educational backgrounds, including non-business majors. Supportive career coaching, and UT Dallas’s deep connections to the business community of Dallas help ensure that graduates have a place to go and succeed.

Cost Per Credit: $1238


Michigan State University

One of the most influential public research institutions in the Midwest, Michigan State University was among the first land-grant universities, providing a blueprint for the combination of applied science and professional study that characterizes public higher education. MSU’s influence is especially seen in the Broad College of Business, one of the nation’s largest and highest-ranked business schools, particularly since bringing in online education.

MSU offers an online MS in Management, Strategy, and Leadership degree program. This fully-online degree program emphasizes the process of building a personal brand and developing individualized leadership skills based on the student’s strengths and personality. Courses are taught by the Broad College faculty, some of the most influential business thinkers in the field, and the degree can be completed in only 20 months.

Cost Per Credit: $1090


Indiana Institute of Technology

Founded in 1930 as a small engineering college, Indiana Institute of Technology has kept practical, applied knowledge at the center of its mission and philosophy throughout its history, even while changing with the times. Indiana Tech places active participation and leadership in society and culture at its heart, expanding its offerings to business, healthcare, and technology as well as its signature applied science and engineering programs.

The Indiana Tech College of Business’ online MS in Management degree program emphasizes leadership, diversity, problem-solving, and change management, essential skills for building effective teams and growing organizations. It is broad enough to be suited to a variety of fields, from government and education to private business, and the Indiana Tech tuition rate is kept low enough to make it one of the best values in the Midwest.

Cost Per Credit: $495


Kettering University

Founded in 1919, Kettering University began its life as an automotive engineering school, helping propel the new and growing automobile industry in Michigan. With the explosion of car sales and the automotive industry, Kettering quickly grew into a significant engineering and applied science college, expanding from engineering to include technology, management, and other professional programs.

Highly ranked among engineering schools by U.S. News & World Report, as well as a best regional institution in the Midwest by the Princeton Review, Kettering is also growing its reputation as an online educator. The Kettering online MS in Operations Management is a thorough 40-credit program that combines a basic master’s curriculum with a specialized certificate program in one of four areas: Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Operations Management or Supply Chain & Enterprise Resource Planning.

Cost Per Credit: $857


Southwestern College

Founded in 1885, Southwestern College is a small, United Methodist Church-affiliated college built on a commitment to providing educational opportunity to the people of the Great Plains. That commitment has grown over the last century and a half to include more non-traditional, working adult, and military students, and in the 21st century, Southwestern has become a leader in online education for the Midwest, with many highly-rated online bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Southwestern offers an online MS in Management degree program from their College of Professional Studies. Entirely dedicated to the needs of working adult students, the online MSM is a thorough grounding in leadership theory, organizational tactics, ethics, and analysis. With a focus on planning, organizing, and leading, the Southwestern MSM is suitable for a wide range of fields, from corporate business to religious organizations and non-profits, and offered at a low tuition rate so graduates can trust their investment to provide serious returns.

Cost Per Credit: $570


University of St. Francis

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top regional institutions in the Midwest and one of the best graduate schools in the nation, the University of St. Francis was founded in 1920 by Franciscans. Known for its Catholic ideology and Franciscan dedication to educational excellence, the University of St. Francis emphasizes not only learning, but service and faith, preparing students for positions of servant leadership in government, business, and religion alike.

The University of St. Francis offers an online MS in Management degree program designed for experienced, working professionals who want to contribute to ethical service leadership in their organizations. Since the program is meant for working adults, flexibility is key, and students can complete their degree in as little as 15 months with accelerated-format courses and credit earned on the job. Applicants must have at least two years of work experience. St. Francis’ small classes and close faculty attention make it a supportive environment and increase graduates’ success rates.

Cost Per Credit: $739


Greenville College

A Methodist institution founded in 1892, Greenville College has had evangelical values and biblical education at its center from its earliest days. All of Greenville College’s programs are designed for spiritual growth as well as educational rigor, using the insights and foundations of liberal arts education as a starting point for character formation, service, and faith in career, home, and life.

Greenville College’s online MS in Management combines their emphasis on Christian ethics and responsibility with the latest theory and practice in leadership and business. The MSM focuses on team building, collaboration, and human relations, bringing together technological skills with biblical values. At a low tuition rate, Greenville College boasts strong student support and small classes to build experiential learning through realistic projects led by experienced, professional faculty for a deep and valuable degree program.

Cost Per Credit: $418


University of Colorado Denver

Part of the University of Colorado system, CU Denver is best known for the Anschutz Medical Center, one of the nation’s finest hospitals and medical schools, but CU Denver is well-known as one of the top public universities and regional institutions in its own right. Significant professional and technical programs include architecture and planning, business, and public affairs, making CU Denver one of the most important urban educational institutions in the west.

CU Denver’s Business School offers an online MS in Management degree program designed for working adults to build their leadership skills and earn greater responsibilities, as well as greater salaries. Focusing on interpersonal relationships and networking, the online MSM is a fully-developed 30 credit plan taught by the same experienced faculty as CU Denver’s on-campus courses. The CU Denver MSM is ranked highly across the nation, and a low tuition rate gives students a strong return.

Cost Per Credit: $521


Campbellsville University

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as an up-and-coming institution and a best regional university for the south, Campbellsville University is a small Baptist-affiliated institution in Kentucky. Located in an industrial and agricultural region, Campbellsville University has invested deeply in online education in recent years, providing opportunity for the residents of the region to access professional and technical programs at their convenience and leading to CU’s rapidly rising reputation.

Campbellsville University’s online MS in Management and Leadership degree program builds on the expertise of CU’s experienced business faculty and in-depth knowledge of adult education. Designed for working professionals, the CU Online MSML focuses on team building ethical decision-making, and conflict management. A convenient online degree from one of the finest Christian colleges in the nation is a value students can trust.

Cost Per Credit: $499


Granite State College

Founded in 1972 to provide adult and distance education for the University System of New Hampshire, Granite State College has developed a trusted reputation throughout New England for its market-ready professional and technical degree programs. With their mission, it should be no surprise Granite State has developed a slate of online education programs ranked as the best in the state of New Hampshire by U.S. News & World Report.

Granite State College’s online MS in Management degree program is focused on problem-solving, global management, and managing organizations in changing and unpredictable settings. With GSC’s reputation for excellence, students can expect strong support, career development, and guidance, as well as credit for their work experience and insights they can apply immediately to their current careers. Granite State is one of the best deals in New England, and a proven benefit to working professionals.

Cost Per Credit: $512


New Jersey Institute of Technology

Founded in 1881 as an adult-education evening program, the New Jersey Institute of Technology is a mid-sized public research institution in Newark, NJ. NJIT grew with the industrial city of Newark into a technological university along the polytechnic model, developing influential engineering, computer science, architecture, and business programs combining technical and theoretical knowledge with community service and responsibility.

NJIT has become known for its excellent online degree options, including the NJIT online MS in Management. The NJIT MSM allows students to choose from four concentrations: Management Information Systems, Organization Management, Management of Technology, and Finance. Offered by the Tuchman School of Management, one of the top business schools in its class, the NJIT MSM is a proven path to promotion and career success.

Cost Per Credit: $1202


Regent University

Founded in 1978 by evangelical pastor and television producer Pat Robertson, Regent University is one of the most respected and successful Christian colleges in the nation, regularly ranked among the top regional institutions in the south by U.S. News & World Report. In addition to recognition as a military-friendly institution, Regent has also been acclaimed for its educational rigor and excellence. Regent’s evangelical commitment to biblical values permeates its curriculum, encouraging students to take on transformative, global leadership roles in business and society.

The School of Business & Leadership at Regent University offers an online MA in Business & Design Management that is built on a Christian worldview and specifically directed toward managers in product design, start-ups, and entrepreneurship. The online Business & Design Management MA emphasizes innovation, technology, and marketing to prepare students for the modern demands of product design and global industry, with a grounding in biblical ethics. For students who want an evangelical education for the 21st century, Regent is a best bet.

Cost Per Credit: $650


Troy University

A large, public institution in central Alabama, Troy University is ranked as one of the top regional public universities in the south and is situated in one of the fastest-growing, up-and-coming cities in the state. Founded as a normal school in 1887, Troy University has built a strong reputation throughout the region as a military-friendly institution, a best choice for professional and technical adult education, and, in recent years, a leading online educator.

Troy’s online MS in Management degree is built on an accelerated 5-term, one-year program designed to help working professionals complete their graduate education and benefit from the enhanced career opportunities a master’s degree provides. This leadership-centered curriculum focuses on organizational change, ethical decision-making, and employee diversity. At a low tuition rate, Troy University’s online MSM does its job so graduates can do their job.

Cost Per Credit: $494


Indiana University - Bloomington

The flagship of the Indiana University system, Indiana University Bloomington is one of the largest and most influential public research institutions in the Midwest. Ranked in the top 75 national universities, IUB has many individual schools and programs ranked much higher nationally. Perhaps none are as highly regarded as the Kelley School of Business, regularly recognized as being among the best in the region for value, educational excellence, and quality online programs.

IUB’s Kelley School offers an online MS in Strategic Management degree program built specifically for working managers with at least 2 years of experience. This fully online, intensive accelerated program can be completed in as little as 15 months, though students can work at their own pace, learning higher-level management expertise such as strategic thinking, competitive analysis, and entrepreneurship. With the Indiana reputation and the guidance of some of the nation’s most influential business faculty, graduates are assured of a return on their investment.

Cost Per Credit: $1300


Albertus Magnus University

Originally a women’s college founded in 1924 by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs, Albertus Magnus University is a small, Catholic institution dedicated to education and service. Not a well-known as New Haven’s other private research university (Yale), Albertus Magnus has a strong regional reputation and has served as a model for other institutions, especially for their accelerated adult education (begun in 1984) and online degree programs.

Albertus Magnus’ online MS in Management and Organizational Leadership degree program made to help working professionals earn promotion and higher responsibilities in a variety of fields. Focusing on analysis, decision-making, ethics, and other higher-order skills, the MSMOL helps students practice using critical thinking in real-world settings, solving problems and developing organizations from non-profits to government and military.

Cost Per Credit: $855

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Southern New Hampshire University

One of the nation’s most prominent online educators, Southern New Hampshire University has rapidly grown from a small, regional private institution to one of the largest schools in the US. On-campus, SNHU is still a small, liberal arts college, but online, Southern New Hampshire is enormous; in just two decades, beginning one of the nation’s first online degree programs in 1995, SNHU has grown to over 60,000 online students, and pioneered many of the practices that have drastically changed online higher education.

SNHU offers an online MS in Management designed to help working professionals and managers keep pace with the rapid changes of modern business, from technology to government regulation. The curriculum stresses critical thinking, flexibility, and adaptability to keep managers on top of changes that would stop traditional leaders in their tracks. With a reasonable tuition rate and one of the most recognized reputations in the US, an online MSM from Southern New Hampshire is opportunity for a lifetime.

Cost Per Credit: $627


Duquesne University

A prestigious Catholic institution in Pittsburgh, PA, Duquesne University is the only university founded by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, a Catholic order dedicated to missions, justice, and political and social action. Founded in 1878, Duquesne’s mission brings excellent Catholic education to the people of Pittsburgh and the Northeast, originally to the children of immigrants, but today to any working adult, professional, or traditional-aged student across the nation through their online programs.

Duquesne offers an online MS in Management degree from the acclaimed Donahue School of Business, a well-respected institution cited by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review for their quality and inclusiveness. The Duquesne online MSM is intended for working professionals who want to increase their managerial skills to go with their technical skills, or who are already in managerial roles and want a new level of expertise. Duquesne graduates can trust that the good Duquesne name will follow them throughout their careers.

Cost Per Credit: $900


Lasell College

A small liberal arts college in Newton, MA, Lasell College is ranked in the top 25 regional institutions for the North, as well as a reliable best value for the region. Originally a women’s seminary, today Lasell is known for their top-notch professional programs, along with the mentoring and guidance that a small liberal arts college can provide. Lasell’s online degree programs are particularly well-regarded.

Lasell College offers an online MS in Management degree program intended for working professionals to expand their skills and opportunity. Even in their online format, Lasell maintains the benefits of a small liberal arts college by keeping classes under 23 students so students can build strong relationships with each other and faculty mentors. With accelerated courses, online students can complete the degree in only one year, and a reasonable tuition rate keeps the investment safe and guaranteed to bring a solid return.

Cost Per Credit: $600


Maryville University of St. Louis

Founded in 1872, Maryville University of St. Louis is one of the oldest and most reputed institutions in the region. Recognized as one of the top military educators in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, Maryville is ranked in the top 50 colleges for veterans. As a small, regional private institution, Maryville’s strengths are in student support and mentoring, with small classes and a highly decorated faculty guiding students to their careers.

Maryville offers an MA in Management and Leadership led by experienced experts from a range of fields designed to prepare working adults for management roles. Building on a liberal arts foundation, focused on communication, problem-solving, and cooperation, the Maryville MAML brings together technology, practice, and theory for a full understanding of modern leadership. Maryville’s tuition is kept at an affordable rate, making it one of the best value business degrees in the Midwest.

Cost Per Credit: $663


Salve Regina University

Founded in 1934 by the Sisters of Mercy, Salve Regina University is a small Catholic institution built on the mission to provide education and service to people of all faiths. Located on one of the most beautiful campuses in the north, made up of Guilded Age estates, Salve Regina’s curriculum is centered on Catholic values of responsibility, social engagement, and the combination of spirituality and learning.

The online MS in Innovation and Strategic Management from Salve Regina brings the values of the Sisters of Mercy to business, including ethics, social responsibility, and humane decision-making. While the program is designed for working adults, applicants do not have to have a business degree, bringing innovative theory and real-world case studies to help current and prospective leaders apply their knowledge to a variety of fields. Salve Regina gives students a quality Catholic education for a price comparable to a public university, making it a clear best value.

Cost Per Credit: $510


Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University is a well-known evangelical Christian institution with a growing national reputation, built on a commitment to biblical values and a dedication to online education for working adults. One of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the nation, IWU’s largest area of growth has come from its many online programs, which have also helped IWU vault to the higher reaches of U.S. News & World Report’s regional university rankings.

IWU’s online MS in Management degree program is designed to apply a biblical worldview to modern management, guiding students to develop their own leadership style within their chosen career path. Designed around a cohort format, so students work through the program in a consistent group and develop their interpersonal skills, the IWU MSM can be completed conveniently in only 18 months at one of the most affordable tuition rates in the region.

Cost Per Credit: $525


Webster University

One of the first Catholic women’s colleges west of the Mississippi, Webster University was founded by the Sisters of Loretto in 1915. Today, Webster is a nondenominational, private liberal arts college building on its progressive roots to provide educational opportunity to a wide range of students, especially first-generation, lower-income, and working-adult students. Webster is ranked in the top 25 regional universities in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report, and is highly regarded for online programs that allow the university to reach working adults more effectively.

Webster offers an online MS in Science Management and Leadership that is uniquely oriented toward working scientific researchers and engineers who are in or entering managerial positions. Focusing on topics that are particularly suited to those fields, such as project management, law and ethics, and intellectual property, the Webster MSSML program gives experts the managerial skills they need to direct their fellow experts and communicate their discoveries to the business sector. Webster emphasizes student support and career development, helping their graduates make the most of their degrees on the job market.

Cost Per Credit: $780


Austin Peay State University

A mid-sized public institution in Clarksville, TN, Austin Peay State University was founded, like many regional universities, as a normal school. In the 90 years since its beginning, APSU has grown into a significant center for learning and professional study in the region, building a strong reputation as a traditional educator as well as making its name in the 21st century as a source of quality online degrees geared toward professional and technical programs for working adults.

APSU’s online MS in Management degree program is an accelerated, highly flexible and convenient option for working adults to develop their managerial skills and build up their credentials at a low tuition rate. With 8-week terms, full-time students can complete the program in only 12 months, and APSU’s military-friendly status gives veterans and military personnel transfer credits to make the 30-credit program even shorter.

Cost Per Credit: $623


Benedictine University

Benedictine University may have been founded in 1887, but they have been at the forefront of education throughout their history, staying relevant and cutting-edge by embracing professional education, non-traditional students, and innovative educational methods. Benedictine was one of the first reputable universities to initiate fully-online degree programs, while keeping grounded in the Benedictine tradition of excellent Catholic education and top-notch faculty mentoring and guidance.

Benedictine offers a fully online MS in Management and Organizational Behavior, a seminal program in the field that continues to influence and challenge other institutions. The MSMOB focuses on the human aspects of organizational science, incorporating a variety of interdisciplinary fields such as psychology, sociology, and business. Available in a traditional 2-year, and an accelerated format, the Benedictine MSMOB gives students insights into the business world of the 21st century from the perspective of experienced industry experts and sets students on the path to be experienced experts in their own right.

Cost Per Credit: $650


Charleston Southern University

One of South Carolina’s most prominent private institutions, Charleston Southern University is a Southern Baptist-affiliated Christian liberal arts university known for its combination of biblical faith and service leadership. Founded in 1964, CSU is a young and up-and-coming university, recognized for its military-friendliness and for its status as a best value, with a growing student body and a growing reputation for sending graduates out into lucrative, rewarding careers in business, government, and education.

CSU Online offers an accelerated MS in Organizational Management degree program oriented toward nontraditional students who are seeking a career change or promotion into managerial roles. With 7-week courses emphasizing critical thinking, communication, and team-building, CSU infuses Christian ethics and morals into the modern world of business. The 36-credit program uses the most up-to-date instructional methods and applies theory to practice for a useful education that can be immediately applied to students’ current careers, as well as preparing them for adaptation to the future of work.

Cost Per Credit: $625


Saint Vincent College

Founded by Benedictine monks in 1846, Saint Vincent College is one of the most respected Catholic institutions in the northeast, a top-tier national liberal arts college according to U.S. News & World Report, and a perennial best value on rankings by Forbes and the Princeton Review. Their combination of Benedictine educational excellence and social engagement has made Saint Vincent well known for producing leaders in Pennsylvania’s business, religious, and political sectors, and for giving out the prestigious Fred Rogers Legacy Award in honor of the Latrobe native better known as Mr. Rogers.

Saint Vincent’s online MS in Management degree program has a specialization in Operational Excellence, focused on training leaders to guide their organizations into the most effective, humane, and efficient entities they can be. This 36-credit program has a high level of graduate satisfaction, and Saint Vincent online graduates have turned their MSMOE degrees into rewarding careers around the world and in a host of companies and fields. The program can be completed in only a year, and graduates can trust the Saint Vincent reputation to make that year well worth the trouble.

Cost Per Credit: $642


Dallas Baptist University

A small, evangelical Christian institution, Dallas Baptist University has made its name in Texas and throughout the southwest with its dedication to rigorous professional preparation in a Christ-centered atmosphere. DBU’s pride is its students’ success, such as an exceptionally high rate of acceptance for pre-med students into medical school. The Dallas Baptist philosophy is based on the concept of servant leadership, preparing their students for service in their careers, family, and church with a biblically-grounded curriculum.

That emphasis on Christian values extends to the DBU online MA in Management degree program, a 36-credit curriculum centered around planning, decision-making, and ethics. The DBU MAM offers 7 different concentrations, including Conflict Resolution, Health Care Management, and Organizational Communication, allowing working professionals to design their degree to fit their current or future career paths. Graduates go onto the job market or into promotion in their current organizations with the security of a strong reputation and stronger faith.

Cost Per Credit: $856


Fontbonne University

A small Catholic liberal arts institution founded in 1923 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, Fontbonne University is a highly regarded part of the life of the greater St. Louis metropolitan region, bringing learning, culture, and faith to the community. With one of the lowest student/faculty ratios possible (10:1), Fontbonne students get unprecedented access to experienced faculty mentorship and guidance, one of the greatest benefits a small liberal arts university has to offer.

Fontbonne began offering adult-education programs in the 1980s, experience that directly led to creation of excellent online programs such as Fontbonne’s online Master of Management and Leadership degree. This 31-credit program can be completed fully online, giving students a complete understanding of the demands of modern management, both of projects and people, in accelerated 8-week courses. Online students can also further specialize with graduate certificates in Management and Leadership or Project Management.

Cost Per Credit: $703


Peru State College

A small, public liberal arts institution, Peru State College was the first institution of higher education founded in Nebraska, originally as a Methodist Episcopal teacher-training school. Over the course of a century and a half Peru State College has grown into a significant educational institution for the region, bringing both undergraduate and graduate professional and technical programs to the people of southeastern Nebraska, particularly today through their online offerings.

Peru State’s online MS in Organizational Management degree program is built on a unique concentration in Entrepreneurial and Economic Development, focused not on management within an existing organization, but on starting and building new enterprises. The Peru State MSOM emphasizes community building, innovation, and growth, linking business to community for mutual benefit. With accelerated 8-week courses, and an option to add courses for a certificate in Advanced Studies in Organizational Development, Peru State offers a model online program at one of the Midwest’s lowest tuition rates.

Cost Per Credit: $307


Montreat College

A small, evangelical liberal arts college in rural Montreat, NC, Montreat College has a unique history, having grown out of the interdenominational Mountain Retreat Association, an organization founded in 1897 to develop a place for Christian fellowship, health, and wellness in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. Today Montreat College is known for its long association with evangelist Billy Graham and its commitment to rigorous liberal arts education in a Christian setting, building a strong reputation throughout North Carolina and the south.

Montreat’s online MS in Management and Leadership is designed to help working professionals learn to link their managerial skills to the ethical and moral grounding of a Christ-centered, biblical worldview. Coming from Montreat’s School of Adult & Graduate Studies, the MSML is built with the needs of working adults in mind, and scheduled in a flexible format to allow students to continue their current careers, even incorporating their learning directly into their jobs.

Cost Per Credit: $510


Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University’s motto is God First, and that philosophy has clearly benefitted them, as they have grown in recent years from a small evangelical school into the second-largest student body in its class. Founded in 1899, Azusa Pacific has grown to national prominence in the 21st century as they have expanded their bible-centered curriculum into online degree programs and provided a model for other evangelical colleges’ direction in the new technological era.

Azusa Pacific offers an exceptional Master of Business Management online degree program from their respected School of Business and Management. This 39-credit program is designed for ultimate flexibility, allowing students to choose from a wide range of concentrations to tailor their degrees to precisely the kind of work they want to do. With accelerated 8-week courses and 6 terms per year, students can complete the MBM in as little as one year, and take the trusted Azusa Pacific reputation with them into the future of their career.

Cost Per Credit: $742


Thomas Edison State University

Widely recognized as one of New Jersey’s most innovative and influential younger universities, Thomas Edison State University was founded in 1972 as one of the first designated colleges just for working adult students. Based on Thomas Edison’s avowed values in self-motivated, self-directed, practical and applied scientific learning, TESU is focused on professional, technical, and research careers. With their mission, it’s no surprise that TESU has become known as one of the top online educators in the north. 

TESU’s online MS in Management is designed with the guidance of New Jersey’s top employers, helping the experienced experts on TESU’s faculty provide their students with an education that will be immediately applicable and adaptable for the future. This 36-credit program also offers three possible areas of specialization: Accounting, Organizational Leadership, or Project Management. No school in New Jersey knows more about adult education than Thomas Edison State, and graduates will see that expertise pay off. 

Cost Per Credit: $668


New England College

With U.S. News & World Report recognition as a top regional institution for the north, New England College is a small liberal arts institution known for their student support and mentorship as well as academic excellence. NEC’s ambition is clear from their vision – to rise to the top of New England’s many liberal arts colleges – and they have used the opportunity provided by online education programs to accomplish that goal. With nearly as many online students as its traditional, on-campus student body, NEC is leading the way.

NEC offers an online MS in Management degree program with as many as 9 possible concentrations, including some of the most in-demand specializations such as healthcare administration, project management, and banking and finance. With a focus on communication, ethics, and collaboration, the NEC MSM gives students the most thorough possible grounding in modern management, prioritizing both specialization and adaptability for graduates to take their management skills wherever the market demands.

Cost Per Credit: $565