Most Affordable Online Graduate Programs in Accounting

top-10-most-affordable-2017A Masters Degree in Accounting, whether a Masters of Science or a Masters of Business, are extremely desirable degrees for anyone interested in a business or finance career. Additionally, in an increasingly competitive business market, continued learning in Accounting can be the difference of landing that dream career or not. All the colleges on this Value Colleges Best Value list are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP-accredited).

In addition, some of these programs prepare students for taking their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam. This is done through coursework and a familiarization of the students home-state’s particular requirements for certification, including the required education and learning hours. Most states require 150 educational hours and most programs below meet this requirement. All the accounting programs included in this list cost under $900 per credit hour, making them a best value option for higher learning on a flexible timeline.


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South University

South University offers a top-notch Master of Science in Accounting online degree that encourages students to learn and take-away real world skills that lead to advancement in the industry. South University prides itself in offering it’s students a chance to earn their degree while also improving their math competencies and improving their analytical thinking skills. The program is available in two formats. The first allows students to obtain their Masters even if their degree is from a field outside of business. This tract includes seven MBA core courses to help students build their business foundations needed for a Masters in Accounting. The second tract is set up for students with an undergraduate background in business and requires fewer core courses and allows students to jump right into their accounting curriculum. And in both programs, students take a capstone course that allows them to share their cumulative learning from their studies.

Cost per credit:  $565


Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University offers a Masters of Science or a Masters of Business in Accounting, both programs set up to serve students with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or another closely related field. Curriculum includes courses of study that cover management control and auditing, financial reporting and assurance, forensic accounting and taxation. Providing strong theoretical and practical foundations, and through teaching professional skills in the areas of accounting and business, Colorado Tech prides itself in producing well-rounded, employable graduates. Graduates leave the program prepared for careers in not only business, but in the not-for-profit sector, government organizations, or the public accounting industry.


Walden University

Whether you are just beginning your accounting career or already in the industry and interested in advancing from your current position, Walden University Walden University’s online Accounting program fits most students’ educational and professional needs. Additionally, the program offers flexibility for students wishing to attend part time, or who have busy schedules. The Masters of Science in Accounting program is designed to strengthen all students’ analytical and critical-thinking skills through hands on learning that explores issues, trends, and regulations that shape the accounting industry today. Since the accounting profession is constantly changing, Walden University prides itself in staying current, ensuring its students come out on top as the most desirable candidates for hire.

Cost per credit: $595


University of Southwest

University of Southwest prides itself in offering flexible programs that fit a variety of student needs. They state: “No business degree? No Problem”  since they offer a Masters of Business degree in Accounting for students coming from non-traditional backgrounds or for individuals seeking a change in career or study. Rather than requiring an undergraduate degree in business or finance, only a bachelor’s degree of any area of study is required. The 36-credit-hour program is accessible 100% online and students learn at their own pace in a flexible and encouraging environment – in fact, a laptop and eBooks are all included in tuition at the University of Southwest, making this program a Value Colleges Best Value option for sure! Additionally, the degree can be earned in as little as 12 months for ambitious and full-time online students – a must for those anxious to advance their careers.

Cost per credit: $599


New England College

The 40-credit-hour Master of Science in Accounting from New England College online is set up to expand a student’s knowledge of financial reporting, auditing, mergers, acquisition, taxation, and cost accounting thorough a variety of courses taught by professional and successful business leaders and educators. Students leave prepared for careers in business and corporate accounting, risk management and investment to name a few. The flexibility of the program allows students to base their learning on their personal preferences and career goals and all of the course are based on competencies identified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Additionally, a Master of Science in Accounting from New England College satisfies the 150-hour requirement found in most state for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Cost per credit: $680


University of Maryland - University College

The Smith School at the University of Maryland – University College Online places Accounting in a vital role as part of the core curriculum, stating that understanding accounting processes is the at the heart of any information system organizations. And going beyond accounting, the Master of Science in Management with an Accounting focus from University of Maryland further prepares students for success in planning business strategy and controlling organizations, or in helping investors make informed decisions in their professional careers after college. In addition, most accounting students can qualify to sit for their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam upon completing your degree. The celebrated Accounting Department leads invigorating classes in finance, information systems, and economics while providing students with strong roots and competitive skills in business and finance. Alumni leave University of Maryland confident in their abilities to navigate the complicated corporate world and land the job of their dreams.

Cost per credit: $659


Maryville University

Attending Maryville University online to obtain a Master of Business in Accounting comes with many benefits in addition to the top-notch education you’ll receive. The online program boast flexible scheduling allowing students to work at their own pace and navigate the work-school balance with ease. With a business based accounting degree students receive a well-rounded and thorough education that emphasizes leadership approach and the ever-evolving business and corporate world. Although the program is open to students who are looking to expand their accounting knowledge or grow in their career, it additionally promotes and encourages students to attend who are already involved in corporate accounting. Corporate tuition discounts are offered through a variety of Maryville University’s select corporate partners. Plus, students can enroll at six different times over the course of the year and complete the degree at their leisure and 100% online.

Cost per credit: $700

Capella University

Capella University’s online Masters of Business degree in Accounting prides itself as being a leader in the growing and increasingly complex world of corporate finance. In order to produce top-notch professionals, Capella helps their students expand their knowledge of accounting fundamentals like auditing, budgets and other systems that span the nations ever expanding business entities. Students graduate well rounded and able to come to a career in accounting with a 360 degree perspective of accounting and business. The online MBA in Accounting offers benefits in learning like integrated business disciplines, simulation scenarios and a personalized Capstone project, and mobile-access learning that provides students with ease of learning in a busy schedule or on the go.

Cost per credit: $780


Concordia College - NY

The Masters of Science degree in Accounting from Concordia College – New York online prepares students for success in the business world of accounting.The program is ideal for students who are balancing a busy life at home but still interested in furthering their accounting education. While preparing for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam students delve into the 100% online accounting program, working at their own pace and on their preferred schedules. The program requires 30-credit-hours of work and is designed to build on an undergraduate accounting degree, and allows these students to seamlessly meet the 150-hour education requirement necessary in most states for CPA licensure. The accelerated Business Major Track is designed specifically for students with an undergraduate degree in Business and functions in the same innovative manner as the standard MS in Accounting program but adds core classes for credit business students need.

Cost per credit: $890

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