Best Online Colleges in Oregon

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In an ever-changing, fast-paced global society distance learning, more and more, is becoming a respectable and viable path for earning a degree completely online. In Oregon, with a booming tech economy and major demographic changes, online education is critical to helping people get the education they need.

Particularly desirable for path for working adults or students who need to juggle other commitments, attending university online is easier now than ever and most fully online programs are now offered through many major colleges and universities across the nation. Many online universities additionally boast the same accreditation, opportunities, one-on-one support, and quality education that is found on their traditional campuses.

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How We Ranked the Best Online Colleges in Oregon

Value Colleges ranked the best online colleges in Oklahoma according to the number of fully online bachelor’s degrees offered, but that is not the only qualification for making the list. Each institution meets Value Colleges Best Value credentials with a solid ROI and institutional accreditation.

1. Oregon State University Ecampus

Oregon State University has over 70 online programs to choose from. Students can choose from fully online programs and hybrid programs that combine online and classroom learning. Furthermore, Oregon State has on-campus programs for adults and other non-traditional students. Online Oregon State students come from all around the world and have lots of different backgrounds. What they all have in common is the need for an excellent education with complete flexibility for busy adults. Oregon State provides just that, which is why it’s one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

OSU is Oregon’s largest university. As a result, there’s no shortage of resources or opportunities for students. This innovative public research university puts students at the forefront of exciting changes. Research form OSU has a global impact. Students here are smart, driven, and ready for a challenge. OSU was ranked #3 among the best online colleges in the world. 

Number of Online Programs: 88

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2. Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University has 45 online programs. At EOU, faculty members recognize that students come from all walks of life. They understand that not everybody can work with the traditional classroom experience. That’s why this school has such a thriving online program. Faculty here know how to teach for online students and their schedules, meeting these students’ unique needs. This dedication to online learning is why EOU is one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Eastern Oregon University is a challenging, transfer-friendly school that meets students wherever they may be in their academic journeys. With accelerated options and support for non-traditional students, this school provides learners with all of the resources that they need for academic success. Students get a challenging education that will take them places with their careers. EOU is a military-friendly school, so active military members and veterans may want to look into this one. 

Number of Online Programs: 45

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3. Northwest Christian University

Northwest Christian University offers online programs in education, business, the arts, and nursing. Within these programs, students get a challenging academic experience and all of the flexibility that they need. These online programs also come with plenty of support form peers and faculty members. NCU also offers evening classes for those who want to do some learning on campus. With its flexibility and challenge, NCU is one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

NCU is a Christian school that goes beyond basic knowledge. It emphasizes wisdom so that students know what to do with all of the knowledge that they gain in college. Students here gain an education with a deeper meaning. They gain leadership and critical thinking skills, and they learn from programs that emphasize the Christian worldview. Among regional private universities in Oregon, NCU has the lowest cost. 

Number of Online Programs: 7

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4. Portland State University

Portland State University’s online programs provide a combination of flexibility and academic challenge. Portland State uses a student-friendly approach to education, especially when it comes to online learning. These courses provide a lot of conveniences. However, they don’t sacrifice quality. As a result, students can make the most of their educations, reach their goals, and still maintain their already busy lives. Overall, this school is one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Portland State is a diverse, exciting school that helps students reach success in their careers. Students here flourish because they get the support they need. This school is challenging and innovative with caring faculty and staff. Here, students get nothing less than academic excellence. PSU is the most diverse public campus in Oregon. 

Number of Online Programs: 11

School website

5. Linfield College

Linfield College offers several online programs. These programs provide lots of flexibility, but they also provide academic challenges so that students get a meaningful education. Online students get access to the same resources as their on-campus peers, including research resources, an academic adviser, and much more. This program offers a convenient schedule and various start dates, which makes it one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Linfield College is a place where students go to meet their goals head-on. At this school, students carve out pathways for themselves to make the most of their educations. With lots of diversity, the student body gets to learn from one another all the time. This school has a strong liberal arts focus, which means that students get a well-rounded education along with their specific career-based learning. Linfield has some of the top-earning graduates in Oregon. 

Number of Online Programs: 10

School website

6. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Tech offers full online degrees and an online degree completion program. Both choices provide lots of flexibility and convenience for adult learners with busy lives. Within these programs, the school transfers as many credits as possible from previous institutions. This way, students can complete their degrees as quickly as possible and start advancing their careers right away. This level of convenience is what puts Oregon tech among the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Oregon Tech provides a career-focused education so that students can reach their goals fast. This school provides a practical, hands-on education that prepares students for the careers of the future. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, Oregon Tech gives students access to plenty of faculty support. 

Number of Online Programs: 6

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7. George Fox University

George Fox University’s adult degree program gives students plenty of choices. Online students may choose to take all of their courses online, or they can choose a hybrid of online and on-campus courses. Either way, they’ll get challenging classes with enough flexibility so that they don’t have to put their lives on hold. Because these programs were designed for adults, faculty members always keep the needs of adult learners in mind, which makes George Fox one of the best online colleges in Oregon for people with jobs and families. 

As a Christian school, George Fox University infuses faith into the learning process. Students are challenged both on an academic and a spiritual level. Students receive personalized attention throughout the educational process. They can always count on faculty members to provide the support that they need. George Fox University helps students become well-rounded citizens as they reach their career goals. 

Number of Online Programs: 6

School website

8. Southern Oregon State University

Southern Oregon State has several online programs. These programs focus on education, leadership, and business. All of them provide the flexibility that online learners seek from their educations. Some of these programs are degree completion programs, which means that students should already have some college experience under their belts before they get started. However, all of these programs are designed for adults who work full time, which makes it one of the best online colleges in Oregon for people with busy lives. 

SOU is a thriving, challenging school where students can grow to meet their fullest potential. Students here are smart, focused, and determined. Faculty provide lots of support so that students can meet their goals and gain a clear pathway to success. Students are encouraged on their pathway of learning and growth. This school is full of opportunities for students to move forward with confidence. In 2016, The New York Times recognized SOU as a “hidden gem.” 

Number of Online Programs: 5

School website

9. Concordia University Portland

Concordia University Portland’s online programs focus on business and education. For those who want to either teach or lead in the business world, these programs provide top-level skills. These programs were all designed to meet the needs of those who have busy schedules. Students can pursue their educations without putting their careers and family lives on hold. As a result, it’s one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Concordia is a thriving Christian university with challenging academics and deep values. This school weaves faith into all of its classes. Furthermore, the school gives students plenty of opportunities to serve and help others so that they can put their values to work. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

School website

10. Corban University

Corban University has three online programs: business, psychology, and interdisciplinary studies. Classes are divided into eight-week sessions, giving students just the right amount of speed and flexibility with their online learning experiences. Within these programs, students come from all walks of life. Some of these students are parents, some of them have busy careers, and some have other reasons for needing flexibility. In any case, all of these students get the support that they need, which makes Corban one of the best online colleges in Oregon. 

Corban University is a Christian school with a commitment to a meaningful education. The academics here are challenging and help students reach their full potential. Students grow not just as students, but as people and as members of a faith community. The faculty members here are committed to helping students succeed in their lives beyond college. US News and World Report ranked Corban as one of the best universities in the west. 

Number of Online Programs: 3

School website

What is the Value of Online Colleges in Oregon?

College can help a person further his or her career. Plus, college graduates make more over average than a person who doesn’t possess a college degree. For some though, obtaining a college education isn’t possible due to their work schedules or other responsibilities. An Oregon online college gives individuals who don’t have transportation, have to work, or have other responsibilities the ability to go to school. Working adults can work on their coursework at a time that works for them, possibly before or after work. This applies to first-time adult students and those looking to switch careers or advance in their current field. 

For parents, an Oregon online college gives the individual the ability to attend school and not have to leave his or her children. The person may attend school at times that work around his or her children’s schedules, such as during school hours or after bedtime. 

Another group that benefits from an Oregon online college is rural citizens. These individuals have to travel long distances to attend a traditional college. Plus, they have to contend with traffic. In harsh weather, they may not be able to make it to school, which could affect their academic status and performance. 

Enrollment in online courses gives distance learners to choose bachelor’s programs from four-year colleges across the state. Whether you want computer science, business administration, or another field of study, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Salem, La Grande, Eugene, or Klamath Falls – Oregon residents pay in-state tuition for online schools distance education.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Oregon?

In today’s world, more and more colleges are offering online programs since so many people desire to earn their degree from their own home. Because of this, colleges are offering more and more online degree programs in Oregon, including associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates. Individuals may even choose to earn a certificate to improve their earning potential and heighten the possibility of advancement. Sometimes, the certificate degree programs allow the individual to enter into a particular field.

In terms of the majors that a person can take as online degree programs in Oregon, a person may choose to earn a degree in nursing, healthcare administration, accounting, criminal justice, cyber security, business, or numerous other options. 

It’s important to understand that certain majors aren’t available as online degrees in Oregon at an associate’s degree level. Sometimes, a person may have to earn an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree before selecting certain Oregon online degree programs. For instance, engineering programs aren’t always available on an associate’s level. A person can’t earn nursing online degrees in Oregon until they possess an LPN or RN. Then, the person can earn bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate online degrees in Oregon. This is because online degrees in Oregon don’t offer a student the benefit of clinical experience. 

As a student furthers his or her education, a student can choose to specialize in certain areas of that field through Oregon online degrees. For instance, at a master’s degree level, a person can attend Oregon online degree programs in different areas of psychology, such as forensic psychology. 

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Oregon?

A higher education is expensive, which is why many people don’t believe they could possibly ever attend college, even through an online program. However, in addition to financial aid through the state and federal government as well as scholarship and grant programs, several options exist for lowering the cost of a college education. Attending school online, in general, is usually a cheaper option.

In addition, a student should begin his or her search for the ideal school by comparing the programs offered, the school’s reputation, and the price. Generally, a person will discover that the public institutions are often cheaper than the private schools. However, a person still needs to compare his or her options because every public college or university has a different tuition cost. For example, the regional public schools tend to be less expensive than the main branches.  

Online community colleges in Oregon are less expensive than both public and private colleges. They can still provide a person with a quality education. A person can choose to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s from online colleges in Oregon and then switch to a public or private university to earn his or her graduate degree. On the other hand, a student can choose to earn credits, in particular general credits, at a community college for cheap. Then, he or she can transfer those credits to a major school.  

Besides online community colleges and public universities, prospective students have other options to help them pay for their education. One option is employer reimbursement. To obtain this type of assistance, a potential pupil must check with his or her employer and inquire about any reimbursement programs. For this type of assistance, a person must agree to work for their employer for a certain amount of time after he or she completes school. The employer, in return, will reimburse the student for part of his or her tuition. Typically, an employer will only reimburse for degree programs within that field.

Online programs usually have lower tuition rates than in-person, though out-of-state students may pay higher rates. Of course, an online master program will cost more than undergraduate degrees. Nonprofit schools are cheaper than for-profit as well.

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Prior to her work in education, Aya spent several years as a continuing education consultant for KPMG, where she honed her skills in project management and client relations. She brings this same level of professionalism and expertise to her work as an educator, where she is committed to helping each of her students achieve their full potential.

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