What Education Do You Need to Become a Teacher?

One of the burning questions for those looking to enter the teaching profession is “I want to be a teacher; where do I start?” When answering this question, students find that there are several requirements for becoming a teacher. 

Requirements For Becoming A Teacher

A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement of education for those seeking a teaching career in public schools across the United States in order to be a teacher and not a teaching assistant. In addition to completing a Bachelor’s degree, many programs require students to take one or more of the required Praxis tests for their subject area. Many of the programs offer the chance to do an internship at a local institution near the student. This gives students the flexibility to pursue a degree online fitting their schedule. 

Once these requirements for becoming a teacher have been met successfully, students are able to forward these completed requirements to the state department of education in order to receive their teaching certification. 

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Types Of Teaching Degrees

Reviewing the different types of teaching degrees comes shortly after questioning “I want to be a teacher; where do I start?” Teaching degrees vary based upon level and subject matter. However, they can all be found online. 

  • Associates
  • Bachelors
  • Masters

The Associate level degree is available for students who are looking to be teaching assistants in the classroom or teach a preschool class. These degrees will not allow students to teach a class above that level, but it is an entry point for those seeking to get into the education field.

A bachelor’s level degree is often one of the requirements for becoming a teacher the grades of Kindergarten through twelfth grade. These programs often include majors such as Early Childhood and Elementary education, Middle-level subject areas, and secondary subject areas or special education. For the upper-grade levels, students can choose one or two subjects in which to pursue their degree. Depending on their program area, they may also be required to take and pass program-specific Praxis tests in order to obtain the certification. 

The Masters’s level degree is designed for experienced teacher who is looking to advance their degree and career into a specialized area or even administrative positions. These subject areas include areas such as Instructional Technology, Educational Leadership, and Curriculum Specialization among others. Some students who have a Bachelor’s degree outside of Education can pursue a Masters’s in Teaching degree that gives them the skills they need as one of the requirements for becoming a teacher. 

“I Want to Be a Teacher; Where Do I Start?”: The Best Degree for Teaching 

After reviewing the different types of teaching degrees, it is time to take the next step. When considering what the best degree for teaching may be, it is essential for the student to review different degree aspects such as the following:

  • Accreditation
  • Certification Option
  • Internship

Before pursuing any degree online or at a traditional campus, it is critical that the student determine if the program is accredited. The accreditation of the program is reviewed thoroughly by each state department, and student who pursues programs that do not meet accreditation requirements may not be granted certification to teach. 

When looking at online programs, students should determine if the program offers a certification track, where the student is able to pursue a local internship in the grade level of their program per the requirements of the state department. If there is not a certification track, it is not a lost cause. In fact, students still have the ability to complete the degree program and pursue any alternative certification options offered by that particular state department of education.

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